Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) about Internet Banking Services

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Trouble Logging In
What is the use of my Transaction Password? (In the PINK Color Mailer)?
Not able to see the account summary and statement of account etc.
How do I get my Statement of Account?
Problem in doing funds transfer
Failed e-commerce Transaction
Not able to scroll the screen up / down and left / right etc.?
Can I open a fixed deposit online?
Can I transfer funds to my loan account?
There is no forgot password link
Tips for secure Internet Banking
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Trouble Logging In
How do I login to Internet Banking?
o Please enter to enter our Bank’s website.
o Under INTERNET BANKING, please click 'Internet Banking Login'. A login screen will
o Under Login ID, please enter login ID given by branch. Login id is same as Customer ID
o Under Password, please enter the login password (in the blue/green color mailer) and
click on “Sign in” button
(A Clue for the password- In the password sent from our office, there are only three (3)
numbers in all, only one lower case alphabet and rest all upper case alphabets. In case, you
are able to identify these, it will be very easy to login.)
User Authentication Failed
This can be because of following reasons:
--Typing wrong Login id: Remember login id is same as customer id .Contact your branch
quoting your account number for correct customer id in case you have forgotten it.
--Typing the wrong password Please remember that the password has to be typed with the
correct case and it will contain at least three numbers, at least one lower case alphabet and
at least one upper case alphabet and optionally special characters also. The maximum number of characters will be 16. Password is case sensitive, so please ensure that you enter the password in correct case.
-- Password locked: If you have made three unsuccessful attempts to log in using wrong password then your id gets locked. For unlocking the password contact your branch
--Forgot password: If you have forgotten the password then submit written request to your branch for resetting the password.
--password Deactivated: Your ID may be deactivated for security reasons, if your initial passwords are not used for more than a year. Please contact your branch to reset your password.
ID already logged in” - Error message?
This can happen
o You might have left your screen open without any activity for more than 5 minutes. System will log you out to prevent unauthorised access. If you try to access any menu option then, you will get this message.
o If you close the net banking window without logging out and try to login again (within 10 minutes). To avoid this, please ensure that you properly logout from net banking each time by clicking the logout button (white color in the top right corner) or by clicking the “logoff” option in the menu.
If this error message comes, please wait for 10 minutes for the system to automatically log you out and then try login.
What is the use of my Transaction Password? (In the PINK Color Mailer)?
When you do a transaction such as Demand Draft Request, Funds Transfer, Railway Ticket booking etc System will prompts you to enter the Transaction Password to authenticate the transaction. Unless you authenticate the Transaction using Transaction Password, the transaction will not be successful.
Not able to see the account summary and statement of account etc.
This might be because of the following reasons:
o If your account is in the name of company, corporate etc, and you try to access your company account from your authorised signatory ID, system does not permit to view or do transactions in the account, though you will be able to see the balance in the company account in the Account Summary.
o Internet banking flag of your account may not be enabled. Please contact your branch and get the Internet Banking flag enabled.
How do I get my Statement of Account?
Click on the option ‘Account Activity’.
When this Option is clicked, there are three sub-options as
Current Period
Specified Period and
Cheque Related
When Specified period option is selected, you can specify the period for which you need the account statement. After entering the dates in the format dd/mm/yyyy, please click on the Generate link.
How to do Funds Transfer?
Please use the option 'Beneficiary Maintenance' for adding a destination account for Third Party Funds transfer within Syndicate Bank ONLY. Payee ID is a text field which can be the name of the beneficiary account holder in Syndicate Bank
You may use the option
‘Funds Transfer’ - for transferring funds to the accounts linked to your own ID or the option
‘Third Party Fund Transfer’ - for transferring funds to the accounts not linked to your own ID and within Syndicate Bank or the option
‘NEFT online transfer’ - for transferring funds to other banks.
Problem in doing funds transfer
I am unable to transfer funds to other accounts.
This can happen when:
If adequate daily funds transfer limits are not assigned. Kindly contact your branch to check whether you have been assigned with adequate daily funds transfer limits for the type of funds transfer you are trying.
If you are having a joint account, and the operation instruction of your account does not permit funds transfer. Please make sure with your branch that the account operating instructions are “Either or Survivor”. Transactions are not permitted by the system in accounts with joint operations (i.e. for JAF/JAO relationships).
If your email ID and mobile number is not present in your branch database. Please contact your branch and get your KYC details updated.
How to increase/fix the funds transfer limits
Please contact your branch and submit your request specifically mentioning the type of fund transfer and the desired limit.
“Error code 12345” while doing NEFT Transaction.
This can happen if your mobile number and email ID are not updated in your branch database. Please contact your branch and get these details updated, since these are mandatory as per RBI guidelines, for doing NEFT transaction.
Failed E-commerce transactions
I did an e-commerce transaction through my account. The transaction was not successful. How to recover the fund debited from my account.
Please contact the e-commerce site through which the transaction was done, with the following details
Date, time and amount of transaction:
Transaction reference number:
Item name:
The amount will be credited back to your account in case the transaction is a failure.
If there is unreasonable delay in getting your refund in the case of a failed transaction, please contact syndinet [at] syndicatebank [dot] co [dot] in with the above details and your 14-digit account number.
My IRCTC ticket booking has failed my account is debited. How to recover the fund debited from my account.
Please check whether the ticket is really booked or not, under the Book Ticket history option in your IRCTC login. In case the payment is not successful, your account will be automatically recredited (including charges) after settlement with IRCTC.
Not able to scroll the screen up / down and left / right etc.?
Please change your monitor resolution settings to 1024 * 768. This will give the best view of the screen display of Internet Banking
Can I open a fixed deposit online?
At present this facility is not available through internet banking
Can I transfer funds to my loan account?
At present this facility is not available through internet banking
There is no forgot password link
There is at present no facility for online reset of passwords. Please contact your branch for resetting your passwords
Tips for secure Internet Banking
Access Syndicate Bank Internet Banking Website only by typing: in the address bar of your browser (Use Internet Explorer 7 & Above).
You can view the Bank’s name in the green address bar in your browser. Check for the Lock icon
in the browser window. Click (or Double Click) on it to see details of the site's authenticity. This is important to know because some fraudulent web sites imitate the lock icon of your browser!
Avoid online banking from public or shared computers or virus infected computer. Do not open multiple browser windows while banking online.
For accessing Internet Banking, use only Internet Explorer 7 or above, which supports our security feature of 256-bit encryption. If you are accessing our Internet Banking through older version of Internet Explorer (example IE6. IE5.5 etc), you may encounter errors relating to SSL certificate. Please note that Our Internet Banking may not work properly with other browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera etc
Our Banks site is secured and the address will begin with “https” meaning the user name and password typed will be encrypted before sending to our server. Our Bank also provides Virtual keypad to key in passwords, which protects your passwords from malicious ‘Spyware’ and ‘Trojan’ programs designed to capture keystrokes.
The Basic purpose of providing the above security features is to transmit the information in the encrypted form in secure manner, so that others can not view the important and confidential information pertaining to our valued customers.
However, Web Browsers are capable of storing browsed information during the session (caching). To prevent caching, it is suggested that you always close your browser window after your Internet banking session.
For better security, customers are advised to have some special characters in passwords. The special characters are also provided in the virtual key board.
Please note that SyndicateBank neither sends Login-id or Password through email nor does it ask for any details regarding your Internet Banking account or password through email. Please beware of such fraudulent mails eliciting such information with the intention to defraud the customers by unscrupulous persons.
Always ensure your PC is updated with latest anti-virus and operating system patches. Install personal firewall and anti-spy ware to protect your PC from internet attacks.
Change your online banking passwords periodically (at least once in a month).
Still need help
If you still face any technical problem in internet banking which is not mentioned above, please contact us at 080-2570 5784 / 1800 425 5784 (toll-free) during working hours or email us at syndinet [at] syndicatebank [dot] co [dot] in
Please mention your customer id/ 14-digit account number and name clearly in your query. Please do not disclose your passwords or click on any mails asking you to login here.
For any transaction related queries, information about products and services and debit/credit cards please contact your branch directly.
For any queries regarding online tax payment please contact the number 080-25705788