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Executive Club

Tel: 0124-4120789
Fax: 0124-2540547 Attn: Exec Club
Mon-Sat: 09:00-18:00 hours

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Tel: 18601803592
Mon-Sat:09:00-18:00 (IST)
Email: onbiz [dot] india [at] ba [dot] com

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British Airways

Telephone: 18601803592 
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Telephone: +91 124 4120715
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British Airways Customer Relations (S506)
PO Box 1126 Uxbridge UB8 9XS
United Kingdom

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Telephone: 1860 180 3592 

Telephone: +91 124 4120715 

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British Airways 
Customer Relations (S506) 
PO Box 1126 
UB8 9XS 
United Kingdom

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Trade enquiries

Telephone: 18601803592 
(local calls)

Telephone: +91 124 4120715
(international calls)
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Offices In India

Location Office Contact Address
Haryana Back Office 0124-4173777 British Airways Dlf Plaza Tower, Phase I, Dlf City, Block B, Sector 26A, Sikanderpur Ghosi, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002
Mumbai Travel Agency 0124-412 0715 British Airways Holidays Sahar International Airport, Sahar, Andheri East, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400099
Kolkata Airline 033 2511 8424 British Airways Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport, Kolkata Airport, Kaikhali, Kaikhali, Kolkata, West Bengal 700052

Head Office Address

British Airways Plc.
Waterside PO Box 365
Harmondsworth UB7 0GB
United Kingdom

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Transit visa

I am Traveling from mumbai (India) to Tampa (USA) by British Airways on 4th August 2022 .There is one stop at London Heathrow (LHR) and the layover time is 5hrs.and need to change airport from heathrow to gatwick

Do I need a transit visa to London?

Transit Visa

Dear Sir,

We are travelling from Ahmedabad to Toronto under PNR KFNYRF. We have a Canada PR confirmation letter and visitor visa and we are planning to stay with our son in Canada for a period of 6 to 8 months. We shall get a PR card after we reach there.

We would like to know if we need a transit visa for the UK for this trip or not.

we have checked through the link below by filling up the details and it showed that the transit visa is not required.

As we both are senior citizens , to avoid any confusion, We request you to please reconfirm the same.

Thank you very much for your kind help.

Transit Visa

I am planning to travel to Barbados ( West Indies) by British Airways with a layover at Heathrow Airport where there is a change of connecting flights. Currently, I have a valid US (B1/B2) visa. Hence, I would like to know if I can travel on my US visa or will I require a UK transit visa?

I want to travel to Newyork

I want to travel to Newyork with British Airways and there's a stop in London. Do I have to quarantine in London if we stop in London?

Airfare discounts for senior citizens

I would like to know whether, BA provides discount in airfare for senior citizens. If yes, then how much percentage would that be?

flight time changed and i need the next flight available on marc

Booking Reference: W3F2S4

I had booked my traveling from bangalore to NCL. but it seems like the flight time of LHA(London) to NCL flight time is changed and i shall not be arrived by that time. need another flight available for that day.

Thank you

Cancellation tickets

My wife and mother book a ticket from your airline but sir due to (covid19) international degaster I want cancelled the tickets plz tell the cancellation policy or charages


Hi Team,

I am travelling form Bangalore to Berlin on 7th March 2020 from

Air India
Kempegowda International Airport, BLR to London Heathrow, LHR-Terminal 2
Ticket no-0983755867xxx

British Airways
London Heathrow-, LHR Terminal 5 - Berlin-tegel / Otto Lilienthal, TXL
Ticket no-125-33177854xx

can you suggest me do i required Transit Visa because the Terminals are different.
Where can i get transit visa,do i need any documents for transit visa.
The cost of transit visa.


Transit Visa

I am travelling to Boston by British airways and I have a stopover at Heathrow Airport where there is change of flights.
Do I need a transit Visa. I have a USA Tourist Visa.

Re issued ticket is only upto Chicago and Not Des Moines

My daughter was originally scheduled to fly from Hyderabad - London - Chicago - Des Monines (Brtish Airways and American Airlines) on the 15th of August 2019. However because of overbooking, BA has cancelled her ticket and put her in Air India the same day. Unfortunately BA has issued the ticket only upto Chicago and informed her to check with the American Airlines in Chicago for her connecting flight to Des Moines. She is in the flight now and she is worried as to how will the American Airlines respond in Chicago as she missed out on her earlier connecting flight from Chicago to Des Moines.

Please help
Dr. Srinivas Kishan Anapu

Health question

Can a dementia patient with catheter and feeding tube travel to USA from Chennai, India with a doctors certificte in Business or 1st class



Could your please clarify as to what is the mode of connectivity from one terminal to the other, like terminal-5 to terminal-2 at Heathrow ?

Awaiting your confirmation please.


Transit visa

I m an Indian travelling on 31st July by buisnes class tickets to Norway for tourist purpose through British airways and having a lay over of 2 hours at Heathrow airport.i have anorway Visa and return tickets of British question is do I need a transit Visa in this case.kindly answer my question.

Letter from airline for trip delay

We had a confirm flight with british airways (NWBOBN..Confirmation number),we were suppose to be travelling back to delhi from dallas on 15/6/2019.But our flights were rescheduled on 16/6/2019 ...again on 16/6/2019
Our flight no BA1505 supposed to be depart at 3.00 pm(dallas) got departed at 6.30 pm due to tornado at the exit site ,because of this we missed our connecting flight and were rescheduled for a flight to delhi via vienna which took us total of 31 hours .We both being eye surgeons ,our patients had to suffer for that . We request the airline to kindly provide us a letter of delay cause so as to show to our insurance company the details of our authencity

About transit visa

I have a flight from New Delhi to Toronto via London and Dublin . Do I need any transit visa . I have gone through many websites but still not clear on this matter . Kindly guide me

About transit visa

I have a flight from New Delhi to Toronto via London and Dublin . Do I need any transit visa . I have gone through many websites but still not clear on this matter . Kindly guide me

Transit Visa requirements

I m an Indian travelling to Norway for tour .travelling through British airways and having a lay over of 7 hours at Heathrow airport.i have anorway Visa and return tickets of British question is do I need a transit Visa in this case.kindly answer my question.

Early check-in at heathrow airport

i am travelling from heathrow to USA on British Airways flight.
I wish to check in 8 hours early with my check-in baggage.
am i allowed to do the same.
Thank you

Your office in Chennai

Do you have any office in Chennai
If so please give me the address

Missing one checked inn bag.

I have one bag missing in India. It’s been 15 days now no response from British Airways customer care for my missing bag. I am traveling with 13 months old baby. Missing bag has all baby stuff that I cannot find in India. So don’t know how long I have to wait for my bag. Or I don’t even know if I am not receiving that bag at all.

International students language limit

Hello,I would like to know about the language limit for international student in British airways from India.

Q. Can I take 3 bages of 23kgs included laptop bag as a international ?????

Kindly waiting answer

Extra baggage for students

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a student travelling to Phoenix for my higher studies. Will I be allowed to carry a extra baggage if I book British Airways. I will be flying from Banaglore(BLR) to Phoenix(PHX).

One way ticket

I am traveling to wales for my sons convocation
I went there in May end but had to return back due to my husbands hospitalisation
Now again wil leave in July but can I go with one way ticket an get back immediately if there is any emergency
But wil I have any problem wit the one way ticket
Pl help me

Missing jewellery

I carried some jewellery from Houston to bangalore in my carry on baggage.One small box is missing from that and i am pretty sure it is lost in the transit only. As i checked immediately after i went i found the box missing.Not sure if it was lost during security check scanning process.

Transit Visa required or not

I am planning to travel to Dublin thru British airways from Delhi.I am a student studying at Cork and have a valid resident permit .if I travel by British airways and have a stopover at London and will be taking British airways to Dublin on the same day ,do I need to apply for transit Visa from Delhi.??I have gone through various website but still not very clear on this matter.Kindly guide and advise me.

Item in check-in bag missing

I landed yesterday n checked all my bags today n found that lock of one of my bag is missing and after checking in my bag I found that my newly bought Hugo perfume is missing as only that was expensive item in my bag n rest all was used clothes. I don't know what c as n I do about it as I am already upset since my 2 bags were already misplaced by airways and I am yet to receive those bags and am worried if something goes missing from those bags too!

Refund policy for BA-Citi Bank Flight Discounts

BA and Citi Bank are offering discounts of flights. I wish to know what will be the cancellation policy in this case? How much refund do we get?



I have PENDING avois in my account xxx16938 & i want to redeem in India for shopping/stay but i see only flight booking & upgrade as option. I am surprised that BA dont have any option through shopping etc. my avois are getting expire in this month. please help with any other option & extend the expire date.