Andhra Pradesh Police Contacts

Toll free Number(s): 
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Police Department

Andhra Pradesh

State Police Headquarters
S.No Name Of The Post Office
1 Prl. Sec. To Home 0863 -2442380
Mail - prlsecy_home [at] ap [dot] gov [dot] in
2 DG And IGP&nbSP; A.P&nbSP; 0863 - 2340445
Fax - 2340452
3 DGp V&E
4 Vc & Md Apphc
5 DG Acb 0866-2428777
6 Chairman, Ap Road
Safety Authority
0863- 2340265 Fax - 2340266
7 DG Fire Services
8 Commissioner
Printing & Stationary

9 DG SPf
10 IGP Training 0863- 2340355
Fax - 2340356
11 Director, Appa
12 IGP Tech. Services 0863-2340277
13 IGP (P&L) & Welfare 2340457
Fax -2340458
14 ADGp L&O 2340454
Fax - 2340455
15 IGP Legal 040-23214940
16 IGP ApSP Bns 0863-2340358 Fax 2340359
17 ADGp Organisation
18 ADGp Operations (Ghs & Octopus) 0863-2340262
19 DG Drugs & Copy Rights
20 IGP Home Guards 0863-2340271&nbSP;
Fax 0863-2340272
21 ADGp Int
22 Vice Chairman & Md Apsrtc
23 ADGp Cid 0863-2340168
Fax 0863-2340169
24 Chairman, Slprb 0863-2340274
Fax 0863-2340275
25 SPl. Dir. Appa
26 ADGp Railways 0863- 2340361
Fax -2340362
27 IGP Ceo Ap Invest
28 IGP L & O
29 IGP Marine
30 IGP It&C
31 IGP Guntur Region
South Coastal Zone (Gtr Range)

32 IGP Pto
33 IGP Rayalaseema
Region S/Z&nbSP; (Kur, Atp)

34 SPl. Secy. To Home 0863-2442382
35 IGP Intelligence
36 IGP VSP Region
North Costal Zone(VSP, Elr)

37 Cp Visakhapatnam 0891-2562709
Fax - 2562763
38 IGP Procurement & BuDGeting

Chief V & S Officer&nbSP; Ap Genco 0866-2526515
Fax -2526598
40 Dir. Proh & Ex. Enft.
41 Dig Counter Int

43 Dig Sib
44 Jt. Dir. Appa
45 Dig Int&nbSP; (Admn & Political)
46 Joint Dir.& nbSP; Appa
47 SP (Admn) Cid
48 SP Pcr Cell Social Justice, Cid 0863-2340064
49 Dig Greyhounds
50 Dir. Acb 0866-2428773
51 Commr Of Minorities Welfare
52 Dig Isw
53 Dig V & S Apsrtc
54 Dig Cid
55 A.D Acb 0866-2428770
56 SP Prc Scrb Cid
57 SP Cid

58 SP (Admn & Trg)&nbSP; Int Security Wing
59 Aig L & O 0863-2340469
60 Jd Acb Rayalaseema Jd Acb Andhra & Coord
0866-2428783 0866-2428778
61 Aig&nbSP; Admn 0863-2340294


Pulivendula should stop eating human meat for there immortals.

These parties are likely to sold human for food from various places in the name of nonsense.
tdp and ysr are both calling people from various places for human meat.
no one has seen these party leaders from the the past.
stop vani call for human meat.

Mass Corruption at Nandyal Sub-Register office...

Hii Everyone,

This is Secretly am complaining bcoz there is a Mass corruption & how u can want a money he/she received at clients... This is too much... Nobody can see this mass corruption... Pls find this & stopping this illegal corruption... Evey & each person have received more than thousands of money... At the final which means offtrol attender have receiving more than 3000 to 5000 per/ money...

illegal BOMB blasting quarry .damage village House's

Andhrapradesh police department

Subject:illegal Hill's stones bomb blasting at quarry aganinst government go ms no 36, aganist fundamental rights right to freedom (19)aganinst ap Mines and miners act 1966.rules:no 5,illegal permissions pollution control board illegal permission to stone crushing units quarry mafia halchal damage village house's.... TDP party leader's.and ap ministr relations,... chinnadimili village bhamini mandal. Srikakulam district Andhrapradesh

My name is gorusetti. Venkataramana I am resident's chinnadimili village we are suffering lot with impact of Mines quarry bomb blasting (the company. Sri sai laxmi construction and co.Vijayawada) is breaking rule's we are more than 250 families, living here with the impact of heavy bomb blasting our house's are getting crake all around building some time's the blasting is like earth quake, and children are sleepless, suffering heart patient, heart,palpitation, headache,dearness, ear ach,eye diseases,very bad pollution, clooridewater,anf getting I'll no government servant are regulating the Mines company there is no us still the same situation is counting hence request ing to take necessary action on the Same which will be helpful to many poor people's... Thy confirmed the illegal mineing activity and imposed a penalty' of rs.7.29.core's, assistant geology( ag) of Mines and geology Dept, officer ,sir Justice my damage house's village households... Saved my village sir,all ready complaint to cm complaint bord, district Collectorgaru,joint Collectorgar,MRO garu,revenu dept bhamini mandal,police Dept, bathili, District Collectorgaru grivencecell, and dial your collector program,no action, not respond Sir... Please take action to immediately,stop the blasting stone quarry suffering so many people's in chinnadimili village people's ......
Yours faithfully
, Chinnadimili village people's
Korama post
Bhamini. mandala Srikakulam district Andhrapradesh. 532455


good moring sir my name c.nagaraju my fathar name is c.thippeswamy gummagatta advocate door 10a/54 katika street kalyandurg twon ananthapur disitic plese help me

kalyandurg twon lo all public acp ani resound vasthunadi kani all public mataladuthunaru comfram aendi ani rcsound record kuda undi. nanu yamecheyalo arthamkavadam ledu kani police ante oka bhadyathakaramaynadi adi oka govrment job kada kani (yavro yavro besicet laga naki neike kavalani mataladuthunaru). alanit varine charyalu thisukovalani thesukovalani koruchunanu dayachese. MBA, MCA chedivena jobs dorakadam ledu . kani police job hight, wight UNa KUDA spots adevariki antha kashtapadina radu. kani nau yavari chappaledu my famly kuda chapaledu akariki na wife kuda chapaledu kani nanu manchi are lo unnanu kani yevaru chapaledu ACP COMFROM RECORD undi nanu sp office vachina kani gard kuda yaru anaru nanu nagaraju ani chepinanu kalyandurgam ani chepinanu kani machoudu are ani chapaladu kani grdu tab ccusenaru lopaliki ranivaledu . type chesena copy pampavasanidega koruchunanu. dhachsee thapuluunte i am very sorry.