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  • 080-4584 5678 (Customer Support 24/7)
  • 1860 208 5678 (Queries/ Feedback/Complaints)
  • 1860 425 5678 (For Enquiry/ Complaint)
  • 080-6954 5678 (For alternate support)
  • 0832-307 0935 (Order related query)
  • 92310 04321 (WhatsApp Support)


  • customerservice [at] ifbglobal [dot] com (Customer Services)

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IFB Industries Limited
2, Plot No. IND-5, Sector-1,
East Kolkata, Kolkata,
India - 700107

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Complaint against Technician named Rihan

I hv email my complaint on 22/4/2024 after detailed conversation with ur CC executive who could not help me despite of my all telephonic conversation since lodging my complaint for washing machine.My machine was under warranty period. I hv purchased it on 22/10/2020.The technician taken Rs 3750/ for replacement of suspension of drum @825/suspension plus 450/-for service charges.It is extortion of customer and breach of warranty.Authorities pl look into the matter seriously

Abnormal high charges

Hi IFB Team - I have raised an escalation since more than a week and still did not get any kind of response from IFB on this.

This is regarding the abnormally high charges on my IFB service. The service centre technician are rude and want to change every product. For a Rs 1000 product,they charged me 3 times more.

I have raised an escalation WA283200 and there is no response yet. Pathetic response from the IFB executives and the service centre people.

Please escalate this to next higher level.
Aamir - 90xxxxxxxx

No response for repair service

A complaint was made to repair the washing machine on 1.9.23 and it was informed that the complaint will be attended within twenty four hours. However, till date 5th September it has not been attended. During this period we called 3-4 times and it was told that complaint has been escalated and will be attended on Monday for sure. However, till today, Tuesday, no information. Very poor after sale serilvice.. Think many times before purchasing IFNB machine.

One more thing I would like add they call many times for providing free service just to sell their powder and other products. Be careful.

Very BAD after sales and services

Purchased a IFB washing machine on 01/07/2023 from OMR road IFB Point. They delivered a defective and damaged machine. We requested a replacement. They delivered it on 11/07/2023 night after prolonged calls, complaints, shouting etc.

Raised complaint requests closed without attending/enquirying and discussing with the customer. Most of our frantic calls were never ever attended or responded by the manager level guys. Your after sales and services systen in pathetic condition. Please overhaul it.

Non attending the complaint properly and rude behaviour

Technician has not attended the complaint properly and closed the complaint himself and informed lodged the complaint again. Behaviour of technician and official is very rude. They are harassing the customers and taking the time to resolve the complaint more than 5 days.

No one is responding positively as my machine is not working pro

Resource person is not responding not picking up the call. My complained is pending from more then two months and my Amc is going to be finish in end of the January. I'm facing problem from last 2 months in between they came and not able to sort out the problem. Again from last one month I'm calling and calling.Once they have visited and said we will soon sort out your problem but now no response.So do the needful. At the time of Amc they have promised to give 4 free services for machine cleanliness, only one service is done yet no phone call or visit from their side and Amc is going to finish in January then where is my services for machine.

Very poor after sales service

Yesterday I bought new ifb machin. The service team promised me that today installation will be done. Today I and my family in excitement waited whole day, but no one came. One person in agra called me and told me that he will come, thrice I spoke to him but in the evening when whole day gone, he denied services very rudely. I spoke to his senior through dealer who as well not heard me. Not shown any regret or sorry. Very pathetic service. Please do not go for IFB, VERY WORST AFTER SALES SERVICE.

Exhorbitant charges for relocation and bill not provided

I relocated within Bangalore and called the tollfree number for de-installation and re-installation of my IFB Washing machine.
I was charged Rs650/- for de-installation on 1st April 2022 and no invoice was given.
The re-installation was done on 6 April 2022 and I was charged Rs 6550/- for the following:
1. Re-installation - Rs xxxx/-
2. General servive ( wiping the outside with soap, small cleaning at back) - Rs xxxx/-
3. Stand with wheels - Rs 3250/-
4. Pipe - Rs xxx/-
The machine was shaking and moving as the stand was not properly fixed. On calling multiple times the same 2 technicians came and adjusted it.

Regarding - Installation

I Purchased the ifb front load washing machine but thing is whenever u ask for installation team not at all ready, they are saying one reason wil cl after some tym but they didn't call..

Customer care also not supporting properly

IFB Washing Machine

IFB Is Best For Washing Machine They are Best Price and They Have IFB Service Centers All Over Places.

Tiruppur issues

washing machine repair standard 4 day is not yet arrived in Tiruppur

The repair contract is not good sir

Do not repair wasing maching in Tirupur

washing machine service center in Coimbatore an Chennai

If you looking for washing machine service center in Coimbatore an Chennai. We are the leading washing repair and service provider all major brands

Asking 1850 for acid cleaning for w/m

Salem service centre asking 1850 for acid cleaning for my waranteed washing mechine. I wants to know is it necessary to clean by using acid. I am sorry they are charging exorbitant and i request you to clarify

useful website doktika

look at this site https://doktika.com/actos-contac_cold

Please don't buy ifb products

Pathetic service after sale, after seven months also my ifb machine problem is not solved, #dontbuyifb think before buying ifb products,
They service engineer knowledge is zero in their products, they only blame to your water or your essentials you use in machine, but they don't know how to to prove it, they only talk to solve your problem but do nothing, please please don't ever buy ifb, it's just a scam.
My wife fingers got damage because of this problem, you have to call so many times,

worst service providers. no

worst service providers. no service in moradabad ... only want sell there products but not at all concern about the service and follow up of the product

How to disable pm?

Hello i am new user and i would to ask you, How to disable a pm?

Complaint request / IFB Elite Plus VX ID 7.5 KG

Hello IFB team,

With huge frustration ,I am forced to write this mail after several follow ups for the last 3 months .I am using IFB Elite Plus VX ID 7.5 KG which I had purchased on 12.06.19 (Refer attached invoice and warranty card). After few days usage, the washing machine become mal-function and had tried to contact the customer care after continuous follow up they come and cleared the issue.After few days the machine become completely dead and we informed the customer care same way after several follow up through phone,one day they came and found that motor has gone, they suggested to replace the motor.After 2 months of follow up they came with Motor and installed in the machine but the machine was not working after fixing. Again we contact the concern person on 30th sep 2020 and their service manager promised to us they will replace the machine by another model of the same price with in a week but no action taken yet.

Sorry to say we already disappointed with your customer relation. so we would like you to request take a necessary action as soon as possible.otherwise we will file a complaint in the consumer court against to your company improper service and warranty policy.

Thanks and regards
Jaseem A.V

Complaint resolution is very lait

Front load Elena 6 kg. Stop working complain dated 2.9.20, but no any reply by email, phone call, and not any action after 8 days.

How to disable avatar?

Hello i am new user and i would to ask you, How to disable avatar?

IFB products are of very poor

IFB products are of very poor quality. I suggest you all not to buy IFB products.
I have purchased IFB washing Machine and AC. But their repair cost is very high.

My ifb washing machine bill

My ifb washing machine bill missed. So I want washing machine purchase date and warranty. Please help me

Heavy maintenance of IFB products.

The quality of IFB washing machine and AC is very poor. I have purchased these three years back. But these product can not be repaired in local market and IFB personal demands heavy money for their repair. In my life this is great mistake to purchase IFB products. I suggest you all not to purchase IFB products because these can not be repaired in local market and IFB personal charge heavy for the repair.
I suggest not to buy any IFB products as my experience is very bad with IFB products.

IFB Washing machine not working

Its been almost 3 months my washing machine is not working ...every day we call for complain ... No body is send for service.
This is my worst experience of IFB Service center ...
Also we have AMC ...there is no point for AMC if we are not getting good service.... I suggest please should not buy IFB ... its just name but no good service

So many times I have tried to

So many times I have tried to service my washing machine 8kgs its belt has been became loose but no body receiving calls my clothes have been inside it please give response

Machine serrvice

I m using Ifb washing machine there is a problem of water leakage ND customer care no. Is not responding I have try several times plz solve my problem


My washing machine top loaded now not working name service men broke my machine plz help

Worst Service in Chennai

Almost 10 days following up my complaint and no response.Worst customer care and service.

My washing machine under AMC too.

Machine is not filling water

I have called so many times no one is receiving call can you please send the technician to home my machine is not working water is not filling in machine

Drummer not working

I have called so many times, no one is responding. Such a poor service.
Drummer of my machine is not pulling the water. Request you to kindly make me connect to the right person soon

IFB Dish washer poor service

Very poor service by IFB . No service back up . I suggest never to buy IFB products .

Excess charged for shock observer

Shri Hari Enterprises ,west Velachery. Chennai600088 vide bill no 4338dt 21/05/2020 replaced the shock observer for Rs3500/ whereas the price is only Rs1800/. Please arrange to refund the excess amount.
Hope you will honestly follow & solve the problem.A line of reply is expected if you are honest.
R Sundararajan

Machine's lock not working

Kindly send technician for repairing.

Service Performance

Very worst service Performance.. feeling irritating.. before service of machine working normally. Service dealer called me your machine under free service. After service water leakage problem.. not working properly.. service dealers in Pondicherry very worst..


Service is soo bad it never picks call and when firstly i called they didn't respond properly the service is just not good at all..nd my machine is creating soo prblm

Services very late

Ifb washing machine service is very late I complaint one day before they say you have to wait three four days....

Very Bad service support

IFB gives very very bad service center

idiotic nature of the IFB

By viewing the complaints raised by various customers on IFB washing machine and its service, its really waste of time to give a complain against my washing machine . so i decided to go for local technician. so finally the IFB is going to be declined.

Error massage PS. Washing machine not working

Please contact me ASAP machine is not working

amc of washing m/c

On 4/11/19, I have received a mail depicting that AMC of my washing machine is going to expire this month. As i have been transferred from kota to Jaipur since last four years and don't have amc papers. so i want the exact date of its expiry and someone to check before expiry of the amc. moreover someone may explain the amc for future.

amc of washing m/c

On 4/11/19, I have received a mail depicting that AMC of my washing machine is going to expire this month. As i have been transferred from kota to Jaipur since last four years and don't have amc papers. so i want the exact date of its expiry and someone to check before expiry of the amc. moreover someone may explain the amc for future.

Repair of Ifb washing machine

I purchased a ifb washing machine three years back .from start we complained about its problem but every time we were told about voltage being low .since pst one week it's not starting.we registered a complaint at local service centre in jhansi .and were given a no.210 but it's been a week and even after daily reminders nobody has turned up to repair our machine. I hope u take strict action against ur local service centre and plz attend our complaint

IFB Washing Machine

Sir / Madam,
Requesting to renew AMC for the last six month now, but receiced no response.
plez check...


I have purchased ifb machine on 25/10/19 from reliance anand. Though it is above 10 days no one come for the demo schedule. Even demo man do not receive the call. Very disappointed with the service.

Complaint - reg

I f b service center in Chennai , ashok nagar , service technician not responding for service .

Serive response worst

8month old my wasing machine in warrenty period. So many ticket rising no response my complain . Technican came check pcb and control board problem.
Still no replace the board . No responce for complain. Very worst response ..

Eva SX washing machine

My washing machine is not working properly, garments are not drying fully, moreover a rubber socket which
is fitted with tap , broken out several times I told your men to replace it, but still that rubber socket has not been replaced. I would request you to please arrange to replace that socket immediately

Eva SX washing machine

My washing machine is not working properly, garments are not drying fully, moreover a rubber socket which
is fitted with tap , broken out several times I told your men to replace it, but still that rubber socket has not been replaced. I would request you to please arrange to replace that socket immediately

Washing machine

Nobody is responding for service washing machine has warranty and there is a kind of noise in machine.

Repair of washing machine

I have a front loading senorita washing machine. The door is not closing so have till now registered four complains with toll free number. They just say sorry everytime. Last time when I showed my displeasure they gave me Goa service centres contact. Repaetedly called them but no reply. Tried again next day where they promised to send technician. It's 48 hrs no one visited and again called them number of times but no reply. Really fed-up with them. Hope you will intervine and solve this.

Very poor service under AMC

IFB washing machine with valid AMC has not been repaired for the last 10 days.
Many many complaints made but the service center and the company jointly delaying my repairs saying the machine is a old model.

Complaint on service

Respected sir/madam

This is the third mail am sending regarding your free service. I believed that IFB is the leading brand both in product as well as in customer service and satisfaction but now i came to know it is wrong. If you people circulate my contact number for free service campaign it is your responsibility to clear the problem which is created because of it. From 21/6/2019 I am escalating this issue to your customer service people but still I dint receive proper response from your side. I am sure that your service person Mr.kubendran is from perambur MAYILAN enterprises. Please take some kind of action regarding this issue.

IFB washing machine repair

Washing machine for failed, please send repaired mechanic

Regarding the service technical team.

Dear sir/Madam.

since my washing machine is not working since from 3 days. i had raised a complaint in the customer care. but no one reported to me with phone or any media for the service.
i had got the technical team member Mr. Naveen phone number (XXXXXXX1266) and contacted him for query. with out pre communication and repairs to my machine he has closed the ticket . if i asked why means....?.
with some attitude and carelessly he told me to raise a another ticket , is this the way to communicate with the customer. don't you guys know about the customer satisfaction.

Really i had come across many brand but such worst experience in IFB brand only. your technicians are good in communication but their superiors are very lazy and careless team.

IFB service technician's are billing more price

Hi, I have purchased IFB washing machine 7 months back within a few months itself it came to repair for 2 times. First time they charged 3000 in that 550 they took for service charge & they gave bill but the bill is not IFB companies. Next within a month again it stopped working & again he came he said drain pump has gone & it will charge 2600 for new one. They took old pump to Shop to bring new pump, after that when they came back I asked where is old pump they said We gave for company back. clearly i have seen that they brought old one repaired but they billed new pump for rs 2600 & service charge for 550 it is extremely very high price they are billing on customers. I have warranty also they didn't consider that warranty. it is a very bad company. & I have seen that other company service boys will come in companies uniform but IFB washing machine boys will come in civil dress and I have seen other companies bills also with them like LG. it is very cheating on customers.ifb machine is not at all good one.& It's maintenance is more compare to other washing machine. So please people don't buy this useless and headache washing machine.

Repair of Front Loading IFB Washing Machine

After booking a complaint for a machine under warranty, today is the eighth day. No idiot has shown his face till now. The quality of the IFB machine is very poor and the after sales service is piss poor or not existing. It is high time for general public to stop purchase of this company's products. I have come across three such cases in a short time, for my friends who are repenting with me for purchasing this junk.

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Quick to solve zero issue

Hi, Iam using Senorita FX washing machine for past 6yrs. I have AMC covered till Apr/2020. Machine has suddenly stopped working and when reported they say they can't take the complaint as the previous issue(raised before an year) ticket is not closed. I don't get that point if it is not closed they have to followup to close it or they can directly close it. Because of this the problem is not attended. What is the use of me to take AMC? There is no senior manager in IFB because whenever requested customer care to re-direct the call the senior manager then don't have that facility it seems. How old is the system they are using as there is no SLA for the ticket raised and the new issue cannot be registered and can't even route the call to senior manager. Either try to resolve the issue or please cancel the AMC and refund my amount so that i can trash the washing machine and go for a better product from a different company.
Complaint no : 1002199740XXX

No service provide by ifb

I have bought ifb washing machine 2years ago, but no any service provide by ifb. I have complain on 14.01.19 and regularly contact with ifb but till now no any response by ifb. Don't buy ifb product


hi sir. i have purchased 7 kg ifb washing machine last three month before. but still not demo & installation is not taken me because of i have changed my home now . now i need free demo & installation . but i have tried customer call but they are not response please need help me.
thanks murugan pl

IFB washing machine - extremely terrible experience

I had raised a complaint 12 days back and the issue is still not resolved. The service person after a long wait brings wrong board and then has taken the washing machine board also along. There are clothes stuck inside the washing machine for past 12 days and unsure on the condition of the clothes. Service Person's manager is also not picking up the call. We are in such a mess with no clue on when the issue will be resolved. Hopefully some body works on this issue professionally and closes the issue. Such a terrible customer experience. Is there anybody atleast looking into the customer complaints.


My washing machine was attended by a IFB technician on 01/01/2019..He only cleaned the water duct and cleared the obstacles.. He charged Rs. 590 for his 5 minutes job.He also didn't give a bill.. Is it the right charge for attending a call?

Service Center number

Please update list of service center number on your website, your toll free number is not reachable hence it is very hectic to search the same.

Ifb Machine installation

I have bought a washing machine last dated 5/11/2018
But no one can coming to install them at our home
No one can answer properly
What I can do in few days my job will be started full day
I am first time user I don't know how to use it
I have done a mistake to buying a ifb washing machine

Ifb Machine installation

I have bought a washing machine last dated 5/11/2018
But no one can coming to install them at our home
No one can answer properly
What I can do in few days my job will be started full day
I am first time user I don't know how to use it
I have done a mistake to buying a ifb washing machine

Ifb Machine installation

I have bought a washing machine last dated 5/11/2018
But no one can coming to install them at our home
No one can answer properly
What I can do in few days my job will be started full day
I am first time user I don't know how to use it
I have done a mistake to buying a ifb washing machine

TKT raised by themselves and closed

Dear Sir/Madam

I am confused the way you are attending the customer, I have not requested for any Service and you are raising a Ticket 5000101769x dated 2nd Nov 2018 at 6.09 pm. Assigning it to your representative and WITHOUT the representative visiting us you are closing the ticket at 6.50 pm.

The biggest comedy is that you are asking for the feedback???

This is the second time happening with me, are running any customer service or customer comedy show.

Reach me on my email if you want the screenshot.

Dayan Wilson



IFB washing machine

Not working water drying

Repair of my washing machine

I lodged complaint for repair on 14th September 2018 and in touch to ifb continuously persuing on telephone emails and by other means but of no use.

Complaint for washing machine repair

Washing machine repair is not done at time they r not listening us.

Washing machine Repair

Regarding the washing machine repair
As I send a query about this issue last month
So the technician was came he told me there a belt problem
So the machine is in varenty
So he just told to us I place order for belt
When it comes I ill make a call to u
But, one month comlet ed
The technician is not contact with us
So plz go through this

Washing Machine issue

My front load 6 kg Eva Aqua sx machime not working properly from last 3 month many time i will register the complain but technical not given a satisfactory answer and told me problem in power supply but i take the connection directly from meter so in my machine error comes for 15 minutes continously. So plz solve my problem quikly as possible thank you

Washing machine issue

Washing machine is not working properly for the last one week kindly send your engineer urgently

IFB support under AMC

Once you have paid for the AMC, you are at their merci.

Regarding the repair of washing machine

Worst company ever. My washing machine is not working from last 1 year. We have been complaining about it on the customer care, they assure us but no person come for its repair. The company is not doing anything to solve our problem. Kindly solve the problem.

An unsatisfied customer.

Machine not working

Dear Sir,
I have Top load washing machine which is model number is TL-RCW 6.5KG AQUA. From last two days its not working due to acLow fault. I checked my home electrical line voltage which is showing 222volt & its permissible as per your manual. Can you give me a technical support which can I solve this problem myself.
Thanking you,


IFB washing machine is not working - the worst service ever

I bought an IFB front load 7 kg machine from Belgaum after 2 months its start button was not functioning properly we complained they did some quick fix after several follow-ups.
Again the machine is down and we have been chasing the local service centre and the toll-free nos are never reachable its a very bad quality machine and the service is worst after 20 days they came back with the part and now saying some knob is missing. The machine was inspected by the wrong technician 4 times IFB for electical problem they sent a mechanical tech as pre them I guess they are fooling us.
My suggestion to all is Never buy this machine

IFB Service not Done from one year

I am From Hyderabad.I called several times to IFB Service no,but they didn't come from last one year.any assassin any service Engineer

Regarding worst service of IFB

Dear Sir,
i am using IFB Washing Machine and Micro oven, but now i am very much disappointed with your service 10 months back my waching machine was repaired by your people after calling them several times. Even now also my WM is not working and called your customer care and send Mr. Vijaya Kumar, he came and examined and said he don't have some tools to repair and he will come tomorrow, this happend on 26/07/2018 and today is 30/07/2018 he didn't turned up. He won't pick up the phone also. Even Service Incharge Mr. Prabhu also wont answer to my calls. i don't what to do so please arrange some other person to service my Washing Maching.

Hemavathi D N
No.171, 4th Cross, NGEF Layout,


this is to inform you that my ifb washing machine has been taken by your service boy named abbas nearly more than a month ago for changing the drum which was damaged. but still i have not received it. when ever enquired i got the answer that it has not come yet. At present i am terrified if my machine will return back to me or not. I seek your help. i am a woman of 73 years. So kindly help me in this regard.
Smriti kana Roy
Inda Bamunpara(near sitala mandir)


Regarding worst service of IFB

once you purchase the machine no one is attending your complaint. Service dealer and customer care peoples give you phone numbers of concern peoples, who is not responding to your calls for so many days. I am now thinking to throw this machine away. Please consider all these things while purchasing IFB.

worst machine service

Dear All

please now do not purchase IFB this people are never support. service so pathetic and this happen 2 times and now machine quality also not so good. once you purchase samjlo fas gaye.

when you lodge the complain, bhul jao kab aayega.

khud kapde dhona 5 din

washing machine

sir iam using ifb washing machine sanorita VX 6Kg 800RPM. the warrenty period is over now. no it is not working. when ever open the message is AC Hi so what can I do?


My brother has purchased AC from Amravati for my marriage. I stay at Mumbai, I got the AC but the back panel is missing plus swing is not proper (said technician). we raise the request for replacement but nothing has happen till date. No one is responding , every customer care agent is giving different numbers but its of no use.

please help us, we are really disappointed.

Washing machine ptoblem.

My washing machine is under AMC. For the past one week machine is not working. Please send your service engineer.

Heavy vibration in our new washing machine

I have purchased new front load IFB its vibrating abnormally
Kindly send the service team at an earliest
Vijayshree building
Near mahantesh talkies
ILKAK 587125

Washing machine not getting started

Sir my washing machine start button is not working, every time I press it there are two beep sounds
Also the select button is not working it is also showing one option the options are not getting changed
Try calling your customer service but the number is not working
Model:senator aqua so 8kg 1400rpm

Repair pf washing machine of make under AMC

Washing machine is not working for last 2-3 days and gives loud noise from drum
Kindly get it repaired urgently.