Vijaya Bank Customer Care Numbers

Toll free Number(s): 
  • 1800 425 5885
  • 18004259992
  • 18004254066
  • 1800 103 5525 (Balance Enquiry)
  • 1800 425 4066 (Internet Banking)
  • 1800 103 5535 (Mini Statement)
All India Number(s): 
  • 08025584066 (20 lines)


Shri Vijay Dube,

The Nodal Officer/Chief Grievance
Redressal Officer,
Vijaya Bank
Customer Comfort Cell 
Head Office, 41/2, M. G. Road
Bangalore – 560 001.


  • 08025584066 
  • Ext 133 

Toll Free

  • 18004255885
  • 18004259992
  • 18004254066


  • 08025584236 
For Internet Banking Queries
  • vnetbanking [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in

Contact for NRI Customer Only

Vijaya Bank
NRI Customer Cell
International Banking Division
Head Office, 41/2, M. G. Road
Bangalore – 560 001


  • 91-8025584066

Toll Free

  • 18004255885
  • 18004259992
  • 18004254066

Nodal Officer for Customer Grievances

Sr No Region Contact no. (Mobile) Contact no. (Landline) CO Code Name of Staff handling Customer Contact Cell Designation EMail Id
1 AHMEDABAD 09212303026 07926306893 9101 Arun Joy Manager roahmplanning [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in
2 BANGALOREN 09448987307 08025582749 9124 Sundar Murthy Asst. Manager robanccc [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in
3 BANGALORES 080255959439125 Sophia Eliza Issac Asst. Manager roblrsmarketing [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in
4 BHOPAL 09310840831 07552550218 9131 Anjela Kerketta Asst. Manager robhpucustomercontactcell [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in
5 CHANDIGARH 08840137239 01722745239 Extn 30 9126 Bipender Singh Bisht Asst. Manager chplanning [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in
6 CHENNAI 09841139836 04428885412 9113 Babu A S Manager che [dot] inspection [at] VIJAYABANK [dot] CO [dot] IN
7 COIMBATORE 09629078700 04222246264 9132 P Ganeshan Manager rocoimbatoreper [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in
8 DELHI 07011492061 01123711098
9107 Anuj Jaiswal / Nagendra Singh Asst. Manager rodelhimsmehub [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in
8 DELHI 07011492061 01123711098
9107 Anuj Jaiswal / Nagendra Singh Asst. Manager
9 GUWAHATI 09835244987 03612468790 9108 Tuhin Dutta Asst. Manager roguwmarketing [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in
10 HASSAN 09964399269 08172279355 9109 Vijayakumar Asst. Manager rohasrmd [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in
11 HUBLI 09423810507/ 9008459238 08362366306 9110 Narendra Kumar/ Sunita Senior Manager Asst Mangaer rohubmarketing [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in/ hublimsc9191 [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in
12 HYDERABAD 08106737542 04023287243 9111 B Vidya Rani Asst. Manager rohydcustomercontactcell [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in
13 JAIPUR 09873677870 01412703782 9133 Jitendra Sharma Asst. Manager rojaimarketing [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in
14 KALABURAGI 09908651720 08472262615 9136 Vishal Asst. Manager rokalplanning [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in
15 KOCHI 07902420856 0484 2384332 9127 Adarsha S Nair Asst. Manager planningkochi [at] vijayabank [dot] co in
16 KOLKATA 033222621639104 Pankaj Kumar Senior Manager rajabhashakol [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in
17 KOZHIKODE 9500277332 04952767133 9130 Ramamurthy Manager rokozmarketing [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in
18 LUCKNOW 8077811276 05222349739 9112 Sopan Manager rolucknowccc [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in
19 LUDHIANA 8290731852 01612432600 9140 Iti Sharma Asst. Manager roludcccell [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in
20 MANDYA 8971709996 08232220500 9139 Sonulal P N Asst. Manager romandgad [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in
21 MANGALORE 9483513040 08242423906 9114 Usha Manager
22 MEERUT 8823838931 01128752739 9135 Kanchan Asst. Manager romeeplanning [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in
23 MUMBAI 7506430790 02226614166 9103 Navtej Singh Asst. Manager mum [dot] planning [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in
24 MYSORE 8310381493 08212571906 9115 Fahima S Shaik Asst. Manager romysplanning [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in
25 NAGPUR 9763330908 07122750713 9128 Sheetal Zalke Asst. Manager ronagpurcredit [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in
26 PATNA 9970998127 06122224935 9134 Santosh Kumar Manager ropatmarketing [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in
27 PUNE 8291978774 02025588018 9129 Anand Kumar Prajapat Asst. Manager ropun [dot] marketing [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in
27 PUNE 8291978774 02025588018 9129 Anand Kumar Prajapat Asst. Manager
28 SHIMOGA 9008743316 08182251204 9122 Vikram S Doddamani Asst. Manager roshicreditretail [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in
29 SURAT 9971969943 02612502570 9137 Anand Verma Asst Manager rosuratplanning [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in
30 UDUPI 9400286714
08202520894/ 2533830 9118 Prateik Augstin Ganesh M Asst. Manager personneludp [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in/ roudupiinspection [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in
31 VIJAYAWADA 9948430214 08662428156 9119 R S Krishna Sharma Chief Manager
32 VISAKHAPATNAM 9849946968 08912555602 9138 Suseela K Asst. Manager rovisplanning [at] vijayabank [dot] co [dot] in


pradhan mantri rojgar lone application

Dear sir.
M manoj jangid , , from udaipur raj.hiran magri sector 13.
I need a p.m.r.y lone on 2.5 lakh. but last 8 month before my lone application is in vijay bank hiran magri sec.13 udaipur. .bank staf is not responsible for bank 8 year old in vijaya documents is all over complete ..plese help me

p.m.r.y lone application

Dear sir.
me udaipur raj.hiran magri sec.13 se hu.mene 8 month pahle sec.13 vijaya bank me pradhan mantri rojgar lone 2.5 lakh ke liye file lagai thi.mera lone ke sambandhit documents bhi submit kar rakha he .but bank fir bhi lone nahi de raha .or na hi koi karan bata raha ki lone hoga ya me mera ac.8 saal purana he fir bhi bank staf aakhe dikhate h. Ya to mene galti ki he bank me ac.khulwa ke.

Complaint for non cooperative service from Panjim Goa Branch

Dear Sir,

I purchased hardware material from Chamunda Traders, and requested to give against cheque payment.
Supplier agreed and given material. But his cheque has been returned back by Vijaya Bank, for techinical reason as Drawers signature differs.
Sir please note customer image has been handled by banks, people dosent knows his bank balances. They consider payments were not getting on time or other reason via cheque payments.
My image has been spoiled by Vijaya Bank by not making payment to Chamunda traders. In future they will ask for cash payments. Also they will spread information in market.
If any signature difference is found on cheque, you should call on phone atleast. Also my stamp is there on cheque.
You are deducting our amount for SMS sending, NEFT transfer, etc. And on this my account no any payments were paid by Bank since it is a current account. You can charge for telephone call also. Since now banks charging heavely for different transcations.

I have account in your bank for about 10 years. Your Panjim branch service is not satisfactory. Annual my transcation is about crore rupees. And on which no any payment is made by bank, but my image in market has been spoiled. I am dealer of Stainless steel etc items having GST no. 30AXGPS4759R1ZO.
Due to this your incident it will effect to my business.

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