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Grievance Officer

Name: Saad Ahmed
Email: grievanceofficer_india [at] uber [dot] com

Uber Cab Customer Care Email IDs

  • Supportdelhi [at] uber [dot] com
  • supportbangalore [at] uber [dot] com
  • support [dot] hyderabad [at] uber [dot] com
  • supportjaipur [at] uber [dot] com

Uber Cabs Office

Regus Business Platinum Centre Pvt. Ltd.,
Level 13, Navi Mumbai – 400705,
Maharashtra, India

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driver I'd block

Please help my account re open

I'd blak

Release pannanum

my amount is forget to car

Mera amount car gir gaya hai

Extra fair

I book auto today Driver name umakant
65/-rs cash liya he dtiver ne or mere uber credit se 50/-rs bhi less ho gaya

How to get the bill not booked through app

I have traveled from Mumbai air port to Thane by Uber service booked at air port . But forget to take bill from counter and paid to the driver app through message service for RS 767 by cash . I want bill for this payment which have travelled to calim my office. Please suggest me

Bad quality food

Food quality too much bad. We ordered food from gaber grill. Chicken gravy was not good. Gravy made by bread.not onions in gravy.totally waste my money. I request to uber it please complain against restaurant Gabbar grill

Zaika chicken food


Amounts paid but my order not placed

Amounts paid but my order not placed

I'd block

Sir main uber eats me ek delivery boy hu or mera naam Piyush Acharya hey. Mujhe indore seva partner Kendra ki aapkey pass shikayat karni hey... Indore seva partner Kendra ney mere saath bahut galat kiya hey indore seva partner Kendra ney meri I'd band kr di hey mujhe yeh kehkar ki meri delivery incomplete hey jabki meri koi bhi delivery incomplete nahi thi mainey har delivery Complete ki hai or coustmer agar thodi bhi location change karwaatey hey to main support par call karkey feedback deta hu ki costumer ney location change ki hey jab support mujhe ye kehtey hey ki aap coustmer ko order unki new location par jakar dey saktey hey tab hi main coustmer ko wo order Deliver karta hu or support sey yeh puchta hu ki meri I'd band to nahi hogi tab wo kehtey hey ki aapki I'd par koi issues nahi aayega tab main delivery deta hu but aisa nahi hua indore seva partner Kendra ney meri I'd band kr di hey.... Or mujhse yeh kaha ki aapki I'd gurugram walo ney band ki hey or permanent band ki hey... Jabki main jaanta hu ki indore seva partner Kendra ney meri I'd band ki hey or wo meri I'd fake reason dekar band kar dii hey .......please sir aap meri I'd start karwaa dijiye please sir I request you nahi to main uber par case karunaga or uskey jimmedaar indore seva partner Kendra hoga



Regarding payment

I completed payment of my order and then it got cancelled by hotel but didn't received a refund

My order has been canceled after my online payment

My order has been canceled without any information to me...I had made the payment too...

Refund money

My order has been canceled without any information to me...I had made the payment

Payment issue

My money is not credit in my account

I want uber eats attachmant office

I Want uber eats attachmant office in rajapalayam may open in ur support branch office please send the details an phone number kaindly reply

Extra fare taken by UBER

Dear team, following is my concern:
• I was using UBER for the first time in Delhi.
• Your UBER App has auto debited Rs. 368.28 and same was credited after trip completion.
• Driver asked me to pay round-off amount through PayTM as his mobile network was not working.
• Then I pay him Rs.370 ( by scanning the Bar code placed inside the CAB, Name Sh.Sunil Sharma, Order # XXX201911061713530047, kindly see the print screen), However the name of CAB driver was Sh. Ankush Kumar (as per your App).
• Then again Rs. 368.28 were deducted from my PayTM account. See the below screen shot.
• I think, now you have understood the problem.

With Regards,

Mahender Singh Bisht

left phone in the uber cab

After getting down from the cab my cell phone remained on the charging port at the seat next to the driver.
His name is Habib and his car number plate is License Plate: MH03BC5945, he came across as a polite person and even answred all my calls as i work for the GOI and had urgent call on my number.
He is now neither picking up my call or that on my cell phone , pls do try to track him down n request him to handover the phone. the trip date was Monday 21st Oct its been a week now i have to lodge a police complaint as it has some sensitive data in it.
Pls do help.

Complaint uber driver is cheating

He is take long root and wroung root that fraud driver becareful people

chor company

chor company

Bilkul sahi... Saale cor h ek

Bilkul sahi... Saale cor h ek number ke

Lost Item

I lodged an online complaint against the loss of a gift item I inadvertently left in the Uber Cab (WB 04G 6825) while disembarking on 24 September. One good thing is: the driver immediately called back. He instantly denied having seen or collected it. Unfortunately the matter seems to end there. I am sure there are CCTV cameras inside the cabs and why is it that no attempt is made to trace the item with the help of these cameras. Are we then left to the mercy of the driver? What steps Uber takes to protect the items that we may have left in the cab at the time of disembarkation? Is there any remedy?

Charge extra

I booked ride from supertech icon to telenity Noida sector-4 of Rs.192.. but at the moment of drop off charged Rs.423.
When I asked to driver about it ., He said it happened due to traffic.

How they change fare once I booked with 192 inr

Even I called in customer care number .. but number is unconnected

Connecting my Uber old account

I am unable to open my old account

Open my old account

I forgot my password

Not Return Extra Ride payment

I booked a uber cab and pickup destination was approx 300 meter away from my location however my location was on the main road. My destination changed, i booked for New Custom House Airport Delhi but booked Terminal 3. Amount not shown in driver app so i pay 220 rupees but they add this ride amount in second return ride and suggest me the 2nd ride driver to pay this included amount and go help line and receive payment from uber app. but they are saying to unable the return amount.

They all are fraud, Suggested all to please not to book this cab.


Request you to kindly consider reversal of this cancellation fees that were charged to me yesterday and today:


I may mention that this cancellation was initiated by the driver that the destination entered in UBER App was different from actual destination I wanted to go. Actual destination was Krishna Residency, CBI Colony, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033, India

An amount of INR 69 was debited to my account

My booking was for a pool taxi

Today also the cancellation was initiated by the driver. I booked for a pool car for 4-6-26/3, Inner Ring Rd, Mushk Mahal, Attapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500048, India

Starting point was Topaz building near Amrita Hills .

Today the driver called and asked me my starting point and destination, and he discovered that he would be required take a U turn after travelling for some distance, he requested me to initiate cancellation, and when I refused he cancelled the request. As a result you debited my account by INR 47.25

Kindly check the position and do the needful......I shall appreciate an early response in the matter....

Meaningless cancellation charges- Reg

On 27/07/2019, I booked uber cab and they informed me to reached the cab within 18 minutes. After 20 minutes I contact driver and he asked about my drop location. When I told my drop location suddenly changed the driver name and cab particulars and inform to reach the new cab another 20 minutes. But I want to reach the place very urgent. I was forced to cancelled my trip. That is uber mistake to reach in particular time, then why I can pay the cancellation fee. Please inform what will we do that time.

Toll charged within Delhi


I booked a cab this afternoon and went from my residence to Unnati Marg, Delhi only. The road travelled is in Delhi though there is UP border at few metres.

I was charged 231/- extra as toll charges for 3km. moreover my cab didn't take any such route having toll.

Pls refund my money as I have already paid my fare.

Third class service in Ahmedabad

All driver first ask where u go
I ask my place
Than he cancel ride
Very bad service
And specially airport areas


I had a horrible experience with this driver. I selected Uber app and he came on the line at 02.40 AM and it showed the car will reach within 6 minutes but it kept on extending showing 7 minutes and again 6 minutes. In the mean time I called him thrice and sent text message neither he picked up the phone nor answered the text message. I had to catch a train at 03.35 AM and till 03.15 AM neither he turned up or called us. I am extremely disappointed with the service of Uber and if you keep such drivers you name only will spoil. By luck I managed to get an at at 03.15 AM and rushed to the station and could catch the train in time. I would like to have a return explanation and I am taking up the matter with public Grievance cell and have copied the mail to them.

Looking forward to hear from you ASAP.



Long rote taken by driver and taking charge triple

I booked a cab in the morning form my home at Devi nagar to Ck birla hospital. when driver came outside my home due to reason i am not going at hospital my mom and sister go with that cab, It is strange, He take a very long rote and take different hospital and in my account bill is show triple then actual, I complain for this trip to customer care but they told me you change your destination even how i change my destination........ What is the policy of Uber? Just loot the money from passengers.



Three Uber mishaps with me on a single day

1st ride UP23T7232 Driver Saleem - The driver wasted 25 mins of time in CNG refuelling & insisted that this is their usual practice. I missed a meeting & lost a business. I already shared this in my last post

Still having faith I took booked another Uber during return estimated cost was 790.00 INR, driver Amit (Vehicle no not recorded in App) insisted on disclosing destination before commencing ride which I refused. After having known the destination during ride he pretended car breakdown after 6/7 KM & closed his trip. I was charged 295.68 INR

I took another Uber cab , the driver Rinku he also for the sake of refuelling doctored with google map & took off NH24 near Delhi-UP border showing Canal road near Ghazipur Mandi as the best option. He stopped in a gas station for CNG refuelling and declared his fuel tank as complete dry. Wasted 30 mins of time, The main highway was found normal & I paid 626.03 INR for this trip. Considering previous trip I paid 921.71 INR against an initial estimate of 790.00 INR
I totally lost my faith on Uber

Driver made Unplanned stop & I lost Business

You cab UP23T7232 made unplanned stop for refuelling off national highway near Kapasera border while trip was under way. Being CNG refuelling it was a long queue & to come back national highway again substantial time was lost. It was more than 20 mins in CNG station only

He did unnecessary arguments that such unplanned stops are allowed & have to be accepted by passengers

I reached my destination 30 Mins late missed a business meeting & finally lost a business. It was a financial loss to my company as well as mine

Who will compensate for this ? I need an amicable reply

Payment not settlement

Sir /mam Mari uber eats mai payment settlement Nahi hui hai 2weak go gaye hai

Unfairly charged customer for drivers No Show

Yesterday we booked a cab from Elante Mall Chandigarh. A car connected with us almost immediately and the driver informed us to come to the main entrance for pickup. We waited there and then called him to be informed that he was waiting for us somewhere further. We requested him to come and pick us up at the agreed pickup point. Within a minute he cancelled the ride and we were charged rs. 42. I agree that if a customer makes the driver wait or cancels the trip, the penalty should be borne by the customer. However if the driver cancels for his no show then its unfair to charge the customer. I think the rights of the passenger should be defined so the drivers ca not take undue advantage and make the customer pay at all times. Ihave paid this amount to the next driver but it would only be fair if this is reimbursed to me. Kindly look into the matter and reimburse my amount.

Driver Harassment and account block

On29 May in front of Alipore zoo in Kolkata, I booked an uber around 5pm. The driver stopped far away and when I told him he needs to come to the spot where I am waiting cause I have luggage and kids, he refused. I said I cannot walk down that much with bags and kids. Suddenly I see my ride cancelled and I was charged 47 rupees for nothing. I tried to book another cab but my account insisted I need to pay 47 rupees extra to the next driver. I tried to delete and reinstall the app, but uber has blocked my account. I have not options but to use Ola henceforth.

Driver goes to wrong place, trip cancelled, charged Rs.thirty

There are two Srinivasa Road in T.Nagar, Chennai. Driver goes to wrong Srinivas Road and refused to come to my other Srinivasa Road about one Km away. Waited for fifteen minutes and I got message that trip is cancelled. After a few minutes I receive a receipt for Rs. thirty as cancellation charge.

It was driver's fault. I could not get any conveyance for about fifteen minutes and my turn for appointment with eye hospital postponed. It caused severe mental agony. As a matter of fact I should file a consumer petition claiming damages. I regret the Uber is penalising me for their error. I do not know whether the Uber and the driver are adopting tricks to make money.

May I request anyone who knows who is the regulator for complaints against Uber provide me the details.

cub come issue

I booked a uber cab and pickup destination was approx 200 meter away from my location however my location was on the main road i called driver and his not pick my call,call cut many time's can't come to my location today im late for my office, Really its very bad, this is very frustrating and now I'm going to uninstall Uber and will never suggest anyone to install Uber I hate Uper.

nonsense and rode behavior of Uber Go car

On 5 May 2019 on 16.57 pm, I booked a uber car no. RJ 14 TB 2604 and I choose pickup destination as per your app map but cab diver stand on wrong place when not reached cab I call driver than he can not ready to lesion and understand my current location and told me 176/- rupees me mujhe app ne kharidliya hai kya mai app ka nokar nahi hu aur phone kat diya . my currant location is more than 500 meter away from dirver location however my location was on the main road. his behavior was very rude and uncivilized and cancelled my ride after that uber showing Rs 48 outstanding on me. Really, this is very frustrating and now I'm going to uninstall Uber and will never suggest anyone to install Uber I hate Uber. If uber not take action against dirver of Car RJ 14 TB 2604 and not informe to me what action has been taken and unconditioned apologize tender before me I will sue against Uber go. and all consequence will be bear at your level.
Uber Go car no. RJ 14 TB 2604
Gajendra Singh Chauhan

Amount details

I'm uber eats driver 01/04/2019 to 08/04/2019 end of week balance 655.40rupees manual amount I sent in success paid.thise week 08/04/2019 to 15/04/2019 thise weekend amount 1094.04 rupee balance add to previous amount 655.40 totally 1749.33 rupees pay Why, already I paid 655.40

driver complain

On 5 April, I booked a uber cab and pickup destination was approx 500 meter away from my location however my location was on the main road i called driver and his behavior was very rude he said he can't come to my location. I request him that I'm injured i can't walk he not ready to come and spoke with me very rude and cancelled my ride after that uber showing Rs 48 outstanding on me. Really, this is very frustrating and now I'm going to uninstall Uber and will never suggest anyone to install Uber I hate Uper

Driver complaint

Today ubber ride pool trip phase 1 chd to phase 11 my payment method trip cash driver payment pay 205 trip amount 64 return payment 40 I pay 205 car name wagnor .car no pb01b5511trip time 7s

Cheater rascal driver

Driver cheated with me

The amount still shows as unpaid.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Yesterday I was riding in uber taxi and my ride amount was 119.52, when reached the destination then I paid my RS 120/-. I checked in my app its was showing 119.52 so I paid Rs 120/- to the driver.It seems he has not informed you about it and the amount still shows as unpaid so I have stopped using your services. Please resolve as soon as possible. Since again I will need your services in near future your early response is expected.



I paid money but shows still not paid

Pls call me you can confrence call with that driver also n solve my problem

The amount still shows as unpaid.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Yesterday I was riding in uber taxi and my ride amount was 119.52, when reached the destination then I paid my RS 120/-. I checked in my app its was showing 119.52 so I paid Rs 120/- to the driver.It seems he has not informed you about it and the amount still shows as unpaid so I have stopped using your services. Please resolve as soon as possible. Since again I will need your services in near future your early response is expected.



Driver behaviour mede me feel unsafe

I had booked Uber go on 13 November, but the driver had already had a customer in the cab. I had booked Uber go. He challenged me that do whatever you want to do but will not let the passenger deboard. I was not charged cancellation charges, but that doesn't mean the driver will do whatever he wants. Attached is the photos of the cab and the driver.

For the inconvenience I want to be compensated with free rides

Sachin Shukla

Fare already paid in cash but still showing that I have to pay

This is to inform you that I have already paid 189.50 in the form of cash, but when I tried to make new booking it asks me to make the outstanding payment of Rs189. 50 via card which I have already paid in the form of cash and the payment mode is cash in my Uber, hence please update it asap and ensure that I should not see that message which you have an outstanding payment, hence I'm disputing the fare since I have already paid it reply me asap on this

Uber app and coimbatore uber office staff

I'm working on uber eats , uber eats app shows wrong payment request, and many uber eats DE facing payment issues we are asked uber office staff mr.leela krishnan and payment staffs no response and nonsense and uneducated people are working on coimbatore uber office
What is this.

Drivers talking on phone whilst driving

Never should drivers be allowed to have personal conversations while a customer is in the car. Please correct this and make a RULE! Even hands free distracts drivers. Also, stop hiding this option for comments from your clients! I had to look very hard to discover this option is only on web, not your UBER application! You must allow your customers to message you with issues!!!

Driver cheated us at kochi

Dear sir
Dear sir
At 2.50 pm your uber driver dropped us at Raddison Blue hotel Kadavanthara from kakkanad. It is a prepaid booking booked by my niece. Even then your driver compulsorily took Rs.150/-from me.

Very bad uber experience at kochi. Please take and return me my money and ask that driver to talk to me.

With regards

Submitted by dinesh kumar

Submitted by dinesh kumar (not verified) today 15-10-18 , 2:35 pm

today i had booked a ride form uttam nagar east metro delhi to vikash nagar delhi drivers was already near to my location as we can see in our device. After 10 mins i looked her location is still same and even he did not move one step from his location. Then suddenly cancel drive charged 42 rupees as cancellation fee. But i have not cancelled the right so why should i pay for that.

Now uber have strated peoples looting as their buisness is growing day by day.
please return my mony
as soon as possible
dinesh kumar

Refund and unprofessional behavior of the uber drivers

Dear Concernn

I have 3 complain

1. on 26th September 2018, i booked uber for my sister as she was suffering from fracture, but your driver complete the ride and i got the massage the i have paid Cash of Rs. 99.75 although she was standing over there as the driver told us that he is on the way and coming but he wont.

2. on 11th October 2018, i booked uber from thane to kalyan but after waiting till 3 hour driver not came neither he is receiving my call. so if you people charge for canclling rice after 5 min arounf 50Rs so i waiter for 3 hour that mean i need atlist 2000 Rs.

3. i cancelled one pool ride as i booked wrongly you charged around 50 Rs. i dont mind you charged 50 or 100 but i want cash baak too i waited for 3 hour in case 2 and i waited in case 1 also to total CONCREDATION you people can decide and let me know.

Not refund my online cash

on 26th September 2018, i booked uber for my sister as she was suffering from fracture, but your driver complete the ride and i got the massage the i have paid Cash of Rs. 99.75 although she was standing over there as the driver told us that he is on the way and coming but he wont.


On 8th may..i booked uber auto for myself... your rider clicked my book ...he can speak to me i will reached at 10 mintes but he did not came and cancelled my booking...i paid amount in online payment method....driver cancelled my booking but my cash could not refund my account....Within 5 minutes time to take refund my amount....we could not refund my amount,i will complaint directly your office place....transfer my amount immediately

Drivers cheating customers

Let me share the ways in which few Black sheep Uber Drivers cheat customers:
1. On the way to Airport: Driver asked about the fare estimate. When told he asked if I agree to pay him that amount and then he would log off. I refused as this means cheating his company. All along the way, he incessantly spoke over mobile to his girl friend/fiancee. From Gauhati University to Airport he kept on shifting to neutral gear from 5th Gear and vice versa thus slowing down the speed thereby increasing the fare!
2. Trip from Guwahati Railway Station to Nagaon town: Estimated fare was about Rs.2100.00. On the way the driver's GPS enabled mobile set got disconnected either due to technical snag or the drive did it willfully. Final bill was Rs.3000.00+ . There was no other way but to pay. Later on we realised after reconnecting his mobile he set a destination much beyond Nagaon Town!
3. I had booked for a cab and as happens most of the times had to keep on guiding the Driver to reach my place (The Drivers of Uber Guwahati are absolutely unaware about the roads and routes of Guwahati, even the most well known land marks). While waiting for the cab to arrive, another Uber cab stopped near me, I first thought that this is the one I was speaking to but then understood that it was not. The Drive asked about by destination and the fare shown. When I told, he offered his service!

I am a regular Uber customer.

I am a regular Uber customer. I keep on traveling from one city to the other. In other cities Uber service is really great. But unfortunately in Guwahati I always face a lot trouble booking an Uber cab. Everytime the drivers keep denying the rides. The drivers in Guwahati only accepts a ride when we can fullfill all their requirements I.e (1) we must give them cash. (2) the distance should not be too short or too long. (4) From the airport they will never go to area such as mirza, Vijaynagar, palashbari, bangara etc.
If your drivers are so demanding why do you even put such areas in your map.
The drivers accept a ride and then they will call us and check if we meet up to their expectations or not. And if we cannot they will keep cancelling the rides.
Today again I am going to Guwahati and I am so sure if I go and book Uber, again you demanding drivers will do the same.
Horrible service!!!

Ridiculous service of uber

If you want to go gurgoan around 10 am from Delhi it is very hard to find a cab driver don't want to go to gurgoan they cancelled the trip. Today 5 driver refused to go to gurgoan . Uber must take stong action against them.after 45 minutes I got a cab.it is wastage of time.if you want to miss your flight or traIn pls hire uber.

Refund my amount

Uber Ap apni app me costumer halp no ad Kare...or ap cancelled charges hatye driver cancelled kartye hai or pay ham logo ko karna padta hair... Aj mere Saar Sunil naam ke driver ne pick karna tha..mujhe bola sir 2mint apki location pe ara hu or fir usne apna phone swich off kar loya gadi no 0974 or mujhe let ho raha tha to maine parsnal convention Chala Gaya...esa fast time nhi keye baar hu hai or mujhe har baar cancelled charges lae 42rs Please sort out my problem...

Wrongly overcharged for pool ride.

Uber overcharging it's customer wrongly.
Suggest you folks never attach your paytm account with uber, because uber deduct your paytm wrongly for its fare.
Today Uber deduct 282 rs from my paytm for just 8km pool ride.
On pickup it was showing me only 79 rs But when i checked my ride charge later, it deducted 282 rs from my paytm for 8km pool ride.
I have complaint in uber help, but response was disgusting.
I am gonna to stop uber service. OLA is better than Uber now days, at least they did not overcharge you wrongly. In ola the same amount will deduct as shown during pickup, but OLA is worst .

*can you imagine for 8 km uber pool ride , it deduct 282 from my paytm wallet. Disgusting.

Lost my passport in uber taxi two day ago got ride from city hea

Lost my passport coming from doctor square hospital VIP road zirkpur and at time giving payment to driver at city heart hotel in sector 18D chandhigarh I forgot my passport in cab but I remember just now at middle of night today I checked all my belongings can't find my passport I am 100% sure I left it can when paying the driver please check I am supposed to go back to UK on 16th October I wait your reply please consider its URGENT MATTER THANKS

Fare exceed

I was going to gaziabad from Shalimarbagh and my fare was displayed in my screen was 522 and when I reached it shows 802 how. This was happened again when I was going to Shalimarbagh from gaziabad so I want to know how this is possible plz tell me.

Uber cab

The cab just assigned to me, asked me my drop location when I denied to tell he came locked can and gone away... Please take necessary action. Cab number is MH 26 N 5996

Mobile lost..cheated by uber driver

My mobile lost in uber cab ...it was not in silent mode ..and I called so many times on my mobile no not pickuped by anyone after some time when I contacted driver through uber app he said that he don't have mobile in car and he has already Haven two costumers...and he refused to give me nos

Wrong charges

I had booked uber from m g road metro station to sector 16 gurgaon. Despite my tepeated call driver did not turn up at pick up point. Ultimately i cancelled the trip for that i was charged. Not only that Rs. 551 was also debited from my pytm wallet illegally.

Showing outstanding payment

Hi, Today when I was trying to book uber cab from Nizamuddin station to home app was showing outstanding amount Rs 150 against trip on 3/9/18. Even I didn’t use uber cab on that day. That’s why I didn’t book cab. Please resolve this issue so that I can book cab as I m ur regular customer.

Hello, I was overcharged by


I was overcharged by RS 50/-. As I was booking the Uber auto, it showed me RS 29/- cash and when the trip ended it cost me RS 83/-. How can the estimates be so wrong. I understand estimates can vary but by this amount, it is not acceptable. Just because it showed rs 29, I booked your auto. Otherwise I would have booked ola auto which was charging me only 50 RS.
Please look into the matter.

Overcharged on trip


I was overcharged by RS 50/-. As I was booking the Uber auto, it showed me RS 29/- cash and when the trip ended it cost me RS 83/-. How can the estimates be so wrong. I understand estimates can vary but by this amount, it is not acceptable. Just because it showed rs 29, I booked your auto. Otherwise I would have booked ola auto which was charging me only 50 RS.
Please look into the matter.

Left cell phone in cab

After getting down from the cab our cell phone with sim no xxhas been taken and k or switched off . Not able to get the phone back. Driver says don’t know and not cooperative to to help with any information to put our efforts to track the cell phone.
Moreover he suggests to take a duplicate SIM card for the phone.
Uber can actually help in such cases just by checking politely with next trip passenger if at all it was taken which will not be the case because immediately after our trip phone kept switched off
Driver cab no ending with Dezire

For remove illegal outstanding charges

I have an account in your uber app and I was hire your service yesterday. Your app was showing me rs 85 for my ride.i booked and travel after that my ride your uber driver demand me rs 305 for that ride and app showing also.
Then why should I pay rs 305 . This not my fault ,I gave rs 85 to your driver.
And pls remove the outstanding amount in my app and arrange a call to me for further query.


Poor service by customer care for lost item complaint

I forgot my handbag in the vehicle in my trip, when calling the driver he is not able to help with the trip details of the customers taking a ride after me bcoz of virtual and actual no showing up in their system. When calling the custome care they are also not able to help me with the details of the passengers, no seriousness towards the customer who has lost their item and just have to wait for reply from the customer care end..

Higher charges

I booked Uber for Rs.170 shown at the time of booking but charged Rs.220 .
Also I purchased pass for flat charges of Rs.109 per ride but it's also not working always charge higher

Driver cheating

I have booked non cash trip from Mumbai Airport to pune. Driver Santosh Mulik told at the end of trip that though you have booked non cash trip u have to pay in cash as this is outstation trip and outstation trip only done with cash payment. As default method was credit card payment so it didn't get debited from account at the end of trip so I trust on him and paid him with good tip. A week later when was booking for next trip the app ask to pay the outstanding of last trip which was Rs. 1655/-. When I have contacted driver he said that he didn't get money from Uber for this trip. When I communicated the issue to Uber the customer care just said that they can't do anything in this case as I have paid in cash to driver is not their Fault. After this I have sent so many msg to Uber on app but not a single reply from Uber. This is very disappointing response from Uber as they can do contact driver to settle the amount or even refund to me deducting his payment but the least bother about the same. Later 2-3 times driver pick up the call and said he will return the money as he has received from Uber also but later he stopped picking up the phone. What worst experience with Uber team and from the driver.

Extra pay

I am regular ride this location many time before this ride.
Dated 14.9.2018 I ride this location. I book a ride conform payment on my app Rs 70.00 but driver app to show Rs 177.00 I pay Rs-177.00.Please return my amount. The fairs is too much high.
Rajesh Mishra


Refund of my double payment on my trip

I have raised today an issue with regard to the above payment through your app. We are not able to speak to your office as there is no telephones line.

It is such a restrictive way of customer service where people who have lost money are not put to hardship but also there is no assured customer resolution of genuine complaints. I have already lost Rs. 200 in addition to this.

I shall greatly appreciate if this complaints is redressed at the earliest.

Driver asked for a non cash trip

Hi , it's been so long I haven't heard back from your customer service team
I have raised Request and I am not getting a proper feedback.
I am a regular customer of UBer and I have facing so much of challenge
Very bad customer service I am getting no one is even bothered to answer or reply.
It's not about 122rs but it's about the faith that has been lost due to driver asking cash for a non cash trip and saying that he will refund in case the Paytm is revived by him.
I do not have the drivers contact how would I call him. And the customer service team is not responding. Such a bad feedback and image you people are building


o The Concern Executive

I have booked Uber services through Uber app from Karel wadi, Thakurdwar to Virar. The driver Satish accepted the drive and reached the pickup point. I again called to confirm if he has reached. He asked me the drop destination and replied him its already mentioned in the booking, than he denied to go thought it was accepted by him, further he mentioned that i dont have sufficient CNG to reach the destination so better you book a uber diesel car and he disconnected my call.



Cancellation charged

I had book cab at 1145 I got message car arriving in12 mins I tried calling the driver phone was switched off no reply nothing from him and at 1.10 I'm getting a message that can is arrived at your door step and for cancellation you will b charged I have not book the other can so why I should b charged for the same it's a pathetic service from Uber and there is no customer support to talk on it shows till 6 pm so of customer has any problem in night he should wait till morning when u come on duty then y u keep ur services in night better stop services of cabsif ur customer support is not there to help u r not giving us free ride wearepayinv for urservices so it's ur duty to call and ask customer on the same issues


COMPLETE NONSENSE EXPERIENCE by UBER (Panchkula)(My account = monanarula [at] gmail [dot] com) = Today morning , My SON had his CLASS XII Exam , Missed his Bus , Booked UBER (DRIVER MOBILE Number = ( 9 8 0 3) (1 5 4) 358) , Talked to Driver who was 4 Minute away , He Said he is Coming , followed his movement on UBER APP , suddenly after 6 Minutes , it started coming MEET DRIVER NOW , Cab was Nowhere , even on App it was showing at little distance , CALLED THE DRIVER , he did not Pick up 4 Times , Then on 5th Time he picked up and said , he is coming Shortly = I ASKED HIM , Requested him to please hurry , APP is showing he is standing somewhere, Told him that My SON WILL MISS HIS CLASS XII EXAM , Due to his extra delay despite having confirmed from him on Phone just at time of booking , he said he is coming in 2 Minutes , shared ADDRESS Also , despite GPRS Location being OK , and after 2 MINUTES DRIVER CANCELLED THE TRIP , PUTTING MY SON CLASS XII EXAM IN JEOPARDY = "SUCH DRIVERS (DRIVER MOBILE Number = ( 9 8 0 3) (1 5 4) 358) apart from LENDING A VERY BAD NAME TO UBER and it's reliability , ARE NOT GOOD FOR WELL BEING OF SOCIETY and can be called PLAIN CHEATERS (If he was not to come , he should have told immediately when First call was made , why drama for 12 Minutes ), THEY ARE THE ONES WHO DESTROY THE GOODWILL OF SOCIETY as well as TRUST ON UBER , Apart from REMOVING FROM UBER , WHY SHOULD CASE U/S 420 and FRAUD SPEAKING be not filed against such DRIVERS (After all UBER only says , All drivers are Independent and we are just a APP as a mediater) =(and what did the "HELP" do , refunded the cancellation charge and went silent ) SORRY UBER , YOUR CAB AGGREGATOR SERVICE IS NOT MADE TO PLAY WITH CUSTOMERS


I booked a cab in the morning form my home at Faridabad to Reserve Bank Enclave, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi, at 8.00 AM. After about fifteen minutes, the trip was cancelled by the Driver, Raj, but I have been charged cancellation charges. It is strange, that after delaying my scheduled trip, I am made to pay charges also, whereas it should be other way round. When a traveller cancels the trip, cancellation is understandable, but when Driver cancels the trip, why is he not made to pay for this? What is the policy of Uber? Just loot the hapless passengers.

Suraj Kumar Ahuja,
396 Sector 21 B,
Faridabad 121001

Ride bill details

Dear Team,

On 1st September 2018 early morning at approximately 02:00 A.M I booked ride by Uber representatives from Mumbai International Airport to Kalyan but not received bill receipt. So request you please send me my ride bill details. Ride details as below.

Ride Date: 1st September 2018. Time: 01:00 AM to 04:00AM approximately.
Pick up location: Mumbai International Airport (BOM)
Drop location: Raunak city, Aadharwadi Jail Road, Kalyan West. 421301

Thanks & Regard,
Kashinath Narayankar.

Terribly cheated by uber

They have collected the amount by cash said paytm not working and deducted through paytm also.customer care not supporting and responding properly.this is unethical and worst service

extra pay

last night i book a ride conform payment on my app 58.47 but driver app to show 413 i pay 413 plzz retern the amunt and miss bhabh your driver with me

No outstanding amount due

Hi Team,

I accidentally paid uber cash while my payment method was via card. I am not requesting you to refund the amont. All i am requesting is that the card payment is showing the same as outstanding amount. please check that and resolve the issue. This will enable me to take future rides or else i will have to refrain from using uber as the amount will be debited from my account too and you will not refund the same knowing that the payment has already been done through cash.

Please do the needful.

UBER's Useless service in KALYAN

Hello UBER Support,

Extremely disappointed with the USELESS UBER services TO Kalyan.

Today, I had taken my dad to hospital for dressing on his hand which had undergone surgery 3 days back.
Completed my trip in 3 stages..
1. From DADAR to DADAR TT (UBER) - Rama MH01 CR0149
2. From DADAR TT to Thane. (UBER) - Santosh MHO3 CH4020
3. From Thane to Kalyan. (Had to book an OLA bcoz of USELESS UBER)

First driver was ready to start the trip as soon as he came to know the destination was Kalyan he cancelled the trip that he gave excuses that he does not have enough CNG gas so we had to leave the cab near DADAR TT.

Second driver was ready but as soon as he came to know destination was Kalyan he started the trip and he cancelled.
Here we had to bear loss of Rs.48 / -
Later he told us to book till thane and then we continued our trip till thane.

So we got frustrated with UBER and booked OLA.

If you cant provide services to and fro till KALYAN, then please stop your business in Kalyan as it was the case before.

Atleast, we expected on humanitarian grounds that the drivers would drop us till kalyan as we had a patient with us.

Would like to utter few bad words but no use as it will fall on deaf ears.

Will spread awareness on social media as to how PATHETIC and POOR are UBER services.

Hope i get my refund back soon.

Bye to UBER from now on.


Dont you have a customer support helpline

Having booked uber i am waiting for over 2o minutes for the cab. Your driver has hardly moved or is responding to calls. In fact he is busy on another call. You do not have any helpline no for customers. Very disappointed

Very bad experience

I booked a ride from (Hyderabad ),Gachibowli to Lingampally .driver make us to wait 45 mint.. every time saying same story .. I am very near to your place ...I am with my kid .. he is crying .. I could stop him on road .. I tried to cancel trip .. charges are applicable for the cancellation.. uber charging for our cancellation even for driver s miss behaviour and miscommunication .. at last driver canceled the ride..

Uber Cash

Hello ,
Uber ! The total Uber cash showing in my Uber wallet on 1 Sep 18 is 100 Rs. After that 42 Rs charged by Uber for ride cancellation which was reimbursed but now Only 42 rs showing in my Uber wallet . Where is the my rest of amount pgl Clear it .

Paid credit balance but still not cleared

I have paid my credit balanace through upi but still the balance is not cleared
Please confirm and revert