INCOIS Contact No.

All India Number(s): 
  • 040-2388 6000 (General Queries, 9am-5:30 pm)


  • director [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in (For Support)
  • webmaster [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in (For Alternative Support)
  • cpio [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in (RTI only)

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Data & Information Contact

Name Dr. T.V.S. Udaya Bhaskar
Designation Scientist-F & Head
Number 040-23886048
Email uday [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
Address ODM Indian National Centre for
Ocean Information Services (INCOIS),
"Ocean Valley", Pragathi Nagar (BO),
Nizampet (SO) Hyderabad-500090

Internal Complaints Committee

Name Role Phone No. E-mail
Dr.Remya P.G, Scientist 'D', ARO Chairperson 040-23886143 remya [dot] pg [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
Dr. Girish Kumar, Scientist 'E',OON Member 040-23886094 girish [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
Ms. Rakhi Kumari, Scientic Assistant 'B', OOS Member 040-23886057 rakhi [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
Ms.Nagaswetha, Scientic Assistant 'B', OOS Alt.Chairperson 040-23886156 swetha [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
Ms. K Suhasini, Assistant Manager, INCOIS Member-Secretary 040-23886023 suhasini [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in

Right to Information Act

S.No Name of the Official
Present Designation Telephone
1 Dr. T. Srinivasa Kumar Director 040-23895000 040-23886002 director [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
srinivas [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
2 Dr. Balakrishnan Nair TM Scientist 'G' &
Group Director, OSAR
040-23895007 040-23886007 bala [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
3 Dr. Sudheer Joseph Scientist 'F' &
Division Head, ARO
040-23894647 040-23886047 sjo [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
4 Dr. Hasibur Rahaman S K Scientist 'F' NIL 040-23886052 rahman [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
5 Mr. Nagaraja Kumar M Scientist 'F' &
Division Head, OOS
040-23895013 040-23886031 raja [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
6 Mr. Mahendra R S Scientist 'E' NIL 040-23886165 mahendra [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
7 Mr. Patanjali Kumar Ch Scientist 'E' NIL 040-23886067 patanjali [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
8 Dr. R. Harikumar Scientist 'E' NIL 040-23886059 harikumar [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
9 Ms. M. Vijaya Sunanda Scientist 'E' NIL 040-23886089 sunanda [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
10 Dr. Dipankar Saikia Scientist 'D' NIL 040-23886162 dipankar [dot] s [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
11 Dr. Remya P G Scientist 'D' NIL 040-23886140 remya [dot] pg [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
12 Mr. B. Ajay Kumar Scientist 'D' NIL 040-23886071 ajay [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
13 Mr. P. Vijay Scientist 'D' NIL 040-23886125 vijay [dot] p [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
14 Mr. Alakes Samanta Scientist 'C' NIL 040-23886140 samanta [dot] a [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
15 Dr. Sanjiba Kumar
Scientist 'B' NIL 040-23886120 baliarsingh [dot] s [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
16 Mr. K. Varadarajan Sci.  Asst 'B' NIL 040-23886034 varadarajan [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
17 Mr. Ashutosh Kumar
Sci. Asst. 'B' NIL 040-23886034 ashutosh [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
18 Ms. Nagaswetha N Sci. Asst. 'B' NIL 040-23886156 swetha [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
19 Ms. Rakhi Kumari Sci. Asst. 'B' NIL 040-23886057 rakhi [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
20 Mr. Rajesh T V Sci. Asst. 'B' NIL 040-23886034 rajeshtv [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
21 Mr. Rohit Mishra Sci. Asst. 'B' NIL 040-23886034 rohit [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
22 Mr. K. Rajesh Sci. Asst. 'B' NIL 040-23886034 rajesh [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
23 Mr. K. Dinesh Sci. Asst. 'B' NIL 040-23886088 dinesh [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
24 Mr. Pattabhi Rama Rao E Scientist 'G'  &
Group Director, OMDA
040-23895008 040-23886008 pattabhi [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
25 Dr. Francis P A Scientist 'F' &
Division Head,
MDA & Manager,
Academic Programmes
NIL 040-23886032 francis [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
26 Dr. Aneesh A Lotliker Scientist 'E'  &
Division Head, OON
NIL 040-23886038 aneesh [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
27 Dr. M.S. Girish Kumar Scientist 'E' NIL 040-23886094 girish [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
28 Dr. B. Praveen Kumar Scientist 'E' NIL 040-23886170 praveen [dot] b [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
29 Ms. Sandhya K G Scientist 'E' NIL 040-23886036 sandhyakg [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
30 Dr. Kunal Chakraborty Scientist 'E' NIL 040-23886080 kunal [dot] c [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
31 Dr. Arya Paul Scientist 'E' NIL 040-23886141 aryapaul [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
32 Dr. Abhisek Chatterjee Scientist 'E' NIL 040-23886030 abhisek [dot] c [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
33 Mr. N. Suresh Kumar Scientist 'D' 040-23895020 040-23886060 sureshkumar [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
34 Mr. Arun Nherakkol Scientist 'D' NIL 040-23886144 arunn [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
35 Mr. V. P. Thangaprakash Scientist 'D' NIL 040-23886168 thangaprakash [dot] vp [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
36 Mr. S. Shivaprasad Scientist 'D' NIL 040-23886127 shivaprasad [dot] s [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
37 Mr. B Balaji Scientist 'D' (IITM) NIL 040-23886119 Balaji [dot] b [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in 
38 Mr. U. Srinivasu Scientist 'C' NIL 040-23886146 srinivasu [dot] u [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
39 Ms. Prerna Singh Scientist 'C' NIL 040-23886140 prerna [dot] s [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
40 Mr. Biswamoy Paul Scientist 'C' NIL 040-23886140 biswamoy [dot] p [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
41 Mr. K. Siva Srinivas Scientist 'C' (MoES) NIL 040-23886124 sivasrinivas [dot] k [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
42 Mr. Jeyakumar Ch Sci. Asst. 'B' NIL 040-23886263 jeyakumar [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
43 Mr. Satyanarayana B V Scientist 'G'  &
Group Director,
ICTD & Head, ESS
040-23895005 040-23886005 bvs [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
44 Dr. Udaya Bhaskar T V S Scientist 'F'  &
Division Head, ODM & PPC
NIL 040-23886048 uday [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
45 Mr. Venkat Shesu Reddem Scientist 'E' NIL 040-23886069 venkat [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
46 Mr. Annapurnaiah K Scientist 'E'  &
Division Head, ICT
040-23886049 anup [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
47 Mr. Venugopala Rao V Scientist 'E' NIL 040-23886096 venu [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
48 Mr. N. Kiran Kumar Scientist 'E' NIL 040-23886037 kirankumar [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
49 Mr. G. Vijay Scientist 'E' NIL 040-23886083 vijay [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
50 Mr. A. Murali Krishna  Scientist 'E' NIL 040-23886072 muralikrishna [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
51 Mr. J. Padmanabham Scientist 'E' NIL 040-23886126 padmanabham [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
52 Mr. S.P. Vigneshwar Scientist 'D' NIL 040-23886269 vigneshwar [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
53 Mr. N. Srinivasa Rao Scientist 'D' NIL 040-23886035 srinivasn [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
54 Mr. T N C Karthik Scientist 'D'
NIL 040-23886124 karthik [dot] tnc [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
55 Mr. Syed Mohaboob
Sci. Asst. 'B' NIL 040-23886097 moinudeen [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
56 Mr.Raju Devender Sci. Asst. 'B' NIL 040-23886098 devender [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
57 Mr. N B Subrahmanyam Sci. Asst. 'B' NIL 040-23886075 nbsubrahmanyam [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
58 Ms. S. Nirmala Devi Sci. Asst. 'B' NIL 040-23886135 nirmala [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
59 Mr. Kaki Rajesh Sci. Asst. 'B' NIL 040-23886136 rajeshkaki [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
60 Mr. M. Vivekananda Swamy Sci. Asst. 'B' NIL 040-23886140 vivekananda [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
61 Mr. R U V N Satish Sci. Asst. 'A' NIL 040-23886129 satish [dot] r [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
62 Mr. B. Thirumal Sci. Asst. 'A' NIL 040-23886157 thirumal [dot] b [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
63 Mr. Ch. Naresh Sci. Asst. 'A' Nil 040-23886202 naresh [dot] ch [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
64 Mr. Sidhartha Sahoo Sci. Asst. 'B' NIL 040-23886040 sidhartha [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
65 Mr. S. Nageswara Rao Manager,
(Accounts & Finance)
040-23895016 040-23886024 nag [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
66 Mr. V. Subrahmanyam Joint Manager,
(Personal & General
040-23895010 040-23886022 manyam [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
67 Mr. Devendra Kumar Joint Manager,
(Purchase & Stores)
NIL 040-23886074 devendra [dot] kumar [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
68 Mr. R.V. Giridhar Asst. Manager (P&S) NIL 040-23886055 rvgiridhar [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
69 Ms. K.Suhasini Asst. Manager  (P&GA) NIL 040-23886023 suhasini [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
70 Mr. Dasari Prasad Asst. Manager (P&S) NIL 040-23886082 dasariprasad [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
71 Mr. H. Nagoji Rao Sr. Executive (P&GA) NIL 040-23886058 nagoji [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
72 Mr. P. Srikrishna Chaitanya Asst. Manager (F&A) NIL 040-23886172 chaitanya [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
73 Mr. T. Rajasekhar Sr. Executive (P&GA) NIL 040-23886128 rajasekhart [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in
74 Santosh Kumar Sr. Executive (F&A) NIL 040-23886002 santosh [dot] kumar [at] incois [dot] gov [dot] in

Communication Address

Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS),
"Ocean Valley",
Pragathi Nagar (BO), Nizampet (SO)
Fax- 040-23892910

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