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Representative responce are un professional and lacks of knowled

Refer complaints no- MJC9199269, having inverter SrNo- 19INKKHRAY1754481, would like to inform that, Mtechin representative are non professional and giving false commitments which is not acceptable. Twice they have visited without tools and kit. Totally unprofessional and pathetic mentality. Instruct your top management to reform their services, Otherwise I will have impact on business.

Service Lapse during COVID

I had purchased a Mercedes CLA200 with registration number OD 01S 0900 on 21st April 2017 and had done extension service package for three years which was till 20th April 2020 and as we all know at that time period there were several restrictions due to COVID 19, Please note that the district of Balasore was under complete lockdown and movement of people travelling to other places like Bhubaneswar was restricted and compulsory Quarantining was enforced by the local Administration, so it was impossible for me to take the car for service but now the administration have given some limited time of travelling relief ,but the issue is the previous dealer which was Tristar Motors had closed down its dealership and a new dealer has taken over which is T&T Motors ,so they are not willing to do the last service which is still due.
So I do not expect such a response from a company like Mercedes , so it's a request to look on the matter as soon as possible.

Disable account

My Facebook Account Disabled I do not know why my account is disabled Please activate your Facebook account. My account is very important to me. I use my account for over 12 years. Please solve my problem. Please open my account.
Thanks, Facebook Team,

pathetic servies of Axis bank

I should say these organizations are charging money for not giving any facility ,they are not cooperative .They charges for every damn thing and they are cheating the employees,organizations because they don't think about customer and they are only worried about their quarterly profits.

Even after sending cremation letter they are debiting

I agree this particular brand name neither supportive for small people nor adhering RBI Policy. Recently you when demonitization done by modi govt. this bank how much cheated the govt. Also on july 27th my brother expired and sent scanned copy of cremation certificate issued by corporation and though a minimum balance for current a/c was maintained Rs.10,000 and 1st of Aug they debited Rs.2200 and this month also They debited the amount and before they loot our money by keeping just Rs.2/ I had drawn balance money and last 15 days they were keep on calling me and say how can I withdraw the money after his death. Whereas as you correctly say they were empowered to loot the money and definitely RBI should take stringent measure just to close the so called this Bank from our Country.

Refund my money

Yesterday my money transferred to your bank. That is my please refund my money.



Amount Refund

Amount 2 times Debited But Ticket Not Book So Please Refund Debit Amount
Transaction Id is

Amount 2 times Debited But

Amount 2 times Debited But Ticket Not Book So Please Refund Debit Amount
Transaction Id is IXUVL97CCLJYNX2QUV 27NOV 2020

Refund Amount

Amount Debited 2 times But Tiecket Not Book So Please Refund Debit Amount As soon As Possible


Iam parushram shinge please refund my money

Deposit amount not reflect in my wallet (25August deposit amount

Please return my money

Claim settled but not in my account

My claim showing sattled but not showing in my accounts why

Trackon is the most hopeless

Trackon is the most hopeless courier service provider. Too bad, i am sure very soon it will get liquadated.

bad service

Yes, it really bad service,

My packages was to come from Rajasthan to Delhi. once it arrived pushpa bhawan madangir branch to deliver but they deny to deliver. someone told me that I received a call not deliver this packages. they are very unprofessional and worst service.

Sir my question ..what is the

Sir my question ..what is the mean of ledger balance coz my savings account..balance transfer in ledger balance what it means I don't understand

to you query

no idea

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Freyr Energy was founded on the principles of making solar energy affordable and accessible for everyone. In order to make adoption of solar energy a reality at the grass-root level, we have identified that consumer awareness, affordability and accessibility play an integral role. With our innovative platform, SunPro+, our extensive channel-partner network and our efficient service we ensure that these three factors are addressed to make sure your venture into solar energy is hassle-free