Directorate Of Animal Husbandry And Dairying MP No. 0755-277 2262

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  • 0755-277 2262 (For Contact Support)


  • dirveterinary [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in (For General Query)

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Telephone Directory

Directorate Contacts

Sr.No. Name Of Officer Designation Email
1 Mr. Lakhan Patel Honorable Minister, Animal Husbandry Department and Dairy Department, Madhya Pradesh
2 Dr. G.K. who. Verma Joint Director gk63 [dot] ver25 [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in
3 Dr. P.S. Patel Joint Director pya6729 [dot] pat [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in
4 Dr. Arun Sharma Deputy Director drs [dot] arun [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in
5 Dr. A. Of. Lion Deputy Director
6 Dr Sushma Ekka Deputy Director ekka2565 [dot] sushma [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in
7 Dr S. D. Srivastava Additional Deputy Director shivdutt [dot] shrivastava [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in
8 Dr C K Dubey Additional Deputy Director cha64 [dot] dub26 [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in
9 Dr Bhagwan Manghnani Additional Deputy Director bhagwan [dot] magnani [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in
10 Dr Seema Jain Additional Deputy Director jain6626 [dot] seema [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in
11 Dr Vani Pandey Additional Deputy Director vani [dot] pandey [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in
12 Dr Vinod Deshmukh Additional Deputy Director
13 Dr Niranjan Singh Rajput Additional Deputy Director nir71 [dot] sin33 [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in
14 Dr. Swati Srivastava Additional Deputy Director swa7234 [dot] shr [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in
15 Dr Tejinder Kaur Bagga Additional Deputy Director tej72 [dot] kou34 [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in
16 Dr. Priyakant Pathak Additional Deputy Director priyekant [dot] pathak [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in
17 Dr Anupam Aggrawal Additional Deputy Director anupam [dot] agarwal [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in
18 Dr Prakhar Bhargava Additional Deputy Director prakhar [dot] bhargava [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in
19 Dr Seema Rao Additional Deputy Director seema [dot] rao [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in
20 Dr Vikas Saxena Additional Deputy Director vikash [dot] sexena [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in
21 Dr Abhilasha Bhardwaj Additional Deputy Director abhilasha [dot] b3272 [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in
22 Dr Manish Singh Additional Deputy Director manish7030 [dot] singh [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in
23 Dr Uma Parte Additional Deputy Director uma80 [dot] par42 [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in
24 Mr. J.S. Muvel Assistant Director (Statistics) jsmuwel67 [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in

Division Offices Contacts

SNo. Name of officer Designation  Telephone No. Email Jurisdication Area
1 Shri S.N. Mishra Additional Chief Secretary cum
Agricultural Production
7552708178 Bhopal
2 Mr. Gulshan Bamra Principal Secretary,
M.P. Government, Animal
Husbandry Department
7552708008 psveterinary [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Bhopal
3 Dr. R.K. Mehiya Director 7552770279 dirveterinary [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Kamdhenu Bhawan, Vaishali
Nagar, Kotra Sultanabad, Bhopal
4 Mr. Anurag Chaudhary Additional Secretary Bhopal
5 Mr. Sunil Mandavi Upper Secretary 7552512082 Bhopal
6 Mr Vinod Varkade Section Officer 7552512171 Bhopal
7 Dr. Rajesh Mishra Joint Director 9425358060 Reva
8 Dr. Yes. S. Dabur Joint Director 9179114829 jdvs [dot] ahind [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Indore
9 Dr. Ashok Singh Tomar Joint Director 9300763751 Gwalior
10 Dr. A.S. Sunil Kumar Parnam Joint Director 9425929096 Bhopal
11 Dr. N.K.Bamnia Joint Director 9425438286 Ujjain
12 Dr. Yes. Of. Varma Joint Director 9425083941 Sea
13 Dr. J. P. Shiva Joint Director 9424300720 Jabalpur
14 Dr. A.S. A. K. Agarwal Deputy Director 9407847947 ddvs [dot] ahsag [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Sea
15 Dr. A K Atulkar Deputy Director 9425845291 ddvs [dot] ahbal [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Balaghat
16 Dr. S. S. Chowdhary Deputy Director 9425446259 ddvs [dot] ahdin [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Dindori
17 Dr. J.P.Shiv Deputy Director 9484300720 ddvs [dot] ahseo [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Suture
18 Dr. H.G. A. party wise Deputy Director 8319618091 ddvs [dot] ahchhi [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Chhindwara
19 Dr. Ramesh Singh Deputy Director 9425466769 ddvs [dot] ahkat [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Harvest
20 Dr. Asghar Khan Deputy Director 9424397786 Narsinghpur
21 Dr. K.M. Rajput Deputy Director 9425475162 Niwadi
22 Dr. A. W. Mine Deputy Director 9425690486 Damoh
23 Dr. D.P. Tiwari Deputy Director 9993174605 Emerald
24 Dr. R.K. Sen Deputy Director 9755064071 Chhatarpur
25 Dr. U.S. Tiwari Deputy Director 9425850800 ddvs [dot] ahmand [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Mandala
26 Dr. D.K. Vishwakarma Deputy Director 9993278998 ddvs [dot] ahtik [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Teamgarh
27 Dr. M P Gautam Deputy Director 9893150990 Singroli
28 Dr. Angad Prasad Patel Deputy Director 9424344713 Anuppur
29 Dr. KK Pandey Dr Deputy Director 8223016740 Umaria
30 Dr. Manish Ingole Deputy Director 9425048261 ddvs [dot] ahman [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Mandsaur
31 Dr. S K Srivastava Deputy Director 9425050689 Shajapur
32 Dr. Naveen Shukla Deputy Director 8839568685 Ratlam
33 Dr. C.S. Chauhan Deputy Director 9425148417 Dewas
34 Dr. ml. Parmar Deputy Director 9425315229 ddvs [dot] ahujj [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in ujjain
35 Dr Heera Singh Bhanwar Deputy Director 9753599366 ddvs [dot] ahbur [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Burhanpur
36 Dr. Hemant Shah Deputy Director 9893330275 Khandwa
37 Dr. L.S.Baghel Deputy Director 9893916574 Khargone
38 Dr. wilson dabur Deputy Director 7089644100 ddvs [dot] ahjha [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Jhabua
39 Dr. C.K. Ratnavat Deputy Director 9827232932 Badvani
40 Dr. KK Sharma Deputy Director 9425106739 Neemuch
41 Dr. Harivallabh Trivedi Deputy Director 7000920122 Agarmalwa
42 Dr. Of. S. baghel Deputy Director 9009926988 ddvs [dot] ahgwa [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Gwalior
43 Dr. Pramod Kumar Sharma Deputy Director 9424972082 ddvs [dot] ahsat [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Satna
44 Dr. Santosh Kumar Dwivedi Deputy Director 9424336949 Straight
45 Dr. O. P. Singh Deputy Director 9425180642 Shahdol
46 Dr. Rajesh Mishra, Deputy Director 9425358060 ddvs [dot] ahrewa [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Reva
47 Dr. Subhash Babu Dohre Deputy Director 9424325080 ddvs [dot] ahshe [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Sheopur
48 Dr. A.S. R.S. S.S. Bhadoria Deputy Director 9826261601 Okra
49 Dr. R.K. P.S. Bhadoria Deputy Director 9425114180 Morena
50 Dr. G. D. Das Deputy Director 9425572337 Datia
51 Dr. Ram Kumar Tyagi Deputy Director 7987495774 Fold
52 Dr. Mahesh Kumar Tamori, Deputy Director 9425769458 ddvs [dot] ahshiv [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Shivpuri
53 Dr. JS Solanki Deputy Director 8085661788 ddvs [dot] ahali [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Alirajpur
54 Dr. Yes. D. Verma Deputy Director 9993376080 ddvs [dot] ahdhar [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Edge
55 Dr. Shashank Jumde Deputy Director 9425124779 Indore
56 Dr. Kalpana Dewan Deputy Director 9009597801 ddvs [dot] ahash [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Ashoknagar
57 Dr. Ajay Ramteke Deputy Director 9425450951 ddvs [dot] ahbpl [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Bhopal
58 Dr. Mahipal Kushwaha Deputy Director 9826356640 ddvs [dot] ahraj [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Rajgarh
59 Dr A.K.S Bhadauria Deputy Director 9425009263 ddvs [dot] lehseh [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Sehore
60 Dr. O.P. Gaur Deputy Director 9425029881 ddvs [dot] ahvid [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Vidisha
61 Dr S K Tripathi Deputy Director 9893602129 ddvs [dot] ahhar [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Harda
62 Dr. Pramod Agarwal Deputy Director 9425394394 ddvs [dot] ahrai [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in Raisen
63 Dr. Prafull Kumar Moon Deputy Director 9424371423 Jabalpur
64 Dr. Vijay Patil Deputy Director 9827377747 Betul
65 Dr. Sanjay Aggarwal Deputy Director 9826991536 Hoshangabad

Poultry Farm Contacts

Sr.No. Name of Farm Office Incharge Designation Office No. Mobile No. Email Address
1 Govt. Poultry Research Farm, Hathaikhera, Bhopal Dr. D.C.Payasi Dr. Pankaj Bhargava Dy.Director Addl. Dy. Director 0755-2800194 9926535674
Near Kokta, Hathaikhera, Bhopal
2 GPF Indore Dr. Mahendra Singh Tomar Assisstant Director 0731-2386669 8770711534
mahendrasinghtomar1 [at] gmail [dot] com MOG Lines, Indore
3 GPF Gwalior Dr. K.D.Sharma Assisstant Director 0751-2452216 9826085198 drkdsharma17 [at] gmail [dot] com Rairu, Gwalior
4 GPF Guna Dr. Harbir Singh Dhakare Assisstant Director 07542-252422 8319674038
hsingh814 [at] gmail [dot] com Guna
5 GPF Sagar Dr. Prem Narayan Jatav Assisstant Director 07582-223561 - Sironja, Sagar
6 GPF Rewa Dr.S.S.Baghel Addl.Dy. Director 07662-250788 9424336707 sukhrajsingh1963 [at] gmail [dot] com Chiruhilla, Rewa
7 GPF Chhindwara Dr.Sonu Kadam Addl.Dy. Director 07162-222297 9343736572 dr [dot] sonukadam [at] gmail [dot] com Imlikheda, Chhindwara
8 GPF Shahdol Dr.P.S. Chauhan Assisstant Director 07652-240348 9165764567
pushpendrasinghchauhan [at] gmail [dot] com , royal [dot] p [dot] s [dot] chauhan [at] gmail [dot] com Near Collector office, Shahdol
9 GPF Jhabua Dr. Amarsingh Diwakar Assisstant Director 07392-244346 8871075324
drasd1313 [dot] ad [at] gmail [dot] com Near Annas River, Jhabua

Training Center Contacts

Sr.No. Name of Training Institute Officers Name Mobile No. Address
1 State Animal Husbandry Training Institute Bhopal Dr. S. Of. Tiwari 7697519689 Link Road 3 Kotra Sultanabad
2 Assistant Veterinary Field Officer Training Center Shivpuri Dr O P Od 9926401600 Kothi No. 33 Fatehpur Shivpuri
3 Artificial Insemination Training Institute Mandla Dr. U.S. Tiwari 9425850800 Tidney Mandala
4 Government Poultry Training School Rewa Dr. Pankaj Singh 9425391070 Chirawala Rewa 486002

Public Information Officers

Sr.No. Officers Name Designation Contact No. Email
1 Assistant Public Information Officer Dr. G K Verma Joint Director 9425083941 gk63 [dot] ver25 [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in
2 Public Information Officer Dr. P S Patel Joint Director 9425102852 pya6729 [dot] pat [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in
3 First Appellate Authority Dr. R K Mehiya Director 9425487280 dirveterinary [at] mp [dot] gov [dot] in

Biological Products

Name :- Institute of Animal health & veterinary biologicals ,
Rasalpura, mhow (M.P.) pin: 453-446
Contact Person :- Director [Dr. R. K. MISHRA]
Contact number :- 9425779953
Email :- jaivikbp [at] yahoo [dot] com


Directorate Of Animal Husbandry & Dairying
Kamdhenu Bhawan, Vaishali Nagar ,
Kotra Sultanabad, Bhopal, 462003
Fax: 0755-2772263

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