Edureka Customer Care No. 080-4042 3754

Toll free Number(s): 
  • +1 877 959 4010 (US & ROW)
All India Number(s): 
  • 080-4042 3754 (For Courses)
  • 080-474 74500 (Edureka Learners)
  • 72592 53302 (Become Partner)


  • support [at] edureka [dot] co (Help)
  • career [at] edureka [dot] co (Career)
  • sales [at] edureka [dot] co (Looking for a course)
  • corp [at] edureka [dot] co (Corporate Learning)
  • partnerships [at] edureka [dot] co (Parteners)
  • marketing [at] edureka [dot] co (Media)

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Contact Details

India US & ROW

Edureka Learners:

Phone (India): 080-474 74500

Phone (US & ROW): +1 877 959 4010 (Toll Free)

Looking For A Course:

Phone (India): 080-40423754

Phone (US & ROW): +1 1415 697 0520 (Toll Free)

Corporate Learning:

Phone (India): 8660674718


Become An Affiliate Or Reseller Partner:

Phone (India): 72592 53302

Phone (US & ROW): +1-346-352-2106(Toll Free)


Phone (India): 9606058406

Phone (US): +1-833-855-5775

Registered Office

IndiQube ETA
3rd Floor, No.38/4, Adjacent to Dell EMC2,
Dodanekundi, Outer Ring Road, Bengaluru,
Karnataka - 560048

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