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  • 1860-266-5555(Toll Free Only For Tata Docomo Customer,Piad for other Operator)
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  • 1800-266-121(Toll Free )

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  • 1860-266-5555(Toll Free Only For Tata Docomo Customer,Piad for other Operator)


listen [at] tatadocomo [dot] com

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Deficiency in Services

Dear Sir/Madam,

Gujarat State Investments Limited is using internet services from Ahmedabad and as you aware that, due to lockdown the uses of the internet was NIL during last 55 days. However, the relaxation in lock-down was granted by the Authority and once the office get open that time internet is not working even after 24 hours of the Complaint made.

Tata Docomo is only there to collecting money without providing services? With out Internet the office working can't be done. The over-Due is zero for your information please.

Look into the matter on priorities bases.

two numbers

Hi Team, Please respond. Two tata docomo numbers are disconnected. Please call to me / email me. Its urgent. Thanks.

SD not credited

Hi Tata Tele Team

It Is to inform you that myself Kartik Sau has deposited Rs 3000 SD deposit against below number while my credit limit crossed.

Now I have stopped my connection 3year back but SD amount is still not credited or nobody contacted me in this ragards.

Be a ex Tata employee would urge you to pay some attention on it and refund me SD.


Kartik Sau


Urgently update me on following queries:

a. The internet is still not working, why?
b. How can the service be barred before the due date?
c. How much more time does it take for you to un-barred the service?
d. What measures are you going to take to improve the network issue? (Because I pay full amount every month, but never received the service as promised)
e. As mentioned in the emails sent earlier (it was conveniently ignored), the phone number on the bill, it dosen't belong to me, kindly change it as well.

Expecting a revert in an hour's time. Kindly treat this as an urgent matter and revert with a resolution ASAP.

Extorting payments for discontinued service

TATA Docommo a subsidiary of TATA group which is renowned and has high business ethics is getting indulged false practices such as cheating their customers by charging payment even though the service is discontinued, which is very disappointing.
• We had two accounts with TATA DOCOMMO. one for telephone connection and other for Broadband connection.
• On 06-Jul18, we requested the customer care through telephone call, to discontinue both the accounts, as we vacated the premises for which we received a ref. no.
• On 07-Jul-18, received an email informing that safe custody feature for telephone account has been activated and the request is closed, even though the request made was for disconnection of both the connections.
• Subsequently on 19th July invoices for both the connections were received which were paid on 21-Jul-18.
• Thereafter no invoice was received in Aug-18, which made us understand that both the accounts had been successfully discontinued / deactivated.
• On 05-Sep-18, received an email from TATA Docommo notifying about outstanding payment amounting to Rs. 1179. This was followed by another email from Mr. Shreenivas Hande of TATA Docommo on 07-Sep-18.
• Response to both the above emails was sent clarifying the facts and requesting to update the erroneous records.
• On 10-Sep-18, received another email providing 2nd reminder to outstanding payment of Rs. 1179 which was followed by yet another email from TATA Docommo on 18-Sep-18 in which the outstanding amount reflected was Rs. 2320
• It appears that there is no inter department co-ordination in the organization and just internal records are reviewed to generate notifications, ignoring the clarification / reply provided by the customer in response to the earlier notifications.
• Subsequently, a couple of times there were again same notification telephone calls received which were responded stating the above facts which again remain ignored.
• On 12-Jan-19 received telephone call from the legal department which caused concern as no one would like to get involved in legal matters and on 05-Mar-19 an email providing legal notice was received.


irresponsible sales team and customer service

I had taken a landline and broadband connection and has been paying bill on time last 4 yrs. One sales executive came and promised me of high end speed but they need to change modem for which i agreed on condition that number should not change and he agreed. But i was shocked to see a bill where the telephone number and account number was changed and the bill which used to come to my mail started going to my wife. I feel just to show a new sale they changed account and mail id. Such irresponsible employees. Now they have cancelled my connection for no fault of mine

Harassment and constant demand for payment from Tata Broadband

Tata Broadband is a totally shit and worthless company. Since August I have been telling them to disconnect my broadband and landline. The tata agent changed my account number and then the company continued to charge me for landline even though in the new account the landline was included.
Finally I got an email and sms that my accounts will be discontinued on Nov. 1, 2018.
On Nov. 24, I got an email and sms saying I have to pay a balance for my account.
What is this? I spent so much time in sending emails and phone calls to this idiotic, shit, worthless crap company. It took them so many months to disconnect and I have paid a lot of extra. I have stopped using the broadband and internet since september.
Who is this the fucking moron, asshole president or manager of this company?
This is a WARNING. Never ever get broadband internet from Tata. You will regret it. They should just burn down this company and save people from so much headache and high blood.

worst service ever

these people don't even check this email box.
I have dropped a mail in month of January regarding changing the gmail ID and number since I was leaving the flat.
I even raised a ticket ,I sent multiple mails after that.
and now I am getting messages to pay the amount.
their services are worst.

Worst customer service. Irresponsible docomo team

Tata walky network was closed and my advance amount is not refunding even on multiple mails to listen @tatadocomo.
Customer care responding recklessly and asking to speak in hindi only.They even not transfering cal to english executive simply ending the call leaving customer complaints live.
Worst experience with TATA.
Never join in this network. Unproductive people.

Police Complaint

Your TataDocomo company and executives rude and have cheated me filing police complaint for the same——Adv.Sheetal@Aarti Sadavarte.

Threatening mails from TATA Photon Team

I have surrender service of TATA photon by calling customer care services. They asked me to make payment and when i tried to make payment online, i got error that invalid account. I tried it multiple times but no luck.

When i received mail from TATA team for payment, I requested them to send their executing and collect the payment. I also requested to send me details of their branh near to my location but they did not revert back and sending me threading mails again and again.

They are trying to do mental harassment of mine. I was not expecting such type of poor service and response from the company like TATA.

Can anyone help me how to escalate this issue to their higher management.

With Regards,

world worst services _ Porting issue


First of all i want to highlight the truth, I am using WORLD WORST SERVICE, i.e. Tata Teleservices Ltd.

I had made request to port out with poring code( TZ313698) from docomo to Vodafone on 29th june'18 after clearing my all due in fact i have made over payment before porting request. however my porting request is rejected due to outstanding balance.
i contact to docomo call center and talk to senior supervisor on 29th june
he replied i have no due and need to raise porting request once again, I do the same but while raising porting request again got massage as porting request is already open for this number (9970xxxxxx), again called to customer care and talk to senior supervisor he replied he will close the porting code(TZ313698)
and i resend new porting code by sending SMS to 1900.
on 30th june i resend SMS to 1900 but got massage "your porting code TZ313698 is already exists. I again call to customer care and again talk to senior supervisor and told him the conversation happen on 29th june between me and senior supervisor, he directly said i am telling lie and never talk to any senior supervisor. Again i called on 1st july again he said the same thing mention over. Again i called on 3rd july. and talk to senior he replied the problem is not from their end, i want to know if the problum is not form your end and my payment is cleared then why i am not able to port


Thank you for proving world worst services

Manish SInha

Very Worst Service

Dear Team,

My name is basheer I am from chennai I am using your network Mobile no GQ

After disconnection still receiving bill

it was my biggest mistake that i have bought tata photon connection as i was using this connection from long time. my connection got disconnected from 5th march and i have paid 1800 due amount and i got confirmation that my connection got disconnected for permanently . but still i am receiving bill dont know what kind of service its . several time i have informed but no body listening seems all are blind or deaf or harnessing customer.

after disconnect my connection from march month still getting bill . do you have answer about this now i am going to log a case in consumer count against you all people unnecessary demanding money. i am going to post this to everywhere facebook twitter now see how customer can spoil such useless company.

thanks for 3rd class service. now wait for legal letter which soon will receive.




I am using TATA DOCOMO last 5 Years as a post paid customer and now i want to transfer on Postpaid to prepaid . i had approach

​ed​ your dealer and dealer demand 200 Rs for transfering my services after 3 times of discussion by covering 12 KM far from my location!!

Completing the age of 55 a lady suffered the problem from services while at the same moment when customer need for transferring from prepaid to postpaid company people come at home (Shame on your services)

Dealer Details

Tata DOCOMO Bara Devi Brand Store

Address 1 : Bara Devi
Address 2 : Shop No. 11, Bara Devi Chauraha, Kanpur
City :Kanpur
State : UP East
Pin Code : 208014

Now i am going to change and port

this connection​ ​to​ Vodafone ​due​ bad services ​and​ lack of customer care ​support ​in Kanpur​, customers are​ always get​ting​ suffered f​ro​m services though Docomo...

​Docomo is nothing but a severe service of MANIPULATING ​of services ​with Fake Promises

Is this all your services how the hell company not providing services why the consumer suffered while transferring services to postpaid to prepaid




Suman Seth

Sr. Advocate (District Court Kanpur)

disgressful customer assistance

We have tata indicom rural telephone at our home which device is not working it have battery issue, keyboard issue. .Even we are ready to replace this device but we are not getting proper assistance from your resional tata indicom office or from customer service telephone numbers. ..As per them that device become outdated and no spares in the market etc...We are expecting your technician to visit at our site and check the issue or you should provide us a new device. .So that we can continue your telephone service.
affected tata indicom phone: 07105-691880
for future replies to this complaint : 09730955109

Sim close

Dear sir pease mera sim gum ho gya hai jo no. Hai 8797163509 . Please band kar de new sim mai chalu karna chahta hu

for money returning

Sir,most respectfully,I bag to say that I am mohd habeeb Alan and I am docomo Moore than 10 year lam your regular costumer because I believe on docomo but I don't believe at the time.due to my 99 rupee cut by your company when I called car then he told me that we are Not. Return your money.sir please give permission for return. May money. And thanks sir my number 8143030218

Docomo Customer Care GUJARAT

Agents not takeing complaint for my network problem..and avoid to rase. Tell me system not working so cant take complaint.WTF??
I am in ahedabad proper still week network issue.. they tell me to seclect Aircel network. But I am active on 3g plan if I seclect Aircel then not able to use 3g service. Slow speed in other netwok.

Best Award for Bad network to Docomo!!!

B.S.N.L and other oprators is better then Docomo

Agent= Jay Sharma
My Number: 9274747479

Billing of Disconnected Line

I have received the mail from 'nodalofficer [dot] rom [at] tatatel [dot] co [dot] in' where complaint is try to lodge.

From: Mail Delivery Subsystem <mailer-daemon [at] googlemail [dot] com>
Date: Sun, Mar 10, 2013 at 1:48 PM
Subject: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)
To: nexuspolychem [at] gmail [dot] com

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

nodalofficer [dot] rom [at] tatatel [dot] co [dot] in

Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain tatatel.co.in by sys.tatatel.co.in. [].

The error that the other server returned was:
550 5.1.1 Recipient address not found: The User you are trying to send the message is not found. Check the email address and re-send the message.

----- Original message -----

DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;
d=gmail.com; s=20120113;
MIME-Version: 1.0
X-Received: by with SMTP id uo4mr12769570wjc.30.1362903535075;
Sun, 10 Mar 2013 00:18:55 -0800 (PST)
Received: by with HTTP; Sun, 10 Mar 2013 00:18:54 -0800 (PST)
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2013 13:48:54 +0530
Message-ID: <CAKUAd4+giy0cpBFDZrq0O2_0W=1EPfzVwf_rzU_B2Gi2JaVtpA [at] mail [dot] gmail [dot] com>
Subject: Broad Band Services
From: nexus polychem <nexuspolychem [at] gmail [dot] com>
To: nodalofficer [dot] rom [at] tatatel [dot] co [dot] in
Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary=089e01419d7c1272c304d78db5ea


Ms. Suguna Shetty,
Nodal officer,
Tata Teleservices (Mah) Ltd.

Subject : Billing of discontinued service of Tata Photon.

Dear Madam,

Kindly go through our request letter dt. 28.05.2012 for discontinuation
of service in the attachment.

We would like to inform you that we were using Broad Band Services (Photon)
having No. 9225328448 & 9225657011 &
Walky No. 9272226131 using them at below mentioned location.

Plot No. 9 & 10, STICE, At - Musalgaon,
Taluka-Sinnar, Dist - Nashik 422112 (M.S.)

Unfortunately reception of the signals were very poor & broadband working
on 2G, hence we decided to continue with
Walky only. We were received the bills of Walky only till billing period

Without any confirmation or information received Bill for Photon No.
9225328448 & keep repeatedly calling on phone for payment of bill.

Kindly let us inform who one authorize to activate Photon No. 9225328448 &
charged us, which was already deactivated, can be confirmed by attached

You are requested to confirm us as per TRAI norms & revert back with your
action & compensate for mental harassment.

Thanking you in anticipation.

With regards.

Nitin Nagpurkar





Tel: +91-2551-240079

Mobile: 09604098059

Request for disconnection

Dear Sir,

I have taken new connection account No. 916669018 and No 0120-6768938 from your company of Broad band with telephone. I am not satisfied with the services you have provided and would like to request you to kindly disconnect my connection with immediate effect. The reasons for dissatisfaction are as follow:

1) Wrong sales commitment

a. Your sales person ensure me that my Wi-fi, which I was using with Airtel will be used here also hens do not need to spend money for new wi-fi. This didn’t happen.

b. Your sales people ensure me that I will get a number choice. This too didn’t happen.

2) Service related issues

a. My broad band 3 times’s disconnected for hours due to which I had to suffer business losses.

b. My land line is not working from day one.

c. Workmanship of installation is very poor as you can see in the pics attached.


Rakesh Vaid


602 A1,

Olive County

Sector-5, Vashundhara

Ghaziabad U.P.

Irritating TATA network

please don't get any tata telecom product. nonsense customer care in this world.
poor service. i feel shy i was the customer of tata photan.


Customer care is not for help.?
Today! This is 3rd time agent avoid to raise complaint for 3g not working in Ahmedabad city.. he imfom me if 3g users more in area so u Cant use... WTF.....??
ASK to transfer call to TL OR TC but call on hold then discussion call..

My no:9274747479

Nodal please check last agent tag in crm and now if u can do some action for that..

About TATA

this is very funny..
when i dial rajasthan circle nodal office phone no. , then it says that "dial kiya no. janch le"..........

Worst service

Its hell, it was my big mistake of taking Tata Photon, 3 months back i have disconnected (becoz of very very bad service form them) but yet i am waiting to get my money back.

They harashing like anything, no proper response from any one.


tata photon plus

it has been 10 days my device is not working i have paid RS 5000 it is my hard earned money i did not expected from tata group please help me

why money is being deducted whith out any service activation

Dear sir, i am kamal Narayan Tiwari, with mobile number 9261186099. I am Requesting you to know that what is problem with TATA tele services, I have never activated any extra facility from your respected firm but calling. In this month more than 10 times Payments has been deducted by Company. It is from Re 1 to Rs. 10. I just want a details of my request which has been done from my Side to activate certain Facility. Today i made 5 calls to Customer care From Different mobile number but nothing is Reply. After 2 call my facility has been deactivated through which I can make call to Customer care. i need my money back. it does not matter how it is, but i need it back. Anticipating Ur reply. Thanks & Regards Kamal Narayan Tiwari mo. 9261186099