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Study visa application

Dear Sir/madam,
Our Relative had applied visa application on 16 Nov 2018 at Consulate General of Japan Mumbai.
On 11 Dec 2018 consulate withdrawal their passport and told them that you have to apply your visa application on Embassy of Japan New Delhi.
Which already too late for the application and the validity of COEs only remaining for 6 days,
Then they went VFS global New Delhi on 13 Dec 2018 but they didn't accept our application and they contacted to the embassy and discuss with their issue but embassy not ready to accept their application and told them that you have to reissue your coe and come for apply.

But it not possible to reissue COE , if they apply in next batch is too late gap 6 month what they will do ?
We want to know , why Mumbai Embassy wasted time , this is not correct.
if you want to do any inquiry, please do fast , It very necessary for student future. (COEs will expire on 19 Dec)

We will send proof of applied visa application on 16 Nov 2016 at Consulate General of Japan by FAX.


Gurwinder Singh From Japan.

Reason visa refusing.

I want to know about visa refusing reason.
Reference no: MUAC/270218/0022/01