Consulate General of India, Dubai Contact Details

International Numbers: 
+9714 3971222 (For Contact Support)
+9714 3971333 (Alternate Support No.)

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Working Hours

Monday to Friday - 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
Lunch Break - 1300 to 1330 Hrs

Consular Services

Helpline Numbers

Query Contact Details
For any queries, contact
PBSK toll free number
800 46342
PBSK (overseas) +971-4-2593266
On matters related to
24 X 7 helpline number:
To register Death, 24 X 7 helpline number:

Consular Working Hours

  • Public Visiting Hours for various services at the Consulate:
    • Passport: 0830 - 1230 Hrs 1400 - 1630 Hrs'
    • Visa: 0830 - 1200 Hrs; 1430 - 1600 Hrs OCI: 0830 - 1200 Hrs

Information Related To Visa Services

  • Visa applications are received at BLS Centers throughout Dubai and Northern Emirates. For location of the Centers and more information, including documents required, contact to the BLS helpline at:
    • Phone: 04-2555530 (BLS helpline No.)
  • For Visa enquiries, contact through:
    • Email: visa1 [dot] dubai [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in
    • visasec [dot] dubai [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in.

Information Related To Passport Services

  • For any complaints/query:
    • Email: Passport [dot] dubai [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in
    • vcppt [dot] dubai [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in

Information Related To OCI Card Services

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Consulate Officers

Consulate General of India, Phone : +9714 3971222 / +9714 3971333 

Sl. No Name & Designation E-mail Address
1 Dr. Aman Puri
Consul General & Appellate Authority (RTI)
cg [dot] dubai [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in
2 Shri. Uttam Chand
Consul (Visa and Community Affairs)
visa [dot] dubai [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in
3 Shri. Ramkumar Thangaraj
Consul (Education, Passport & Attestation)
edu [dot] dubai [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in
passport [dot] dubai [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in
4 Smt. Tadu Mamu
5 Shri. K Kalimuthu
Consul(Economic, Trade & Commerce)
com [dot] dubai [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in
com1 [dot] dubai [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in
consuleconomic [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in
6 Shri. Siddhartha Kumar Baraily
Head of Chancery & Consul
(Protocol, Press, Information & Culture )
hoc [dot] dubai [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in
protocol [dot] dubai [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in
press [dot] dubai [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in
7 Shri. Bijender Singh
Consul (Consular, MADAD & Labour)
cons1 [dot] dubai [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in
labour [dot] dubai [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in
8 Shri. Sunil Kumar
Consul (Passport)
passport1 [dot] dubai [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in
9 Shri. Amresh Kumar
Vice Consul (Consular)
cons3 [dot] dubai [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in
10 Smt. Urmil Asiwal
Vice Consul (Attestation)
attestation [dot] dubai [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in
11 Smt. Manju Ahuja
Vice Consul ( Admin, Accounts & DDO)
acctts [dot] dubai [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in
admn1 [dot] dubai [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in
12 Shri. Ishwar Dass
Vice Consul (Labour & PBSK)
laboursec [dot] dubai [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in
13 Shri. Ashish Dabas
Vice Consul (Passport, Visa & OCI )
passport [dot] dubai [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in

ec [dot] dubai [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in 
14 Shri AnandKumar Pisipati
Vice Consul/PS ( Welfare & labour)
labour [dot] dubai [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in

welfare [dot] dubai [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in
15 Shri Maninder Singh
Vice Consul (Visa)
visa1 [dot] dubai [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in


Consulate General Of India
Al Hamriya, Diplomatic Enclave
P.O. Box 737, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Fax : +3970453

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