BPL AC Customer Care Number 08880301111

Company Name: 
Toll free Number(s): 
  • 635-861-1111 (Customer Care)
All India Number(s): 
  • 888-030-1111(BPL Consumer Electronics )
  • 1860 425 2333(BPL Home Automation Security and Lighting )

Type Of AC

  • Inverter AC
  • Fixed Speed AC

Contact to Our Offices

  • Corporate Office

BPL Techno Vision Pvt.Ltd,17th KM, Old Madras Road,
Avalahalli, Bangalore - 560 049
Karnataka, INDIA

Phone No:08884071123 / 08884072123

Email: bpliq [dot] sales [at] bpl [dot] in

  • Regional Office


BPL Limited
Dynamic House,
No.64, Church Street,
Bangalore - 560 001

Phone No:8880301111

Email:wecare [at] bpl [dot] in

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Most pathetic warranty service

I had purchased a 1.5 ton inverter AC from Amazon Indian 24th January 2019. I had it installed in the month of February but as the weather was cold i was not able to measure the actual performance of the Split AC. In the month of April when i started using the AC the cooling was not working. After several calls to the customer care through Service request number 1904K376360006 the service team visited after 10 days.
I am facing the same issue again and contacted the customer care on 4th June, 2019. I was provided Service request number 1906K376360002 but this time also there has been no response from the service team. The customer care agents only give fake information regarding the service requests. After several calls when i wanted to speak to a senior person of the customer service department, i was kept on hold for more than half an hour saying that the senior is busy. Upon insisting that i want to talk to a senior person only, the call was disconnected. It has been more than 7 days but no solution was provided. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND ANYONE TO BUY A BPL PRODUCT EVER IN THEIR LIFE. PAY A BIT EXTRA AND BUY ANY GOD DAMN PRODUCT BUT NOT BPL.

Regarding servicing fault and not providing good service

Hi, I had bought bpl ac model no A18KF3C8A/2018. RECENTLY it started showing some problem with some offensive smell and cooling problem.. we requested for servicing, a guy came from your service centre named Mohmd zisan from kanpur centre. He did some cleaning and said it was dirty that's y smell was coming. He took charges but after that also smell is coming and now whenever we start ac it splashes out water and in between also it sprinkles water which really disturbing while we are asleep... we called that guy so many times but he doesn't pick up our call... kindly look into this.. Water problem wasn't there before servicing.

Ac installation work not done

We have order Air condition from amazon almost three days finish still not came for installationTE4YY

Installation of AC

I have purchased a 1.5 ton inverter AC from Amazon Indian 24 th July 2018. It was delivered on 30th July , 2018 . I am waiting from 1st August , 2018 for someone to come and install it . But unfortunately no one turned up . I have been consistently trying to contact Amazon people but to no avail.
I want my AC installed and that is all .

Sunil Pathak

HI Sunil, Have you got the AC

HI Sunil,

Have you got the AC installed, if yes could you please tell me how is the performance of this AC as i am planning to purchase this one for my use.