Form D:Application For Inter Railway And Divisional Transfer

Company Name(s): 


From To

Sub : Application for Inter-Railway and Inter Divisional Transfer

I beg to apply for transfer to

2. My service particulars are furnished below:

a) Name :
b) Designation :
c) Station,Division working :
d) Date of appointment :
e) Present grade
i) Substantive :
ii) Officiating :
f) Post for which applied :
g) Division/unit for which :
applied :
h) Whether you appointed on :
sports,cultural or scouts:
quota.If on sports quota :
the name of sports, year :
of appt. & whether you :
are still an active :
member in ICF team ( to :
be indicated) :

3. I am willing to carry-out the transfer to Division/Railway on the terms and conditions stipulated by the Railway Board in their letter No.E55SE6/3 dated 19.5.58 and (NG)65SR6/31 dated 01.12.66 for the transfer from one Railway unit to another on personal request.

4. I am willing to be posted anywhere on the Divisional Railway.

5. I am aware that I am not eligible for any joining time on transfer, passes or T.A on Transfer account.

6. I will not seek re -transfer to my parent Railway at a later date.

7. I will not withdraw my mutual consent given to Shri. .

8. I will take the seniority on mutual transfer in terms of para 310 of the Indian Railway Establishment Manual.

9. I will request if mutual transfer is not agreed to my application may be considered for one way transfer at my own request and I am prepared to abide by the conditions of such transfer.

10. I am willing to give mutual exchange to Shri and take his or my seniority whichever is lower in
I will not withdraw my above consent. I will not seek re-transfer to my parent Railway.