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poor servicing team of Hundai at Meerut(UP)

I purchased one EON magna plus from Das Hundai, Abu Lane, Meerut (India).I have specific complaint about the vehicle. Wild mouse is entering
the vehicle and it was sent to service center of Das hundai, Meerut,thrice and the problem is not resolved.
I sent a feed back today about wild mouse entering the car and service request ID was:1-xxxxxxx628. At 10:29 AM Dealer service customer Manager Vaishali Sharma contacted me and I briefed her about my problem. She assured me for resolving the problem. At 2:49 PM I got a whatsapp message stating hope your concern is resolved to the satisfaction. The car is parked at my porch and without seeing the vehicle the problem was resolved. What a fun.

will anybody see to it.

not credited 3800 of employment scheme

I bought I10 nios in July .they told me u will get 3800 within month as employee three months are passed still I m not getting it...I m from Kashmir.

Not Delever of Creta petrol Car from Himgiri Hyundai

Dear sir.
I had booked a Creta petrol car video order no 2226/2122/NB-860 Dt 27-08-2021 with promiss to give car within a month. After gap of 55 of 55days they are not able to deliver car. Concerned sales executive are not picking phones. On 20 Oct 2021 I visited Him giri Hyundai shaw room to meet the Manager Mr Vijay Khanna. After waiting more then two hour Mr Khanna meat me in very casual manner and next he will send message of the status of my booking.till they have not send any update regarding my car delivery.
It is my humble request to inerven into the matter so that I could received the delivery of Car at the earliest, I will be very thankful to you.
Yours sincerely
Keshav Dev Sharma
GE, North, Delhi Cantt

Elite i20 accessories stopped

Elite i20 accessories stopped way u stopped accessories

Test, just a test

Hello. And Bye.

Disappointment with Hundai

Good Morning,

I’m Dr. Shalini Singh, a resident of Gurgaon, Haryana and an owner of an Automatic Transmission Hyundai Venue which I had purchased in June 2020.

I’m writing this complaint to you in order to express my dissatisfaction and disappointment as to how Hyundai has handled the service and repair of my car. My family and I are loyal and recurring customers of Hyundai, however, this experience has shaken up many of my beliefs about your company and the customer service and care they offer.
I am a practising doctor a gynaecologist to be specific, and my job involves me to be mobile and travel at any time of the day due to the time sensitive nature of my job.

My car has been having an issue where it does not turn on at once, it takes 7-8 attempts at-least of pressing the ignition button, every single time for it to turn on. The service centre described it as the “self” or the “starter” of the car having a problem.

I had taken my car to the Dee Emm Hyundai service centre in Sector 14, Gurgaon on 5th August 20.
They took it in for repair and later informed me that they are unable to find a replacement for the problematic part and it would take around 10 days for it to be received and repaired.

However, while taking the car the staff informed me that it wouldn’t take more than 3 days. He later informed me that this problem has occurred because of water going in the part where as I haven’t been in water logging area because I drive my car all by self.No driver involved and the day there was heavy rains in gurgaon it was my day off and no sensible educated human would do that.Secondly the starter part is quite up for water to go this even I understand.

To be honest, I find it extremely crazy that one of the top automobile companies of this country does not have spare parts of one of its highest selling models in all of Delhi NCR, and that it would take 10 days at a minimum for that spare part to arrive here anyway.

Keeping this aside, when I requested the staff at the service centre to provide me with a replacement vehicle for the time being, so that my job, and my patients by extension, aren’t hampered due to the faults in my car, I was met with an apathetic response and a clear of cooperation and intent.

I feel after investing nearly ₹13 Lakhs so recently, it’s the responsibility of Hyundai to do this much to make my life easier, since the problem in the car is obviously a defect which is from Hyundai’s side, as these things don’t happen to a car which is so new (only 17k Kms) and as well kept as mine is.

The service centre staff repeatedly failed to show any consideration to my requests of providing me a replacement vehicle or facilitating a faster repair or a temporary repair for that matter (till the spare arrives), instead just insisting that I have no choice but to wait for 10 days and be without a car.

I think it’s crazy that a company as large as Hyundai would ask their customer “to deal with it”, for a problem which wasn’t created by the customer in the first place. Moreover, for a customer who’s profession is also particularly harmed while they fail to provide any further support or assistance in order to make it easier for me. I would not recommend anyone for Hundai ever and will never buy another Hundai in future.

Therefore, this situation led me to write to you in the corporate offices, I hope you can facilitate a faster repair of my vehicle, and provide me with a replacement vehicle at the earliest for the time being that my vehicle is at the Hyundai service centre.
Very much disappointed and would never buy Hundai or even suggest someone.

Sooooo Much Problem Hyundai Venue Car

Reverse Camera
Aagad no glasss
Aagad aavaj aave che
Stering hard
Abs problem
Tyre disk Out
4 door Voice
Wheel base pblm

On date 15/03/2021/,
I purchased a brand new Venue from your B.M hyundai showroom gandhidham.I am very disappointed and shocked from what happened and I find the situation very irritating. New cars simply don’t do that.The fact that the car was not tested before handover. This is not the type of product I would have expected from a manufacturer of your size and reputation.I have sent my car 4 to 5 times to showroom but still its not working and the owner of the company has told do whatever you want to do we will not do any work of car.I demand replacement of car, fixing of the problem or refund as well as compensation for the waste of my time and money.Enclosed with this letter are copies of the registration card and other related documents for your reference. My expectations are high so do something. I have 3 Hyundai car so am your reputated customer.I hope you will do something regarding this problem

Creta SX MT is discontinued

Dear Sir/Madam
I booked my Creta SX MT on 31-03-2021 from Index Automotive Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Mira Road Thane, After around three and half month the dealer is telling Creta SX Manual transmission is discontinued by the Hyundai Motors and if you want we will give Creta SX (Executive), is this correct information.
If it is so then what is the use of booking the car for around three and half months, I personally very disappointed with this decision because the main features such as infotainment system and BlueLink is removed SX Executive.
I am ready to wait for more time if company will continue with same model, otherwise I have to cancel my booking and will search for the new option.
Waiting for reply.

noise in new venue - s+ model

i have bought venue- s + model on dated : 04/06/2021 from navijivan motors - bharuch, after purchasing i take a small test drive in bharuch only, at a time of driving i experience a noise which was to much irritating, so i take a car to dealer and told him above out the noise , so there technical person and sale person came with me for another test drive, when we reach to dealer showroom they accept that noise in coming, they comment that it is due to air, what a foolish answer it was, how could the noise will come if all glass are closed, so we kept the car at showroom and told him to rectify the problem, so next day on 05/06/2021 means today i got a call and the answer which i was not accepting that the noise problem cannot be sort outed, this much noise will come while driving,
at that time i was shocked and i lost faith in Hyundai product.
i am using i 10 last from 10 year but never i have got problem of this kind of noise in my old car.
so please take action as early as possible.

My car was given to gp motors

My car was given to gp motors naini in allahabad from last 3 months .car no is up78fx4014 and survey was also done but still they don't start making my car.I am really got upset by their service provider .what should I do I should kept my car in agency for 1 year for repairing.
Kindly slove my issue because it's more then enough to wait ...


, I purchased a brand New CRETA On 5th of June 2020 from Nagashanti Hyundai Khanapur Rd Showroom BELGAUM. State Karnataka. India. I drove the car about 13K. km.
I orally complaint against the vehicle to the Hyundai service centre at Nagshanti Car Pvt ltd BELGAUM. Regarding consumption of fuel. I discovered the vehicle mileage is only 13klmpl. But company claims that their vehicle gives 19klmpl. So many times I spoke to the sales executive, technicians and mechanics. But they are not rectify that problem and they told me come once after 5000klm of running it will be solved. I left vehicle after 5000klm of running. But my problem couldn't solved. That time service centre persons and technicians told me come once again at 10000 klm of running then I left vehicle after 10K. klm of running. But consumption problem couldn't solved.
I am very disappointed and shocked from what happened and I find the situation very irritating. A brand new car shouldn't have these problems.
I do understand that manufacturing errors do happen, still I can’t comprehend the fact that the car was not tested before handover. This is not the type of product I would have expected from a manufacturer of your size and reputation.
Enclosed with this letter are copies of the registration card and other related documents for your reference. Solve my problem; please don’t disappoint me.
Awaiting for your reply and actions

Not delivering creta e model diesel

I booked Creta E Diesel on 16th july 2020. Dealer promised to give it within a month and an half. I have contacted sales representative, manager and GM of this Agency several times But they always said that the E-model lacked supply. I visited the agency on 02/11/2020 and asked about car delivery but I was very surprised to see that they had given the E-model to several costumers while all these were booked after me. Once again, I tried to contact GM on 03/11/2020 But he was not ready to hear me rather he misbehaved and threaten not to deliver the car ever.
Sir it is my humble submission to you that Kaushalaya Hunduai kurukshetra is involved in cheeting practice and black marketing of the Cars. They were refused to provide me the booking list. There is nothing transparent in this Agency.

frnd go for other showroom...

frnd go for other showroom... n get noc from that rto n register it in ur city..
else u file grievance on government portal. in ministry of transport...else other ministry of corporate affairs...hundai will come to u with car..

go ahead
in my case cars fastag n hundai care app is registered with other person name..m filing grievance against hdfc n hundai...

ab aayega fun time.

Complaint for Body Paint Damage

Dear sir,
I have purchased a Hyundai Creta car on 01.03.2016 From Sawan K Motors Pvt. Ltd., Panipat (Haryana)

In this regard I wish to inform you that my Car paint has been damage from back side of car ( Picture enclosed herewith)

I have visited so many times at Sawan K Motor,Panipat, But sorry to say that they did not bother it and ask me to pay for this repair.

Your company is a very reputed company,this a manufacturing fault.

Please look into this matter and ask the dealer to repair my car without any cost.

Creta Car AC problem

Creta Car Problem Mr. Ronit on 27.09.2020
I am having Creta petrol Car. I have complaint about my car A.C. Once its repaired by Secure Hyundai. A.C. Thermostat replaced by Secure Hyundai. After complaint after 6 days its replaced. Same problem with my car battery.
Yesterday I was coming back to my home town and my car A.C. was not working. Again same problem was there.
I called to Mr. Ronit for my car problem. Actually I called him 4-5 times, It was my mistake and when he take my call, I said very sorry sir if you disturbed by my called between your talking.
But He was anger on me, he was teaching me about common sense. Sir, I am 57 years and he was teaching me for common sense. He told me at the first time when I was made complaint to the company directly. And at that time he told me call to him directly. Don't mailt to company. This is 3rd time happened. 1st times was battery problem, 2nd time AC problem and 3rd time also again AC problem, If your company's representative will talk roughly, than where I can complaint ? I dislike Mr. Ronit's behavior. And he told me to call me back, but he dosen't still.
I think I have made great mistake to buy CRETA Car. And I think another mistake to service & repair my Creta car at Secure Hyundai.
My two friends wish to buy Creta car but I have stop them and said don't buy CRETA, Take another brand car,
I will never go to Secure Hyundai Service Station now onwards.
What Mr. Ronit think in his mind ? Sir, You don't teach me about common sense. I know every thing very well.
With this behave you will loose your customer.
I really unhappy about his behave. Sir, I am telling to company peole that
Mr. Ronit told me don't complaint to direct company, and when I called him, He teach me about common sence.Sir, I am your customer for my CRETA car. and you told me if any problem call to you. And for my mistake I already told you sorry and after that also you teach me about commonsense. No problem Sir, I will never call you now.
And again I a will say that ITS MY GREAT MISTAKE TO BUY CRETA CAR.
I also will say that dont go for HYUNDAI CAR. Go for other brand.

Creta poor quality electical parts

I have brought Creta AT petrol in 2017 in Hyderabad and sparingly used.I have driven only 17000 KMS in 4 years and getting service regularly.I have recently encountered starting problem.When I checked with service people,they said there is a problem with sensor in Smart key unit assembly and needs to be costs around 25000.It looks like Hyundai using poor quality electrical parts and its life time is less.Not expected this from Hyundai

Non availability of car at committed date

I booked HYUNDAI creta sx on 04th August 2020 . I deposited 2.30 lakh at booking time . Delivery date told by me and assured by dealer was 06 oct 2020 which is my daughter’s birth date. Now they are showing their incapability to provide car on that day .

Dealer- Marudhara Hyundai
Jhunjhunu (Raj.)

Complaint regarding Car stereo of Santro sportz

I had purchased Santro sportz car from Arvind Hyundai Bye Pass road, Agra, UttarPradesh. From then till now when my car is running a warning message comes again and again on my car stereo that BATTERY DISCHARGE WARNING PLEASE USE SYSTEM WITH THE ENGINE RUNNING. My car is on 80-100 km/hr speed but the message comes regularly. I have also complained to my dealer from starting but My problem is not solved yet. Please solve my Problem.

Kothari Hyundai Aundh, Pune Problem.

Respected Sir/Madam,

Myself Amit Ashok Ghatol.

I had booked Hyundai Creta E (White) 2020 model.

Dealer: Kothari Hyundai, Aundh.

Date of booking 2nd August 2020.

Delivery Commitment date was 29th August.

Accordingly, i arranged 100% Upfront payment.

Thereafter, dealership refused to handover the vehicle on committed date. On basis of commitment, i had transferred the money in timeline. Hearby, said delar is requested to deliver it alteast on 18th sept.

Please confirm exact date of delivery.

Kindly resolve the matter on high priority, therwise i have to escalate to next level. Kindly do the needful on high priority.

Thanks & Regards

Amit Ghatol


No proper response when went for enquiry about sentro sports at prince Hundai Dhar MP dealer showroom. Very unprofessional and little rude behavior. No dress code no management.
Services would definitely be worst.

About Refund

Mera booking amount refund nahi kar rahe hai lagataar pareshaan kar rahe hai.saharanpur.aaradhna. hundai


I have purchased I20 ASTA VTVT On 22/6/2020.all payment made by me at that time t management says your discounted amount Rs 5000/= will be credited in your account after submitting of salary slips. Whenever I was visited with all documents to showroom Jaya Hyundai Latur, No one will take responsibility to refunded t discounted amount. Every one will treat me as a Football.
Then anybody tell me what can I do against t responsible persons.

colour fault

Dear team, Hyundai motors
My Self Swatantra Yadav a loyal customer of Hyundai , Me and My family are driving Hyundai products from last 9-10 years.
Our Hyundai product history is as follows:

1) Hyundai accent HR 70 6762 ( NOW SOLD )
2) HYUNDAI i20 HR 35 k 4400 ( NOW SOLD )
4) HYUNDAI CRETA HR 35 L 2388 ( IN USE )
5) HYUNDAI VERNA HR 35 N 6616 ( IN USE )

Currently I am facing a colour fault issue in my Creta car hr 35 L 2388 , and it is very surprising to me on such colour quality, company like Hyundai which such good market hold , gives such low quality colour , it has now become very embarrassing for me to drive my car with such colour fault on roads ,infact my friend has purchased his I 20 car in same year and he is facing a same issue of colour fault . i believe colour is one thing which has a lifetime validity , I have attached the photos of colour fault above , I seek a solution of this from HYUNDAI .


Engine light

Sir/mam I have a problem in my Eon magna car that engine light keep on after the starting car also so tell me is it harmful for car or not can I drive it or not

Booking amount not refund till date.

My booking amount not refund till date.
booking date : 10.6.2020 ( Akash Deep Motors Pvt.Ltd) Sambalpur
Cancel Date: 12.6.2020
Sales Executive: Bishu Charan Sahu
Manager : Silpanjali Sahoo
Booking vehicles: Auto SX.

Complaint-Vehicle Repair/

Dear Sir,

I given my car for repair at Autoweb Hyundai Rama Rd Delhi Branch on 29th Feb 2020 but till date you are not able to deliver vehicle and every time i am getting fake promises and fake dates only.

I requested your executives many times to repair by personally visiting there and but nobody taking care and responding properly.

Yeah I understand the ongoing COVID situation and your dealership also shutting down but still you have taken more than enough time. So now repair my vehicle and deliver it ASAP.

Bad Quality Products Hyundai

I buys a venue on 14 Feb,20 and there after 7 days the AC problem found and in 1st service compressor changed.. But even after that the AC doesn't run on same day so about 85 days I suffer a lot from non AC problem.

My wife is pregnant and my mother has kidney patient..Due to Hyundai Quality issues my family and me suffer a lot.

And after lockdown your advisor and engineer comes at my home and check the AC and they have not a satisfactory solutions and AC engineer said about Hyundai Venue unsuccessful issues!

So I request to you to please replace my car piece to piece and do needful..

I already break your 5 customer and 700 people has supports me too do a digital marketing of Hyundai bad quality Material !

Xcent key problems

Meri gaadi 12/2/2020 se so room me h abhi tak koi kaam nhi hua very bad sarvis

Bad service

Very very bad services

For Accessories

service is very poor of Hyundai because they not provide the all accessories
which is very important for me , as well as the say again and again we provide all things this time.
when i pay all money for hyundai creta then why they do not provide the accessories??

Regarding worst quality servicing

Shiva hyundai azamgarh ki stithi ye hai ki timing ka issue ,ydi servicing time se ho gyi to bill payment me 1 hour se km nhi lgega,aaj date 15 january 2020 ko mai service krane gya tha 1:30 servicing complete ho gyi aur payment krate huye 2:30 ho gya ,front wiper ka ek blade lga tha jb mai payment krnegya to dono blade bdla gya dikhaya gya ,maine kaha ki wiper blade to kewal ek hi change hua hai fir dono ki payment q ,tb service incharge ke pas daudte huye aadha ghanta aur bita aur conferm hua ki ha ek hi blade change hua hai aise hi kai bar saman change hua nhi lekin payment me likhakar aa gya maine kai bar apni bill ko sahi kraya ,lekin ye bhut hi galat hai ki customer ko en chijo ke bare me btana pd rha hai ,jb manager rehte hain to kam achchhe se krte hain unke employee but nhi rehne pe bhut hi nkara pan jhalakata hai unke krmchariyo me

No discussion booking cancelled

28 dec.2019 ko last time ruderpur contect.and after 3 day no issue booking kashipur uttarakhand hindai center mr.kamal pundir ,rajiv agrawal and dilbar singh involed in cases.

Very very bad service in new

Very very bad service in new car showroom in kerala kollam parakulam showroom

worst service from Lakshmi Hyundai kalyan nagar branch

We are the regular customer to Hyundai this is our 3 car we had santro which we had purchased it from Advaith Hyundai it was very good service from them. Since this Lakshmi Hyundai is near to my place we preferred to buy from them this time but we had very bad experience … we had booking I20 Sports on 30th Sep 2019 booking amount of Rs 10,000/- were we had transfer to Rs 5k thought google pay to Executive Ms. Lalitha and Rs 5k was cash even they didn’t give the receipt for the booking amount they were delaying it they had given only the booking docket. Due some personal issue we had requested to cancel the booking and refund the amount to our bank account after the booking cancellation charges of Rs 3000/- reminding Rs 7000/- should been transfer within 10 to 15 days from the date of cancellation ..
We had submitted the cancellation letter bank details and they had taken the booking docket also from us on 02nd of Nov 2019 I have also attached the cancellation letter and google pay receipt for your reference.. But they had refund amount Rs 5000/- on 20th of Dec to my account for the balance amount in spite of several time of reminder I need to keep calling the executive but there are not responding to call…. Being the branded company making customer to run around to refund the amount it not good part on this company
We are really sad to have this kind of experience from the company and very bad experience from Lakshmi Hyundai. …due to the delay from Lakshmi Hyundai to refund the amount which is more than 3 month now

Poor breaking system

Poor breaking system in Hyundai I20 .I purchased a new i20 car in Feb 2019 .I suffered badly from breaking system.Many time I escaped from gods will otherwise the car breaking system is the main reason of short time the car breaking system fail .I think it is major fault in I20.plz recall ur cars and improve breaking system otherwise the customer lose faith on Hyundai

Delivery commitment not honoured

I had booked Santro Sportz Imperial Biege colour on 20th December, 2019 at Lakshmi Hyundai Show Room at Madinaguda at an onroad price of Rs. 5,60,000 (discount offered to me Rs. 55,000) and paid an amount of Rs 10000 towards booking amount (doc No. 1009) after confirming the availability of the vehicle. The vehicle was supposed to be delivered to me on 22nd December, 2019. But on 21st December, 2019, the sales executive Mr MD Akhil told me that Imperial Biege colour vehicles are not available and requested me to give me another colour choice. I suggested Star Dust colour. Then he requested me to give time upto Monday 23rd December, 2019. On 23rd he said that even that colour is not available and requested me to take delivery of the vehicle in January 2020 at the same price with a discount of Rs.35,000/-. Even I am loosing Rs.20,000 I agreed for taking the delivery of vehicle in January 2020 at an on road price of Rs.5,80,000/-. But to my surprise on Tuesday 24th December he again called and said that the vehicle cannot be delivered in January 2020 at that price and take the vehicle at new price of Rs.6,47,000 less Rs.30000 discount or cancel the booking. Since I cannot pay that amount and I was forced to cancel the booking.

From the above kindly note that your sales executive had dishonoured his commitment thrice and made me to stand today without a vehicle. Had he told me before booking itself that vehicles are not available I would have gone for some other vehicle without wasting 5 days time. This sort of treatment to customers from Lakshmi Hyundai is not expected and if it continues customers may think twice to enter into Lakshmi Hyundai show rooms.

I request you to do justice to me.

properly not run my car

i purchase santro car. dt 10/5/19 from navjivan cars. surat. cng co fitting car. not run properly. i am in troubel .

what can i do? co. no 9879450036i

blender malfunctioning during driving lost power steering

Dear Sir, I bought my creata on Dated from Deep Hyundai Delhi. But I am facing many problems like knocking tappets which was maintained by service center, which was normal malfunction of ecm but now I faced blender malfunctioning during driving. I was driving at normal speed of 60kmph my car steering get very hard as jam. Thank god that was faced on straight road I put brakes and hardley parked aside my car with hard steering. It was very disappointing and was life threatening problem. I am not satisfied with performance of car. kindly check matter and call me at 989199.

Back glass of Creta car Blasted with full sound

Hyundai a renowned brand, I always bought hyundai car, santro, i10, creta still have these cars but today same incident happened N thank God nobody injured, today my creta UP 22 AL 2119, suddenly back glass blasted and in small pieces of fallen glass on the back seat m outside car, same happened with my Grand i10 only 2-3 months old and also 9 months old, this is the quality of car, last time agency Vasu hyundai in Moradabad replaced my Grand i10 back glass in warranty and today he said this the first time happened with Creta and denying in warranty replacement.
I have no choice except complaint due threat of my life as it may happen again.

hyundai service very poor ples don't buy this car

Dear sir-
I am ajay kumar singh & i have hyundai creta ex 1.6 petrol. i bought a car in june 2019 from hyundai republic ranchi and i have 0 depth insurance . i had claimed damage in my car at sasaram bihar nidhi hyundai service center. my insurance is bharti hexa. at the sasaram service center ,i had to say that the vehicle will be delivered to you on August 26. While i gave my car on 18 August. when i placed the call on 26 August, he said that sir will give you the car after 2 days.
When i called three or four times , then she agreed to give the car to 29 August. And said that by 12:00 pm today i will deliver the car to you .But when i went , they said that if they send BIO (insurance claim seet) , i will deliver the car. Now it was past 4:00 pm receiving BIO and i was waiting. when these people received the BIO , they came to know that it is less than rs was past 8:00 in the evening while doing it. i was pissed. They were saying they will not deliver the car.
then i said that i pay rs 3000 please deliver the car.

Then i paid rs 3000. and finally i receive my car.
Then a few day (approximate 2 and 3 day ) later i got a call that we have got your remaining amount from bharti hexa. but so far these people have not returned my money.while i gave my account number to them long ago.

Problem faced-
1. deley in car deliver ,(after promise date ) , i had to call a lot.
2. due to miscommunication between insurance agency and service center (i paid rs 3000 extra) and long wait .
3. not proper danting and scratchers survived in the car.
4. money has not returned yet.(rs 3000)
5. very bad experience in service center
6. when i gave the car it was 940 k.m running and when received at
1003 k.m running. (aprx. 60 extra)
7.when i gave the car petrol tank show 1/2 and when received at
it's show 1/3. (aprx. 13 liter petrol missing )
i was send this mail in 2 times to hyundai care but . my issue not solved.

worst service my new santro car

Dear sir

I purchased my new car Santro 2018 in RK Enterprises (Hyundai), Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh on 24th Nov 2018, i given second free service( 10000KM) at RK Hyundai service center on 3.11.2019 at and taken back 5.11.2019 at 3.00pm, they charged Rs4000/- for service. next day, i check my vehicle lot of parts are missing( Not fixed), Engine to Passenger& Driver cabin door(sheet) are missed, when see the from driver cabin all engine part visible( the sheets also missing at workshop), this negligence of Hyundai service Center, Now lot of rats and snake enter the cabin and damaged seats and wires.. Service person telling that not my responsibility......

Kindly don't purchase Hyundai products, you will suffer a lot.

T Syam Prasad

Car battery under warranty

Battery supplied with the car has problem which was reported to them 2 days back. It was conveyed that engineer will call you in next 48 hours.

There is no phone call nor any proper response from your dealer. Please do the needful in the matter by directing the Exide company to arrange for inspection and provide solution immediately. Alternatively, ask them to provide service battery and take the faulty battery for checking.

Your dealer has failed to even offer such service.

Battery replacement

Battery kharab hogai he our showroom wale bol rahe hain ki warranty khatm ho gai hai abhi meri gadi ki battery ki warranty 8 August 2020 tak hai showroom wale kah rahe Hain ki aap jakar Exide wali showroom per unse baat Karen aur showroom Wale Bata rahe hain ki April 2018 mein battery ki warranty khatm ho gai hai


Respected sir,
I buyed the car from your showroom 9 months ago. The number MH14HK8448 AND
I complained about engine noise and vibration issue 4 to 5 times.
I drove other owners hyundai verna automatic diesel as per my same model but their engine noise is so less than my car. Your servicing team told me about fuel injector problem. I replace that, also did service of my car many times.
I am totally unsatisfied with your service and backend team. I had my time loss and money loss as well. Its mentally harassing me as always.
Please kindly note that if you are not going to take a serious action now then i will appeal a case in consumer court on brand and dealership owner.
Requesting you to do action as soon as possible.
I HAVE ALL DOCUMENTRY PROOF nd you service manager is saying that car have the engine noise and engine issue and your engineer was saying no issue in car but still i drive another same model but in that car the noise is normal so please i requested you to resolve the problem another way i will go to the cunsumer court
Thanking you.

back gear

The Problem was coming while installing the back gear . and the showroom has not solved this problem . not satisfied because this problem is not resolved

Regarding back gear

Dear team

Same problem in my car i20 sportz plus
I buy Oct 2019 .back gear installation issue.

Service engineer not solve this problem he said this is genuine problem.

Patches of paintwork falling off from car

Hi mam/sir,
I bought a Hyundai i20 active sx at sansai hyundai showroom in suryapet, Telangana state on 31st july 2018.When I bought the car the salesmen told that the paint would be intact and it wouldn’t fall.I went to check my car on 25th september 2019 and I saw that a patch of the paint had fallen down and I haven’t had any scratches in the car except a tiny dent on the door.I know that I don’t have any scratches as I haven’t hit anything.Details:-
Registration no.:TS29 C 8530
Please look into this as soon as possible.


No reply from Hundai on my complaint

Already sent a complaint
Already tortured by service station
Now u all don’t respond
My number

Get back quick

Complaint regarding tyres.

I'm facing a filthy issue regarding my tyres in my creta sx. It's not been a year yet and one of my front tyre got burst. And there is no positive reply since last 1 month. This was not expect from hundai. As I am connected with since long time. But this time it is worst.

Tyres issue my car Tucson in thard class company tyres is Chines

Tyres issue my car Tucson in thard class company tyres is Chines Company
The air in the tire has arrived. The company believes that this company is flawed but does not offer a low mower on any matter. When giving a new car, they will talk big but Hundai's Sarvice does not give up so my friends like me don't bother. Needless to say, working with text in Hundai hasn't given any response since

Tyres issue my car Tucson in thard class company tyres is Chines

Tyres issue my car Tucson in thard class company tyres is Chines Company
The air in the tire has arrived. The company believes that this company is flawed but does not offer a low mower on any matter. When giving a new car, they will talk big but Hundai's Sarvice does not give up so my friends like me don't bother. Needless to say, working with text in Hundai hasn't given any response since

Not satisfied with service

I did the servicing of my creta No MH31 EU 1482 in Ketan Hyundai Nagpur
On 3/9/19 ,Servicing was ok as it’ was simple servicing. Issue is they used polish on interior of plastic parts and all glasses which smelled like diesel/petrol and this was happened during servicing. As I m asthmatic patient due to this smell I suffered asthmatic attack. And secondly polish which was used on mirrors not able remove by any means. I drove the vehicle most blindly from side during this rainy season,it’s horrible . Same was inform to service Engineer but no one took the cognisant , no botheration only careless attitude received one phone call. Still I m suffering the health problem kindly find why they used such type of polish.

Kindly tell me which engine oil recommends Hyundai for this vehicle.

This is for information and necessary action.



I am ombir my car crata ac is not working 1m am 2 time repair in harsh hyundi rewari but not properly working very poor respons is service adviser
so please help mob. HR81-1569


I have purchased SANTRO SPORTS AMT from Raja Hyundai, Jodhpur (Div. of Dhoot Services Pvt. Ltd.) on 27 Aug 2019. Since then I am facing the problem
of starting the car. Though the Gear lever is in the driving mode but the car is not moving sometimes and indicator shows "N" (neutral). But after switching off & on few times it drives. That can lead to serious problems/accident. There seems to be some major problem. I have put this complaint to the executive telephonically on 28 & 29 Aug. Today (30 Aug 19) I am taking the "DEFECTIVE DELIVERED CAR' to their Service centre. Please get the needful done appropriately, on top most priority so that I am relieved from mental tension. (It is the midnight 3:15 am and I am writing the mail)




Service center person lost my remote car key

Service center person lost my remote car key during car service. Already a month passed but they didn't provide my key.


Dear Sir/Mam

I Ramesh Swarnkar have paid advance 11100/ cash to your Raigarh chhattisgarh dealer for booking a car but due to my personal problem i cant buy
but the advance amount has not been return by them after several times of visit,phone & reminder.

exchange car is till in my name.


I was bought I 10 on 26 Dec,12.No GJ 12DM 4823. Against exchange I was credited my car Gj 12 AR 9396.On record of RTO same is in my name till date.

Please arrange return the same in same condition or to provide copy of new owner.
Waiting your support for 30 days,after that I have no alternate to file complain with consumer forum.

NC Mankad

Amount not refunded

Dear sir/madam

I had booked for creta e plus in sep 2018 by paying Rs. 21000 at Mr. Hyundai, SAHIBABAD industrial area Ghaziabad with agent Mr. Ashwini but did not get the car on mentioned time. Two months back i requested for refund but they are not refunding my amount and making a fool out of me. I am really frustrated. I plan to file FIR against for harassment and fraud.
Kindly do the needful

Saurabh sagar

Service complaint

Dear Hyundai. I totally depressed about your service.we buy Hyundai i20 Asta 4years back and 2month before car had complaints on AC. We brought car to our service( Popular Hyundai Elambal kollam district at kerala).several times (7 and more times) same complaint we brought car at same service center but till now not recover from the Complaints(Ac).we changed (AC valve, AC version, AC gas, compressor).Till now the problems is worsening. I lost so many money for this two months. Then i told this to service manager He gets angry and behave badly to me. What i do. I really shame about that I buy a Hyundai car. Can you help me for this problems.

not satisfied with your Balasore Service center

Dear sir
It is to inoform you that our creta was got accident on03052019 and was
handed over to your Balasore service statain for repairing.ON 30/05/2019 we know
that the same was get ready and ask for payment.Then we make neft fot RS142246/-
we request you to advice us to ride your car or keep it in our lock and key upto your service station get the parts from you.

awaiting for your early reply.


My name is Anurag bhagore form khandwa se hu mere paas i20 meghna Diseal car ha oska baampar tut gaya tha jisko 15 Den ho gaya ha aaj tak car wapis nahi mili h
Ek baampar ka liya 15 den lag gaya h bhit hi gathiya compani ha services bhoat bore ha castmar se bhivayar acha nahi ha inka me to apne car bach doga ab or pore life me Hyundi ki car nahi khredo ga inka paas pats avlable nahi rehta ha chota chota kamo ka liya 1 mahina lga data h




dealers bad behaviour

Hyundai management should give a training to the showroom people and should make them understand that the word you give to the customers have the meaning they say. should not tell customers we will give the car after 4 days and at this time without any meaning to what they say.. Very irresponsible people. Simply say the car will be ready by this time without having too little intention of giving it in the defined time and also will not inform. They make ladies also wait at any time any place to receive the car for hour long time without giving any information of the delay. This is too bad from the dealers side. For everything they say I was in the meeting.

Rc card details is not corrected

I was purchased car from mysore in adavaith car showroom 7 months back .. that time i was given correct address prof.. but it"s not correct in Rc card. again I informed to car showroom 4months back return came back wrong address only please take the action from the adavaith car showroom there behavior very bad experiences please take the complaint against car showroom...

Car not taken for service

I am going to Devine Hyundai, vapi, Gujrat
For my grand-10 sport deasel servicing but they gave me answer
Your car is not taken for service beacause you are not booking for
Service. But last 2 years I am not booked for service my car and directly service the car. But they have impliment new rule and not told the customer and costumers are suffered who service car, because they have no any instructions about that booking of service
Very bad.i am not happy that

My humble request to company for action that service center

Clarification for Company fitting CNG & Dealer fitting CNG.



Hyundai company.

Respected Sir / Madam,

I Am Dilip Bramhane. I purchase to new car Your Company Dealer showroom ( MODI HYUNDAI Nahur) following details on car.

Car no- MH03DG0803, Model no- Grand I10 Magna 1.2. CNG , Chassis no- MALA851CLKM031727, Engine no- G4LAKM301062. Regn date- 03/06/2019.

So I before purchasing inquiry to Your Company Dealer showroom ( MODI HYUNDAI Nahur) So your showroom sale person talk me company fitting CNG connection beside to petrol connection ( back sides in left) his commitment.

But I purchase to new car get delivery day , I see CNG connection to front sides to beside to Engine. Company Dealer showroom sale person talk me this is company mistake.

Please clarification to Company & Dealer Fitting CNG. Because I will paid amount to company fitting CNG.

Would request your confirmation that this will be provided in the next Two days.

Your company not any clarification given to me I will going to Consumer Court for my justice.

Dilip Bramhane.

Refund of amount not received till now

Dear Dealer,
I have made payment of santro car booking of Rs 11100.00 but company has cancelled the booking due to colour variant not available but till now i am not able to receive the refund amount till now.
I have severly talked to hyundai dealer in Ranchi but no response has been received till now
These kind of intolerance will not be tolerated by me.
I want my money back as soon as possible

गाडी का ईंजन खराब होने के सम्बन्ध में

मेरी गाडी का ईंजन 6माह मे दो बार खराब हो गया है तो क्या किया जाय ये कम्पनी बिलकुल बेकार है इसके अधिकारी व कमरमचारी एकदम बेकार है इस कम्पनी की गाड़ी नहीं लेना चाहिए

Poor Customer Service at Aditya Hyundai Uttara Bhubaneswar

Dear Sir,

Good Afternoon !!!!

I am informing you that my Vehicle (Regd. No-OD-02X-8550) is there at the Aditya Hyundai service centre at Uttara Bhubaneswar for last 45 days and more.

From the day one, the service engineers changing their versions and unable to identify the faults.

I am unable to understand that how everyday the faults will be changed and also the service charges also vary.

Please look into this matter and let me know when my car will be handed over to me and what will be the final charges for the same.

Booking car money Hundai novelty amritsar

Sir I book my car hyundai novelty amritsar i20/sentro magna. Taken 2k rs in advance for booking.Next day i told that i m not sure about to purchace any car due to family problem....request to know my booking money is refundable or not.

Hyundai exchange offer not mentioned in the showroom

I bought a 2019 model Hyundai Xcent car(white color) at Namakkkal show room, Tamilnadu (Pin code-637001) with Registration number "TN 88 E 6151".

I wanted to complaint about the bad experience we experienced at Namakkal showroom. I had a Santro car which we wanted to give in exchange on purchasing the new Xcent car. When we go to the show room for the first time, the sales person there mentioned that they have same Xcent 2018 model car which they can give for less price(Around 6 lakhs) compared to same Xcent 2019 model car. After 2 days, when we called the sales person that we are ready to take 2018 model car, they said ok and they asked us to come to the show room at around 4'O clock in the evening on the same day. We made the cash ready and we were about to reach the show room, they told us that the car has been sold out to someone else. We got shocked as in the morning only they confirmed us that we can buy it in the evening, same day. We got highly disappointed. As there was only one 2018 Xcent was left, since it was sold out, we somehow convinced ourselves to buy 2019 Xcent.

And here comes the next disppointment. We showed them the Santro car which I had to give them for exchange. The sales person told that they will not take old car if we are taking 2018 Xcent and they will take old Sanrto if we purchase 2019 Xcent. And for your notice, they never mentioned that there is an offer of Rs. 30000 for just exchanging and on top of that, the price of the exchange car will be added. They asked the car for cheaper price and hence we decide to sell it outside not knowing that 30000 exchange offer is there. And finally we bought the car TN 88 E6151. When my dad's friend mentioned that there is an offer of 30000 for exchanging after we purchased, we got highly disappointed that we were cheated once again. When my dad went and asked them about the offer, they were telling that 'We mentioned nah sir, that we will buy your old santro only if you buy 2019 Xcent'. I swear that they never mentioned this 30000 exchange offer to us.

I highly regret for buying this Hyundai car because of the cheap behavior of the sales person in Namakkkal show room. I would like to mention the name of the sales person who we were in touch for buying this car. His name is Eliyan. After I bought this car, my cousin wanted to buy the same car. But we told them not to buy because of the bad experience we had. And they bought TATA Tiago car 2 days back.

I want justice for the careless behaviour of sales person and I want you to take action on them regarding this issue. I also want Hyundai customer care to give us the appropriate amount that we lost on missing this offer because of the sales person.

I also wanted to mention that my phone has auto call recording option enabled, and if you want, I'm ready to send them over mail for the proof.

Hope that you will take action. Otherwise, I will have to look for some other option to take action on them. I will never recommend Hyundai cars to any of my friends/relations from now onwards.

sportz AC not working and sensor is not avaliable

I AM really very disappointed to write this , that my car a.c. is not working and sensor is not avaliable with service canter also.So bad experience with Hyundai after sale service. This the third time my car a.c. stopped working. First time it was happen within one month of purchasing the car. Sencodly during Jaipur Tripp, a.c. stopped working suddenly and at that time I have checked by Hyundai showroom jotwara Jaipur, they told me that AC sensor up gradation required and they have done something after That a.c. starts working... but on 11/05/2019 again a.c. stopped working. I have checked by Jamal Hyundai Kota, they told me that everything is ok, May be a.c. sensor is faulty,it should replace but rite now they don't have a.c. sensor to replace. So bad experience with Hyundai, such a reputed company. May be for that most of the person prefer to buy Maruti Car.

Complain against M/S Joshi Hyundai

I write this letter to show my dissatisfaction of your customer value,

On 10th dec.i have given my car EON era plus CHO1AW 4833 to M/s Joshi Hyundai,industrial area,phase 2,Chandigarh(UT), under a workman ship of Mr.Rajinder for accidental claim.i have bumper to bumper policy(full claim) from united india insurance company.
My car claim is passed through by surveyor mr.pankaj bajaj from united india insurance company.then,I confirmed to Mr.Bajaj,he said whatever the things written on your claim form is approved.

After few days Mr.Rajinder said that some of things are not approve i.e Bumper, Bonet and dickey,On back bumper he said me, that I have to pay for concessional amount for paint.same i also ask to tell me concessional amount & was waiting for his reply and cont.follow up from my side instead of that he painted my car without my consideration.

On 14th dec.he said that he will handover car to me on 19th dec.and I was cont.taking follow-up they have not done any work on my car till 24th morning 10am because I have not receive any calls at their given time period by Mr.Rajinder.i ask for immediate photograph of my car to send me,want to see what work has been done by you.

I surprised & shocked to hear on 24th Dec. morning,when I did call & he said denting penting and washing are left and 50% you have to pay for that & the paying amount will be approx.6700/-.

I said, stop all work from my car and send immediate photograph and check your mail inbox.he send me photograph in the evening around 4 pm.

On 31st December evening, I went
with my brother at Joshi Hyundai service show room,there I met Mr.H S Jaswal (Sales Manager).He is also speaking same word and favouring to his employee the mistake which he had done.then,I surprised to hear from Mr.Jaswal and Mr.Rajinder ,that I have to pay all claim amount which 25146/-.

Mr.Rajnder and Mr.Jaswal said,we are not process cashless with United India insurance.

Before giving my car to any service agency,I was enquired about the cashless scheme.then,I came here.

Mr.Rajinder (United India insurence agent),has provided me contact number of Mr.Rajinder (Joshi Hyundai service).all things telephonically and face to face are discussed with Mr.Rajinder(Joshi) before handovering to my car.

When I asked to Mr.Rajinder for detail and signator of surveyor approved on my car .He said that "we do verbally sir" and he accepted infornt of his sales manager Joshi Hyundai Mr.H S Jaswal and Mr.Jaswal is also favouring him.

Note-detail here I am attaching with this mail.

Mr.M S Jaswal(SM)-Joshi Hyundai

Mr.Rajinder(work man)-Joshi Hyundai

Mr.Pankaj Bajaj-(Suryeyor)-United india
insurance company

Mr.Rajinder singh-(Agent)-United india

Can't believe this is what i am getting from hyundai.due to all this,I suffered a lot.

Please look into the matter as I need my car as soon as possible. I hope to receive a response from Hyundai soon.

Reimbursement of extra charges!!!


I bought I20 Active from Sanjay Hyundai(Amanora town park) Pune on 23 October 2018.
I have a big issue with the particular dealership on many points.

1. Delivery ceremony was pathetic.
2. No proper specifications were explained.
3. The car was delivered 30 days late after the promised date.
4. The staff keeps on miss guiding.
5. I bought the vehicle on cash and it was charged for the HP for Rs. 1500/- which is not yet reimbursed till now.
I have been chasing Hyundai on the helpline and I had registered the complaint 3 times till date but no resolution is been presented till date.
The last discussion was over a corn call with the customer care executive of HMIL and the sales GM of Sanjay Hyundai Pune Mr. Rockson Johnson.

You can connect me on xxxxxxxxxx and discuss the issue or else i have to move to the consumer forum regarding the same issue and i am feeling so helpless after connecting to Hyundai.

Seeking a justifiable response this time.

Thank you

Replace ducky glass

मेरी गाड़ी का दिग्गी क्लास टूट गया था उसे बदलने के लिए 26 नवंबर 2018 को में हुंडई शोरूम और सर्विस स्टेशन में गया था लेकिन आज 6 दिसंबर हो गई है अभी तक शोरूम में और सर्विस स्टेशन में ग्लास अवेलेबल नहीं है मैंने सूरतगढ़ हनुमानगढ़ और श्री गंगानगर तीनों जगहों पर पता किया पर इतनी बड़ी कंपनी होने के बावजूद तीनों सर्विस स्टेशन और शोरूम पर ग्लास उपलब्ध नहीं है और 10 दिन से मुझे इंतजार करना पड़ रहा है अभी आगे का भी पता नहीं कब उपलब्ध होगा मुझे 2 तारीख का कमिटमेंट किया गया था मुझे नहीं लगता है कि कमिटमेंट का कोई मतलब है अब मुझे 8 तारीख का कमिटमेंट किया गया है देखते हैं क्या होता है मुझे लगता है मैंने हुंडई की गाड़ी लेकर गलती कर दी

Bad Service

Dear team,

I have pleasure that I became part of Hyundai family again.But I have regret to inform you about my bad experience what I have been facing now.

I have purchased Hyundai xcent sx model car on 19/11/2018 from mcp Hyundai showroom, Vellangallur, Thrissur, Kerala, India. Before two days,some problems have arised in my car regarding car door locking system.
First of all, compare to other three doors, one door has some tight issue. Secondly, I noticed after running the car, central lock is not working properly.

Inorder to fix the problem I spoke with sales executive and based on his suggestion I reached in their Hyundai authorised service center with my car.

Without checking my car, your representative told me that, he has to remove the door parts to check the issue for knowing that whether anything broken inside the car and it requires more time to analyze the problem. Then I asked him about door tight issue and he told me about 10000 km first service procedure. So that he is able to apply greece for smoothening door actions.

Your represetative knows very well that I have purchased the car before two weeks only and my car runs maximum of 300 km too.

I have returned back without repair and I am disappointed.Because I couldnot find an experienced employee with proper uniform.But I could find very unprofessional employees who have lots of confusions about features of my car.

I have been running authorised franchisee of reputed electronic products service.As every customer I also expect basic standards and parameters for your reputed authorised service center,not like local workshop.

Kindly suggest immediate solution from experienced hands to handle the issue.Below I have attached details of my vehicle.Please respond promptly,I will wait before seeking help from another source.

Thanking you for your time and considerations.

yours faithfully

Hopeless is the word for Hyundai

Pathetic Service, Hopeless Sales Team, Money minded team, Sad customer service experience. It is only been a month i purchased a car and I have zillion issues. i20 AT mileage is 7, but the SALES team claim 15 and the SERVICE team claim 8. I would want to sell the car ASAP. And not want to deal with Hyundai anymore. Also, ensure tell all the new car buyer not to keep Hyundai as the last option also. Travel in UBER or OLA but buy any cars from Hyundai.

Related to sentro

If i want to instal music system in sentro era ! Wiring is alredy done by company or not

Optimum Value of my Vehicle i ten Sports Model January sixteen


Hyundai : one of the top leading car manufacturers with moto of New Thinking and New Possibilities.

Keeping into consideration all facts, I purchased one of your reputed car I10 during the year 2016 and now ensuing festival season want to upgrade to certain high up model.

But it's heartbreaking to convey the tactics followed up by the respective Dealer at Jammu : KC Hyundai Narwal Jammu.

With high hopes and ensuing festive aura as advertised by the company, I approached to evaluate my car and further upgrade to higher one and astonished to see the value quoted of as Rs 3.00 Lakhs only.

Subsequently, I approached towards nearby Maruti Dealers to recast the value of my car and what possibilities I have had of I upgraded towards any of Maruti Car and there I got much higher than that I expect. They quoted the value of vehicle on Rs.3.80 Lakhs with exchange offers commutative to Rs. 4.2 Lakhs.

Through the medium of this communication, I want to convey that a thorough process should be evolved out so that value of your customer should remain dignified and one should feel proud to come again to have second purchase of the same from your end. Despite advertising in wrong prospective. The same vehicle is underquoted by same company while other is giving higher quote, the whole process is
incomprehensible by anyone in general.

I hope my due submission be considered in a positive manner and appropriate reply be given so that I may peruse further.

With Regards,
Nitin Sharma

I didnt get part on time

Hello sir/mam,
I sidharth tale from pune. I have hundai accent 2008 model. I visited the garve hundai in vadgaon. I ordered front grill of hundai accent on 18 September 2018 and I paid advance Rs.1000 and they told you will get part in 10 days and we will call you once we received the part I said ok and I leave after that I called them on 29 September they said me sir part order has been gone back and it will take 2 3 days morem. I said ok fine I will come after 3 days and I called them after 3 days they told me part is in Wakad it will take one more day. I said okey and on next day morning I called them again they told me part will come in the evening please do come to pick up your part and I went there on next day bt i didnt get part they said one more day it will take part is in Wakad. still I didn't get my part and they didn't call me single time I have to call them 10 times for knowing the updates about my part and one more thing it is the worst experience I ever had in my life with hundai. I am gonna sell my car or I will scrap it if you provide this type of service to your old customers. it's my dad's favourite car that is the reason I haven't changed but now I have to change my car just because of your services the worst service provide by the hundai garve showroom pune near vadgaon bridge. Thank you

Damage in service

Dear All,
I sent my Hyundai Excent ( HR26CG8402 ) car for service to Superon Hyundai , sec. - 37 , Gurgaon on 26/09/18 and that time my A/C was running very smoothly and was very effective but when i received the car back from the service i found rhat the A/C was not working at all. I sent the car back to superon hyundai and they have created a new bill for the same. I have paid my service bill of Rs.13363.00 in full. Now in what capacity they are asking me to pay extra 6000.00 for the A/c. as it was fully functional before service and something wrong has happened during the service only.
Moreover they never provide the feedback form with the invoice inspite of asking it for repeated times.

Kindly help resolve the matter.


Rajeev Jain

Hyundai service employer fake commitment

On 2 august i submit my car in chd ultimate Hyundai. Hyundai employer name narinder singh say i return your car on 8 august but he not own commitment. Today is 9 august i come in service station and ask my car is ready and he say no and 2nd think no one touch my car within 7 days. My car stand same condition and today i want to go jaipur due to my sister its really hurt. Its 2nd time ultimate Hyundai service employer commitment fake. First time car service and 2nd time repair commitment. Fake Hyundai service

Service of hyundai car not upto the mark.

I called hyundai customer care and they told me to get the car on their service center and they will repair that.

Service of hyundai car not upto the mark.

My name is sarfaraz mohi ud din bhat s/o Mr Gh Mohi Ud Din Bhat R/o Kachowhallan Kulgam. My car no. Is JK18-3987. There was a problem with my car clutch and the service executive replaced the clutch pad and cable and i had to pay Rs 8000/ but the clutch is not smoothly working as it should be. I am not satisfied with the service and i think i have been charged for nothing. You are as such requested to kindly let my car to be checked by some professional technician at Srinagar so that this inconvenience about the clutch of my car gets rectified.
I serviced my car at KY Hundai Anantnag.

service complen about

Sir" Mai dhiraj kumar Home town : Motihari Sir apke balaji ji Hundaii Motihari me service ka bahot problem hai ya kaha kucch aur jata hai aur kiya kucch aur jata hai mera ek gaari hai EOM megna +. Jab bhi koii problem hota hai. To manegar ko bolne pe koii sunta hi nahi hai .gaari lete samay bolte hai apko sab subidha di jayegi. Kyu yahi subidha di ja rahi hai... Ya gari lekar ham bahot pachhatate hai.. Dost ko ya koi relesatation me kisi ko ya se gaari dilwane ka Man nahi karta hai ..