Reliance Customer Care Numbers 1800 200 1100

Toll free Number(s): 
  • 1800 200 1100 (Reliance Communication)
  • 1800 100 3333 (Reliance Communication)
  • 1800 3000 5555 (Data Card/ 3G)
  • 1800 3001 3333 (from RCOM, RTL, HFCL, and BSNL phones)
  • 1800-3000-7777 (Landline/ Broadband)
All India Number(s): 
  • 3033 3333 (with STD Code)
  • 3033 7777 (with STD Code)
  • 3033555 (Data Card/ 3G) (with STD code)
  • *222 (Reliance Postpaid)
  • *333 (Reliance Prepaid)
  • 022-2278 5000 (Mumbai - Head Office)
  • 022-3037 3333 (Mumbai)
  • 3033 4343 (with STD Code - Postpaid)
  • 022 3555 3800 (Reliance mall)


  • makesiteasy [at] relianceada [dot] com
  • customercare [at] relianceada [dot] com
  • broadband [at] relianceada [dot] com (Broadband)

Service & Support Enquiries

  • Phone: 022-303 71444
  • Toll free numbers: 1-800-300-71444 (India)
  • Toll free numbers: 1-888-782-0083 (US and Canada)
  • Toll free numbers: 0800 008 7946 (UK)
  • Email: IDC [dot] Techdesk [at] relianceada [dot] com
  • Fax: 022-30361999

Important links

Login portal

Postpaid Customer Care Numbers (for all services)

Including Mobile, Netconnect(Broadband+ & 1X), Hello(FWT/FWP only)

  • Dial * 222 from your reliance phone
  • Dial 30334343 from any other phone

Prepaid Customer Care Numbers

For account balance

Dial *367 or SMS ‘BAL’ to 53670

For account balance, recharge and language change option

Dial *369

For any other service

Including Mobile, Netconnect(Broadband+ & 1X), Hello(FWT/FWP only)

  • Dial *333 from your Reliance phone
  • Dial 30333333 from any other phone

India office

Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City
H Block, Thane Belapur Road
Navi Mumbai – 400710

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Want previous jio no.

I have port my no.from Airtel to jio but I don't make any recharge in jio..and the no. Is now closed...I want my old no. In jio service.. what should I do?

Recharge is being done but call is not going

How to overcome?

Recharge make to sim not going call why

Recharge make for my sim for rs50 call isn't going

Close JioFibre Account

I have shifted from Delhi and so I want to close my JioFibre account.

Please tell me how to do the same.
Registered number 9560113xxx


net chekup kitna hai kitana chla hai

Recharged incorrectly..

On 4.12.2019 I recharged my phone incorrectly. Actually I meant a different number. So please cancel the transaction. Sir, please refund money. I did it, but later i knew my account has validity until January 10, 2020. Please sir, i never did recharged my phone for long time, in very advance. Im a prolonged user of jio that you can understand by checking my number.

Termination of the connection ASPA

Hello Dear,

I have a Reliance Broadband+ Netconnect connection with Reliance Mobile number ** for Account No **.

Can you please terminate the above-mentioned connection ASAP.

Vivek Prakash Sharma

ignorance from reliance executives

This is official complaint against

Mr. Malay Surti - 937444xxxx, Mr Jayraj - 814011xxxx and Mr jackey – 901686xxxx

Who are responsible person for managing account and billing of reliance landline services.

But this responsible people neither received our calls nor providing any help.

Infect Mr Malay and Mr Jayraj never answer to any of our calls or they didn’t call us back.

Mr jackey is just doing formality and giving same answer that he will call back but never call back and ignoring our numbers.

I have sent E mail 3 times to add GST Number from last 4 months to these responsible people.

But from last 3 month they all are giving only one answer that we will look in to this matter and will callback later.

And I have also phone recording regarding this matter.

Now this is enough and this types of service is not acceptable at all.

I just want to know finally when our issue will be solved for GST matter and name change and add email id matter.

Please tell me how to activate

Am not using my reliance CDMA numbers..
Unfortunately I lost But Now How???

Is it possible
My number is. 9338xxxxxxx
Please tell me how to and present status and how to activate if expired How to Release

Thank You

Sub:- 3G Balance forfeited by reliance for data card number 8287

Dear Sir,
With regret I am writing this mail to you that I had been cheated by reliance 3G services.
Brief of the complaint is as follows, I had 3G balance of 8.7 GB on 23rd Aug-14 and I was required to recharge my data card on that day to carry forward my balance. Considering that I had recharged my data card by Rs 219 for 2 month validity login thru number on reliance site.
After getting the slow speed I called to reliance customer care there they said that my number has been recharged for 2G and 3G balance of 8.7 GB has been forfeited, than I explained that on website it was no where mentioned that the plan was for 2G, for which below is the screenshot where no where it is mentioned that plan is for 3G and if I had recharge thru login detail of 3G number than how it can take 2G plan. Even on receipt it is nowhere mentioned that plan is for 3G or 2G.
Further since last 1 month I am unable to check the balance online thru which even after recharge I could not notice for which I had called to customer care so many times but they just replied that there is some internal problem.
I hereby request you to please to take the necessary action against the operator.

network related

reliance only advertise india's no 1 network but in reality reliance is the worrsiest service provider of india, I have more than 100 rel users who were suffered by reliance poor service and the employees of reliance never cooperate with the common man. They only give excuses and not help to the peoples. At this time of competition "consumer is the king for bussinessmen" but in reliance dictionary consumer is the fool and make him fool in regular basis and enjoy .

Network connectivity problem

I live in P. T. J. M. S. V. M (school campus) Hasanpur, Rajgir, Nalanda (Bihar).In this campus around 30-32 teachers and staff family lives and about 150 People lives here. In the time of lock down students and teachers living in school campus moves here and there on the roof of buildings in search of network as online class is going in our school. The network connectivity is the major problem in the school campus.

So please help us by fixing this problem.

Network related

Sir mere village ke ariya me network nahi atehai gar me andar raheem par bat bahi nahi hoti hai kerpya karke samadhan kare

Pathetic customer care service/

I had called up customer care toll free no and also the other alternate number 080333333 , it was so frustrating that i was not able to get connected to executive it was more than an hour & disconnected the call (Trust me its true ),as the call was not been connected to executive .
I felt ever i would call back on this number , and ever ever i experienced this type of un-satisfactory service from any other service provider . Just imagine why the customer have to suffer on long call waiting Q to just speak to customer care executive for further clarification apart from IVR response . this is all because of un-productive man power resources from the lower management to middle management , this needs to be corrected from the higher management .( hope this message would be sense to the concern and act on it ).

suggestion :

Requirement of executives for the company is very much needed (badly needed )
Requirement should be done based on capability not just for man power .
Higher management should check on the SLA as the abandon call rates are being increased ........

This needs to be initiative immediately ..



mughe new mobile phon chahiye

wrong balance deduct

Dear Sir,

I wants to say about customer care of 198 staffs.This staff are careless and fraud staff. I am using Reliance no. 08263887832. I had recharged with rs rs 61 two times at the
date of may 23,2013.I had checked this recharge detail at the detail of may 24, 2013. Two recharged had been completed.My balance had deducted after sometimes for rs 61.
I had done recharged with rs 58 for call rates. but I had not any benefit received this recharged.I had done call to customer care of 198 staff. Call were received by Mr. Kamal( gents). I said all detail about balance deduct. But That person said that You has activated
this sms vas 5p in four time and internet pack rs 5. I said that I has not activated this service. But Mr. Kamal Had not listen my talks. And said me wrong abuse talks.
That person Said That I will kill you And where are you. That person Said that my company has not effort from your new fool customer. That person Disconnect the call.
I had Done the call to customer care again. Call were received Manju.I told all matters about that girl. Manju had call transfer to senier. Senier supervior Mr. Tapen Singh
asked all matters. I told about all matters. Mr. Tapan had ignored this matters and said me fool.That person disconnect the call.
I had done many time call in this customer care. Call were received the person"S name as - Jagdeep,Tarpen, Supender,pooja, manoj, rajeev, narender, karan, kamal(ladies & gents)
Sushma, Ankit, Prakesh, Ankush, Amrik, Govind, Malti, Prem, Vishnu,Satish, Shashi,parikh, Sarabjeet, Soniya,Lokesh, Gurmeet,Prateep,Kishore, Anoop, Nisha, Soniya,Sakit, Harish, Raam,
Nanak, Manju, sumeet,lokesh. Call were done as the date of May 24 and 28, 2013.
After Many times call, I had done call again. Call were received this person name as Satish and Shashi. That persons said that If you done call to customer care again
Then we will kill you. I said that You can Kill me.Where are come in. That person Disconnect the call.
Than call were received from this number - 08591891285. And Said If You will call customer care number again. we will kill you in your place.and disconnect the call.
I said to customer care of 198 seniers about this matters. But That staff had not done anything and said me fools.
All Junier And Senier Are meeted Each other. They are ignouring this matters and doing fraud.Now they are not receiving call. When I do call to customer care 198 no. then
This staff are not pick up my call several times.they are not pick up my call in manytimes.They are come back my balance.this staffs are cheating with me and deduct my balance.
This staffs are thief person and cheated with customer.\
customer care 198 chor hai jisne mere balance deduct karke mere es number ke record ko gayab kar diya. Es staffs ne apne aap ko bachane ke liye desa kiya hai.
Please help me Sir,
Please give me my wrong balance deduct with rs 61, benefit rc58 for call rates and punish that all careless staff.This careless staff are not doing come back my money.

Please help me sir Immediately.
Yours Faithfully
Rajesh Kumar
Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
Contact - 08263887832

Reliance Netconnect Customer Care

how should i check my balance in reliance netconnect prepaid 7499347957

my mobile number 9313743734 is not registered in my name.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I have booked a Reliance India Mobile Postpaid Phone No. 35343734, on dated 03.07.2003, and a Receipt cum Acknowledgement Slip No. 2039001467 was issued to me, and this phone was delivered to me on dated 17.07.2003. Since then, I am using this connection (Receipt is already with me).

Lateron the numbers of the Reliance converted from 8 Digits to 10 Digits and then my number converted to 9313743734.

Lateron I lost my phone on dated 04.04.2005 (Copy of FIR is already with me), and I have retain my number after submitting my documents.

Lateron I converted this connection from Postpaid to Prepaid after clearing all the dues of the same. Lateron I received a Call from Reliance that according to the Guidelines of TRAI, I have to submit my ID and Address Proof, and I submit the same to the Reliance.

But now, when I applied to make the portability of my number from Reliance CDMA to Reliance GSM, porting request no.653629, on dated 11.02.2013, I came to reliance out let at Dilshad Garden Delhi, on dated 16.02.2013, I know that this number is not registered in my name.

I am unable to understand, that when I have submitting my documents many times with Reliance, then how could this number can be registered in the name of any other person, and who is responsible for this mistake.

Kindly take proper action in my case, as soon as may be possible.

Thanking you,.

C-3/734, Main Circular Road,
Sonia Vihar, Delhi-110094

Number not activated

I purchased a reliance cdma number 9331378954 almost 3 weeks ago and televerification is also done but my number is not activated

dose not activate reliance sim CDMA CONVERT TO GSM

Dear Sir
mera mobile no . 9335334687 hi jisko CDMA CONVERY TO GMS verification bhi ho chuka hi but abhi tak mera webword ke dawara diya gaya sim gsm activate nahi huva hi please activate karne ki karipa kare .

Rs.299 Pack has been deactivate before validity date.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Jagdish yadav and my Mobile no is ( 09303322212) and I have recharged 299 pack for Reliance to Reliance free and 30 minute to other call. I have recharged my mobile date of 12/12/2012 but it is deactivate 31/12/2012, as per Rs.299 pack it is validity 1 month and i have remaining 12 days.

So, regarding this i want to Activate my Rs.299 pack as soon as possible requested you to take the serious action against the mobile service provider.

I am continue followup with customer care no but it is unsuccessful so please do need full.

Jagdish yadav

Complaint regarding my reliancenet

Your company has stopped my reliancenet no 9375203699 since last 11 days without showing any reason.i called to customercare but with sorrow i could not get any proper reply or solution.when u are chrging as postpaid i may be at loss of many days as it has not started till today.ur company is not accepting the proof of my i-card as deputy collector given by the district magistrate,light bill of my own home.i may like to know what do u want more from the customer.u are informed to start my net soon.u are also requsted not to bill for the period from the date u have stopped.

Swift Advice In Diet Described

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New purchased sim card yet not activated (No. 9595410888)

Dear sir,
My name is ashwath m. Deshmukh. I have purchased one new reliance sim card (No. 9595410888) on 23/11/2012 at retail shop at solapur. But since form one week that sim card yet not activated i have conctated with customer care and also reliance office at solapur but they could not help me out.
Plz do activate my card.
all nesseary documet i have sent to reliance office at solapur.

reliance people are robbers

i usually recharge my phn for 799rs plan every month.It was wrking fine but recently for the last few months they always stop d plan when its not even 30 days(only 20 days max).I called up customer service and they said i didnt recharge for 799 plan. How cheap.Reliance should be sued and stopped for robbing and customer harassment

regarding slow speed of reliance 3g

i have reliance netconnect .a few days earlier i recharget it with rs 3000. 30 gb data for 6 months.but the proble is the netconnect is not giving the said 3g speed .even facebook cant open in this speed. i have complained many time on customer care but tey are not solving plese suggest me what shoud i do

Deduction of balance without information

Respected Sir/Madam,
i have a serious problem going on in my reliance sim. the prepaid amount balance automatically gets deducted with without any reason. sometimes through VAS or sometimes unanonymously. please kindly repair this error. it seamlessly reduces the amount even if we r using internet . and the result is that the net pack reduces its efficiency.
For example, if i purchase a 3g net pack and if my balance reduces then it would become 2g net pack.

why you reduce the money from my acceount every tnoth 30 rupees

i have shashikant k kamble i reliance customer why reduce my money from my account . and everymonth you reduce the 30 reupess if reduce the money agai again . i shall cut the number or stop your sim

thanking you

my muber is 9371753699

my sim is prepaid


sim not working

my name is navjot singh from distt mansa (punjab) my no.8591421100 hai ae no mere kol mere naam te ik sall to chall riha hai par 15 dina to mera no band kar dita mainu is bare koyi vi jankari nhi diti main bathinda reliance de office ja ke apna identy proof vi de dita par mera no ajj ta nhi chaila plz mera no. jaldi chaliya jave, navjot singh mb.9878836088

Harasment by reliance Delhi / Kolkata office

Dear Sir / Madam
Attn. G.M. /Dy. GM /Team leader............................. A/C No 100000115101809
I am a retired 70 years old Mechanical Engineer in Kolkata.Due to poor service, I applied on June21,2011 for termination of connection with effect June 24,2011. They did not reply on time about cancellation.They replied on 12July,2011and accepted cancellation w.e.f 12.07.11,at that time I was in Singapore. I informed them I will not be available as I will be out of country. All correspondences are available with me.
on June 21,2011. Yesterday I got a call around 10.45AM from Delhi ,your Advocate Mr. Amit kumar told to pay outstanding dues total Rs 2067 /-. I was astonished to see this amount. I did not get any notice till now. He told
to pay within 12.00 Noon. When I asked him there is no outstanding against me,he told to me if you do not pay then you are to pay at the court.He could not give me proper address where to pay and to whom I am to contact ? after that he allowed me up to 1.00AM. I visited your office in 3-places and at last got some clue and they told to you do not have to pay now(Ref. Mr. Somenath Chowdhury tel No 9330909728). I do not know what Reliance is going to do next ? The following are my observations :
1) In one year they could not correct my address though I submitted PP copy,Vote ID card, three times
2) Wrong bill for July 2011 though your office accepted up to 12 july 2011 without my approval.Got reminder for payment.For your information I did not get any original bill through your service. Every time photo copy.
3) I paid up to 24th June 2011 as per my cancellation letter. Why this fictitious bill to harass me ?
4) I gave them reminder to collect instruments but no body turned up till to date .All items are ready for returning. .
Will you please solve this problem other wise I will have to take help of consumer forum for this to and fro shuttling, expenses and trouble. An urgent reply is requested. Regards Haren Kundu

Land Phone Disconnection

Reliance disconnected our landline phone a fine morning and when we
asked them for the reason they are not able to reply. When we approched
the appellate team they too cant explain why the phone was disconnected .

We have send the messages or even made calls to all heads.




Help contacts

Kindly check authority in ur circle and contact them via mobile or email.
I hope they will help you out.

Thank you.


sim khogaya he use chalukarna

mera no 9595364698 ye no. gum ho chu ka use firse chalu karne ka he wahe fir se chalu karne ke liye kya prossiser he plese uskye liye e-mail send kare ya mera 2no. hey 9767246859 is par phn kare

Arrogant and mis-behaved Customer Care executives.

Surprisingly I saw my account balance deducted with Rs. 25/- in a single day, though which was a small amount but I was wondering what was the reason behind this deduction.
I called up the customer care executive at 198 from Hyderabad and asked for the deduction reason.
The executive named Sudeep (I know these are not real names) gave me details of amount deducted and also the reason for which this amount was deducted (i.e. my Internet card got expired). Later when I asked him that will he be having details of this usage, I get such a weird response from him as if I am asking for his money or something.
It was such a rude response, from the people who are sitting there to help us, that now I wonder if I have any query regarding my connection whom should I approach.

Reliance Communications, please raise the standards of customer care service.

Dishonest Service Provider

Reliance Communication is best example of cheating of small consumers to earn revenue, Their customer service is worst with no responses. Assurances are given to break them

bill raised after negative address (no.7304476123)

Dear Sir/Madam
My self Kuwar jee verma took your post paid connection which number is-7304476123 from telephone exchange,Nagpur was disconnected within two days after getting negative address proof when i connected your outlet i was told due to negative address i am not able to continue this number.I asked about my security which was deposited with you (Rs.250) he told it will take 45 days in process.
Now i am getting calls on daily basis to deposite outstanding rs.1468 which a/c number is 500003117946.
I request you please shortout it as early as possible.
Kuwar jee verma

u r faltu service

maine ganpati festival mai peace of mind dekhane ke liye digital dish liya ab customer care ko ph lagaa lagaa ke pareshaan ho gaye ph to uthaate nahi lakin peace of mind ke 30 rs tak le liye u r service is very wreast hope u should change u r attitude 2 wards customer

Deducted Balance without intimation

Dear Sir,
My balance deducted by reliance company for for VAS Osiyan sms, Rs 10/- on dated 11/10/2012 at 10.22......without my intination, So kindly do not deduct balance without intimation and credit the deducted balance.
Thanking you
Durgesh R Kohali



Regarding netconnect+

Myself jyothsna, i have reliance netconnect+ which is given by my friend. Now he don't want to use that. So i want to take it permanently. Is there any process to take from him if so, please tell me the procedure for that.

Cancellation our reliance phone line

Dear Sir,

Please Cancel our telephone line as detail given below.

1 ) Name :- Silvassa Spares & Services
Relationship No.- 2890510097
Telephone No. 0261-3102746 / 0261-3102750
Address :- 206, Super yarn Market, Hathi Faliya Japa bazare Surat.

2 ) Name :- Silvassa Spares & Services
Relationship No.- 2890510108
Telephone No. 0261-3102748 / 3102751 / 3102752 / 3102754 / 3102756
Address :- 5, Kabir Complex dalagiya maholla mahidhar pura. Surat.

3 ) Name :-Anil Sheth C/O Silvassa Spares & Services
Relationship No.- 2891733017
Telephone No. 0261-3101542
Address :- 206, Super yarn Market, Hathi Faliya Japa bazare Surat.

Kindly Give Your Conformation mail on this id.( monthlybill999 [at] gmail [dot] com)


Anil N. Sheth
Mo.+91 937460 9000



i lost my reliance netconnect broadband+ number pli.... help me.

i lost my reliance netconnect broadband+ number my reliance netconnect broadband+ info
huawei mobile brodband
model:HUAWEI EC150
HSD Rew A usb stick

I Suffering. Because reliance 3G Tablet Service

Dear Sir/Madam

I Krishna Raj Singh (3G tablet no 8820115640). I suffering from 8 month because
reliance 3G tablet service. When i was purchase reliance 3G tablet that time your
sell man tell me this tablet have a video chat option but when i use tablet so there
are no video chat option in 3G tablet.

So i complain in reliance customer care. and after some time they call me from reliance
head office. He tell me i give to you your money or replace 3G tablet. And he give me
commitment after 1.5 month i will give you your money or replace 3G tablet.

Now completed 1.5 month but no any response from reliance head office.

One day i was call to reliance 3G customer care regarding my complain status i tell
to customer care please give me my complain ID then he give me interaction ID.
And tomorrow i was call to reliance 3G customer care regarding my problem so
they hold my call 2 hours finely they not give any solution and they cute my call.

So now am very angry and unsatisfied from reliance 3G. please do needful
if you are not do needful so take legal action within 1 week.

With Regards
Krishna R S

Incorrect Billing

I had taken a datacard at MP and transferred to Vizag and requested for conversion from Post paid to Pre paid sometime in Nov 2011 which never took palce and the connection was disconnected, But I was billed and I am getting calls to pay the due amt which is not correct.
Please let me know whether I can approach the consuner court and if so how My repeated requests to send the statement for due amt is yeilding no result.


sir main rrelince GSM sim custamer hu mera mobail number 9098146219 chhattisgrth korba ka he lekin aap ke custamercer main galat information aur 2g sim card ko 3g data card sim bol kar new call rate chalu kar di he aur main 3 month se pareshan hu aur main aap ke caustamercear main call karta hu to ham ishe nahi jante bol kar call kat dete he so aap chek kare aur mere purane tarif ko chalu kare 3g data sim card ke plane ko band kare mere purane plane ko punha chalu kare. relince GSM sim number 9098146219

customer care no.

with all this useless talk.
is their is any way to talk to the customer care executive.

Refund after termination MDN 05223292510 since 4.2.2012

Despite chain of reminders resting with Appellate Authority's (MR Neeraj Gupta) ID no 2823449979 followed by 2884648800 dated 6.8.2012 . The refund is yet to be received despite their Mail dated 12.7.2012 thereby informing that the Refund has been processed and shall be provided shortly. But all in vain . Even informed that My husband suffering from heart operation and confined to bed.
Sent all mails exchanged herein above to President [dot] services [at] relianceada [dot] com . Here too no tangible /convincing reply except a automated reply.
Is there any authority in the company to address the greivances of the consumers.
Vijay Gandotra ( Alt. no. 9335925863)

c/o: net not connect properly

Sir/mam The reliance net connect+ properly. the is very low and down load speed is so slow so pls any help to net connect service sharanyanithin mobile num 98443880144

Plan stop working

I have recharge my num with 299 unlimited free calling plan in mp but plan stop workibg in 24 days I want ,i call customer he told he have no dealed about my num I want sloution

Vikash yaduvanshi
Parasia dist-chhindwara mp
Mobile num-9098345752

Plan stop working

I have recharge my num with 299 unlimited free calling plan in mp but plan stop workibg in 24 days I want ,i call customer he told he have no dealed about my num I want sloution

Vikash yaduvanshi
Parasia dist-chhindwara mp
Mobile num-9098345752

Fake comments by Reliance Executives and Dont believe on them

I am a reliance subscriber for last 1 years.My reliance prepaid number is 8287619594. Few weeks ago, I got a call from Reliance Agency (Representative contact no. #7827088511) asking whether I want to convert to postpaid or not. As I am using the 799/- Plan but in postpaid, same services are available in 599/- Plan so I decided to switch. Initially I was reluctant as I did not feel convinced about their words but after getting call for almost each and every day and many requests, I agreed. He send a representative (Mobile Number: 8468810717) to collect the documents and security deposit money (250 rs.). On the next day, verification got complete and I got confirmation. When I contacted him, he told it will take 2 days to activate.Today morning when I again called him, he told it will be activated by afternoon but still it has not activated. I tried many times to reach him but he is not picking up. I called Reliance customer care on 24th July but they told me that they do not received any request till now for converting my number from prepaid to postpaid. On 25th, I got a message from RM-Reliance that my number is on RGSimplyUnlimited 599 Plan but Still my number is prepaid and Services is not activated.

I Have lost me Modem number

I Have lost my modem number because i have not used it for 6months and please give me new number the number which i have lost is 9304624857

deduction without my knowledge

i m using 3g data card through my modem, i never make call but money deducted automatically, why i dont know, my gprs a/c hv balance

problems related to poor reliance netconnect speed

i have a big problem in my netconnection speed though running in all three modes-netconnect+,hybrid and high speed. very disapointing services

reliance cheat

dear bros
reliance communication (rim) is brutal and cunning selfish company...never care for 09300080502 postpaid no while i am roaming all incoming and outgoing stopped without prior notice...i have made complaint but automatic generate answer that they can ressolve it in 24hours....most stupid answer....

most pathetic service in the

most pathetic service in the country brother.
every now and then their is some or the other kind of deduction from the account.

useless service

Brothers I was ril customer from 2002 but shifted to bsnl in Apr 2012. They tortured me by debiting my balance without any reason. I had 27 ril my family that all I had shifted to bsnl and Tata. Bcose Its horrible to use rim from last 2 yrs.

Landline Prepaid Phone

My Reliance Landline phone model no ETS222R(RELIANCE) was not working . I submit my phone to authorized service center vide job sheet no OMC/HU/12/00140 at OM COMMUNICATION ,WZ-246,B-1,Uttam Nagar ,New Delhi ,But after lapse of more than one month my phone not yet repair .Kindly take action .

Reliance Company is the robber..

Reliance Company has deduct money from customer's balance withouit any information and can't help any customer using customer care.....

Miss behave with patron

I recently brought a new reliance smart prepaid connection for my cell in Kolkata.From last night the number was not working. Today i had gone in reliance world at CIT road nera kakurgachi(kolkata) & told the problem to customer representative(Jhantu Biswas) that time he shown his attitude on me. It was very poor service of reliance team.

cannot connect 3g card while roaming

dear mam/sir
i have taken a reliance 3g data card in mumbai and am presently in vizag now whenever i try to connect the data card it is showing an error like "cannot connect before register available network" or something like that i am totally irritated with that error right now can you please tell me how do i rectify this error plz reply me regarding what to do

deducting money smporna jotish which i never subscribed

Dear Sir/ Ma' am

my no. is 9321697986 past two month some message is coming rd astro and money is deducting after this message which i never ever subscribed last five day my balance is 0 today when i spoke to your customer care some fellow vimal i spoke to him they just dos't have manner how to talk i am surprised reliance is such big name and they have this kind of people how they just dont know how to talk to people . please check your record and refund my money or balance

please do the need full as soon as possible

and what is the process to change service provider

Krishna rathod

Reliance Service ...

This is the one of the waste service provider company. NO ONE SHOULD CHOOSE THIS NAME.

To know balance in my prepaind account

I am a customer of your CDMA mobile service with contact no 9350447076.Today I have recharged an amount of Rs 111/- vide easy recharge outlet(Kashish Telecom,Ayanagar)with transaction id -5409865163 dated 09-04-12 at 1710 hrs.At prersent my Account balance is showing Rs 4.59 and I have not make any call after recharge.I want to know my present account balance.If this problem not resolved within 24 hrs ,I will initiate legal action against you as well as I will make complaint to Consumer Forum.

complaint for internet problem

i am prashat kumar from himachal pradesh mujhe internet se file download karne me problem hoti to plz help me and then call me my mobile number is 9817621805 plz help me
your truly
prashant kumar
himachal pradesh
mobile no.9218837250
email id-rajeev3325 [at] gmail [dot] com

customer care

plz give me a customer care no.....i m nt connect the any customer care no.198...*333 .

599 postpaid sim card. worst experience

dear sir,
i had taken reliance postpaid sim card which was 3g with great expectations but i am very sad about the matters which were not disclosed to me before taking the sim.within 8 days i blocked my sim and my bill was 997 rs. and even after blocking my sim and paying all dues i got bill of 1256rs. how is that possible.i didnt even used the sim and the bill is showing me gprs charges.i dnt understand what kind of services do u give. kindly provide me some assistance.and also m not able to go on a postpaid call link. the call centers always tell me that'sorry its a prepaid helpline' even when i call from *222 from my reliance no. . kindly help.

599 postpaid sim card. worst experience

dear sir,
i had taken reliance postpaid sim card which was 3g with great expectations but i am very sad about the matters which were not disclosed to me before taking the sim.within 8 days i blocked my sim and my bill was 997 rs. and even after blocking my sim and paying all dues i got bill of 1256rs. how is that possible.i didnt even used the sim and the bill is showing me gprs charges.i dnt understand what kind of services do u give. kindly provide me some assistance.and also m not able to go on a postpaid call link. the call centers always tell me that'sorry its a prepaid helpline' even when i call from *222 from my reliance no. . kindly help.

customer care

plz give me a customer care no.....i m nt conect the any customer care no.198...*333 ..nw i m in a hp..and using the up sim plz help me..i m nt sending the sms in any no....plz start my DND services ,and stop any call for IVR.and plz talking to me any customer care executive no is .9027825314.. and my hp no is ..9736236815

CRBT Subscription and Recharge

I have taken recharge of Rs210 but got ballance 0 Rupees. I talked with CC that fellow told neither you will get ant type of balance or non refundable this amount. Other thing is that they activated CRBT service and deduct 30 rupee per month.
I would to say in one line about Reliance Communications, this is a third class company does not have any rule and regulations, thay try to theft price from the customer from any way, like theif.

balance deduting

Sir I am user of Reliance mobile Number 7814680617. Since some months I am facing a great problem of balance deducting. Whenever I recharge my mobile number, balance being start deduct automatically in few minutes. I ask Customer care regarding this problem so many times but they excused me that balance is being deducted due to GPRS Uses. But I do not use the internet. Its really a great problem for me that some important times I have no balance in my mobile. Please remove all plans on my mobile & give feedback.
Shashi Kumar
Mobile no. 7814680617

Really I am fed up with this

Really I am fed up with this FRAUD play of RELIANCE company. This is not the first time that the RELIANCE COMPANY showing FRAUD play to my mobile 8088xx8075 . THIS IS THE Ninth (9th) TIME ANIL AMBANI’S REPURTED(?) COMPANY PLAYS THE FRAUD play AND MAKES ME CHEATING.
I am forcing to complaint to the President of India through my office in this matter and take appropriate actions related with the denial of the primary rights of the citizens of INDIA.

When I reached in Bangalore from kerala, my balance was Rs 43.29 on 16/2/2012 at 7.28am at WHITEFIELD, BENGALURU.
Then I called to 906xx2146. After this Balance was 42.29rupees
On 17/2/2012 at 10.59am my balance was 48.29 ( your company adjusted the amount that is deducted on 13th feb 2012)
• On 17/2/2012 at 11.33am I have called to 09446xxx538 then balance is 47.29rupees
(17 11.33a 47.29)
• 17 feb 2012 (on same day) at 7.15pm I called to (about 9minutes) and reduced 3ruppes from balance. Correct? Then balance was rupees 44.29
(17 7.15pm 44.29)
• 17/2/2012 (same day) at 9.39pm again I called to 0944xxx8538 (again call duration about 9minutes). After that call balance was rupees 41.29
(17 9.39p 41.29)

On 20/2/2012 at 4.30pm miscall to 0802xx21157
After this, I have checked the balance in my prepaid account, IT WAS AMAIZING, MY BALANCE IS ONLY Rupees6.29 (RUPEES SIX AND TWENTY NINE PAISE), a shortage of RUPEES 35. That means 35×180=6300seconds=105minutes = 1.75hours. my valuable time to speak to my children. Why should I gave up these precious time by activating any type of useless Value added packages?

**** reliance

**** reliance

service suspended

**** reliance company
every thing is fraud ****
****** ******

Wrongly charged


I am using a corporate postpaid connection. Every month I am receiving a wrong bill. I never subscribe for any sms pack or caller tunes. But it has been charged for different sms packs.

And I never given request for transfer of ownership. It is on my name from the date of activation. I am the only user of that number. Also given several requests for name and address correction. Still the same incorrect name and address in the bill.



Sampoorna Reddy. M


balance message



MY MOBILE NO. 74391 85755


avoid taking connection of reliance

sir while going through above comments for reliance mobile/net services i have dropped the idea of taking reliance connections for my office thanks to complant doing people

Reliance gsm india is the

Reliance gsm india is the biggest sick , failure in its services , they are cheating with their customers and d network is just negative better u all leave dis sick demon ...


I have been trying to connect mp since today 5pm from kolkata and none of the reliance mp number is working. I had made my family and friends switch over to reliance connection before i came to kolkata. First of all the 599 scheme vanished immediately and now the std even doesn't work when urgent. i really feel frustrating .


Mobile 9832757394 -different amounts of Rs. 30/- & Rs.20/- are deducting without any previous information .When I tri for customer care , no satisfactory answer are received .

CRBT Service activated, 30 Rs deducted without my knowledge

Last week I got SMS that my CRBT service has been activated without my prior knowledge and reliance deducted my Rs. 30 from my account. Even I dont know this service. My number is 8099721082 (GSM), I wanted to talk to customer execute and wanted to register compaint but How? I tried at *333 and other numbers also. but i never found any option to contact customer executives. please sort out my problem and refund Rs 30 back and deactivate this CRBT service.

how can found delete no in relance prepaid mobile

any one help me how can found delete no. ///////////// in relaince prepaid mobile ..........

not able to talk to executive

in every two days my balance is automatically deducted for sms pack renewal it should be in a month. in every two days 40 rs from my balance gets deducted and even i dont have time to call customer care again n again

kindly revert

can not sms from my mobile

Dear sir,
i am not being able to sms from my mobile no 9883274704 , this being from last few days. can you help

bilkul bekar service

my number is 9569094598 Reliance ki service sabse bekar hai maine ye number liye abhi thode din hi hue hai or is number pe kam se kam 400rs kharach kar chuka hun.isme na to koi power activate hoti hai or na hi customer care se bat hoti hai.Maine 89rs ka night calling package activate karwaya tha std or bad main 39rs ka day std karwaya isko karwate hi meri night calling pack deactivate ho gaya or bad main maine sms pack dalwaya free sms ka per bad main usme bhi balance katne lag pda.jb bhi customer care ko phon karo to kabhi connect nhi duniya ki sbse bekar service hai kabhi inka server down to kabhi coustomer care down inke chaker main hum barbad ye compane chor hai bina matlab se pise kat lete hai or ye sare rechare maine inke customer care center se puchker hi karwaye the per bad main sale unko hi nhi pata k aise kaise ho gaya .is number o leker to dukhi ho gaya hun sale fir kehte hai kar lo dunia muthi main.

Same again, Poor and cheating

Same again,

Poor and cheating service of reliance comm. They activates sms services like sports news or jokes etc. without customers consent and start deducting balance. No customer care executive to handle problems. No option on *333 to talk to customer care executive or registering complaints and requests. They all will go to hell for providing such kind of services and cheating customers. I just want to throw away this Sim.

Reliance is a cheater company.

Yes you are right. This happened to me and to many of my friends who are using reliance.
This shows that this is the strategy of reliance company of stealing customers balance, and then provide no assistance to customers.
They are proud to say that dial *333 to talk with our customer service representative. But when you dial there is
no option to talk with any person. They will just play recorded messages so that stole customer can buy some more offers.

new phone for our old no.

mera phone no. 02603290843 ka phone set kharab ho gaya hai ek mahina se uper ho gaya wo to achha hai ki kharab hone se pahle no. transfer kar liya tha. naye phone set ke liye vapi relience web me jane per waha stop bolta hai ki naya phone set atta nahi hai app 5500/- Rs de kar jao phonset ane per app ko call karege. costemer no.30334343 per dial karne per bolta hai, reliance me bat karne ke liye dhanyabad aur cut kar deta hai. 8-10 sal purana no. hai, abhi kya karna hai, kya reliance ne service dena band kar diya hai, ya mera problem solve hoga. mera no. 09974310530.

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