Department of Pharmaceuticals Contact No.

All India Number(s): 
  • 011-23381927 (Chief Vigilance Officer)
  • 011-23386519 (Minister - C&F)
  • 011-23717422 (Private Secretary)
  • 011-23382096 (Under Secretary - Administration)

Contact Details

S.No. Name Designation Phone Number Fax No. Email Id
1 Shri D. V. Sadananda Gowda Minister (C&F) 23386519, 23386364 23384020
2 Dr. Subodh Kumar PS to Minister 23386519, 23386364 subodh [dot] kumar10 [at] ias [dot] gov [dot] in
3 Asst. PS to Minister Asst. PS to Minister 23386519 23386364
4 Shri Mansukh Mandaviya MOS (C&F) 23383686, 23382364 23381713 mos-mocf [at] nic [dot] in
5 Shri Sujeet Kumar Private Secretary 23717422, 33, 44 jeet [dot] fan [at] gmail [dot] com
6 Shri Suresh Kumar Nayak Addl. PS to MOS 23724515
7 Shri Jayendra Gosai Language PA 23383686,23382364 23062011
8 Dr. P. D. Vaghela Secretary 23381573 23070245 secy-pharma [at] nic [dot] in
9 Smt. Alka Tiwari AS & FA 23388481 tiwari [dot] alka [at] gov [dot] in
10 Shri Navdeep Rinwa Joint Secretary (Policy, Medical
Device, Pharma Bureau, Pricing)
23385131 23074011 js [dot] pharma [at] nic [dot] in
11 Shri Rajneesh Tingal Joint Secretary (PSU, NIPER,
23074010 23387222 r [dot] tingal [at] nic [dot] in
12 Shri H.K Hajong Economic Advisor (Administration,
Rajbhasha, Parliament, Coordination
and Vigilance)
23381927 hk [dot] hajong [at] nic [dot] in
13 Ms. Ritu Dhillon JS&MS(NPPA) msecy [dot] nppa [at] nic [dot] in
14 Shri Binod Kumar Chief Controller of Account 23323948
15 Smt. Sanchita Shukla Controller of Account 23323943
16 Shri Siddharth Dandapat Sr. Account Officer 23310245
17 Shri Jitendra Trivedi Director (Scheme, Rajbhasha,
Parliament and Coordination)
23324930 jitendra [dot] trivedi [at] gov [dot] in
18 Dr. Sumit Garg Deputy Secretary (Policy, Medical
Device, Pharma Bureau)
sumit [dot] g [at] nic [dot] in
19 Shri Pawan Kumar Joint Director(NIPER) pkumar [dot] icoas [at] nic [dot] in
20 Shri A. V. Lakara Deputy Secretary (PSU) 23063341 ashim [dot] lakra64 [at] nic [dot] in
21 Shri M.K. Bhardwaj Deputy Secretary (Pricing) 23389840 mk [dot] bhardwaj32 [at] nic [dot] in
22 Shri Parveen Kumar Deputy Secretary (Administration) 23327718 parveen [dot] 19 [at] gov [dot] in
23 Ms. Remya Prabha Deputy Director (Policy) 23071162 remya [dot] prabha [at] gov [dot] in
24 Shri Sandeep Kumar Under Secretary (Medical Device) 23352298 sandeep [dot] k68 [at] nic [dot] in
25 Ms. Barnali Khastgir Under Secretary (IFD) barn [dot] khast [at] nic [dot] in
26 Shri S.U. Ansari Under Secretary (Parliament,
Coordination and Vigilance)
23385473 su [dot] ansari [at] nic [dot] in
27 Ms. Uma Magesh Under Secretary (PSU) 23063104 - uma [dot] magesh [at] nic [dot] in
28 Shri Satish Kumar Under Secretary(NIPER) 23352298 satish [dot] kumar16 [at] nic [dot] in
29 Ms. Aparna Under Secretary (Pricing) 23071162 aparna [dot] lal [at] gov [dot] in
30 Shri N.K Joshi Under Secretary (Scheme) 23383392 navin [dot] 26 [at] gov [dot] in
31 Shri Arvind Kumar Under Secretary (Administration) 23382096 usadmn-pharma [at] nic [dot] in
32 Shri Sanjay Meena Section Officer (Policy) 23385765 sanjay [dot] m74 [at] nic [dot] in
33 Shri G. Rajakumar Section Officer (Admn/Parl./Cash) 23387202 graja [dot] kumar [at] nic [dot] in
34 Shri Moolchand Meena Section Officer (Pricing) 23389693 mcmeena [dot] 64 [at] gov [dot] in
35 Shri Siya Ram Choubey Section Officer (NIPER) 23352298 sr [dot] chaubay61 [at] nic [dot] in
36 Shri K.E. Hedaoo Section Officer (Estt/DDO) 23381684 ke [dot] hedaoo [at] nic [dot] in
37 Shri Pankaj Kumar Section Officer (Scheme) 23074417 scheme-pharma [at] gov [dot] in

Part Time Chief Vigilance Officer

Shri Hara Kumar Hajong,
Economic Adviser ,
Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers,
Department of Pharmaceuticals,
Room No. 346, 'A' Wing, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi
Telephone: 011-23381927
Fax: 011-23384185
Email - hk [dot] hajong [at] nic [dot] in

Legal Cell

  • dop-legal [at] gov [dot] in

Web Information Manager

Shri Parveen Kumar
Deputy Secretary (M.D./Estt/Admin)
Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers,
Department of Pharmaceuticals,
'B' Wing, Janpath Bhawan, New Delhi
Telephone: 011-23382096
Email - parveen [dot] 19 [at] gov [dot] in


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