Emirates Customer Care No. 916700 3333

All India Number(s): 
  • 916700 3333 (For General Queries)
  • 022-4097 4097 (For Flight Booking Queries)
  • 022-6649 7979 (For Flight Booking Queries)
  • 022 -3377 3377 (For Flight Booking Queries)
  • 916708 3333 (For Baggage Related Queries)


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Emirates India Call Center

For Booking For General Queries For Baggage
  • 022-33773377
  • 022-40974097
  • 022- 66497979
916 700 3333 916 708 3333

Please call this number for flights, Chauffeur-drive, Dubai Stopovers and other Emirates
services related queries;

Emirates Ticket Office Address

City Address Contact Working Hours
Mumbai 3, Mittal Chambers
Ground Floor
228, Nariman Point
Mumbai 400 021
916 700 3333

Contact Centre: 24 hours,
Ticket Office: Monday to Saturday,
09:00 to 5:30, Public holidays, closed

Local Emirates Offices List

Location Address Working hours
Reservation call centre: Daily 24 hours
Call: 9167083333 (Only for Ahmedabad)
(Ticketing Office)
1st floor, Olive Arcade 
Opp. Samudra Annexe 
Off. C. G. Road 
Town office: Monday to Friday,
09:30 to 6:00 Saturday and Sunday, Closed
Call: 9167003333 (Same for all cities )
(Town Office)
GF Prestige Sigma
No. 3, Vittal Mallya Road
Bangalore - 560001
Town office: Monday to Saturday,
09:00 to 5:30,Public Holidays,
09:00 to 4:00,Sundays, Closed
(Town Office)
Prestige Palladium Bayan 
Ground Floor 
Door No 129 to 140 
Greams Road 
Thousand Lights 
Chennai 600 006
Town office: Monday to Friday,
09:00 to 6:00,Saturday: 09:00 to 5:30,
Public holidays: 09:00 to 4:00,Sunday: closed
(Town Office)
Worldmark 1, Second floor 
East Wing 
Unit 209-210 
New Delhi - 110037
Town office: Monday to Saturday,
09:30 to 6:00,Public holidays,
09:30 to 6:00,Sunday, Closed
Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, 
Ranga Reddy District, Shamshabad, 
Hyderabad, 501218

Working hours
Town office: Mon to Sat,
09:00 to 5:30 Public holidays,
09:30 to 4:00 Sun, Closed

Kochi Emirates 
Level 1 
AMV Tower 
NH 47 Bypass, Kundanoor Junction 
Cochin - 682304
Town office: Monday to Saturday,
09:00 to 5:30,Closed on Sundays,
Public holidays 09:00 to 4:00
(Town Office)
A1 & A2, Ground Floor 
Queena Square 
Building next to Mentor graphics, Taj Deccan lane 
Erramanzil colony 
Hyderabad – 500 082
Town office: Monday to Saturday,
09:00 to 5:30,Public holidays,
09:30 to 4:00,Sunday, Closed
Kolkata Emirates 
A1 & A2, Ground Floor 
Queena Square 
Building next to Mentor graphics, Taj Deccan lane 
Erramanzil colony 
Hyderabad – 500 082
Town office: Monday to Saturday,
09:00 to 5:30,Public holidays,
09:30 to 4:00,Sunday, Closed
(Town Office)
Kureethadam Arcade 
Mini Bypass Road 
Town office: Monday to Saturday,
09:00 to 5:30,Sunday, closed
(Town Office)
3, Mittal Chambers
Ground Floor
228, Nariman Point
Mumbai 400 021

Town office: Monday to Saturday,
09:00 to 5:30,Sunday, Closed,
Public holidays, Closed

(Town Office)
KEK Tower, 2nd floor 
TC 14/1006 (3) 
Opposite Trivandrum Development Authority (TRIDA) 
Near Trivandrum Club, Vazuthacaud 
Thiruvananthapuram - 695010 

Town office: Monday to Saturday,
09:00 to 5:30,Sunday, Closed ,
Public Holidays 09:00 to 4:00

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No contact details of Emirates working

I have an upcoming flight from India to Mauritius via Dubai(Dec 2021). My return flight timings from Mauritius to Dubai has been delayed but not Dubai to India. I really need some clarifications ragarding that but none of your numbers are working. I have been put on hold twice for >30 mins but no one answers the call. I cannot even see any email id to reach out to Emirates. I really have a high regard for the airlines. Please don't make me change that.
Please provide any contact details.

Hello,I book a flight going

Hello,I book a flight going to Nigerian and this is the 4th time it canceled please I need to kown if there is no flight going Nigerian lagos



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baggage left at emirates office in dehli

My friend mnr f naude left my bagge at the office ..airport office emirates at dehli because he and i missed each other at the airport..then he checked in and took his flight to dubai..and then to cape town...iwas waiting for him at the check in counter ..emirates in dehli but he did not show up..i also looked and asked for my baggage but ..could not find it ..i had to check in because time was running out for my flight to dubai..and then johannes burg..at arrivsl at johannes burg i got the mesage he left it at the emmirates office at dehli airport..i rapported this matter to the emirates bagge complaint office in johanesburg airport to miss Alet and filled in a form ..but did not get a ref. Noumber..also she said i must send a e..mail todehli..and that her supervisor will also send a e..mail..this morning i phoned her but she was off..i spoked to her supervisor ..mnr sam but he did not know anything about this matter
what can i do...please help!!!


Emirates Airlines
New Delhi
Subject: Complaint about the rude and non professional behaviour of Emirates Airlines and Emirates staff at New Delhi Airport causing huge mental harassment and financial losses to me and my business.
Dear Sir / Madam
I, Pardeep Kumar Mittal am a resident of India having our offices in India and UAE. I am a frequent flier with Emirates Airlines for many years now.
I experienced a real bad, rude and non professional behaviour by Emirates Airlines and the Emirates staff in the past few months. I am being harassed mentally and there are huge financial losses to me and my business. Please look into the matter carefully and make sure that all those guilty are punished and I also I am being compensated for my mental harassment and financial losses.
Details are as follows:
1). I travelled to Dubai for business on __ March, 2014. When I was returning back on _____ 2014 the Emirates Flight was overbooked. Many passengers including me were asked to stand out of the queue even though we were holding CONFIRMED tickets with us. Airlines staff was very rude and they were running here and there in utter confusion. It was a big chaos at the boarding counter. In the end we were refused boarding and they put us on the other flight. They also gave us DENIED BOARDING FREE RETURN TICKET. I don’t understand how a free ticket can compensate the huge business losses and mental harassment. I was delayed for all my pre scheduled business meetings which caused me huge financial losses. Since the Airlines gave us Lollypop / sweet candies in the shape of a Free return ticket we quietly boarded the flight offered and came back home.
2). I planned onether trip to Dubai on 12th April, 2014 and called up the Emirates reservation centre to book my tickets. I told them that I want to use my free tickets for this trip. This customer care executive named Ms. Leena told me that they have no seats available for the requested date 12th April, 2014. I asked her if they have seats available in higher class. Even then she refused me bluntly saying no seats available till 20th April, 2014. This executive was still repeating about the free ticket though I was requesting her for any higher class available as it was very urgent for me to travel to Dubai for a business meeting. I was refused seat in any of the classes in any of the flights as this lady was stuck into the Free ticket option for me. It was ridiculous. I instantly called up my travel Agent and they booked me in the desired flight without any delay. Here I don’t understand that why an Emirates counter executive could not sell me a ticket though the travel Agent did it immediately. It should be as shocking to you as it was to me at that point of time. You can check all this in your records as your system records most of the conversations. Is there any personal understandings going on between the Airlines staff and the Travel Agents. May be the Airlines staff want to extend financial benefits to the travel Agents ignoring the direct customers and the inconvenience caused to them. Anyways..
3). My flight was confirmed in business class for Delhi to Dubai on April, 2014. at 16:15 Hours. I reached the Airport well in time at 1:45 pm. I was in the queue and reached the counter at around 3 PM. I was having only a small hand carry with me. This lady at the counter refused to give me the boarding saying that I am late for the flight. I told her that I am in the queue for a long time and it is their fault that they are working slowly with less operative counters. This lady was RUDE and did not listen to me at all. I tried my best to call the Manager on Duty but she refused me bluntly. To my big shock she started attending the people behind me in the queue. Even she upgraded a passenger behind me in business class who was holding an economy class ticket. This is not acceptable and height of unprofessionalism. I asked the name of this executive so that I could make a complaint for her but she was very rude and did not tell me her name even though all other Airlines staff wears a name tag always. They even refused to help me and put me on the next flight using their computer system. I was forced to call the reservation system again and rebook myself in the evening flight after paying an extra amount of Rs. 9,000 approximately. It was a huge harassment to me and my business.
I request the higher Emirates authorities to look into the seriously and strictly punish all those who are guilty to extend me huge mental harassment and business losses because of their own mistakes, rude behaviour and unprofessional attitude.
Emirates Airlines is going to lose loyal customers like me and we will take up this matter in the Indian courts and the consumer forum as well.
I again request Emirates Authorities to PUNISH all those guilty. Airlines should also compensate for all the mental harassment to me. Also I need compensation for the financial losses to me because I had to cancel / postpone my urgent meetings in Dubai and India.
Looking for a positive response from you soon.
Thanking you
Truly Yours

Pardeep Kumar Mittal
Home address: 157, Harsh Vihar, Pitam Pura, Delhi-110034
Cell: 0091-98734 29176

Bag of goodies got lost

I know Emirates doesn't take responsibility for hand baggage. I am not asking for any compensation. I am writing this email to let Emirates authorities know about the incident happened to me. This may be potential behavioral and security problem in their cleaning and security staffs in Kolkata Airport. Here is the set of incident...

1. I flew to Kolkata from SFO on Dec 9th ( Reached Kolkata on Dec 9th). My ETKT no is "ETKT 1767145049729 -1/2."
2. I forgot a bag of goodies, which I bought from Dubai duty free shop, in the plane ( EK 570) and disembarked in Kolkata.
3. As soon as I realized it I informed the local emirates ground staff. I realized it very soon, some people were yet to come.
4. I was told my bag was not found in the plane by the cleaning staff. This is unbelievable. Emirates can check their CC TV footage.
5. I was told by Emirates ground staff, if my bag would have been there they would have definitely found it. I found it really insulting as if I am telling lies.
6. They even told me possibly another passengers might have taken it. This is also not a very convincing answer as only my luggage was placed on that loft, just above my seat ( 36 D, E, F) . So definitely it's a rare possibility.

I believe I am not the person, who makes complaints just like that. Rather I never made a complaint before even if I faced issues.

I don't know why they think I am telling lies when I am not asking for compensation but to ask them about the bag. I am 100% sure that it was in flight and theft happened when the flight was cleaned after we disembarked. There is some wrong nexus with the Emirates cleaning and security personnel. I was told cleaning staffs were accompanied by security staffs. In this case I clearly see security is breached. I felt bad, it happened in my city.

I am requesting Emirates authorities to have a look into this aspect to avoid bigger problem in future.

I am returning on Dec 31st , 2012 to SFO by Emirates only. Typically I fly 2-3 times in a year to India with my family. I am recent convert to Emirates from Singapore.

If you want to reach me , send me an email. I will share my contact co-ordinates.

Saumyabrata Bandyopadhyay

online ticket booking

d/sir, today i tried to book one ticket to Dublin(ireland) for my cousin as she doesnt have cretit card,i fail to do it.Kindly let me know how can I do it.

Shabby treatment flying Business Class

The Manager
Customer Care
Emirates Airlines

Dear Sir/Madam,
I Ms Esther N. D’Souza, wish to report the shabby treatment I received, along with my infant son, Master Dominic Desouza, when we flew Business Class Mumbai-Dubai, Dubai-Toronto on 26th September, 2012. (EK-501 BOM-DXB and EK-241 DXB-YYZ Emirates Airlines Confirmation Numbers: FP8ZAJ and IB3NZW Copies of E-tickets and Boarding passes attached)
As I checked in at Mumbai airport, I asked if I could get some assistance with Immigrations and Security because I was travelling alone with my infant son. The Emirates ground staff flatly turned down my request with no feelings whatsoever even though they saw me struggling with my infant baby.
My son was terrified and screaming all through Security and Immigrations but no one bothered to help out, everyone kept staring as if we were freaks! Thankfully, another passenger Ms. Soniya Kripalani, who was also flying to Dubai on the same flight, took pity on me and helped me. I have her contact details and she will be willing to corroborate my experience.
At the Emirates lounge at Mumbai airport, I told the staff what had happened. They helped me up to the aircraft.
At the time of boarding, I requested the cabin crew that I be given my son’s stroller at Dubai airport as he was not used to any other stroller, but the crew flatly refused and stated that I would only get it on landing at Toronto.
To add to the ‘don’t care attitude’ of the Emirates staff, the cabin crew did not provide my child with any food or fruit on the flight from Mumbai to Dubai.
2. When I landed at Dubai, I expected to be met by the Emirates ground staff who would assist me. My travel agent, Mr.P.N.Subramanian of Rashmika Travel Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, had assured me repeatedly before flying that I would be met and be well taken care of. I regret to state that no such thing happened! Again, Ms. Kripalani took pity on me and helped me as far as she could. An Emirates staff member at Dubai Airport, I think her name was Ms Thandika (she was of African origin) said that Emirates had no policy of providing any assistance.
Before flying, we checked with the Customer Care helpline in Mumbai regarding the availability of strollers at Dubai airport, and they assured me that there would be complimentary strollers available. I regret to state that there were no strollers available and I struggled to hold my infant child and my cabin baggage and find my way to the Business Class Lounge. There were times he almost fell from my arms but no one bothered. As a result, he has a bruise on his back from my bag strap rubbing against him as I struggled alone to reach the Business class lounge. I will provide a photograph to support this.
When I finally managed to get to the lounge at Dubai airport, I broke down and cried because I was so overwhelmed. The Emirates ground staff there were cold and indifferent and told me it was not their policy to provide help and that my cabin bags were my problem, not theirs. Is this the type of service that Emirates prides itself about? I never imagined how heartless and insensitive the Emirates staff could be! It’s a shame that your airlines makes tall claims in advertisements and don’t lift a finger to help a mother and child have a comfortable journey. However, the staff at the lounge were courteous and helpful.
Again, when it was time to board my flight to Toronto, I was given no help at all and had to make my way across Dubai Airport with a screaming and petrified child and manage my cabin bags as well.
3. The staff on the flight from Dubai to Toronto were somewhat better and tried to assist me.
However, on landing at Toronto, my nightmare started once again as the cabin crew did not give me my child’s stroller and I had to lift him in my arms all the while. Neither, did I receive any assistance with my bags. By this time I was so exhausted that I could barely manage to hold my baby and there were times we both almost fell. A Canadian lady had pity on me and helped me through Security.
I only got my baby’s stroller at the baggage hall. It was there that I finally managed to hire a porter who assisted me with my bags etc.
I am sad to say that while I expected a wonderful experience flying Business class with Emirates, I was left with a very bitter after taste in my mouth. My experience was totally different from the one my agent led me to believe I would have. I am seriously considering suing Emirates for the mental trauma experienced by my child and myself because of the cold and indifferent attitude of the Emirates ground staff at Mumbai, Dubai and Toronto airports. I will be consulting with my legal advisors about the course of action and the compensation that we should claim.
I am certainly going to put up a blog on Facebook and let people know how badly they could be treated by Emirates – particularly mothers flying with infants! I will also approach the IATA and let them know how hostile your staff can be towards a mother and child. I’m sure your airline would do well with some negative publicity in the press too!
It was my worst experience ever flying and I will not only make sure I never fly Emirates again but also ensure that none of my family or friends fly Emirates either. Emirates are the biggest liars when they boast about their hospitality and excellent service. I will also make sure that this review is published online, in newspapers and in other media so that I can warn people to stay away from the frauds and heartless brutes that Emirates staff are!
Yours faithfully,



Dear sir,

i'm travelling by Emirates flight, from dammam to dubai ( EK826) to hydrabad (EK524) On 05 nov 2012, i have to know about the luggage, when i make the luggage in dammam what i have to receive on belt in dubai airport or it will goes directly to hydrabad flight from your Emirates service. and return is 24 Dec 2012, Hydrabd to dubai ( EK 527 ) to Damman ( EK 825) please explain me details.

i'm a pure vegetarian and to

i'm a pure vegetarian and to my surprise, i was served with non vegetarian dish during my travel. This was referred to the staff in duty and they were very evasive. As soon as i came back, i lodged a complaint (Our Ref. BOM/X/KB/2​80612/6803​489) and Emirates have assured to give a response within a month. Till date, i've not received any feedback from Emirates.

Is this the way, a customer to be treated ?????????????????????

re ok ticket

dear sir
i like to ask you one question
i have one ticket return
now i am in india how to i make re conform
please advise me

Overcharge by chennai office than on line fare

I am holding reservation by ref KVQHBS (Chennai - Dubai) on 1st April 2012. I want to change to 8th April 2012 and I did it online. But I am not able pay thru online due to unknow reasons. I was informed to pay total AED 120 (Fare diff 70 + change in date 50) and prepared and accepted. When I failed to pay thru online, I call your customer care and had very very bad experience and not totally unfit to serve customer of this prestigeious airlines. I had experience with Smita, Ami, Swarlatha and Jalpani. My question was simple and asked why you asking me to pay AED 200 when online says AED 120. They said it is a manual calaculation and wants me to send screen shot. I sent screenshot to them at email ekindia [at] emirates [dot] ae. Even after send the screen shot, I was insisted to pay AED 200. I told them reply to my mail officially or ateleat connect to your manager who will be in a better position to answer my query. The way they answered and put on hol makes me doubt that there is some one is looting /stealing by charging extra from customer and I told them to take it as a not only a complaint and treat this as a allegation. I knew Emirates and its service as suc h I am frequent flyer as well

However, after I had spend valauable time more 3 hours of clarification and argument in the angle of personal issue not based on the value of difference fare. Finally Ms Jalpani resolved my isssue by listening to my issue and took more than 25 minutes. I sincere thanks to Ms Jalapani who finally issued my ticket as I required for the addtional amount of AED 120 as per online.

I need full investigation from your office and meaningful reply or alternatively allow me to go to consumer court in India as well as Dubai for the time and stress that your inefficient employess caused me .


Habeebur Rahman
Tel: 91 9884666 123

Emirates ticket is not accept the skywards account

Dear sir, I am a freequent flyer of Emirates airline from Triruvannthapuram (India) to Dubai and return every month from September 1, 2011 onwards. As on date I had completed 4 (Four) Round trips with Emirate airline from Trivan drum Dubai. I am puchasing my Emirates ticket from Baku (azerbaijan) due to my employment in Baku.On my ticket the number is starting from 555 while I am adding my flyer claim missing mile to my sky wards account the message is showing the ticket number is invalid.
I am requesting to you Can you please advice and provide the correct action to add my flyer missing miles to skywards.

I am waiting for your favourable reply soon.

Your response will be highly appreciable.


Narayanakurup Sivasankara Pillai
Skywards No. 281553414.

meals served instead of Vegitarian meals

Me and my wife travelled back to India from UK recently (Booking ref: J23AFB / Ticket nos: 1765175243464 / 72). We had ordered 'Vegetarian' meal for me and my wife, but instead, 'Vegan' meals were served both on Birmingham to Dubai and Dubai to India flights. We were made to eat stuff we never imagined we'd eat in our entire life and still not stomach-filling, hence had to spend the entire journey hungry. Your people did not have anything to eat either. I had very high regard for Emirates service, but this incident has changed it. Hope you don't do this to any other passenger in future.

refund ticket payment