Application For New Rigistration/Renewal Web Colocation Service On Sancharnet (NIB)

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Dear sir,
I/We wish to subscribe for 10 Mbps Shared Web Colocation service. Necessary
particulars as given below:
1. Name __________________________________
2. Address __________________________________
City ___________________
State ___________________
Pin Code ___________________
3. Telephone Nos from where internet is to be (1) ___________________
Accessed (Prefix STD Code without 0)
(2) ___________________
4. Contact Telephone No. (1) ___________________
(2) ___________________
5. Fax No. ___________________
6. Contact E-mail ids ___________________
7. Server Details (for new subscription)
Plan (I to VII) ______________________________________
Document (V1.1) on Web Colocation Services from the O/o The DGM Data Networks (S & W) Bangalore.
- 2 -
Number of Servers ______________________________________
Model of Servers ______________________________________
Rack Space (in U) ______________________________________
AC Power Requirement ______________________________________
Air Conditioning Requirement ______________________________________
Domain to be Hosted ______________________________________
8. Existing Server details (to be filled in case of renewal only):
Plan (I-VII) _____________________________________
Number of Servers _____________________________________
Model of Servers _____________________________________
Rack Space (in U) _____________________________________
AC Power Requirement _____________________________________
Air Conditioning Requirement ______________________________________
Domain to be Hosted ______________________________________
9. Payment Details
Cash/DD No. Bank Name Branch Date Amount
I have gone through the Broad Terms and Conditions of the Services and agree to abide
by the same.
Date: Signature
Seal of the organisation Applicant’s Name
Note:-1). All Cheques/DDs should be drawn in favour of _______________________
2). Please visit for latest tariff details.
Document (V1.1) on Web Colocation Services from the O/o The DGM Data Networks (S & W) Bangalore.
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Received Application Form for BSNL’s Web Colocation Services from the organization as per the
detail given below:
1. Name _______________________________
2. City _____________________
For Office Use Only
Customer Code Date Received
Document (V1.1) on Web Colocation Services from the O/o The DGM Data Networks (S & W) Bangalore.
- 4 -
1. The charges are based on the volume of the Data Transacted. The volume of Data
transferred includes the Ingress and Egress Data on the port and comprises of TCP/IP
payload of HTTP, FTP, SMTP or any other data.
2. Minimum period of hire of co-location server services is six months.
3. Initial charges (which includes the Registration, Initial deposit and Installation charges)
shall be payable at the time of installation along with three months rental. Rental charges
(including the Space and Bandwidth) shall be payable on quarterly basis.
4. Advance deposit shall be adjusted in case no renewal request is received. No interest shall
be payable on advance deposit/rental.
5. If monthly data transfer exceeds from specified limit, customer will be charged for
incremental monthly data transfer. Customer will have the option to migrate to higher plan
by paying the difference of annual charges. Customer will also have the option to migrate
to lower plan and excess amount paid shall be adjusted accordingly. The migration to
lower plan/higher plan would only be effective from prospective date i.e. annual tariff and
incremental usage tariff for the previous usage charging will be done on the basis of new
plan for the remaining period.
6. Annual Tariff (Bandwidth and Space Rental ) will be payable on quarterly basis whereas
the incremental usage billing will be done on monthly basis.
7. Subscriber will be responsible for installing software / devices for securing the web server.
8. Domain Hosting will be done only for the Websites Hosted on the Colocated Web Server.
Customer will be required to directly approach the Domain Name Registrars for Domain
Registration until BSNL ties up with registry bodies for registration.
9. Services like tape storage or providing additional networking equipment to the customers
shall not be offered.
10. Other broad terms and conditions given at Clause: 16 below shall also apply.
1. BSNL would try to maintain the national and international links as reliable as possible.
However, it would own no responsibility in case of interruptions in the network beyond its
reasonable control.
2. The subscriber is required to desist from email spamming and unsolicited messaging on
server. In case the customer impleme nts messaging application, necessary measures like
anti-relay, anti-spamming, prevention of unsolicited bulk mailing etc have to be
implemented. BSNL has zero tolerance for such activities and if detected would result in
immediate suspension of service to the subscriber.
3. The subscriber is required to ensure that objectionable or obscene messages or
communications, which are inconsistent with the established laws of the country, are not
made by him or any other person using his password/ privilege.
4. BSNL may revise tariff for Web Co-location services from time to time at its discretion.
5. The subscriber is required to fully comply the provisions of the Indian Telegraph Act, 1885
and the Indian Telegraph Rules made thereunder, IT Act 2000 and any amendments or
replacements made thereto from time to time.
Document (V1.1) on Web Colocation Services from the O/o The DGM Data Networks (S & W) Bangalore.
- 5 -
6. Payment of bills – it would be the responsibility of subscriber to make advance payment of
service. BSNL reserves the right to discontinue the service in case of non-receipt of
advance payment without giving any notice to the subscriber.
7. Arbitration of Disputes – In the event of any question, dispute or difference arising out of
provisions of web co-location services, the matter shall be referred to the sole arbitration
of the Chairman and Managing Director, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, New Delhi or any
person appointed by him.
8. Customers will be responsible for creating their own HTML pages. The customers will give
an undertaking that no other communication services would operate form the servers. Only
a single IP address will be allocated for this by BSNL.
9. The co-location of the server in BSNL would involve only its installation in a rack or
operational area. No physical access to the server will be provided by BSNL on a day-today
basis. Physical access shall only be allowed on prior permission of the competent
authority in BSNL. The customers would be expected to update the server through a
normal dial up line and using their own account on Internet. The responsibility for hardware
maintenance of the server lies with the customers. BSNL staff would not be involved in
day-to-day operations of the server in any manner.
10. For any breach of the terms & conditions BSNL shall have right to to disconnect the
collocated server from the net at its sole discretion without prejudice to any other action as
may be warranted.
11. Maintenance schedule: BSNL performs routine maintenance that enables BSNL to install
improvements to BSNL’s network and infrastructure. Additionally, preventive maintenance
is performed to correct potential issues that have been identified by BSNL based on
careful monitoring and thorough analysis of activity logs of BSNL’s network and facilities.
12. BSNL makes every effort to prevent disruptions in services and performs maintenance
during low traffic times in order to minimize potential interruptions to customers’ Internet
operations. Whenever possible, BSNL will issue notice, before 48 hours of the planned
maintenance to allow its customers to manage their business more effectively.
13. Force Majeure - If at anytime, during the continuance of BSNL Services, the performance in
whole or part, of any obligation under it shall be prevented or delayed by reason of war,
hostility, acts of the public enemy, civil commotion, sabotage, fire, flood, explosion, epidemic,
quarantine restriction, strikes, lock-out or act of GOD etc., the subscriber shall not have any
claim for damages against BSNL in respect of such non-performance or delay in performance
of BSNL Internet Services.
14. Acceptable user policy for Sancharnet users: This acceptable user policy (AUP)
specifies the actions permitted by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) to its users of
Sancharnet Internet Services, including Web Co-location, Web Hosting, VPN services, leased
line, Dial up and other services which may be introduced in future.. BSNL reserve right to
modify the policy at any time. All subscribers of Sancharnet Services, directly or indirectly are
required to engage in acceptable use only as per this policy as modified from time to time. The
details of the policiy can be had from the website: or
15. Service and any other TAX shall be charged extra.
Document (V1.1) on Web Colocation Services from the O/o The DGM Data Networks (S & W) Bangalore.
- 6 -
I/WE have carefully read the terms and conditions of the agreement and Acceptable User Policy of
BSNL Web Colocation Services and agree to abide by the same.
Authorized Signatory of Organization
(Name of the signatory)
(Designation of the signatory)
For Office Use Only
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Billing Code
Document (V1.1) on Web Colocation Services from the O/o The DGM Data Networks (S & W) Bangalore.
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