ACG World India Helpline No. 022-7186 2362

All India Number(s): 
  • 022-71862362
  • 022-71862363

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Purpose Email
MEDIA QUERIES press [dot] office [at] acg-world [dot] com
BLISTER PACKING sales [dot] engineering [at] acg-world [dot] com
CAPSULES sales [dot] acpl [at] acg-world [dot] com
CAREER career [at] acg-world [dot] com
CARTON PACKING sales [dot] engineering [at] acg-world [dot] com
ENCAPSULATION sales [dot] engineering [at] acg-world [dot] com
FILMS AND FOILS sales [dot] pharmapack [at] acg-world [dot] com
GRANULATION sales [dot] engineering [at] acg-world [dot] com
INSPECTION sales [dot] inspection [at] acg-world [dot] com
OTHER info [at] acg-world [dot] com
TABLET COATING sales [dot] engineering [at] acg-world [dot] com
TABLET PRESS sales [dot] engineering [at] acg-world [dot] com

Contact Worldwide

Country Contact No.
BRAZIL +55 11 5096 1704
CHINA +86 21 5212 0007
CROATIA +385 42 660 100
EUROPE +44 1536 560540
INDIA 022 7186 2362 / 022 7186 2363
INDONESIA +6221 458 74093
N AMERICA +1 908 757 3425
S AMERICA +55 11 5096 1704
SWITZERLAND +41 79 696 06 43
THAILAND +66 2661 7771

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