ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Contact No. 1860 266 7766

Toll free Number(s): 
  • 1800 3000 6999 (Queries regarding our Term Insurance Plan)
All India Number(s): 
  • 1860 266 7766

Important Links

Grievance Redressal

Step 1

  • Call Customer Service Helpline number 1860 266 7766 (for calls within India) or
    +91 22 6193 0777 (for contacting us from outside India) to report your grievance
  • Click here to submit your grievance form
  • You will receive a solution to your query within 15 calendar days once we receive your communication

Step 2

If you are not satisfied with the resolution, you may take your grievance to our Grievance Redressal Officer

  • Ms. Ashwini Bondale Vice President-Customer Service
    Email: gro [at] iciciprulife [dot] com
  • If the resolution is still not up to your expectations, you can approach Grievance Redressal Committee
  • To submit your written grievance, you can post it to:
    ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd.,
    1089 Appasaheb Marathe Marg,
    Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400025

Contacts of the Grievance Officer

Branch Name GRO Name Contact No E-mail Id State
Amalapuram Chilli Kumar 9133341974 chilli [dot] kumar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Andhra Pradesh
Ananthapur Putluru Deepthi 7330931631 putluru [dot] deepthi [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Andhra Pradesh
Bhimavaram Ramanujulu Tungala 8500209690 ramanujulu [dot] tungala [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Andhra Pradesh
Cuddapah Vineetha Basireddy 7997654536 vineetha [dot] basireddy [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Andhra Pradesh
Elluru Chadalavada Rakesh 9963651087 rakesh [dot] chadalavada [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Andhra Pradesh
Guntur Sistla Phani Kumar 9849442246 sistla [dot] phanikumar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Andhra Pradesh
Kakinada Sunkara Chandra Sekhara Rao 9396288190 chandrasekhararao [dot] sunkara [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Andhra Pradesh
Kurnool Tirumalesh Uluvala 8500303072 tirumalesh [dot] uluvala [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Andhra Pradesh
Machilipatnam Siva Prasad Padamata 9908789130 siva [dot] padamata [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Andhra Pradesh
Madanpalli Yusuf Shaik 7416528536 yusuf [dot] shaik [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Andhra Pradesh
Nandyal Pooja Badri 8332043425 pooja [dot] badri [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Andhra Pradesh
Nellore Chennaiah Vanguri 7013118173 chennaiah [dot] vanguri [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Andhra Pradesh
Old Gajuwaka Naresh B 9440513670 naresh [dot] b [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Andhra Pradesh
Ongole Jagathapu Mahesh 9550607060 jagathapu [dot] mahesh [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Andhra Pradesh
Palasa Gunti Anilkumar 07008453478 gunti [dot] anilkumar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Andhra Pradesh
Rajahmundry S Someshwara Rao 9160403999 s [dot] rao [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Andhra Pradesh
Rajampet Kalyan Narasimha Raju Kothapalli 9989693463 kalyan [dot] narasimha [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Andhra Pradesh
Srikakulam Nadipilli Police 9676121138 nadipilli [dot] police [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Andhra Pradesh
Tirupathi Santosh Kumar Ganta 9949900551 santosh [dot] ganta [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Andhra Pradesh
Vijayawada Ajaykumar Palaparthi 9885668060 ajaykumar [dot] palaparthi [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Andhra Pradesh
Vishakapatnam NAD Sameena Pushpa 9494374474 sameena [dot] pushpa [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Andhra Pradesh
Vizag Srikanth Mandapaka 9849547155 srikanth [dot] mandapaka [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Andhra Pradesh
Vizianagaram Satyam Mantri 9440192141 satyam [dot] mantri [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Andhra Pradesh
Itanagar Jyotishman Bora 7002026950 jyotishman [dot] bora [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Arunachal Pradesh
Pasighat Anirban Bhattacharjee 8876720656 anirban [dot] bhattacharjee [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Arunachal Pradesh
Barpeta Durlabh Jyoti Pathak 9435021372 durlabh [dot] pathak [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Assam
Bongaigaon Suchitra Ghosh 7086020291 suchitra [dot] ghosh [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Assam
Dhubri Shrabani Halder 8486164453 shrabani [dot] halder [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Assam
Dibrugarh Ria Dutta 8724073057 ria [dot] dutta [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Assam
Guwahati A.T Road Biswanath Das 9954922934 biswanath [dot] das [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Assam
Guwahati -Dispur Sumoni Daimari 6900484922 sumoni [dot] daimari [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Assam
Jorhat Sudhangsu Bhattacharya 8403847545 sudhangsu [dot] bhattacharya [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Assam
Karimgunj Bikash Singha 7002403802 bikash [dot] singha [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Assam
Kokrajhar Niloy Mahanta 9954364649 niloy [dot] mahanta [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Assam
Nagaon Saurabh Das 8876665857 saurabh [dot] das [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Assam
Nalbari Loni Pathak 8473853812 loni [dot] pathak [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Assam
North Lakhimpur Kakoli Khaund 7533820556 kakoli [dot] khaund [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Assam
Sibsagar Elius Dhadrai 9706512732 elius [dot] dhadrai [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Assam
Silchar Shipra Singha 9678555805 shipra [dot] singha [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Assam
Tezpur Nilutpal Sundilya 8724908997 nilutpal [dot] sundilya [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Assam
Tinsukia Nabagata Dasgupta 9706101773 nabagata [dot] dasgupta [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Assam
Ara Arvind Kumar 9934360937 arvind [dot] kmr [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Aurangabad-Bihar Nandlal Kumar Gupta 9934889071 nandlal [dot] gupta [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Begusarai Shubham Kumar 9102010012 shubham [dot] k [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Bettiah Nitesh Kumar 9899362726 nitesh [dot] kumar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Bhagalpur Pritam Jha 7631127183 pritam [dot] jha [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Bihar Shariff Ravi Shankar 8540831620 shankar [dot] ravi [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Buxar Md Aslam Ansari 9122703326 aslam [dot] ansari [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Chhapra Vikash Kumar 9709663399 vikash [dot] kumar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Darbhanga Matangi Kumari 7360065158 matangi [dot] kumari [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Dehri Naman Kumar 7544020299 naman [dot] kumar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Gaya Ajay Kumar Raja 9135923010 ajay [dot] raja [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Gopalganj Anup Kumar Shrivastava 9631523866 anup [dot] shrivastava [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Hajipur Vivek Sinha 9430954060 vivek [dot] sinha [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Jehanabad Shiv Kumar 7273982607 shiv [dot] ku [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Katihar Vikki Mishra 9534229383 vikki [dot] mishra [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Madhubani Gajanand Mishra 8837547986 gajanand [dot] mishra [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Motihari Vishwajeet Gaurav 9570243149 vishwajeet [dot] gaurav [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Munger Priyanka Kumari 9534855557 priyanka [dot] ku [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Muzafarpur Shah Tafsir Uddin 9155889627 shahtafsir [dot] uddin [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Nawada Ranjit Kumar 7360065348 ranjit [dot] kumar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Patna - Bailey Road Prashant Kumar 9899520920 prashant [dot] k [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Patna - Boring Rd Rashmi . 7360065258 singh [dot] rashmi [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Patna Frazer Road Pratap Kumar Sinha 9709701109 pratapkumar [dot] sinha [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Purnia Santwana Kumari 7295918198 santwana [dot] kumari [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Saharsa Ravi Kumar 9631664623 ravi [dot] kuma [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Samastipur Prince Kumar 9771823401 prince [dot] kum [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Sitamarhi Manishankar Mishra 8051004111 manishankar [dot] mishra [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Siwan Manish Verma 9709101151 manish [dot] verma [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Bihar
Ambikapur Nikhil Tripathi 9770580665 nikhil [dot] tripathi [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Chhattisgarh
Bhilai Deepak Sharma 9926905975 deepak [dot] sharmade [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Chhattisgarh
Bilaspur Ashraf Khan 9098116555 ashraf [dot] sharifkhan [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Chhattisgarh
Dhamtari Sonam Tiwari 9522866866 sonam [dot] tiwari [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Chhattisgarh
Jagdalpur Reena Tripathi 8319356407 reena [dot] tripathi [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Chhattisgarh
Janjgir Ritu Anant 9993555057 ritu [dot] anant [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Chhattisgarh
Korba Amit Kumar Singh 8839685536 kumar [dot] amitk [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Chhattisgarh
Manendragarh Deeleshwar Yadaw 9407751949 deeleshwar [dot] yadaw [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Chhattisgarh
Raigarh Dindayal Shrivas 9827748415 dindayal [dot] shrivas [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Chhattisgarh
Raipur Khagesh Shah 9826985551 khagesh [dot] shah [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Chhattisgarh
Rajnandgaon Kusumlata Sahu 9907416641 kusumlata [dot] sahu [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Chhattisgarh
Delhi - Model Town Mohammad Imran 8750242526 imran [dot] mohammad [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Delhi
Delhi - Pitampura Preeti Sharma 9811433212 preeti [dot] auluck [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Delhi
Delhi - Pushpavihar Nada Hussain 9999024867 nada [dot] hussain [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Delhi
Delhi - Videocon Towers Neeti Gupta 9811181130 neeti [dot] gupta [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Delhi
Delhi Arbindo Marg Babul Kumar 9560674735 babul [dot] kumar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Delhi
Delhi- Janakpuri Deepty Chhabra 9958400420 deepty [dot] chhabra [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Delhi
Delhi-South-PC Abhishek Agnihotri 9899887662 abhishek [dot] agnihotri [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Delhi
Dwarka Tanya Gautam 9810222065 tanya [dot] gautam [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Delhi
Faridabad Binit Kumar 9953995679 binit [dot] kumar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Delhi
Ghaziabad Vikram Malla 9818530063 vikram [dot] malla [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Delhi
Greater Noida Sumit Tiwari 8624818302 sumit [dot] tiwari [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Delhi
Gurgaon Shailendra Singh 9999829336 shailendra [dot] ssgh [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Delhi
Gurgaon DLF Sarika Singh 8387972303 sarika [dot] singh [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Delhi
Karkarduma Ruchi Arora 9810526747 ruchi [dot] arora [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Delhi
Kaushambhi Neetu Arora 8800692322 neetu [dot] arora [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Delhi
Noida Manasvi Samvedi 9999149761 manasvi [dot] samvedi [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Delhi
Punjabi Bagh -New Delhi Vikash Gupta 9953982787 vikash [dot] gupta [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Delhi
Madgaon Edna Da Costa 9637403142 edna [dot] da [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Goa
Panjim Ashwini Nanaware 9922757740 ashwini [dot] nanaware [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Goa
Ponda Praghya Gurung 9960754001 praghya [dot] gurung [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Goa
Ahmedabad - Bodakdev Roshni D'souza 9909265525 roshni [dot] mendonca [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Ahmedabad - Maninagar Shweta Pandey Thakor 8238011175 shweta [dot] pandey [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Ahmedabad- Navrangapura Ruchita Gupta 9895467467 ruchita [dot] gupta [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Anand Dharita Sevak 9879907161 dharita [dot] dave [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Bardoli Vishal Shah 8128036185 vishal [dot] shah [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Baroda Chander Tulsiyani 9998070692 chander [dot] tulsiyani [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Baroda Kareli Baug Vishal Shah 9879563797 vishal [dot] sh [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Bharuch Dilip Thakur 9712130122 dilip [dot] thakur [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Bhavnagar Dhwani Dipakkumar Joshi 8460178091 dhwani [dot] joshi [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Bhuj Gaurav Vadodariya 8000016727 gaurav [dot] vadodariya [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Billimora Babulnath Pandey 9727714133 babulnath [dot] pandey [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Dahod Upadhyay Archi 9879225031 upadhyay [dot] archi [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Gandhidham Shilpi Sharma 7566325361 shilpi [dot] sharma [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Gandhinagar Mital Patel 9601951480 mital [dot] patel [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Godhra Manish Makwana 7383812893 manish [dot] makwana [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Himmatnagar Ujjaval Parmar 9586158989 ujjaval [dot] parmar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Jamnagar Chaitali Soni 9099082209 chaitali [dot] soni [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Jetpur Navagadh Rahul Parmar 9909312963 parmar [dot] rahul [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Junagadh Ravi Parmar 8530504320 parmar [dot] ravi [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Kalol Pinakin Agaja 8141555041 pinakin [dot] agaja [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Mehsana Brijesh Prajapati 9909796818 brijesh [dot] prajapati [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Modasa Ashish Parmar 7041045337 parmar [dot] ashish [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Nadiad Kavita Dave 9624314195 kavita [dot] dave [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Navsari Ruzin Dhaloo 7405574349 ruzin [dot] dhaloo [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Palanpur Hinalben Gandhi 9426852653 hinalben [dot] gandhi [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Patan Suraj Parmar 9157549852 suraj [dot] parmar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Porbandar Anand Samani 9825008073 anand [dot] samani [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Rajkot Gunjan Mangalani 9898315441 gunjan [dot] mangalani [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Surat Chaitanya Powar 9960999252 chaitanya [dot] powar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Surat CK Tower Tejas Girishbhai Panchal 7359883111 tejas [dot] panchal [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Surendranagar Rahul Makwana 9898004172 rahul [dot] makwana [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Una-Gujarat Krishna Ladani 8238851588 krishna [dot] ladani [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Valsad Shabnam Shaikh 9512024737 shaikh [dot] shabnam [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Vapi Sunil Mishra 8446355557 sunil [dot] mishra [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Gujarat
Ambala Sanjeev Walia 9992247779 sanjeev [dot] walia [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Haryana
Bhiwani Mallika Mehta 8813029888 mallika [dot] mehta [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Haryana
Fatehabad Rakesh . 9728611119 rakesh [dot] 1 [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Haryana
Hisar Ruchi Khurana 9813022558 ruchi [dot] khurana [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Haryana
Jind Kamal . 8168989366 kamal [dot] 1 [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Haryana
Kaithal Aarti Sharma 9896191915 aarti [dot] sharma [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Haryana
Karnal Shiwani Muthreja 7419300097 shiwani [dot] muthreja [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Haryana
Kurukshetra Darpan Talwar 9996197703 darpan [dot] talwar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Haryana
Panchkula Sakshi Nanta 9805868232 sakshi [dot] nanta [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Haryana
Panipat Tushar Sethi 9906626368 tushar [dot] sethi [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Haryana
Rewari Sanjay Kumar 9468196250 sanjay [dot] kumar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Haryana
Rohtak Om Prakash 9896804166 om [dot] p [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Haryana
Sirsa Uma Mehta 9812503711 uma [dot] mehta [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Haryana
Sonepat Saurabh . 7419003982 saurabh [dot] vats [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Haryana
Yamunanagar Rajesh Kumar 9896266220 rajesh [dot] k [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Haryana
Chamba Shilpa Sharma 8626922889 shilpa [dot] sharma [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Himachal Pradesh
Dharamshala Hem Raj 9816457047 hem [dot] raj [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Himachal Pradesh
Hamirpur Sweta Thakur 9736317602 thakur [dot] sweta [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Himachal Pradesh
Indora Akhil Mahajan 8054544254 akhil [dot] mahajan [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Himachal Pradesh
Kangra Pankaj Manhas 6230009764 pankaj [dot] manhas [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Himachal Pradesh
Kullu Ashish Kumar 7087685482 ashish [dot] kuma [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Himachal Pradesh
Mandi Munish Kumar 7832905544 munish [dot] kumar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Himachal Pradesh
Palampur Pankaj Dhiman 8894370336 pankaj [dot] dhiman [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Himachal Pradesh
Shimla Shivani . 8219601517 shivani [dot] dhatwalia [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Himachal Pradesh
Una-HP Ajay Patial 9779865425 ajay [dot] patial [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Himachal Pradesh
Dubai Krishna Kumar N 00971553513792 krishna [dot] nkumar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com International
Anantnag Fayaz Ahmad Bhat 9906456456 fayaz [dot] bhat [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Jammu & Kashmir
Jammu Deepak Bhat 9796223397 deepak [dot] bhat [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Jammu & Kashmir
Samba Dalip Kumar 9622699899 kumar [dot] dalip [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Jammu & Kashmir
Shopian Umar Shafi 9797792301 shafi [dot] umar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Jammu & Kashmir
Sopore Mohd Zaki 9622944955 mohd [dot] zaki [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Jammu & Kashmir
Srinagar Abdul Bhat 9018848553 abdul [dot] bhat [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Jammu & Kashmir
Bokaro Deepak Singh 9709972800 deepak [dot] si [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Jharkhand
Chaibasa Utkarsh Anand 8539946785 utkarsh [dot] anand [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Jharkhand
Daltonganj Jamal Ansari 8789599283 jamal [dot] ansari [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Jharkhand
Deoghar Deepak Sahu 7549660007 deepak [dot] sahu [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Jharkhand
Dhanbad Sanjay Kumar Mahto 8294032990 sanjay [dot] mahato [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Jharkhand
Dhanbad - Saraidhela Victor Roy 9978900831 victor [dot] roy [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Jharkhand
Dumka Abhishek Chaudhary 7633975492 abhishek [dot] chaudhary [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Jharkhand
Giridih Manish Gupta 7360038737 manish [dot] gupta [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Jharkhand
Hazaribagh Ayaz Ahmad 9199039784 ayaz [dot] ahmad [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Jharkhand
Jamshedpur Pradeep Jaiswal 9031322315 pradeep [dot] jaiswal [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Jharkhand
Jamshedpur Sakchi Nishant Tiwari 9693503123 nishant [dot] tiwari [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Jharkhand
Jhumri Tilaiya Rahul Kumar 9708423696 kuma [dot] rahul [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Jharkhand
Phusro Inamurrab Ansari 7004889747 inamurrab [dot] ansari [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Jharkhand
Ramgarh Sourav Chandra 7360000787 sourav [dot] chandra [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Jharkhand
Ranchi Manoj Kumar 7542021439 kumr [dot] manoj [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Jharkhand
Ranchi New Anand Kumar 8877780300 anand [dot] kumar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Jharkhand
Bagalkot Mahantesh Basavantappa 9148434981 mahantesh [dot] basavantappa [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Karnataka
Bangalore Sahana T A 8884799888 sahana [dot] t [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Karnataka
Bangalore - Indira Nagar Minu Sonar 7204022408 minu [dot] sonar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Karnataka
Bangalore - Jayanagar Shubitha Shetty 9845871077 shubithas [dot] shetty [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Karnataka
Bangalore - Koramangala Vishal Bidari 7760822221 vishal [dot] bidari [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Karnataka
Bangalore - Seshadripuram Udaya Siddani 9008022323 udaya [dot] siddani [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Karnataka
Bangalore Residency Road Abrar Khan 9164181206 abrar [dot] khan [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Karnataka
Belgaum Prakash Salunke 9341235252 salunke [dot] prakash [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Karnataka
Bellary Suraj Ram 8088321234 suraj [dot] ram [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Karnataka
Bijapur Seema Desai 8618649322 seema [dot] desai [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Karnataka
Chickmagalur Swathi R 9148777802 swathi [dot] r [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Karnataka
Chitradurga Deepak Murdeshwar 9972814428 deepak [dot] murdeshwar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Karnataka
Davangere Sanjana Kunthe 8123066375 sanjana [dot] kunthe [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Karnataka
Gulbarga Sunilkumar Jainshetty 9141839933 sunilkumar [dot] jainshetty [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Karnataka
Haveri Deepa Ganager 7349166764 deepa [dot] ganager [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Karnataka
Hospet Krishna R 9739999269 r [dot] krishna [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Karnataka
Hosur Farzana A 9025141417 farzana [dot] a [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Karnataka
Hubli Mahesh C Palankar 8123343359 mahesh [dot] palankar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Karnataka
Karwar Anusha Kulkarni 9591842817 anusha [dot] kulkarni [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Karnataka
Madikeri Ammatira Achamaiah Manu 9686668090 manu [dot] aa [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Karnataka
Mangalore Laxmi Srinivas Nayak 9900770643 laxmi [dot] nayak [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Karnataka
Mysore Manish T P 9482708605 manish [dot] t [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Karnataka
Raichur S Mohan Kumar 9663425289 mohan [dot] s [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Karnataka
Shimoga Raghavendra C 8095168460 raghavendra [dot] c [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Karnataka
Udupi Divya Mabian 8073412955 divya [dot] mabian [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Karnataka
Adoor Santhosh Kumar S 9645400075 kumar [dot] santhosh [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Alleppey Arun K S . 9072271709 1 [dot] arun [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Attingal Sreekumar R 9846756812 sreekumar [dot] r [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Chenganur Deepak Thannikkal 9847377332 deepak [dot] thannikkal [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Cochin Amju Joseph 9645304777 amju [dot] joseph [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Irinjalakuda Vinay Krishnan P E 8943851001 p [dot] vinay [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Kalpetta Jinsy Johnson 9946200658 jinsy [dot] johnson [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Kanhangad Soumya Nair 9746133709 soumya [dot] nair [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Kannur Hanima Kishore 9895827282 hanima [dot] kishore [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Karunagapalli Amal Dev D 9526347992 amal [dot] dev [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Kasargod Anjumol Joseph 8593927474 anjumol [dot] joseph [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Kollam Susmitha Roy 9447457240 susmitha [dot] roy [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Kothamangalam Digil Sebastian 9847587530 digil [dot] sebastian [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Kottarakkara Smrithy Sadan 9400721993 smrithy [dot] sadan [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Kottayam Akhil Kumar K S 8589026282 akhilkumar [dot] ks [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Kozhicode Nishad U 9947735992 nishad [dot] u [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Kunnamkulam Resmi Cr 8594020333 resmi [dot] cr [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Mancheri Sanoop O 9562045780 sanoop [dot] o [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Mannarkkad Vinitha K V 8594041212 vinitha [dot] k [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Mavelikkara Arun G S 8590857730 g [dot] arun [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Muvattupuzha Asa Peter 9895771445 asa [dot] peter [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Pala Deepak G 9447568166 g [dot] deepak [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Palakkad Neha Rnair 8086209155 neha [dot] rnair [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Pattanamthitta Abin K A 9995574306 abin [dot] a [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Payyannur Bijoosh Padmakumar 7034788666 bijoosh [dot] padma [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Perinthalmanna Rejeesh T.k 9847795562 tk [dot] rejeesh [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Perumbavur Anuraj P T 8594045757 anuraj [dot] p [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Thalassery Sreenesh P S 9995161383 sreenesh [dot] p [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Thiruvalla Sreehari Ravindranath 9539930899 sreehari [dot] ravindranath [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Thodupuzha Pragil S 9745324452 pragil [dot] s [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Tirur Vaishak K 8086148012 vaishak [dot] k [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Trichur Ratheesh Parameswaran 9544656669 ratheesh [dot] parameswaran [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Trivandrum Rahul K C 9809993991 rahul [dot] c [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Vadakara Anusha Vl 7034281290 anusha [dot] vl [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Kerala
Bhopal Pooja Narula 9977763847 thareja [dot] pooja [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Madhya Pradesh
Burhanpur Asma Aulia 7772801888 asma [dot] aulia [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Madhya Pradesh
Chhatarpur Anuruddha Kumar 9990607914 anuruddha [dot] anuruddha [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Madhya Pradesh
Chhindwara Ranu Pandya 9987472798 ranu [dot] pandya [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Madhya Pradesh
Dewas Unnayan Gupta 9303755738 unnayan [dot] gupta [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Madhya Pradesh
Guna Anjana Verma 9752690693 anjana [dot] verma [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Madhya Pradesh
Gwalior City Centre Jitendra Prasad 9826389979 jitendra [dot] prasad [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Madhya Pradesh
Indore A B Road Mitesh Tiwari 8103968679 mitesh [dot] tiwari [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Madhya Pradesh
Indore Y N Road Tariq Abdullaha 8109530021 tariq [dot] abdullaha [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Madhya Pradesh
Jabalpur Arijit Guha 9893560627 arijit [dot] guha [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Madhya Pradesh
Khargone Muskan Panwar 7566990118 muskan [dot] panwar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Madhya Pradesh
Mandsaur Ankit Soni 9981959310 ankit [dot] soni [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Madhya Pradesh
Ratlam Ravindra Rathore 9589850300 ravindra [dot] rathore [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Madhya Pradesh
Rewa Reva Raghuvanshi 7007999045 reva [dot] raghuvanshi [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Madhya Pradesh
Sagar Prashant Gupta 9907598200 prashant [dot] g [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Madhya Pradesh
Satna Sumit Kumar Pandey 8224000675 sumit [dot] pandey [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Madhya Pradesh
Seoni Roshni Shukla 9589689687 roshni [dot] shukla [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Madhya Pradesh
Shahdol Rahul Nigam 9425870432 rahul [dot] nigam [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Madhya Pradesh
Shivpuri Anshupriya Sharma 6260379899 anshupriya [dot] sharma [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Madhya Pradesh
Singrauli Vaishali Solanki 9179018300 vaishali [dot] solanki [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Madhya Pradesh
Ujjain Deepak Nagar 9926230499 deepak [dot] nagar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Madhya Pradesh
Vidisha Umesh Sahu 9977500218 umesh [dot] sahu [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Madhya Pradesh
Ahmednagar Pravin Bhadane 9545205205 pravin [dot] bhadane [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Amravati Ashwini Patil 7507772383 ashwini [dot] patil [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Aurangabad Ramkrishna Mhaske 9404858519 ramkrishna [dot] mhaske [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Chandrapur Jatin Tadse 9579848533 jatin [dot] tadse [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Chiplun Sachin Kambli +919922622210 sachin [dot] kambli [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Dhule Prafulla Pawar 7507066287 prafulla [dot] pawar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Ichalkaranji Vikram Kamble 9850777971 vikram [dot] kamble [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Jalgaon Satish Saitwal 9823804311 saitwal [dot] satish [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Jalna Komal Veer 9309164609 komal [dot] veer [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Karad Tanaji Nangare 9922117899 nangare [dot] tanaji [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Kolhapur Jyoti Pawar 7558773666 jyoti [dot] pawar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Kopargaon Sitaram Nikam 9822248909 sitaram [dot] nikam [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Kudal Samrat Kudtarkar 9764001550 samrat [dot] kudtarkar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Latur Ravi Gangurde 9021223465 ravi [dot] gangurde [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Mahad Tejaswi Mali 9881272939 tejaswi [dot] mali [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Malegaon Dattatray Aher 7875577218 dattatray [dot] aher [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Nagpur Shrirang Deshpande 9028768783 shrirang [dot] deshpande [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Nanded Mahesh Pawar 7507870590 pawar [dot] mahesh [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Nashik College Rd. Pandurang Garje 9822552259 pandurang [dot] garje [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Pandharpur Sachin Hundekari 9881921190 sachin [dot] hundekari [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Phaltan Arun Chavan 9049432007 arun [dot] chavan [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Pune – PCMC Tarun Shrimali 9689882366 tarun [dot] shrimali [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Pune FC Road Munmun Rajani 9922447259 munmun [dot] rajani [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Pune Station Kushal Shaha 9021917754 kushal [dot] shaha [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Ratnagiri Ravi Jwale 9657574706 ravi [dot] jwale [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Sangamner Kiran Mukane 9096799347 kiran [dot] mukane [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Sangli Jayant Havaldar 9011303700 jayant [dot] havaldar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Satara Abhijit More 8805656390 abhijit [dot] more [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Solapur Narayan Bagade 9860699758 narayan [dot] bagade [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Swargate Priyanka Mackasare 9689956899 priyankahasmukh [dot] dubal [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Uran Islampur Anita Patil 7719972910 anita [dot] patil [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Maharashtra
Chura Chandpur Lairellakpam Priyokumar Singh 9774443220 lairellakpam [dot] singh [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Manipur
Imphal Ningombam Bijeta Devi 8415945828 ningombam [dot] bijetadevi [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Manipur
Kakching N. Santosh Singh 7085055671 nsantosh [dot] singh [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Manipur
Jowai Susanta Ranjan Roy 9774034342 susantaranjan [dot] roy [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Meghalaya
Shillong Nibhu Chanda 9774242260 nibhu [dot] chanda [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Meghalaya
Tura Himlata Koch 8119930503 himlata [dot] koch [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Meghalaya
Aizawl Rohlupuii . 8414024486 rohlupuii [dot] 1 [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Mizoram
Amboli Purvi Vishal Assar 9833362287 purvi [dot] laijawala [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Mumbai
Boisar Rajashree More 7506065202 rajashree [dot] more [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Mumbai
Borivali Rakeshkumar Solanki 9890303206 rakeshkumar [dot] solanki [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Mumbai
Churchgate Mohd Awais Shaikh 8422033370 mohd [dot] shaikh [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Mumbai
Ghatkopar Salil Parkar 9920043676 salil [dot] parkar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Mumbai
Kalyan Rajani Dubey 9987589077 rajani [dot] dubey [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Mumbai
Kandivli Archana Nilesh Salvi 9819026080 kambli [dot] archana [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Mumbai
Mulund Pallavi Sanket Pawar 9922995536 pallavi [dot] matkar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Mumbai
Panvel Aarti Patil 7045534006 aarti [dot] patil [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Mumbai
Prabhadevi Saachi Sumit Patil 9892403429 jadhav [dot] pramila [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Mumbai
Santacruz Rahul Gupta 9833249870 rahul [dot] gupta [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Mumbai
Thane Chintan Suchak 9769990447 chintan [dot] suchak [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Mumbai
Tipco Plaza Malad East Prerita Mehta 9619551230 prerita [dot] mehta [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Mumbai
Vashi Vitthal Dhawle 9870275322 vitthal [dot] dhawle [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Mumbai
Dimapur Temjenmongla Jamir 8794512645 temjenmongla [dot] jamir [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Nagaland
Kohima Rose Patton 8415831423 rose [dot] patton [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Nagaland
Angul Soumya Panigrahi 9438636922 soumya [dot] panigrahi [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Odisha
Balasore Shubhashri Senapati 9777612660 subhashri [dot] senapati [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Odisha
Bargarh Ipsmita Boxi 9776603557 ipsmita [dot] boxi [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Odisha
Baripada Shovesh Kumar Lenka 8249271709 shovesh [dot] lenka [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Odisha
Behrampur Siba Mahapatra 9937326590 siba [dot] mahapatra [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Odisha
Bhadrak Anandita Behera 9777452390 anandita [dot] behera [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Odisha
Bhubaneswar Sujit Mohapatra 9937438641 sujit [dot] mohapatra [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Odisha
Bolangir Gopal Sahu 9777290779 gopal [dot] sahu [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Odisha
Cuttack Sibasish Samant 9937005966 sibasish [dot] samant [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Odisha
Jajpur Surya Das 8917435461 surya [dot] das [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Odisha
Jeypore Manisa Dash 7735027793 manisa [dot] dash [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Odisha
Jharsuguda Ravikant Sharma 9776619268 ravikant [dot] sharma [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Odisha
Kendrapada Manjar Khan 9938321144 manjar [dot] khan [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Odisha
Keonjhar Lalit Sahoo 8342938138 lalit [dot] sahoo [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Odisha
Nayagarh Jyotirmaya Dash 7077721755 jyotirmaya [dot] dash [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Odisha
Paradeep Pragnya Pal 7978167733 pragnya [dot] pal [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Odisha
Puri Chinmay Ojha 8457928585 chinmay [dot] ojha [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Odisha
Rourkela Shrabani Pattnaik 8598893860 shrabani [dot] pattnaik [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Odisha
Sambalpur Sonali Muduli 9937866118 sonali [dot] muduli [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Odisha
Sundergarh Rajat Kumar Pradhan 7008870190 rajat [dot] pradhan [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Odisha
Abohar Parul B 9464564829 parul [dot] b [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Punjab
Amritsar Tania Mahajan 9653869667 tania [dot] mahajan [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Punjab
Batala Nishu Trehan 9888712939 nishu [dot] trehan [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Punjab
Bathinda Ravinder Singh 9815904832 s [dot] ravinder [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Punjab
Chandigarh Romi Kansal 9592092444 romi [dot] kansal [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Punjab
Dasua Ramandeep Singh 8847663945 ramandeep [dot] singh [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Punjab
Ferozepur Deepika Kakkar 7888521973 deepika [dot] kakkar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Punjab
Gurdaspur Himani . 7888909705 himani [dot] 1 [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Punjab
Hoshiarpur Gagandeep Kaur 9592586825 kaur [dot] gagandeep [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Punjab
Jallandhar Shakti Towers Ankur Sharma 8194869333 sharma [dot] ankur [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Punjab
Kapurthala Himanshu Kapur 9814231425 himanshu [dot] kapur [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Punjab
Khanna Jashandeep Kaur 9877381754 jashandeep [dot] kaur [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Punjab
Ludhiana Dimple Rani 8054730082 dimple [dot] rani [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Punjab
Ludhiana Mall Road Nidhi Bali 9781400807 surbhi [dot] beri [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Punjab
Malerkotla Harpreet Singh 9915387940 harpreet [dot] singh [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Punjab
Moga Karan Kumar 9888999478 karan [dot] k [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Punjab
Muktsar Kajal . 9988626557 kajal [dot] kajal [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Punjab
Nangal Roban Kumar 9805211995 roban [dot] kumar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Punjab
Nawashaher Simranjit Kaur 9781759605 simranjit [dot] kaur [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Punjab
Pathankot Aman Bedi 9417647473 aman [dot] bedi [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Punjab
Patiala Pardeep Sharma 8427694533 pardeep [dot] sharma [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Punjab
Phagwara Shama Kashyap 9855126778 shama [dot] kashyap [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Punjab
Ropar Parvinder Singh Saini 9855344409 parvinder [dot] saini [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Punjab
Sangrur Kaveri Khanna 8558075889 kaveri [dot] kvkhanna [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Punjab
Abu Road Deepak Kumar 8094656769 deepak [dot] kum [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Rajasthan
Ajmer Baljot Singh Grewal 7728920120 baljot [dot] grewal [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Rajasthan
Alwar Jainendra Kumar Sain 8769830880 jainendra [dot] sain [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Rajasthan
Banswara Yogesh Sevak 7230029299 yogesh [dot] sevak [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Rajasthan
Bharatpur Saurabh Khandelwal 7976045197 saurabh [dot] khandelwal [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Rajasthan
Bhilwara Aditi Sharma 8003822001 sharma [dot] aditi [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Rajasthan
Bhiwadi Lokesh Kumar 9950137087 kumar [dot] lokesh [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Rajasthan
Bikaner Mahavir Bishnoi 9610043505 mahavir [dot] bishnoi [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Rajasthan
Bundi Vikas Vijay 8890955667 vikas [dot] vijay [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Rajasthan
Chittaurgarh Manoj Kumar 9066894002 m [dot] kumar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Rajasthan
Ganganagar Baljeet Singh 9828136609 baljeet [dot] s [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Rajasthan
Hanumangarh Jagat Singh 7665093033 jagat [dot] singh [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Rajasthan
Jaipur- Apex Mall Sourabh Jain 9672987776 sourabh [dot] srbjain [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Rajasthan
Jaipur- Vaishali Bhanvee Pareek 9587008276 bhanvee [dot] pareek [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Rajasthan
Jhalawar Rakesh Kumar Prajapati 9602087408 rakesh [dot] prajapati [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Rajasthan
Jhunjhunun Vikram Shekhawat 8769444697 vikrams [dot] shekhawat [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Rajasthan
Jodhpur Prabhakar Mishra 8769430353 prabhakar [dot] mishra [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Rajasthan
Kota Sunil Yadav 9672611113 sunilkumar [dot] yadav [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Rajasthan
Pali Ram Babu 7976377211 ram [dot] babu [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Rajasthan
Pratapgarh (Raj) Dharmendra Kumar 7568517800 dharmendra [dot] k [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Rajasthan
Sikar Ganesh Sharma 8559966174 ganesh [dot] sharma [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Rajasthan
Swai Madhopur Pushpendra Goyal 8441074276 pushpendra [dot] goyal [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Rajasthan
Udaipur Hidayat Khan Kayamkhani 7230015861 hidayat [dot] khan [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Rajasthan
Gangtok Uday Singh 9641832176 singh [dot] uday [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Sikkim
Adyar Jayakumar J 8939970687 jayakumar [dot] j [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Annanagar Sajini Nambiar 9447327204 sajini [dot] nambiar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Chennai - Banca Subramani R 9884874827 subramani [dot] r [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Chidambaram Vedhavalli N 8754001500 jn [dot] vedhavalli [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Coimbatore Muthu G. 9884040429 muthu [dot] g [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Dharampuri New Sachidhanandham G 9600474072 sachidhanandham [dot] g [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Dindigul Manikanda Nayagan N 9976744768 manikanda [dot] n [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Erode M. Vijaya Baskar 9047137171 m [dot] baskar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Gobichettypalayam Manikandan A G 9940878932 manikandan [dot] govindhasamy [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Kanchipuram Haresh Kumar 9789528075 haresh [dot] kumar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Karur Iswarya M 9047257892 iswarya [dot] m [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Kumbakonam Sebastin Jones S 9786630825 sebastin [dot] jones [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Madurai Anitadevi Devar 9524848721 anitadevi [dot] d [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Nagercoil Titus S 8111027108 titus [dot] s [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Namakkal Madhumathi S 9790588473 madhumathi [dot] s [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Nungambakkam Vimala V 9840251917 vimala [dot] v [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Pollachi Miruthavaarshini Kandasamy 8220418096 miruthavaarshini [dot] kandasamy [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Pondicherry Shriram Rao 9962953879 shriram [dot] rao [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Pudukkottai Ramkumar S 7708151175 ram [dot] 1 [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Ramanathapuram Viswam Raveendran 7502336868 viswam [dot] raveendran [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Salem K. Chinnasamy 9894364523 k [dot] chinnasamy [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Tambaram Kavya Tamizharasan 9600047679 kavya [dot] tamilarasan [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Thanjavur Bharathi C 9715037184 bharathi [dot] c [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Theni B. Nagaarjun 7092614042 b [dot] nagaarjun [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Thiruvannamalai Bharath Rajan 9791092705 bharath [dot] rajan [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Tirunelveli Ramaswamy.s Subramanian 9750045580 ramaswamy [dot] s [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Tirupur Karthick P 9597148962 karthick [dot] p [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Trichy Rajamanickam N 9786676496 rajamanickam [dot] n [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Vellore Nizar A 9047078600 nizar [dot] a [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
Viluppuram Ramesh Kumar B.r 9095067100 ramesh [dot] kumarbr [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tamil Nadu
A S Rao Nagar Praveen Chikoti 9666668148 praveenkumar [dot] chikoti [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Telangana
Adilabad Kolanuri Mohan 8121613083 kolanuri [dot] mohan [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Telangana
Chandanagar Vc Kranthi Mayi Kadiam 9440568710 kvc [dot] mayi [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Telangana
Hyderabad Ravinder Kukutlapally 9848185670 ravinder [dot] kukutlapally [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Telangana
Hyderabad - Dilsukhnagar P L N Raju 9948014292 laxmi [dot] narsimharaju [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Telangana
Hyderabad Banjara Hills Nisha Bohra 9908848327 nisha [dot] bohra [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Telangana
Karimnagar Kalyani Kommera 9618644046 kalyani [dot] kommera [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Telangana
Kothagudem Talari Gangadhara Ramchander Rao 9701868633 talari [dot] gangadhara [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Telangana
Mahbubnagar Mohammad Fazeel 9154901201 mohammad [dot] fazeel [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Telangana
Mancherial Ugender Chippakurthi 9700030384 ugender [dot] chippakurthi [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Telangana
Nizamabad Pochala Rajashekar 9640179769 pochala [dot] rajashekar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Telangana
Secunderabad Thota Rakesh Kumar 9000533324 rakeshkumar [dot] t [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Telangana
Warangal Manthri Srikanth 9293248123 manthri [dot] srikanth [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Telangana
Agartala Aditi Dey 9774548298 aditi [dot] dey [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tripura
Belonia Rathin Das 6009178789 rathin [dot] das [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tripura
Dharmanagar Amitava Choudhury 9436167559 amitava [dot] choudhury [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Tripura
Agra-Sanjay Place Chhatrapal Singh 9873583958 chhatrapal [dot] singh [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Aligarh Avneesh Sarbhai +918650777899 avneesh [dot] sarbhai [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Allahabad Ashish Mehrotra 9235593803 ashish [dot] mehrotra [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Anpara Sumit Kumar Mishra 6307202360 sumit [dot] m [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Azamgarh Anand Kumar 7800097001 anand [dot] ku [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Ballia Arun Gautam 6391111694 kumar [dot] ar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Banda Shantanu Dwivedi 8840454948 shantanu [dot] dwivedi [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Bareilly Vaibhav Singh 8299579596 vaibhav [dot] singh [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Basti Sameer Pandey 9919144333 sameer [dot] pandey [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Budaun Amit Sharma 9917661919 amit [dot] sharma [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Deoria Sumit Kumar Pandey 9648918164 pandey [dot] sumit [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Faizabad Chetan Kumar Kanaujia 9935053396 chetan [dot] kanaujia [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Fatehpur Yashvant Kumar 7376097700 yashvant [dot] kumar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Gonda Susheel Kumar 8266967309 susheel [dot] kumar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Gorakhpur Niraj Kumar Srivastava 9839225111 nirajkumar [dot] srivastava [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Hardoi Mridul Shrivastava 9455148494 mridul [dot] shrivastava [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Jaunpur Manoj Kumar Agrahari 9838944425 manojkumar [dot] agrahari [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Jhansi Vipin Kumar Shukla 8090209242 shukla [dot] vipinkumar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Kanpur Shakti Wahal 9919002612 shakti [dot] wahal [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Lucknow Badshah Nagar Shubham Awasthi 8858436558 awasthi [dot] shubham [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Lucknow Saharaganj Ankita Tandon 9935860535 ankita [dot] tandon [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Mathura Ashish Kumar 8588879792 ashish [dot] ku [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Meerut Karan Pati 9554176870 karan [dot] pati [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Mirzapur Harsh Verma 9598972445 harsh [dot] verma [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Moradabad Sumaira Anam 9917411114 sumaira [dot] anam [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Muzaffarnagar Ankit Maan 9997293090 ankit [dot] maan [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Padrauna Dipa Singh 9161966661 dipa [dot] singh [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Pilibhit Vaibhav Pathak 9719575336 vaibhav [dot] pathak [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Rai Bareilly Shivam Singh 7844044561 shivam [dot] si [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Saharanpur Sandeep Kumar 9720569000 sandeep [dot] ku [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Shahjahanpur Anoop Kumar 9919002867 kumar [dot] anoop [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Shamli Shanu Bansal 9536551613 shanu [dot] bansal [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Sitapur Brijendra Kumar Tripathi 9453093415 brijendra [dot] tripathi [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Sultanpur Aman Pratap Singh 8765585149 aman [dot] s [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Varanasi Shivendra Singh 9838202067 shivendra [dot] vsng [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttar Pradesh
Almora Shubham Shiv . 8439442382 1 [dot] shubham [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttarakhand
Dehradun Ankita Garg 7248232214 ankita [dot] garg [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttarakhand
Haldwani Shekhar Joshi 9896009776 shekhar [dot] joshi [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttarakhand
Haridwar Vikash Kumar 9430217345 kumar [dot] vikash [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttarakhand
Kashipur Akshay Kumar 9012166655 akshay [dot] k [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttarakhand
Roorkee Saurabh Sharma 9412973900 saurabh [dot] sharma [at] iciciprulife [dot] com Uttarakhand
Amtala Santu Dey 9163454367 santu [dot] dey [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Arambagh Mrinal Dhar 9073682467 mrinal [dot] dhar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Asansol Sushanta Karmakar 9832118295 sushanta [dot] karmakar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Balurghat Nabarun Sarkar 9126024499 nabarun [dot] sarkar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Bankura Sanjoy Sengupta 9563108253 sanjoy [dot] sengupta [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Barasat Soma Chandra Bose 9831280408 soma [dot] chandra [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Barddhaman Arkaprabha Banerjee 6297672540 arkaprabha [dot] banerjee [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Barrackpore Veronica Ghosh Galopin 9775301523 veronica [dot] ghoshgalopin [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Behala Kolkata Sarvesh Lunia 9830703042 sarvesh [dot] lunia [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Chinsurah Sandip Ganguly 9830419053 sandip [dot] ganguly [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Cooch Behar Mamata Sen 9547591263 mamata [dot] sen [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Darjeeling Prafullkumar Gupta 8167073372 prafull [dot] gupta [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Diamond Harbour Nizam Sheik 9564235217 nizam [dot] sheik [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Durgapur Pushpen Dutta 9474546397 dutta [dot] pushpen [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
English Bazar Biswajit Chowdhury 9830384936 biswajit [dot] chdry [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Ghatal Subha Maity 9002996138 subha [dot] maity [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Habra Lopamudra Ghosh Dey 7908168101 lopamudra [dot] ghosh [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Haldia Surajit Samanta 7407322221 surajit [dot] samanta [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Howrah Santosh Sah 9836711553 santoshkumar [dot] shah [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Jaigaon Mrinmay Debnath 9609901448 mrinmay [dot] debnath [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Jhargram - Midnapore Reshma Sharma 8768589856 reshma [dot] sharma [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Kakdwip Pritish Purkait 6292125535 pritish [dot] purkait [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Kalyani Kaushik Bhattacharya 9748331455 kaushik [dot] bhattacharya [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Kharagpur Sukanta Roy 9735143080 sukanta [dot] roy [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Kolkata - AJC Road Chandan Sharma 9836711016 chandan [dot] sharma [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Kolkata - G C Avenue Ritu Dhawalia 9874744663 ritu [dot] dhawalia [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Kolkata - Phoolbagan Deepanjan Das 9836969269 deepanajan [dot] das [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Kolkata Dumdum Keka Biswas 9874319092 keka [dot] biswas [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Kolkata Gariahat Indrani Dutta 9830524767 indrani [dot] dutta [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Kontai Madhab Suar 9830874825 madhabkumar [dot] suar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Midnapur Sourav Ghosh 8348014014 sourav [dot] ghosh [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Murshidabad Koushik Nag 9933091829 koushik [dot] nag [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Nadia Sangita Roy 8910476163 sangita [dot] roy [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Okhra Partha Kundu 9832153393 parthasarathi [dot] kundu [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Purulia Jatileshwar Chatterjee 9434183287 jatileshwar [dot] chatterjee [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Raiganj Bijan Saha 9593219977 bijan [dot] saha [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Rajpur Sonarpur Rhitu De Sarkar 9830375830 rhitu [dot] sarkar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Rampurhat Suman Kundu 9732314426 suman [dot] skundu [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Serampore Dipankar Roy 9830233525 roy [dot] dipankar [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Siliguri Dilip Thapa 9093059765 dilip [dot] dthapa [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Tamluk Swarup Bera 9073365737 swarup [dot] bera [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal
Uluberia Payal Ash 6292212203 payal [dot] ash [at] iciciprulife [dot] com West Bengal

Step 3

If your concern remains unresolved, you may approach the Insurance Ombudsman for redressal

Insurance Ombudsman Offices

Office of the Ombudsman Contact Details Address Areas of Jurisdiction
AHMEDABAD Tel.:- 079 - 25501201/02/05/06 Email: bimalokpal [dot] ahmedabad [at] ecoi [dot] co [dot] in Office of the Insurance Ombudsman, Jeevan Prakash Building, 6th floor, Tilak Marg, Relief Road, Ahmedabad -380 001 Gujarat , Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu
BENGALURU Tel No: 080 - 26652048 / 26652049 Email: bimalokpal [dot] bengaluru [at] ecoi [dot] co [dot] in Office of Insurance Ombudsman, Jeevan Soudha Building, PID No. 57-27-N-19 Ground Floor, 19/19, 24th Main Road, JP Nagar, 1st Phase Bengaluru – 560078 Karnataka
BHOPAL Tel.:- 0755-2769201, 2769202 Fax : 0755-2769203 Email: bimalokpal [dot] bhopal [at] ecoi [dot] co [dot] in Office of the Insurance Ombudsman, Janak Vihar Complex, 2nd Floor 6, Malviya Nagar, Opp Airtel Office Near New Market, Bhopal - 462 003 Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh
BHUBANESHWAR Tel.:- 0674-2596455/2596461 Fax : 0674-2596429 Email: bimalokpal [dot] bhubaneswar [at] ecoi [dot] co [dot] in Office of the Insurance Ombudsman, 62, Forest Park, Bhubaneshwar -751 009 Orissa
CHANDIGARH Tel.:- 0172-2706468/2706196 Fax : 0172-2708274 Email: bimalokpal [dot] chandigarh [at] ecoi [dot] co [dot] in Office of the Insurance Ombudsman, S.C.O. No.101, 102 & 103, 2nd Floor Batra Building, Sector 17-D Chandigarh - 160 017 Punjab , Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir , UT of Chandigarh
CHENNAI Tel.:- 044-24333668 /24335284 Fax : 044-24333664 Email: bimalokpal [dot] chennai [at] ecoi [dot] co [dot] in Office of the Insurance Ombudsman, Fathima Akhtar Court, 4th Floor, 453, Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai -600 018 Tamil Nadu, UT–Pondicherry Town and Karaikal (which are part of UT of Pondicherry)
DELHI Tel.:- 011-23237532/23239633 Fax : 011-23230858 Email: bimalokpal [dot] delhi [at] ecoi [dot] co [dot] in Office of the Insurance Ombudsman, 2/2 A, Universal Insurance Bldg., Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi -110 002 Delhi
ERNAKULAM Tel : 0484-2358759/2359338 Fax : 0484-2359336 Email: bimalokpal [dot] ernakulam [at] ecoi [dot] co [dot] in Office of the Insurance Ombudsman, 2nd Floor, Pulinat Building Opp. Cochin Shipyard, M.G. Road, Ernakulam-682 015 Kerala , Lakshadweep , Mahe– a part of Pondicherry
GUWAHATI Tel.:- 0361-2132204/2132205 Fax : 0361-2732937 Email: bimalokpal [dot] guwahati [at] ecoi [dot] co [dot] in Office of the Insurance Ombudsman, Jeevan Nivesh, 5 th Floor, Near Panbazar Overbridge, S.S. Road, Guwahati -781 001 Assam , Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Tripura
HYDERABAD Tel : 040-65504123/23312122 Fax: 040-23376599 Email: bimalokpal [dot] hyderabad [at] ecoi [dot] co [dot] in Office of the Insurance Ombudsman, 6-2-46, 1 st Floor, Moin Court, Lane opp Salem Function Palace A.C. Guards, Lakdi-Ka-Pool, Hyderabad -500 004 Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, UT of Yanam & part of the UT of Pondicherry
Office of the Ombudsman Contact Details Address Areas of Jurisdiction
JAIPUR Tel : 0141-2740363 Email: bimalokpal [dot] jaipur [at] ecoi [dot] co [dot] in Office of Insurance Ombudsman, Jeevan Nidhi - II, Ground floor Bhawani Singh Road, Ambedkar circle Jaipur - 302005 Rajasthan
KOLKATA Tel : 033-22124339/22124340 Fax : 033-22124341 Email: bimalokpal [dot] kolkata [at] ecoi [dot] co [dot] in Office of the Insurance Ombudsman, 4th Floor, Hindusthan Building Annexe, 4, C.R.Avenue, Kolkatta – 700 072 West Bengal ,Sikkim and Andeman & Nicobar Islands
LUCKNOW Tel : 0522 -2231331/2231330 Fax : 0522-2231310 Email: bimalokpal [dot] lucknow [at] ecoi [dot] co [dot] in Office of the Insurance Ombudsman, 6th Floor, Jeevan Bhawan, Phase II, Nawal Kishore Road, Hazaratganj, Lucknow - 226 001 Districts of Uttar Pradesh : Laitpur, Jhansi, Mahoba, Hamirpur, Banda, Chitrakoot, Allahabad, Mirzapur, Sonbhabdra, Fatehpur, Pratapgarh, Jaunpur,Varanasi, Gazipur, Jalaun, Kanpur, Lucknow, Unnao, Sitapur, Lakhimpur, Bahraich, Barabanki, Raebareli, Sravasti, Gonda, Faizabad, Amethi, Kaushambi, Balrampur, Basti, Ambedkarnagar, Sultanpur, Maharajgang, Santkabirnagar, Azamgarh, Kushinagar, Gorkhpur, Deoria, Mau, Ghazipur, Chandauli, Ballia, Sidharathnagar.
MUMBAI Tel : 022-26106960/26106552 Fax : 022-26106052 Email: bimalokpal [dot] mumbai [at] ecoi [dot] co [dot] in Office of the Insurance Ombudsman, Goa and Mumbai Metropolitan region (excluding Navi Mumbai & Thane)
3rd Floor, Jeevan Seva Annexe Goa and Mumbai Metropolitan region (excluding Navi Mumbai & Thane) Tel : 022-26106960/26106552 Fax : 022-26106052 Email: bimalokpal [dot] mumbai [at] ecoi [dot] co [dot] in
Tel : 022-26106960/26106552 Fax : 022-26106052 Email: bimalokpal [dot] mumbai [at] ecoi [dot] co [dot] in S.V. Road, Santacruz(W), Mumbai - 400 054 Goa and Mumbai Metropolitan region (excluding Navi Mumbai & Thane)
NOIDA Tel: 0120-2514250 / 2514251 / 2514253 Email: bimalokpal [dot] noida [at] ecoi [dot] co [dot] in Office of Insurance Ombudsman, Bhagwan Sahai Palace, 4th Floor, Main Road, Naya Bans, Sector 15 Noida Distt - Gautam Buddh Nagar U.P - 201 301 State of Uttaranchal and the following Districts of Uttar Pradesh: Agra, Aligarh, Bagpat, Bareilly, Bijnor, Budaun, Bulandshehar, Etah, Kanooj, Mainpuri, Mathura, Meerut, Moradabad, Muzaffarnagar, Oraiyya, Pilibhit, Etawah, Farrukhabad, Firozbad, Gautambodhanagar, Ghaziabad, Hardoi, Shahjahanpur, Hapur, Shamli, Rampur, Kashganj, Sambhal, Amroha, Hathras, Kanshiramnagar, Saharanpur
PATNA Tel : 0612-2680952 Email: bimalokpal [dot] patna [at] ecoi [dot] co [dot] in Office of the Insurance Ombudsman, 1st Floor, Kalpana Arcade Building Bazar Samiti Road Bahadurpur Patna - 800 006 Bihar, Jharkhand
PUNE Tel: 020-41312555 Email: bimalokpal [dot] pune [at] ecoi [dot] co [dot] in Office of Insurance Ombudsman, II Floor, Jeevan Darshan,N C Kelkar Road, C.T.S No 195 to 198, Narayanpeth Pune-411030 State of Maharashtra, Area of Navi Mumbai & Thane( excluding Mumbai Metropolitan region)

Registered Office

ICICI PruLife Towers,
1089 Appasaheb Marathe Marg,
Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400025.
Tel.: 40391600

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