Tata Walky Customer Care Number 121

Toll free Number(s): 
  • 121 (TATA Walky- Postpaid)

Write to us

Snail Mail: Tata Teleservices Ltd.
2A, Old Ishwar Nagar
Main Mathura Road,
New Delhi-110065


listen [at] tatadocomo [dot] com

Register and Track Complaint:

Complaint Click Here

SMS Service

You can get details of your bill, activate and deactivate Value Added Services and even subscribe to our Add-on Packs, all by simply sending an SMS to 121.

Customer Desired Service Request SMS Key word
1st Word 2nd Word
3 Way Conferencing ACT/CAN 3WC
Daily Un-billed Usage SUB/UNSUB BILL
Feature Call Forward Busy ACT/CAN CFB
Feature Call Forward Immediate ACT/CAN CFI
Feature Call Forward No Reply ACT/CAN CFN
Feature Call Liner Identification Pin ACT/CAN CLI
Feature Call Waiting ACT/CAN CW
Do not Disturb ACT/CAN DND
Do not Disturb START/STOP DND
Bill in specific regional Language BILL ENG / GUJ / HIN /
BEN / KAN / MAL / MAR / 
Feature - Itemised Bill (RC) ACT/CAN IBLD
Feature - Itemised Bill (RC) ACT/CAN IBLOCAL
KODIAK Group calling service ACT/CAN INSTACHAT
Roaming ACT/CAN NR
Feature - Itemised Bill (NRC) NRCLD  
Feature - Itemised Bill (NRC) NRCLOCAL  
Call Level Change ACT/CAN STD
On demand Billed/Unbilled usage info BILL  
Duplicate Bill DUPBILL First 3 alphabets of the month
Electronic Bill (email Bill) EBILL Your Email id 
No print bill EBILL  
Unbilled Data Usage Info BILL DATA
Change of tariff ACT/CAN International CallsUSA
Change of tariff ACT/CAN International CallsGULF
Change of tariff ACT/CAN UK
Change of tariff ACT/CAN STDMAX
Change of tariff ACT/CAN SMSL
Change of tariff ACT/CAN TT
Change of tariff ACT/CAN UPGRADE
Change of tariff ACT/CAN LIFECLI
Change of tariff ACT/CAN INT99
Change of tariff ACT/CAN STDL
Change of tariff ACT/CAN STDJ
Change of tariff ACT/CAN SMSPACK
Change of tariff ACT/CAN INTRA
Handset Change Mobile(By the Dealer) CHANGE  
Feature SMS Request CAN SMS
  • ACT - Activation
  • CAN - Cancellation
  • SUB - Subscription
  • USUB - Unsubscriptio

List Of Appellate Authority

List of Nodal Officers

All India Local Customer Care Numbers(State wise)

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