AIIMS Patna Customer Helpline No. 0612-2451 070

Toll free Number(s): 
  • 1800-11-7776 (Free National Child Neurology Helpline)
All India Number(s): 
  • 0612-2451 070 (OPD Enquiry)
  • 0612-2451 922 (Online Registration)
  • 0612- 2451 923 (Telemedicine)
  • 0612-2451 044 (Administration)

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  • admin [at] aiimspatna [dot] org 

Enquiry Numbers

  • 0612-2451922 (Online Registration)
  • 0612- 2451923 (Telemedicine)
  • 0612-2451044 (Administration)
  • 8544213762 (Administration)
  • 0612-2451109 (Director's Office)

Departments of AIIMS Patna

Department Name Email Address Contanct No.
Anesthesiology anesthesiology [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
Anatomy anatomy [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
Biochemistry biochemistry [at] aiimspatna [dot] org 0612-2451104
Burns and Plastic Surgery plastic [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
Community & Family Medicine cfm [at] aiimspatna [dot] org 0612-2451106
Cardiothoracic Surgery ctvs [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
College of Nursing nursing [at] aiimspatna [dot] org 0612-2451201
Dentistry dentistry [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
Dermatology dermatology [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
Forensic Medicine & Toxicology forensicmedicine [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
Gastroenterology gastroenterology [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
Surgical Gastroenterology gastrosurgery [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
General Medicine generalmedicine [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
General Surgery generalsurgery [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
Microbiology microbiology [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
Medical Oncology & Haematology medicaloncology [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
Obstetrics & Gynecology gynecology [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
Orthopaedics orthopaedics [at] aiimspatna [dot] org 0612-2451068
ENT ent [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
Pediatrics paediatrics [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
Pediatrics surgery paediatricssurgery [at] aiimspatna [dot] org 0612-2451072
Pathology / Lab Medicine pathology [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
Pharmacology pharmacology [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation rehabilitation [at] aiimspatna [dot] org 0612-2451053
Physiology physiology [at] aiimspatna [dot] org 0612-2451101
Psychiatry psychiatry [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
Pulmonary Medicine pulmonary [dot] medicine [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
Radio-diagnosis Radiodiagnosis [at] aiimspatna [dot] org 612-2451064
Radiotherapy Radiotherapy [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
Neurology neurology [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
Neurosurgery neurosurgery [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
Ophthalmology opthalmology [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
Transfusion Medicine & Blood Bank transfusionmedicine [at] aiimspatna [dot] org 612-2451067
Trauma & Emergency trauma [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
Information technology it [at] aiimspatna [dot] org 0612-2451120
Ayush ayush [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
Engineering engineering [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
Pharmacy pharmacy [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
Surgical Oncology surgicaloncology [at] aiimspatna [dot] org -
Neonatology - -
Urology - -
Cardiology - -

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Adress: Phulwarisharif, Patna, Bihar
Country: India, PIN -801507
E-mail: admin [at] aiimspatna [dot] org

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Status of Patient

I am not unble to contact with my Father.Admitted in Ward No.D1A, Bed No.13.Ward Contact also not responding . Kindly help me to Inform his Status.

Status of Patient

I am not unble to contact with my Father.Admitted in Ward No.D1A, Bed No.13.Ward Contact also not responding . Kindly help me to Inform his Status.

Rude behaviour by doctor and other staffs

I visited AIIMS Patna for my father's treatment who is 70 years old. We reached on Saturday, 14th March, 2020 at around 1 PM in the Ophthalmology department (4th Floor). We were told by the guard that the doctors have gone and the time is over. However, when we walked further towards the hall and the chambers, we met a lady (whose name was not mentioned anywhere nor was she wearing any uniform or a badge). She started asking about why we were late (though we were just on time). I told her that I had to bring my father back from home and that my car got broken so it took us time to come back to meet the doctor. She started shouting by asking personal questions and threatened that 'I'll will not see you' and that she was the doctor. (By her looks and personality she was more like a nurse or cleaning staff). Once she shouted, entire staff gathered around me and my father got physical with us and threatened to beat us out. Its a shame that staff and doctors of such hospital have no manner and behave more like hooligans. There was no decency at all in their behavior.
Kindly take proper action on the rude staff and doctors in your hospital. It is only ruining your reputation and fewer people would like to visit your hospital primarily due to the inhuman behavior of the staff and doctors.


Respected sir,
Sample was taken dated 01december 2018 for biopsy test and till date no any response. My serial number H-4278to80 /18.


I was 12th maths student but I give biology question for bsc Radiology entrance exam will it be right for me.


Aapke yahan admit nahi le raha hai humlog subah se hi pade hain koi doctor bhi hath nahi laga raha hai bolta hai icu khali nahi hain ,mere samne icu khali hua phir bhi admit nahi le raha hai patient Ka nam ansu priya hai emergency Ward me humlog hain please help any officer ,patient ko Subha se koi medicine nahi diya gaya hai ,unko brain me pani hua hai please help

Doctor absent

Dear sir your organisation AIIMS Patna in USG room doctor not applicable here please enquiry this problem