China Eastern Airlines Customer Care Numbers

All India Number(s): 
  • +91 11 43513166(Downtown)
  • +91 11 65373986 (Airport)
  • +91 11 65373987(Airport)
  • +91 11 65373988(Airport)

Head Office Address :

2550 Hongqiao Road
Hongqiao International Airport
Shanghai, China 200335

Call centres for website support & website inquiries :

H.K. 852-3665 8388 (for English speaking only)
Opening hour Mon to Sat 0900-1800 / Public Holiday 0900-1300  

For technical assistance or assistance with a China Eastern reservation via this website, please call our calling center in HongKong 852-3665 8388.

List of China Eastern Airlines Rep-offices in Europe :

Country Contact Number Fax
Paris +33 144 86 03 00 +33 144 86 08 68
London +44 207 935 2676 +44 207 935 2967
Frankfurt +49 69 133 8930 +49 69 133 89333
Moscow +7 495 935 8828 +7 495 935 8829

List of China Eastern Airlines Rep-offices in North America :

Country Contact Number Fax
Los Angeles +1 626 5831500 +1 626 5831515
New York +1 212 6858685 +1 212 6858 870
Vancouver +1 604 6898998 +1 604 6898119

List of International Branch Offices :

Bangkok Downtown Tel 66 2 6366980 Fax 66 2 6366982
  Airport Tel 66 2 1342101  
Brussels Downtown Tel 032-2-5028270 Fax 032-2-5026497
Busan Downtown Tel 82-51-740-6088 Fax 82-51-740-6388
  Airport Tel 82-51-973-8255 Fax 82-51-973-8256
CheongJu Airport Tel 82-43-213-5835 Fax 82-43-213-8001
Daegu Downtown Tel 82-42-471-0330 Fax 82-42-471-0335
Frankfurt Downtown Tel 49-69-133-8930 Fax 49-69-133-89333
Fukuoka Downtown Tel 092-262-2000 Fax 092-282-8622
  Airport Tel 092-477-7818 Fax 092-477-0322
Fukushima Downtown Tel 0081-2409276688 Fax 0081-24-92777888
GwangJu Downtown Tel 82-62-228-8181 Fax 82-62-228-8345
  Airport Tel 82-61-453-8301 Fax 82-61-453-8302
Hiroshima Downtown Tel 082-245-6623 Fax 082-245-6625
  Airport Tel 0081-848868273 Fax 0081-848868275
Ho Chi Minh City Downtown Tel 84 8 3930 8888 Fax84 8 3930 6089
Jeju Downtown Tel 82-64-711-9834 Fax 82-64-711-9831
Kagoshima Airport Tel 099-219-8888 Fax 099-219-8887
  Downtown Tel 0995-64-1678 Fax 0995-64-1878
Kanazawa Airport Tel 076-232-6888 Fax 076-232-6808
  Downtown Tel 0761-21-6668 Fax 0761-21-6668
Komatsu Airport Tel 076-232-6888 Fax 076-232-6808
  Downtown Tel 0761-21-6668 Fax 0761-21-6668
Kuala Lumpur Airport Tel 0060-3-21611666 Fax 0060-3-21612666
  Downtown Tel 0060-3-87766265 Fax 0060-3-87871658
Las Angeles Downtown Tel 626-583-1500 Fax 626-583-1515
  Airport Tel 310-646-1849 Fax 310-645-1758, 310-410-0353
London Downtown Tel 0044(0)2079352676 Fax 0044(0)2079352967
  Airport Tel 0044(0)2087597603 Fax 0044(0)2087597584
Madrid Downtown Tel 0034-91-5599889 Fax 0034-91-5410411
Mandalay Downtown Tel 00952-35678 Fax 00952-35677
Matsuyama Downtown Tel 089-915-7555 Fax 089-915-7566
  Airport Tel 089-965-3822 Fax 089-965-3821
Melbourne Downtown Tel 0061-3-8635-1000 Fax 0061-3-9614-8882
  Airport Tel 0061-3-9338-8418 Fax 0061-3-9338-4808
Moscow Downtown Tel 007-495-9358828 Fax 007-495-9358829
Munich Downtown Tel 0049-89-2103860 Fax 0049-89-21038621
Nagasaki Downtown Tel 095-828-1510 Fax 095-28-2539
  Airport Tel 0957-52-5875  
Nagoya Downtown Tel 0081-52-201-6668 Fax 0081-52-201-8686
  Airport Tel 0081-569-38-8588 Fax 0081-569-38-8589
New Delhi Downtown Tel 0091-11-43513166 Fax 0091-11-43513155
  Airport Tel 0091-11-65373986, 87, 88 Fax 0091-11-25656025
Niigata Downtown Tel 025-248-5701 Fax 025-248-5661
  Airport Tel 025-272-8810 Fax 025-272-8813
Oita Downtown Tel 097-514-5010 Fax 097-514-5011
Okayama Downtown Tel 0081-86-2335288 Fax 0081-86-2334655
Okinawa Downtown Tel 098-860-6881 Fax 098-860-6886
Osaka Downtown Tel 06-6448-5161 Fax 06-6448-5160
  Airport Tel 0724-56-5001 Fax 0724-56-5003
Paris Downtown Tel 0033-(0)144860300 Fax 0033-(0)144860868
  Airport Tel 0033-(0)148161296 Fax 0033-(0)148161298
Sapporo Downtown Tel 011-242-1258 Fax 011-242-1339
  Airport Tel 0123-45-7050 Fax 0123-45-7040
Seoul Downtown Tel 82-2-518-0330 Fax 82-2-518-8871
  Airport Tel 82-32-744-3780 Fax 82-32-744-3792
Siem Reap Downtown Tel 00855-12289579  
Singapore Downtown Tel 65-62223456 Fax 65-63232932
  Airport Tel 65-65430345 Fax 65-5427767
Sydney Downtown Tel 0061-2-9290-1148 Fax 0061-2-9290-1153
  Airport Tel 0061-2-9313-5795 Fax 0061-2-9669-2267
  Airport Tel 82-53-986-0330 Fax 82-53-986-0336
Tokyo Downtown Tel 03-3506-1166 Fax 03-3506-1117
  Airport Tel 0476-34-3945 Fax 0476-34-8404
Vancouver Downtown Tel 604-6898998 Fax 604-6898119
  Airport Tel 604-2070478, (TOLL FREE NO.) 1-888-3-581582 Fax 604-2070482
Vientiane Downtown Tel 0085621-212300 Fax 0085621-212300
Oita Downtown Tel 097-514-5010 Fax 097-514-5011
Rome Downtown Tel0039-06-420470888 Fax0039-06-420470818

List of Domestic Branch Offices

Baotou Downtown Tel 0472-5919901, 0472-5919902 Fax 0472-5919906
    Working Hour 830~1700  
Beijing Downtown Tel 010-64681166 Fax 010-64688323
    Working Hour Monday~Friday 830~1800, Saturday~Sunday 830~1700  
  Airport Tel 010-64590367/64 Fax 010-64590369
Chengdu Downtown Tel 0028-86113276 Fax 0028-86113296
Chongqing Downtown Tel 023-63711818 Fax 023-63734662
    Working Hour 830~1730  
    Email DH [dot] CQ [at] 163 [dot] COM  
  Airport Tel 023-67152623 Fax 023-67152623
Changchun Downtown Tel 0531-8400808, 8400909 Fax 0431-8400707
    Working Hour 830~1700  
    Email lg1019 [at] hotmail [dot] com luck_lwd [at] hotmail [dot] com  
Changsha Downtown Tel 0731-4463638 Fax 0731-4463460
    Working Hour 800~1700  
    Email csx-xs [at] ce-air [dot] com  
Dalian Downtown Tel 0411-82828266-700/800 Fax 0411-82828255
    Working Hour 800~1700  
  Airport Tel 0411-82927010  
Fuzhou Airport Tel 0591-28013431 Fax 0591-28013431
Guangzhou Downtown Tel 20-81350071/74/75 Fax 20-81350058、55
    Working Hour 830~1900  
  Airport Tel 20-86123880、86123881 Fax 20-86123833
Guilin Downtown Tel 0773-3117788, 3117799 Fax 0773-3119597
    Working Hour 830~1730  
  Airport Tel 0773-2845297 Fax 0773-2844555
    Working Hour 700~2300  
Guiyang Downtown Tel 0851-6822288 Fax 0851-4463460
Hefei Downtown Tel 0551-2822357 Fax 0551-2812866
    Working Hour 830~1700  
Hohhot Downtown Tel 0471-8936888, 0471-8937888 Fax 0471-6925333
    Working Hour 830~1800  
    Email nqm9338 [at] hotmail [dot] com  
Harbin Downtown Tel 0451-82896307, 0451-82340388 Fax 0451-82896307, 0451-82896472
    Working Hour 830~1700  
    Email znwei [at] ce-air [dot] com  
  Airport Tel 0451-82894099, 0451-82894098  
Hangzhou Downtown Tel 0571-87016688 Fax 0571-87016745
    Working Hour 800~1800  
  Airport Tel 0571-86660291  
Haikou Downtown Tel 0898-66521367 Fax 0898-66784521
Jinan Downtown Tel 0531-87964445, 0531-86077794, 0531-86077481 Fax 0531-87966978
    Working Hour 830~1700  
  Airport Tel 0531-82081193 Fax 0531-82081187
Kunming Downtown Tel 0871-3121223  
Lanzhou Downtown Tel 0931-8821964 Fax 0931-8817208
    Working Hour 830~2100  
  Airport Tel 0931-8968760  
Nanjing Downtown Tel 0025-99869986  
Nanchang Downtown Tel 0791-8514195  
Ningbo Downtown Tel 0574-87191884, 0574-87191887 Fax 0574-87191892
    Working Hour 830~1700  
Qingdao Downtown Tel 0532-85735555, 86-532-85736666 Fax 86-532-85739175
    Working Hour 24hours  
    Email scbqs [at] cessd [dot] com [dot] cn  
  Airport Tel 0532-83789210 Fax 86-532-83789206
Shanghai Downtown Tel 021-95530  
Shenyang Downtown Tel 024-22815320 Fax 024-22813380
    Working Hour 830~1630  
    Email donghangshenyang [at] 163 [dot] com  
Shenzhen Downtown Tel 0755-83271270, 83271272 Fax 0755-83271273
    Working Hour 830~1700  
  Airport Tel 0755-2777155, 0755-27776789-3025 Fax 0755-27771553
Shijiazhuang Downtown Tel 0311-88641673 Fax 0311-88641533
    Working Hour 830~1900  
  Airport Tel 022-27823909 Fax 022-27823809, 022-27828833
    Working Hour 700~1600  
    Email tns_ce_air [at] sina [dot] com  
Tianjin Downtown Tel 022-24901985 Fax 022-24901985
Taiyuan Downtown Tel 0351-4042903, 8008061333 Fax 0351-4139665, 0351-4187678
    Working Hour 800~1900  
  Airport Tel 0351-7012363  
Urumqi Downtown Tel 0991-4512212, 0991-4512748 Fax 0991-4525594
    Working Hour 930~1900  
    Email chjcnwa [at] sina [dot] com  
  Airport Tel 0991-3807388, 0991-3807399 Fax 0991-3807388
Wenzhou Downtown Tel 0577-88667550, 0577-88669550 Fax 0577-88663350
    Working Hour 830~1830  
    Email donghangwz [at] sina [dot] com  
Xiamen Downtown Tel 0592-5206777  
Yantai Downtown Tel 0535-6628330, 0535-6628777 Fax 0535-6628777
    Working Hour 830~1700  
    Email ytbg [at] cessd [dot] com [dot] cn  
  Airport Tel 0535-6299195 Fax 0535-6299195
Zhangjiajie Downtown Tel 0744-8250732, 0744-8250832 Fax 0744-8250832
    Working Hour 830~1730  
  Airport Tel 0744-8238417, 0744-8253177 Fax 0744-8253077
XiangGang Downtown Tel 852-28611898 Fax 852-25217011
    Working Hour 900~1700  
  Airport Tel 852-28611898 Fax 852-25217011


Flight cancelation

I have booked two tickets to Vancouver via shanghai on 04 apr 20 but due crona virus I am not willing to travel can I cancel my tickets and refund my hole money without deduction any charges. Guide me

With regards

Change ticket

I need to cancel the ticket for my return flight because of Corona virus. I am returning back to Los Angeles on April 15th. Please provide me the refund amount so I can purchase another flight ticket. I would really like this matter. Thanks a lot.

Flight Cancellation

I already submitted an application online to cancel my return tickets from Kolkata Airport to Wuhan Airport via Kunming on 4th February 2020. The reason for cancellation is because my connecting flight from Kunming to Wuhan(MU2481) has been cancelled from your side.
Flight details
MU556 Kolkata to Kunming (00:35 2020/02/04)
MU2481 Kunming to Wuhan (11:30 2020/02/04)

So I didn’t get any confirmation or any update about it and the date is arriving soon. Please help me out. Thanks.
Kaushik Sarma

Cargo booking

Dear China Eastern team,
I am going back to US, SFO from New Delhi in 2 days. I wanted to check the cargo booking process and charges. Any help regarding this will be appreciated.

Requires transit visa

I have flight from lax (usa)to delhi via pvg
My details r below
Lax to pvg by delta air
Layover 3.10 hours
Pvg to del by china eastern
Both pnr different
Pls advise me about check in baggage and transit visa
Shall I require both or my check in baggage till delhi

Food voucher

We are traveling delhi to Hawaii via Shanghai ,ther will be layover time is more than 5 please send me the food voucher(free of cost)as early as traveling date is 12 may 2019. Flight no is MU 564
T D patel

request for invoice of tickets

Please provide us the official mail id for your airlines for official communication by customers and corporates regarding invoice of tickets and official confirmation of itinerary details. Kindly send any other process of obtaining the same if available

Modify the flying date

Hi China Eastern Airline,
I have a ticket from Kolkata to Vancouver, on the 22nd of March.
For some urgency, I need to change it to anytime before the 17th of March.
I am ready to pay the modify charges. Please help.
Your kind consideration will help me in a long run.

To extend return date

Hi dear my name is Amandeep I trevaled on your airline on December 07 2018 and my return date is February 28 2019 and for medical reason I have to extend my stay... plz kindly requesting you if someone can help me out in this matter plz contact me as soon as possible ... when I bought ticket they were told me that I can extend once free of charge ... coz I bought it on full fare thx a lot am trevalling from Delhi to Vancouver on 28 February 2019 and like to extend any day of March 6 ,7,8,9 thx a lot if I have to pay how do need to pay ???

additional travel documents

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have been booked a ticket from MAA (Chennai, India) to CGQ (Changchun, China). It is a combination of Srilankan air lines and China Eastern Airlines.
In this, from SIN (Changi airport) to CGQ (Changchun), it shows "This Flight has 1 additional stop in Pudong International either for refueling or aircraft change, where you might need additional travel documents."
Please let me know the meaning of this additional travel documents.
Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.
With Best Regards,

Extend the flight or ticket date


Dear China eastern airline,

It’s Rajbir Singh here my booking reference numbers is Q24f2O actually, I am traveling through of your airline(MU564) on 19th January 2019 from Delhi international airport via Shanghai( airline MU779) to New Zealand Auckland international airport. Due to some issues I want change my flight date from 19th January 2019 to around ( 2,3,4,5) February 2019. I am agree to pay penalty fees for extend or change flight date. Please respond me as soon as possible

baggage allowance

Dear china eastern team,
I've booked my ticket from New Delhi to toronto via Shanghai.Departure is on 22 dec flight MU564china eastern.
I am pretty much confused about the luggage allowance as I am traveling for study purpose to Toronto can you please clarify the luggage policy.Hoping for quick reply.


baggage allowance

Dear china eastern team,
I've booked my ticket from New Delhi to toronto via Shanghai.Departure is on 22 dec flight MU564china eastern.
I am pretty much confused about the luggage allowance as I am traveling for study purpose to Toronto can you please clarify the luggage policy.Hoping for quick reply.


Ticket cancellation


On 25th August, I booked a ticket from Bangalore (India) to Busan (South Korea). I used website to book the ticket. The booking number is BIN-1435975. Airline reference number is K3OY7A. Passengers name is Suresh Kumar, Kumar. The passport number is M3365478.

I made a mistake by typing in wrong first name. So, I decided to cancel the ticket and rebook another one. However, I am not sure whether the website ( has really booked the ticket as I haven't got an e-ticket. So, can you please help me to cancel the ticket or please do the needful.

Warm regards
Ajeesh Chandrasekharan

missed connecting flight

i was travelling by china easter from shanghai to delhi on 23rd july-18
flight got 5 hours delayed and i missed muy connecting fligjht from delhi to ahmedabad
and non of the ground staff helped me and they wer not even rteady to talk very rude .
i have to buy spot new ticket for my journey . i want full refund.
can you help me

Lost luggage

Bernadine Steyn was on Flight MU714, 10 May from Male to Sri Lanka Colombo.
From Sri Lanka to Singapore on Fligt UL306
From Singapore to Bali on flight 3K241

Her destination was Bali Denpasar.
On her arrival at Bali, her luggage was not on the flight.

She is currently stranded in Bali with none of her luggage and personal items, only the clothes she has on. There is medication in her bag that she needs and contact lenses.

Her luggage has been traced to Kunming Changshui International Airport in China, assisted by Bali airport

There is a case nr which I will supply, if ever contacted by CEA

We are having problems communicating with China Eastern Airline to arrange for the luggage to be returned to Bali.

We have had no response nor any feedback from CEA after 5 days, which is very frustrating and bad customer service.

Could you please assist with this in any way and return her luggage to her ASAP

Two hours Stopover at shanghai

Hi team,

I am traveling to Vancouver from New Delhi via Shanghai by MU-564 and MU-581. Having a stopover of 130 minutes. Please suggest on below pointers:
1. Since it's eastern China flights only do I need to take care of my check in luggage is like a standard process airlines will do on my behalf in between flights.

2. Is 130 minutes sufficient time for the above mentioned transit details.

3. Do I need to take some precautions while transiting.


Regarding meal

Hello sir,
I will trvaling on 21 april 2018 from India to Toronto . Firstly i will trevling by china estren airline mu564 please provide to me detail about the meal if it is paid then send me menu of foods available in your flight
Please reply

very rude and cheating behaviour in kunming airport by ce staff

i was frequent traveller of china eastern airlines in china,but this time when i was in kunming airport waiting for flight mu555 to kolkata,i was asked to pay extra 220rmb per kg for your hand luggage-my tickets issued for 7kg hand luggage but china eastern staff were saying anything more than 5kg -you have to pay 220rmb per kg-we have throw very much gifts in dustbin.
this is rediculuos please do something.
i was talking about 30th january in kunming airport for flight mu555.

Golf set allowance

Dear China eastern team,

Could you kindly clarify the golf set carriage requirement from what I understand I can carry 2pcs of 23kgs luggage plus golf set of 15kg ? I’m scheduled to fly out from New Delhi to busan Korean,and then from busan to New York and New York to Delhi.

Kindly confirm
Grewal G