Form For New ISDN Connection

Company Name(s): 



(Please read the instructions before filling the form)
Affix self
passport size
(required for
ISD facility
1. Status of
Individual Statutory Body Govt. PSU Company Pub.
Foreign National Partnership Proprietorship Trust ISP Society Association
2. Type of Connection: BRA PRA 3. Purpose: Residence Business
4. Title/ Name of the Customer/ Company/ Firm/ Organization (SURNAME FIRST)
5. Name of Father/ Husband/ Group/ Proprietor/ Partner(s)
6. PAN/GIR No: 7. Telephone No. working, if any:
(Please see Instruction # 2)
8. Complete Postal Address
House No Street/ Road/ Village
Area/ Locality/ Tehsil
City/ District Pin
9. Billing/ Correspondence Address (if different from 8 above)
10 E-mail address (if any):
11. A. If line is required for PABX Junction, is it for Main or Subsequent Junction: Main Subsequent
B. If for subsequent Junction, indicate ISDN Telephone Number of Main
12. Facilities Required (tick whichever is required) (please affix photograph for ISD facility):
STD ISD Conferencing Call
Abbreviated Dialing Call Waiting
13. User Devices proposed to be connected to ISDN Line (please tick option and strike off others)
(i) Feature Phone (ii) Video Phone (iii) PC Card (iv) Terminal Adaptor (v) G4 FAX
(vi) Desktop Video Conferencing (viii) 384 KBPS Video Conferencing (ix) ISDN Handset
14. Supplementary Services: Direct Dialing In/ Line Hunting/ Closed User Group/ Advice of Charge/ User to User
(Please tick options) Signaling/ CLIR/ Terminal Portability/ Multiple Subscriber Number
15. Payment Mode: Cash Demand Draft Amount
DD No. Dated
Drawn On: Bank
Branch 2
I hereby declare that information given above is true to the best of my knowledge and I will abide
by the prevailing Telegraph Act/ Rules framed thereunder & Tariffs as amended from time to time. I am not a defaulter on account of non-payment of bills for any telecom services provided by any service provider. In the event of any dispute concerning any telecom line, apparatus or appliance, bill, etc. between me/us and BSNL, the matter shall be referred to the sole Arbitrator, appointed by a nominated Authority in BSNL and shall be governed by the provision of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996.
Signature of Customer/ Authorized Signatory Signature of Customer/ Authorized Signatory
Signed on:
D D M M Y Y Y Y3
1. The form may be filled up in Capital letters only.
2. In the absence of PAN/GIR number, declaration in form 60/61 may be furnished in the enclosed pro-forma.
3. In case of sole proprietary concern, proprietor may sign himself and affix rubber stamp.
4. In case of partnership concern, all partners or any one of the partners duly authorized or Person with the
Power of Attorney may sign. In case of Company, signature should be of a person on behalf of a Company, in
accordance with the provisions of its Articles of Association. In case of partnership concerns, copy of (i)
Power of attorney for authorization & (ii) Partnership Deed and in case of Limited Company, a copy of the
Articles of Association, may be attached.
5. In case of Government Departments, authorized person may sign and affix rubber stamp.
6. The company will not provide any kind of subscriber terminal equipment and subscribers have to provide their own terminal equipment, which have interface approval from TEC. Company provides wiring upto NT and thereafter subscribers bus wiring has to be provided by the subscriber.
7. If at any stage information furnished is found false – Telecom Service / Telephone provided is liable to be disconnected immediately without any notice.
8. Applicable registration fee for various categories is as under :-
Registration fee subject to revision as per BSNL rules ISDN BRI ISDN PRI Nil Nil
9. Fixed monthly charges :-
i)For PRI ISDN :Rs.1750/-subject to technical feasibility on existing media / copper media Rs.1000/- for each additional km or par only if additional equipment as re-process utilized for providing ISDN PRA connects after 3 Kms.
ii)For BRI ISDN : Rs.360/- per month
10. Usage charges : For every B channel same as applicable to PSTN (B Channel is a voice or data channel upto 64 kbps).
11. Initial Deposit :-
For BRI - Rs.3000/-
For PRI - Rs.10,000/-
12. Tariff is subject to change without notice.
13. Temporary ISDN connection
Minimum period of hire 15 days 1 week
Fixed monthly charges Rs.6000/- upto 3 Kms
Rs.3000/- for each additional
km as part thereof
Rs.500/- per week