Mizoram State Government Customer Care


Mizoram State Government Customer Care

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mCovid-19 Support

  • 0389-2323336/ 0389-2322336/ 0389-2318336 (Helpline)
  • 1070 / 0389-2342520/ 7629072785 (Control Room)
  • 9366331931 (WhatsApp)

Emergency Helplines

Emergency Helplines City Contact Details
Hospital Emergency Civil Hospital Aizawl 0389-2322318
National Ambulance Service All Mizoram 102
Two Wheelers Ambulance Aizawl only 102
Swine Flu/IDSP Room Aizawl 0389-2300187/
Healthcare/RSBY All Mizoram 1800-3455729
AIDS Helpline Anywhere in India 1097
Blood Bank Civil Hospital Aizawl 0389-2316117
Women Helpline
Police Control Room Aizawl 100
Fire Control Room Aizawl 101
Women's Helpline Anywhere in India 181
Lengpui Airport Lengpui 0389-2573355/
Child Helpline
India 1098
Electricity/Power House Aizawl 0389-2322174/

Lists Of Hospitals

Hospitals Addresses
Civil Hospital Near Millenium Centre, Bazar Bungkawn,
Phone: 0389-2322318 (Casualty)
Zorma Medical College (ZMC) Falkawn, 796005
Presbyterian Hospital Willow Mount, Durtlang,
Phone: 0389-2361222/
Email: preshospital_durtlang [at] rediffmail [dot] com
Greenwood Hospital Bawngkawn, Durtlang Road, Aizawl
Phone: 0389-2341395/
Fax: 0389-2349682
Email: lbralte [at] hotmail [dot] com
Adventist Hospital Seventh Day Tlang, Aizawl
Phone: 0389-2340326/
Email: aadhos [at] sancharnet [dot] in
Bethesda Hospital & Research Center Bawngkawn Chhimveng, Aizawl
Appolo School of Nursing,
Verdant Ridge, Laipuitlang
Phone: 0389-2305172/
Maternity and Emergency Centre
Tuikual North, 'C' Mual, Aizawl
Nazareth Hospital
Vanlalremthanga Building, Ramhlun 'N', Aizawl
'The first Cancer & Diabetes Speciality Care
Centre in Mizoram'.
(Recognised by Govt. of Mizoram)
Phone: 0389-2305068/
Kulikawn Hospital Kulikawn, Aizawl
Phone: 0389-2324130
TB Hospital and D.T.C. Zemabawk, T.B. Tlang
Phone: 0389-2351319/
Dr. Fraser Clinic & OPD
(A unit of Durtlang Presbyterian Hospital)
Mission Veng, Aizawl
Phone: 0389-2310123
Grace Nursing Home and Research Centre Lower Zarkawt, Aizawl.
Phone: 0389-2318637(EPABX)
Ebenezer Medical Center Chawnpui Veng, 796007
Phone: 9774733087
Aizawl Hospital & Research Center Peter Street, Khatla
Phone: 0389-2336537
LRM Hospital Ramhlun Venglai, 796012
Phone: 8413028542
City Hospital Mission Veng, 796015
Phone : 0389-2327777

List Of Nodal Public Grievance Officers

Department of Information
& Communication Technology

Secretariat Annexe I Building, Treasury Square
Government of Mizoram Aizawl, Mizoram - 796001.

Public Grievance Office Address

Satish Kerba Jadhav
Director (PG)
The Department of Administrative Reforms and
Public Grievances., Sardar Patel Bhawan
Parliament Street, New Delhi 110 001.

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