How to get new SBI EMV based ATM card

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Toll free Number(s): 
  • 1800 1234 (Phone Banking, 24x7)
  • 1800 2100 (Alternate Phone Banking No.)
  • 1800 11 22 11 (Customer Support, 24x7)
  • 1800 425 3800 (Helpline Number, 24x7)
  • 1800 1111 09 (To block your card/Unauthorized transaction)
  • 1800 180 1290 (Credit Cards)
All India Number(s): 
  • 1860 180 1290 (Credit cards)
  • 080-2659 9990 (Customer Care-24x7)
  • 90226 90226 (WhatsApp Support)
  • 94491 12211 (For reporting Unauthorised Electronic transactions)
  • 92237 66666 ("BAL"CALL/SMS)
  • 92238 66666 ("BAL" SMS)
  • 8008 20 20 20 (Unhappy with services-SMS)
  • 8422 8455 15 (Status of Credit card last payment)
  • 8422 8455 13 (Available Credit limit)

How to get new SBI EMV based ATM card

The existing mag-stripe, or magnetic stripe, debit card will be replaced with an EMV chip-and-pin card as per RBI

There is two way for replacing your priveous debit card with new EMV based debit card .

1.Through Net -banking

2. Visiting your bank's home branch

Through Net Banking

  • Go to onlinesbi portal
  • Enter your user ID and password and login your account .
  • On the homepage ,Click on 'E-service' tab.
  • Select the 'ATM card Services' on 'E-services' tab.
  • Under the 'ATM card services' select the oprions 'Request ATM/Debit Card'.
  • A new page will open on your screen .Then select saving account which you want to receive the new ATM card .
  • Enter your name and select the type of ATM card you want to receive .
  • Click on Submit button .

By Visiting Your Home Branch of Bank

Click Here to Search Your Home Branch

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There is no congratulation message at last of aplying new emv atm card through net banking

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