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If you have any issue regarding payment ,order ,account you have to first sign in to uber
account after that you can lodge your complaint -

Follow These Steps

  • First open your Uber Eats app
  • Tap help
  • Tap the blue phone icon
  • Tap call support

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Account disable

Account disable plz help sir

Payment issues

I place an order...the cash got cut from paytm as it was first time i used this app.. i dint realize it.. i paid extra amount cash to deleiver person . he also quitely took the cash and went... trying to contact uber eats no response from app.. and call centers numbers not working..

Money deducted twice for single order

For a single order they deducted amount twice and when raise concern through application itself then i did not get any reply.

Credits issue

I have ordered food on 25th dec.2019 ,received the parcel and paid the amount to the delivery person through google pay. But i do not know how the order got cancelled and the app is forcing me to pay the bill amount again as a fine . I have been complaining about this issue since 10 days and their customer service is terrible that they are not even responding to my issue.
Kindly resolve the fine amount as early as possible.

Charged Twice for the order without any confirmation OTP

I have ordered from Rushi valley restaurant on 10 December,2019 and I have paid the amount on that day itself via debitcard,but on 18 December,2019 again the amount was debited from my account without any OTP Confirmation. Please find the ISSUE.

Delivered non veg food for veg food order

I ordered American cheese supreme veg from mcdonald's hinjewadi Pune, they delived me American cheese supreme Non-Veg..I complain them on their app with photos and receipt but they don't even have manners to reply me back or call me on my number.They don't even return my money back..Worst service ever...I will go to court for this..

Uber eats app is very horrible

There is no confirmation that the food order is accepted... Cannot get in touch with customer support.... if there is a delay.... no chat option in the app. Can contact delivery partner only after they have the food with them.... Very very horrible app... not friendly. Many a times I waited for the food and after 2 hrs of waiting, the customer support calls and tells that the restaurant has not accepted my order.... u need to have an msg sent if the order was accepted or not.... Need lot of changes in the app.... Really disgusting.


My mob missing

Order cancelled without any information.

I have ordered from ubereats on 24 Nov. My ordered cancelled without any information. Also I payed for the food. I want refund ASAP. No customer service available.


Bat hi Nahi huwa

My mobile number exceeded

Please reply

Mobile no not exist

Mobile no not exist

Very bad service

I had ordered a biriyani and it showed the estimate time. The delivery boy called me then I picked the call, suddenly he disconnected the call and got a message that " your order has been canceled due to the delivery boy couldn't find the location " actually the location is town . This is very fraud activity and they charged me for the amount. How can I pay the amount. Since that time I was not using uber and am trying to call customer support.there is no customer service at all. Very fraud company is uber. Swiggy and zometa have a good dealing and customer support. I deleted the uber app.


My order was not tasty and

My order was not tasty and very bad samel

Refund of Payment not received

I ordered via debit card for the food and after 5 min suddenly the order got cancelled by restaurant and there's no refund by Uber Eats. I am really disappointed the way Uber Eats Working.

Amount not received

When would I receive my balance amount.


My order is not comed and not any phone. Calls come but and money was not refund


6 days complete refund nahi huva aab Tak

I just lost my money an order with the debit card issue.

The respective hotel cancelled my order but they debited 98 rupees from my account.Amount was not credited in my account.So please credit my amount in my account.

Didn’t receive refund back

I have ordered food on 31 december 2019 but due to restuarant problem the order was cancelled and I didn’t receive my refund i have paid rs 220 on the order

Poor service

I yesterday booked 2 shawarma from Mahim and paid the final amount online but after few minutes the order was cancelled and there was no upcoming delivery,the amount was debited online but I didn't got anything from Uber Eats It was like horrifying incident for me,& on top of that the customer care service was down & I couldn't get any help.I was there static scratching my head.

Bullshit I don't like this

Bullshit I don't like this app at all very bad service I didn't expect this .. wrongly one order get placed and now I can't cancel the order ... Kindly update this bloody app ...

My promo code didn't applied

My promo code didn't get applied after that i tried to cancel the order but there was no option to cancel it i ordered from this app first time but very disappointing service

Food delivery boy

Good ok

Uber account

My phone is said to already have an account but i never made an account. How do i create the account.

Need my cashback for the cancelled order

I cancelled my order on 30th Oct and there is no single response from uber and as per the uber instructions i waited till 7 business days and the amount is not credited to my account. Any official from uber take this issue with priority and credit my amount back to my account....

Order cancelled by delivery boy

I paid online and order was nor received to me. And I didn't get by payment back

I want to refund the payment for the canceled order

Uberit's Boy just called me once. He didn't call me much. I didn't follow the phone. If I was cash on delivery then he would find me and give me his food, but since I made the payment, So she canceled my order without giving me food, because it didn't matter to him, I just didn't get my payment today. I want to refund the payment for the canceled order.....

amount deduction

I got deducted of amount 706 from my account and the restaurant cancelled my order an they did not refund my amount. i need ur cc Number couldn't find your number.

amound deduction

good afternoon.
yesterday i am order in some snakes in karaikudi (tamilnadu) total amount i will purchase in Rs-610 INR but my order is cancel the dealers.my account balance 2 times deducted the amount but i have no receiving the deduction amount, total amount dedution-1220 RS INR. pls action and replace the my amount.

delivery cancelled

we have ordered a biriyani but the delivery boy has come and called for 4 times none were available to pick the call so they have cancelled the order it could be better if there is delivery boy number so we have called him and tell him to hold for another 5 mins we have alomost waited for 50 mins for the order but they could not wait for even 10 mins

Ridar ne complend kardi our hamara acount direct deactivate kar

Please acount reactivate karne ki kirpa kare partner se call karke puchhege y direct account band kar dege esse driver bhaio ka bharosa uth jayega

Mismatch of order

I'm not getting my I order , I am ordered chicken biriyani, but I am received veg biriyani

wrong food delivered

wrong food delivered,
and not returned money yet.



Refund Money

I have orders food of 520 rs and payment through Credit Card but the order has not given to me and the amount was also not refund to me. So plz refund my money

Cant login

I have tried all the options but I cant login and i also forget my password and email attached to it is not mine and not exist so what to i do and your app is also useless because it does not help me with my problem and not content care number swiggy is better than your app

Cant login

Pls my password

My order is not delivered.

Customer care service is very pours

Food quality was pathetic

Hi Team,

Today I ordered foot from Uber eats from Petpuja restaurant the Paneer cheese paratha and daal tadka was really bad we couldn’t eat the same. We requested on your app to either replace the order but as no response was found from that site we have to ping you here and also there is no contact number for you people.
Call me at 9981xxxxxx and please resolve the issue also I need my money for these 2 items


I have doesn't suttesffied for user group


I had order from your side amounting was 117 but from my account 413 is got debited and food also not arrived I want my money back as soon as possible otherwise this thing I VL escalat on Twitter as well as on Facebook that Uber is a fraud number if time I had place with the request but from your side I m not getting any revert and non of your customer number is connectable
I don't know y fruad u all do with the customer I want my money back with in by today itself

My order got cancelled by delivery guy

I have clearly mentioned to call on other number instead of registered number but still I was not available on registered number he repeatedly called on registered number and cancelled my order and given statement unavailability this is not fair I want this issue to be resolved on priority. And I was charged for cancellation I won't pay its not my mistake.It's his duty to check before delivery and check with his account whether I have mentioned to call on other number or not my Order I'd (#371D9)

Team i had given the above

Team i had given the above orders and also had received the same against cash payment,
#30810 order nos dated 8 oct
However later the order seems cancelled and the due is showing up and now linked to uber ride as well

When I have paid and consumed the order why is the order showing cancelled and due reflecting to my account.

Damaged food

This is the pathetic experience , choco lava was out of box and pizza was cold and again damaged. I am surprised you are npt even contacting me.

Hi, Ubereats has very poor

Ubereats has very poor customer service. There should be a helpline number for customer to place their complaints. Despite the money being paid for the last order through COD its showing that i owe money from ubereats. Its the worst application,without any customer rights.

Worst experienc

Ubereats has very poor customer service. There should be a helpline number for customer to place their complaints. Despite the money being paid for the last order through COD its showing that i owe money from ubereats. Its the worst app and worst service.

Cancelled without Information

My ETA was 3:15 pm - your policy clearly says 10 mins none called me nor messaged me and got cancelled by 3:23 pm very very unhappy with your service I never expected such worst service attached the screenshot for the same kindly check the time and why should I be charged u made me starving and the location is clearly mention Manipal Paediatric Centre atleast could have asked it's not a normal location & how to reach customer Care no number provided very unhappy with overall services..

Misbehaviour of uber eats staff on road

Today i and my wife were riding in a scooter near Saibaba temple mylapore chennai 600004,suddenly a boy wearing uber eats and was riding in front of my scooter and didnt give me way.His age may be 20 to 23.He was riding in a scooter and the number plate showed TN 07 CC 8784.I started warning him but he continued to come in front of my vehicle way.He started to threaten me with hard words.So i request uber eats not to enploy and entertain the persons with such attidude.Thankyou

Payment Issue I have Pay the Uber Eats Delivry Boy Rs

Payment Issue I have Pay the Uber Eats Delivry Boy Rs 550/- Please Solve The Problame

I ordered coffee

I ordered coffee for 2 time's. That 2times that shop not accept for my order. Then why you get amount for my account I gave 2 time Rs 70 credit in my account pls refund my 140


my ac.is disabled for wron password mention there,but i want to reactivate my ac.but there i have no other information for last dellivery and date because many days are complete for block my uber ac.

promo code not showing in my a/c

yesterday i have order to uber eat app but my 3 60% promo code
is unavailable show in uber eat app

Rs Sixteen hundred deducted from my account.Food not delivered.

I made a pre-paid order of Rs1600 .Money deducted from my account, but food was not delivered. I will lodge police complaint if necessary action not taken within 24hrs.

UBER EATS_ charged for not receiving any food

17th sep ordered but i cancelled, nothing delivered but jts showing 239 rs pending when ever i tries to book a cab. The food i orrdefed from mexican grill is walkable so i went and asked why its charging.. they had no clue and asked to check with uber eats help. This is ridiculously why should i pay for not getting anything. I started to use ola instead even after trying...

Where I try to check receipt it's showing failure.

Such an irritating .

I am using uber from past 3 years atleast Nd now feels like they are misusing .

My order never arrived but payment was deducted

My order is of rs 100 by paytm my order didn't arrived but payment was was deducted and there is no me and to call and complain, what kind of system is this.

The same has happened to me

The same has happened to me now. Few back I have received wrong order. These kinds of issues are happening very frequently in uber eats. Completely disappointed with them.

My order has not delivered but I have paid amt to my order

Order not delivered payment has been made

amount deducted from my account but order not came to me.

My order number is#2c017. i didn't revived my order and showed me cancel this order. i want full refund.

Not accepted order my money debited sir refund my money

Not accepted my order my money refund


last nightI have orders food of 54.50 rs and payment through credit card but the order has not given to me and the amount was also not refund to me. So plz refund my money asap thank you

My money debited. But order not issued


I ordered chicken biriyani in ubereats, but when money debited from my account, order not issued. No customer are number to call. I want answer immediatley

Refund money and current order

One order was cancelled by uber eats still amount is not refunded and they promised to give uber credits that is also not credited and current order one item is missing and there is no customer care number updated hence unable to call them now I'm in too much loss so resolve this issue right away

Suppose my money added my account

Case file on ubereats my money my account debited in my account

refund payment

I have orders sandvwiz of 75 rs and payment through online but the order has not given to me and the amount was also not refund to me. So plz refund my money

Hello I was not ordering

I was not ordering after 30th September 2019 how can get an order and payment mail, so i deleted my account afterwards I'm not going to use it


I ordered food.200 rupee's paid through my debit card.due to some address issue that order was cancelled from uber.they told the amount will refunds within five or ten minutes.Plese refund my money

Rotten food supply by Uber eats

Food supply by Uber eats from national hotel &restaurants was rotten food

Odear nahi aya mera

My payment debit my card but my oder not place

Refund amount not to be credited to my bank account

My name is Gourab Saha, I was ordered my dish from CFC resturent of amount 75/-on 28/09/2019,but order number forgive me, Still now, the refund amount not to be credited to my bank account,I will timing you next 3-4days,or otherwise I will take legal action.

Payment refund

I ordered biriyani...but order cancelled..but no refund

Issue in login

Hello Team

I have already account in ubereats. I didn't used this app from since 3&4months. Now I want to reset my password unable to change the password.


Useless app and useless service

I have ordered food for 268 RS and after waiting for 45 minutes, the order got cancelled at 11.30pm without any communication. No clarity on refund. Didn't received any call from the delivery guy. Useless app and useless service.

Refund my money Rs two hundred Twenty eight.

My order is not received

My order is not camed but i

My order is not camed but i have spended money pls refund my money Rs. 228

My id deactive issue

Plz sir my uber drive id deactive plz sir my id Active plz sir

Complaint towards order cancellation

Hey, I have ordered
On 27 september 2019,
The courier never arrived, neither did he called me up.
Later got a text msg that my ordered was cancelled without any refund, now tell me do you guys really into real business or any forgery schemes?
I need my money back hook or crook, why should I pay for something I haven't used.
Expecting a call back as soon as possible.


The concerned In charge, My order No 7BEFB Std 30/09/2019
Today I ordered pure veg Hotel called Agarwal in Matunga or radar area from Mumbai 26 chapatis & 1 veg Tawa & 6 butter chappati .paid Rs 281/- on 30th Sep 2019 . around 1 30 pm .
Delivery was ok but de quality of food was so bad As it was prepared in footpath too too much oil floating .It was horrible we tasted just little it was danger to get in to hospital.
Why Uber eats have link with this type of sub standard hotels .
Uber eats wants commission only . & bothered about super A quality hotels . There s no loitering about this type hotels. If I would rain dat food I would be in hospital .
What's de reply .my mob no xxxxxx8639 call me really if u are interested on this complaint .Reply
It's requested kindly take care of dis type of third class hotel.

stale food delivered from rest of

This is related with my recent order I placed to gangour restaurant,nagpur. I ordered kheer madam today.The order was delivered,but the item was stale,smelling very bad.I have sent the feedback to Uber eats,but I have not got any response.pls don't send stale or unhealthy food to customer,in the name of discount.This is a serious issue,that restaurant are sending such kind of food.Not satisfied with Uber eats service,,and no more orders I will place ,until this issue is solved.

My delivery not arrived

I have orders food of 561 rs and payment through paytm but the order has not given to me and the amount was also not refund to me. So plz refund my money

refund of money

amount was not refund

Payment made and order cancelled by the hotel

I made a payment and went on with the order. Then hotel cancel the order and since a month my fund has not reached my account. I keep emailing uber and they keep asking for the account statement and I have given it more than two times..now I realise my account is not there anymore and when I try to reset my account it takes me to the driver page..what is the solution

Can't Delivered my food

I have orderd a Zefran Biriyani...But not delivered ... Balance deduct from my account...plz refund my rupees..

I had the same issue. They

I had the same issue.

They won't pay back.

*This is the first time I'm ever giving a one star to an App.*
Read this before ordering any items from this app.
Here's the short story:
I tried to make an order in the app. But because of the App BUG, the page reloaded to the cart page BUT My order AMOUNT WAS DEDUCTED.
I was cool though as I thought the support care will help with it.
Nope. They just closed the complaint with irrelevant details and apologies "Everytime" I raised the query for 25 days.
Imagine the frustration and disappointment


Very bad service

I am facing this same

I am facing this same problem.how to get my money


Just ordered and the amount was deducted and the order was never placed

I had automatically cancelling

Dear sir7/madam in my uber app and ubereats app tht will automatically cancelling in my phone when ever i was going to book order and booking iits showing too many cancellation so plz try after some time this problem i have 4days so please rectify this problem sir thank you

Order never delivered, payment not refunded yet

I placed an order from thee pot last night, order no BCB59. I made the payment of 120 rs through debit card. The order was picked up by delivery partner but the order was never arrived. When i tried calling my delivery partner his phone was switched off. Then i called customer care and even they tried to call him , his phone was off.
Kindly refund my money back.

Money being deducted from my account

Well I am totally disappointed by uber eats.
This is the third time the money has been deducted from my account and never got a refund regarding it.
Neither no actions are being taken.

What kind of professional behaviour is this.
When you can't even respect your customers and seek to their problems.

I am continuously texting in the help section also and there is no reply regarding the issue.

Well I want a reply and seriously wants to communicate to the authority.

I would want my refund back ASAP.

Is it professional to make your customers complaint everytime with the same issue instead of solving it and also how pathetic is your services by always charging instantly and never giving refund when the order is cancelled by your side.

Or is it just another way to loot your customers.


If this continues will make sure that none of my relatives and friends use uber eats ever.

Solve this issue.

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