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Gmail password is not recovered

Dear Google my gmail password isn't recovery I try many times please Google dear help me

adityarajchoudhary2 [at] gmail [dot] com

Product not delivered

Thanks for your purchase of Rs. 339.00 from musicmartfeb! View order (#1591): https://musicmartfeb.myshopify

But product not delivered ammount debited tracking message ornunber not gived this product are shipped or not.It is jenune or fack

My instagram account login problem

Hi instagram customer : my instagram account login problem my email id rohitpant100 [at] gmail [dot] com this account send me phone number please reply me

My email id : rxl [dot] rishabh [at] gmail [dot] com

My phone number : 870929xx17

My instagram id : wrestlechatter

Sir my Gmail is p [dot]

Sir my Gmail is p [dot] senthilmsv1982 [at] gmail [dot] com password combustion please help sir please

My 2 send step verification code sent another mail

Hello sir I have unable to login my gmail account because reset my phone and forgot my password please help me to login my gmail account paswan [dot] rajkishor98 [at] gmail [dot] com.
The 2 send step verification code sent to paswanrajkishor98 [at] gmail [dot] com how to verify my gmail account please help me to login my gmail account.

Instagram passward recover

My account is started many years ago but I don't know my email id and mobile number please help me, shubham_patil0024 this my Instagram id, 9021801**5 this my mobile number please help me

Review required

My account is temporarily suspended.
Sir I. Aware from facebook community standard rules, sir I don't post any illegal and sexual activity on my facebook account is suspended.sir i request to you please check and solve my problem as soon as possible

Email:-paritoshraj019 [at] gmail [dot] com


Waste products

I purchased a bread packets on 17 Jul 2022. When I came at home i opened brown bread packet. All bread are totally waste. I complaint against costomer site but no reply no response.

I haven't withdrawn amount but debited

Sir my name is Naresh , I am from Kodangal. 18-07-2022 I haven't withdrawn amount 2000 but that amount was debited in my account. Sir kindly requested to you I want refund my amount immediately .

Sir, I can't login my

Sir, I can't login my facebook account because my mobile number is closed/lost so I can't receive code and my Emil address is not added in my account. So please please added my email address (ravishankerdausa [at] gmail [dot] com) in facebook account. Sir please give me option get code on my email address for login my facebook account.

Sir my account is very important for me because I attached my dead son with my account .my dead son name was anirudh sharma tiwari. So please please sir recover my account immediately.

My fb account name-anirudh Sharma tiwari

Account profile link-

My email address -ravishankerdausa [at] gmail [dot] com

Mobile no. closed or lost last 4 years

बेट्ररी खराब हैैजिसे चेंज करने बाबत MP SWAN POP ब्‍लॉक मल्‍हारग

MP SWAN POP ब्‍लॉक मल्‍हारगढ़ तहसील कार्यालय मल्‍हारगढ़ जिला मंदसौर क्‍युवांटा 12V 65AH बेट्ररी ईमरसन ups बेकअप के लिए लगी है लेकिन चार्ज नही कर पा रही खराब हैै अत: श्रीमान से निवेदन है कि बेट्ररी बदलने का कष्‍ट करे

तहसील परिसर मल्‍हारगढ़ तहसील कार्यालय मल्‍हारगढ़ ब्‍लाक मल्‍हारगढ़ एम पी स्‍वान पॉप रूम

Unlock my account

Please unlock my fb account my number is disable so please start on mail... I request to please start my account...

My account issues

Plz unlock my account

Songs are not coming when applying story

Please sttart my story song...
Songs are not coming when applying story

My account is blocked

Please find and record my account I don't know woth is problem my account is by mistake disable so please get will recvrd my account
I hope you done soon

Submitted by Surya bhai (not

Submitted by Surya bhai (not verified) on , 13/07/2022 -
Dear Sir/Madam

My Facebook account has been disabled automatically. even i don't do any unnautical post. when i try to login then find a below mentioned message.

You can't use Facebook or Messenger because your account, or activity on it, didn't follow our Community Standards.
We have already reviewed this decision and it can't be reversed.
To learn more about the reasons why we disable accounts, visit the Community Standards.

kindly request to you pls active my Facebook account as earliest.

Surya bhai


Hallo Acount baned plase help sar
No ida why am banned there
sary sar plees help
tanks sar

Also, I would like to specify the fact that my account was banned on unknown grounds. For all I remember, there was never any instance where I was breaking the service's TOS. So, fellows working on this customer care thing, help us out. Figure out a way to save our accounts.

tanks sar, that all i wante to asck. plese sar. save me account sar

hav a gud dae sar


Hallo Acount baned plase help sar
No ida why am banned there
sary sar plees help
tanks sar

Unrestrict LinkedIn account

My account has been restricted even after I sent them identity proof.
Either LinkedIn unrestricts the account or delete my account permanently.
Case numwbr 220711-017659

Regarding not crediting the loan account and not picking up the


It is a request that I am facing many problems with your Bharat Pe. Because the long running underprocess has been transferred to the loan account and the swipe machine ordered by me is neither being picked up, but the prouduct itself gets canceled.
Sir, I request you to transfer my loan amount to my account and pickup my swipe machine at the earliest. So that I don't have to face problems. I will be forever grateful to you. Thank you

Money problem

Dear sir/madam I am vishal mene indicash atm jindal nagar se 5000 rupey nikale mere bank se rupey kar gaye lekin atm se nahi nikle please refund my money.

I have forgot my password

I have forgot my password

My instagram account hacked

Please help me my instagram account hasbeen hacked. How i will get back my account

Stiches open

Bag's stictches open

no lungi dance

lungi pocket not there, where put money, cheaters.

Citi bank

Dear customer All credit card information any problem quickly solve call now

To activate disable instagram account.

sir/maam ,
My Instagram account 'tausheeba' has been disabled by me 8 days before . There is lots of momeries related to me , and it does not activated . please help me to activate my Instagram account .as soon as possible please.


My Gmail account account is disabled for community guidelines opposite sir is my first mistake Sorry facebook Please Recover my Instagram Account This Instagram Account of mine see running of 7 year please recover my account So sorry is my first mistake But next time there will be no mistake please recover my account
my account name - latharajcse [at] gmail [dot] com

Thank you

Address galt hai

Ordar kiya hu jiska adress galat ho gaya hai usko sahi karna hai

Order related

Mene 9june ke din boatairdopes 711 model order kiya tha but abhi tak dilevry nahi huva he
My order no #1311
Please help me

account restricted

Hi team
My company account is restricted, now they are telling to upload id proof . it will get approved if i upload my personal id proof.
because its my company account .
kindly replay me if you know the solutions .


My phone Gionee M7 power sends unsolicited SMS to an unknown number till all the air time loaded on it is exhusted. Please how can I stop it its very frustrating I need an ugent solution to it. Thanks


My phone Gionee M7 power sends unsolicited SMS to an unknown number till all the air time loaded on it is exhusted. Please how can I stop it its very frustrating I need an ugent solution to it. Thanks

Refund payment information

Refund payment information enquiry services09284

Account Disabled

Can you help me instagram disabled my account. They said you violated our following terms I don't know
So please help me to recover my account my instagram id is @sg_3_saurabh_

You disagreed with the decision

Hello dear Facebook team my Facebook account has been locked. It has problem regarding confirm your identity.I can't unlock my account. Please help me to unlock my Facebook account otherwise change my option get a code by email or get a code by phone number.

Email: sonukumarskn10 [at] gmail [dot] com



No water suppl

In the indra nagar zone 4 laxmanpuri gate , kailash kunj , makan no. 19Area of Lucknow there has been no water supply since last 7days . The issue is now very critical. Request concerned Government Authorities to immediately address the water supply issue / problem in the region

Complain against fake delivery

I saw a ad on my insta account metox India name company provide super combo offers on bluetooth boat rockers 255 pro buy one get one free so I order this product on COD(cash on delivery) they private limited company show one year warranty 7 days replacement time period or refund able quality but now when I am recieve my order I found both Bluetooth are fake one is defective and very cheap quality i decide to refund my account i mail against them
3 days i send them mail for refund my amount but no response from them it's a fake & totally fraud

Hello facebook team, Hello

Hello facebook team, Hello sir,my facebook account has been hacked.
When I try to login it's showing me that the password is incorrect and it's changed.Then I also tried forgotten .
But the hacker has also changed the phone . And email also changed by hacker.
That's why I message you . Please help me.
Please do something about it.
My facebook account link :-

payment refund

Travel Date: 2022-06-01


I lost my email plzz login in two authrotation password forgot

Forget my two authrotation password
User name theadityasingh88

Password forgotten

Dear Sir,
With due respect , I have forgotten my password of email ID bashistha1956 [at] gmail [dot] com due to this I am unable to operate my email account. Please arrange to send the password of My another email ID is bashisthatiwari1956 [at] gmail [dot] com
I will be highly thankful to you Sir. Hoping for quick reply.
B P Tiwari
Mob. 941xxx8653

Password forgotten

Dear Sir,
With due respect , I have forgotten my password of email ID bashistha1956 [at] gmail [dot] com due to this I am unable to operate my email account. Please arrange to send the password of My another email ID is bashisthatiwari1956 [at] gmail [dot] com
I will be highly thankful to you Sir. Hoping for quick reply.
B P Tiwari
Mob. 941xxx8653

Mera facebook account mere

Mera facebook account mere afne haat se locked

account block and login problem with pc

i am facing login problem . when i login with pc then it takes too much time and login not happen. i try multiple times to login but at last it shows your account has been blocked due to multiple login . Now resolve my problem as soon as possible so that i can login through my pc without any barriers.

My go in identity

Respected sir l am change in facebook Gmail suddenly that go in identity so please open it sir

Sir Pleas Open My Facebook id

Sir Pleas Open My Facebook id Without any reason ban my fb account.....

Please help me my fb account mobile number and email i forget

Submitted by Honnappa Halager or Honnesh Rh
Sir my parsonal Facebook account was Honnesh Rh it my account.But now sir my official facebook account was logout and i forgot this account mobile number and email ID and password also totally i losses my fb account login access.sir i submit my request to Facebook team.sir i follow Facebook community rules.
sir i used my real name . and date of birth matches with my official facebook account. Sir i request to you please recover my official facebook account.

Thanks facebook team please contacts

E-mail: honnappahalager1 [at] gmail [dot] com

Full name: Honnappa Halager fb account name is Honnesh Rh and Nick name (junglee)

Dear sir/madam I request you in this fb account had an lot's of my childhood memories and my first love memories also please i humble request to you sir please recovery this my problem please

non payment of transaction

Dear sir ,
i made a transaction to Ranjna prashar(registered on phone pe, mobile no. xxxxxxx390) of Rs.6000/- on 30/4/2022. She says that her bank has not received the amount in her account.
I had raised the querry through the phone pe app. It says that money has been accepted by her bank.
It has taken quite a long time to materialise the transaction still money has not reached her account.
kindly take appropriate action to deliver the money to her account or return it to my account on priority.
Hoping for a quick and positive response from you.
Wg Cdr GK Kahol (Retd)