Allahabad Bank Customer Care 1800 572 2000

Toll free Number(s): 
  • 1800 572 2000 (ATM,Internet Banking )
All India Number(s): 
  • 033 2242 0863
  • 033 2242 0915
  • 033 2242 0869
  • 033 2210 3777
  • 033 2242 0900
  • 033 2242 0883


1800 572 2000 (Customer helpline Services)

IVRS Options-

First Select Language & Press for registered / Unregistered customer

  • Press 1- Debit card block
  • Press 2- Bank statement
  • Press 4- Service request
  • Press 9- Customer related information

Internet Banking Link

Email ID

  • atm [dot] switch [at] allahabadbank [dot] in ( for ATM releted issue )
  • customercare [at] allahabadbank [dot] in ( for any Banking problem )
  • phishing [dot] incidents [at] allahabadbank [dot] in(for report any phishing/cyber frauds)

SMS Service

  • Send a SMS for ATM Card Block SMS BLOCKCARD<last 6 digit of card no>or
    Blockacct<last 6 digit of account no>from your registered mobile no. to 9223150150

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Head Office Address

Allahabad Bank,
Head Office, 
2, Netaji Subhas Road, 

Telephone No.: 033-2242 0863, 033-2242 0900,033 2210 3777,033 2242 0883

Fax No:- 033-2231 8824 (telefax), 033-2242 0850

Principal Nodal Officer for Grievance Redressal

Name of the Principal Officer for Grievance Redressal Shri S.V.L.N. Nageswara Rao
Designation General Manager
Address Allahabad Bank, Head Office 2 Netaji Subhas Road , Kolkata -700001,
Telephone/Fax No. 033-22420901/033-22420850
Email Id :
gmpd [at] allahabadbank [dot] in

All India Customer Care Numbers :

FGM ZONE Contact Person Name Designation Land Line Number Mobile number E-mail ID
KOLKATA ASANSOL Sri. MILAN BOSE Asst. MANAGER 0341-2280707 9434022514 customercare [dot] asansol_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
BARASAT Sri. DILIP KUMAR DATTA Sr. MANAGER 033-25843036 9804154087 customercare [dot] barasat_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
BEHALA Sri. MUKESH KUMAR TECKCHANDANI CHIEF MANAGER 033-23583167 8420018755 customercare [dot] behala_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
Sri. ARUN KUMAR  Sr. MANAGER O33-40038855 9330159676
Sri. BABLU DAS MANAGER 0332-3341078 9433882089
BERHAMPUR Sri. TAPAN KUMAR DAS Sr. MANAGER 03482-256330 9800936835 customercare [dot] berhampur_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
CHINSURAH Sri. SURAJIT BISWAS Sr. MANAGER 033-26805047 9432327901 customercare [dot] chinsurah_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
DIBRUGARH Sri. RAMESH KUMAR MALLICK CHIEF MANAGER 0373-2314357 9748426261 & 8472882537 customercare [dot] dibrugarh_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in

0373-2310965/ 2310159

fax 0373-2314357

GUWAHATI Sri. ASHISH CHOUDHURY Sr. MANAGER 0361-2460716/ 719 9435344581 customercare [dot] guwahati_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
KOLKATA METRO Sri. SANJIB GHOSH MANAGER 033-40259731 9007129238 customercare [dot] kolkata_metro_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
Sri. MRINAL SARKAR MANAGER 033-40259719 9433271845



9830877643 customercare [dot] kolkata_urban_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
MIDNAPUR Sri. RAJ PAL SINGH CHIEF MANAGER 03222-267380 9800000842 customercare [dot] midnapore_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
SILLGURI Sri. DEBANKUR DAS - 0353-2431148 9434358608 customercare [dot] siliguri_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
FGM KOLKATA Sri. A N PRASAD Sr. MANAGER 033-40259744 8902763477 -
RANCHI BHAGALPUR Sri. RAJEEV KUMAR RAI CHIEF MANAGER 0641-2300816 9661905044 customercare [dot] bhagalpur_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
Sri. DEEPAK KUMAR Sr. MANAGER 0641-2300816 9472057331
DEOGHAR Sri. ANURUP YADAV CHIEF MANAGER - 9471356751  &   9234455382 customercare [dot] deoghar_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
Ms. SUMAN BHARATI MANAGER - 8804906669   &  9234455484
MUZAFFAPUR Sri. NAGENDRA KUMAR SINGH CHIEF MANAGER 0621-2247565 8987317524 customercare [dot] muzaffarpur_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
Sri. BINEET KUMAR PANDEY MANAGER 0621-2247567 8987317524
PATNA Sri. YASHPAL SETHI CHIEF MANAGER 0612-2224313 9308225341 customercare [dot] patna_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
Sri. O N SHARMA Sr. MANAGER 0612-2224313 9905227331
RANCHI Sri. BINAY KUMAR CHIEF MANAGER 0651-2562461 9368198063 customercare [dot] ranchi_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
Sri. BIRENDRA KUMAR Sr. MANAGER 0651-2562474 9431350648
Sri. NILESH KUMAR Sr. MANAGER 0651-6551186 7870999058
LUCKNOW AGRA Sri. VISHNU KUMAR BINDAL Sr. MANAGER 0562-2520694 8057472267 customercare [dot] agra_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
ALLAHABAD Sri. H. S. KARMA MANAGER 0532-2424254, 6455949 9450417372 customercare [dot] allahabad_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
BAHRAICH RICHA GUPTA MANAGER 05252-231985 9779045431 customercare [dot] bahraich_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
Sri. R K DWEVEDI Sr. MANAGER 05252-231985 9451505770
DEHRADUN Sri. G C JOSHI Sr. MANAGER 0135-2713976 9452020954 customercare [dot] dehradun_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
GONDA Sri. RAJ KRISHNA NEERAJ MANAGER 05262-233547 9936720043 customercare [dot] gonda_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
GORAKHPUR Sri. BRIJESH KUMAR Sr. MANAGER 0551-2201724 7753924444 customercare [dot] gorakhpur_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
HAMIRPUR Sri. VARUN KOHLI OFFICER 05282-223205 8765597213 customercare [dot] hamirpur_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
KANPUR Sri. PANKAJ DIXIT MANAGER IT 0512-2545430 9336149372 customercare [dot] kanpur_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
KHERI Sri. SANJEEVA KUMAR Sr. MANAGER 05872-253209, 277889, 253848 7275797980 customercare [dot] lakhimpukheri_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
LUCKNOW Sri. AVADESH KUMAR MANAGER IT 0522-2286296 9415170337 customercare [dot] lucknow_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
MEERUT Sri. MAHENDRA KUMAR RAJPUT CHIEF MANAGER 0121-2643534 8006330066 customercare [dot] meerut_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
MIRZAPUR Sri. KUMAR KRISHNANAND SINGH MANAGER 05442-220583 9621588188 customercare [dot] mirzapur_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
MORADABAD Sri. YOUGESH CHANDRA JOSHI OFFICER 0591-2428554 9412086132 customercare [dot] moradabad_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
SITAPUR Sri. S K SINHA CHIEF MANAGER 05862-270338 8127739130 customercare [dot] sitapur_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
VARANASI Sri. RAKESH KUMAR Sr. MANAGER 0542-2507572 - customercare [dot] varanasi_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
FGMO LUCKNOW Sri. R.K. SHARMA Sr. MANAGER 0522-2288734 9415527540 -
NEW DELHI AMRTISAR Sri. AJAY Kr. MIRAH CHIEF MANAGER 0183-2830600 7508869115 Zo [dot] Amritsar [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
Sri. GURVINDER SINGH MANAGER 0183-2830600 8699234550
CHANDIGARH Sri. SAM SAMPATH EVUGEN CHIEF MANAGER 0172-5073593 9888211047 customercare [dot] chandigarh_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
Sri. ABHISHEK OFFICER 0172-5041086 8901054669
DELHI NCR Mrs. LALITHA RAMACHNADRAN CHIEF MANAGER 011-23744128 8588853117 zo [dot] delhincr [at] allhabadbank [dot] in
ANJANLI GUPTA MANAGER 011-23346204 9953124924
JAIPUR Sri. D P MATHUR CHIEF MANAGER 0141-2740491 8890409919 customercare [dot] jaipur_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
Sri. RAJENDER SINGH Sr. MANAGER 0141-2740491 9649637136
LUDHIANA Sri. B S MEHERA CHIEF MANAGER 0161-2440035 9569121021 customercare [dot] ludhiana_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
Sri. AMIT MANAGER 0161-2440035 7814542252
NEW DELHI Sri. N L GROVER CHIEF MANAGER 011-23364535 8800650202 customercare [dot] newdelhi_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
Sri. A. K. MATHUR Sr. MANAGER 011-23367691 9711995556
JYOTI BATRA Sr. MANAGER 011-23362291 9810203922
BHOPAL BHOPAL Sri. MANISH AHIRWAR MANAGER 0755-2583669 9755623445 customercare [dot] bhopal_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
JABALPUR Sri. PIYUSH RAI MANAGER 0761-2628026 9926316373 customercare [dot] jabalpur_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
RAIPUR Sri. P K NAYAK Sr. MANAGER 0771-4287706 9669895980 customercare [dot] raipur_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
SATNA Sri. SH SAMUEL MINZ Sr. MANAGER 07672-414407 9926886804 customercare [dot] satna_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
FGM BHOPAL Sri. S C HOTA Sr. MANAGER 0755-2587355 9009698827 -
MUMBAI AHMEDABAD Sri. S. N. TAIMANI CHIEF MANAGER 079-26304315/16/17 7600258338 customercare [dot] ahmedabad_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
Sri. CHANDAN CHAPARIYA MANAGER 0712-2520553 9546547827
MUMBAI Sri. SUMIT KUMAR Sr. MANAGER - 8002613830 customercare [dot] mumbai_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
NAGPUR Sri. K.PRADEEP MANAGER 0712-2520553 8308597116 customercare [dot] nagpur_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
PUNE GAYATRI PRADHAN MANAGER 020-25575003 8087461480 customercare [dot] pune_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
Sri. NITIN KUMAR SINGH MANAGER 020-25575003 7028913350
Sri. SUNIL KUMAR JOJO (For Goa MANAGER 0832-2421551 9930003603
Sri. SARABJIT SINGH (For Goa) MANAGER 0832-2262801 8195857007
FGM MUMBAI Sri. RAVI KUMAR Sr. MANAGER 022-22182874 9822422767 -
HYDERABAD BANGALORE Sri. S KARUNAKARAN MANAGER 080-25590985/87 9731602016 customercare [dot] bangalore_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
BHUBANESHWAR Smt. KRISHNA GHOSH CHIEF MANAGER 0674-2360433 8456048521 customercare [dot] bhubabeswar_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
CHENNAI Sri. L.R. JEYAPRAKESH CHIEF MANAGER 044-28154900 9360118294 customercare [dot] chennai_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
HYDERABAD Sri. PRANAB KUMAR RAY CHIEF MANAGER 040-27637739 8331883801 customercare [dot] hyderabad_zo [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
FGM HYDERABAD Sri. VISHNU VARDHAN OFFICER 040-27677529 8143450656 -
ALL INDIA ATM Toll Free 1800220363 atm [dot] switch [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
ALL INDIA Mobile Banking Toll Free 1800226061
customercare [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
ALL INDIA Internet Banking Toll Free 1800226061
customercare [at] allahabadbank [dot] in

List of Zonal Branches:

Sl. No. Zonal Offices Address of
Zonal Office
Tel. Phone Fax E-Mail
1 AMRITSAR District Shopping centre, First Floor, Ranjit Avenue , Amritsar-143 001 0183-2830600 0183-2500108 zo [dot] amritsar [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
2 AGRA C-2/48 Grives Complex, Kamla Nagar, Agra-282004, U..P. 0562-2582010 & 2582152 0562-2582117 zo [dot] agra [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
3 AHMEDABAD Navin House, 2Nd Floor, Opp, Sardar Patel Samaj Sewa Bhawan, C.G. Road, Newa Tel. Exchange Navarangpura, Ellis Bridge
Ahmedabad-380 006
26442199/ 26400334
079 - 26400946 zo [dot] ahmedabad [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
4 ALLAHABAD 22, Purshottam Dass Tandon Road, Civil Lines, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh- 211001 0532 -
0532 - 2420325 zo [dot] allahabad [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
5 ASANSOL Udrej Bhavan,
2Nd Floor,
8 Grand Trunk Road,(West)
Near Bnr. Bridge
0341 -
0341 - 2281968 zo [dot] asansol [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
6. BAHRAICH 114, Raipur Raja, Civil Lines Bahraich, PIN- 271801, U.P. 05252-232539/233176 Fax: 05252-232539 zo [dot] bahraich [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
7. BANGALORE 603, Manipal Centre, North Block (Front Wing), 47, Dickenson Road, Bangalore-560042 080-25590985/0987 Fax: 080-255900986 zo [dot] bangalore [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
8. BARASAT 54, K.N.C Road
24 Pgs (N) Barasat- 743201 W.B.
033 -
033 - 25621427 zo [dot] barasat [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
9. BEHALA Allahabad Bank Building 3Rd Floor 377/378 Gd Block, Sector Iii, Salt Lake Kolkata, West Bengal-700106 033-40051142 033-40051144 zo [dot] behala [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
10. BHOPAL M.P. Housing Board Office Complex
Block-C, Ist Floor
Gautam Nagar
0755 - 2583669 0755 - 2583633 zo [dot] bhopal [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
11 BHUBANESWAR 3/1B, Irc Village Civic Centre,
0674 -
0674 - 2557564 zo [dot] bhubaneswar [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
12 CHANDIGARH Allahabad Bank, 2Nd Floor, Bank Square, Sector-17B, Chandigarh-160017 0172-2709458 0172 - 2704752 zo [dot] chandigarh [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
13 CHENNAI Vairam Complex 2Nd Floor, 112, Sir Thyagaraya Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
044 - 2815 6607 /
044 - 2815 2206
044 - 2815 4914 zo [dot] chennai [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
14 CHINSURAH Senco Building, Bally More, Bandel, Hooghly, West Bengal-712103 033 - 26802912/ 26805249 033 - 26802976 zo [dot] chinsurah [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
15 DEHRADUN 1, Gandhi Road, 1St Floor
Clock Tower
0135 - 2713976/ 2653014/ 2713957 0135 - 2713961 zo [dot] dehradun [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
16 DELHI –NCR Allahabad Bank Building , II Floor, 17,Parliament Street, NEW DELHI-110 001 011-23364329 / 011-23346204 /
011-2336 4312 zo [dot] delhincr [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
17 DEOGHAR White House, Baidyanath Dham, Belabagan, 49B, Srikant Road, Deoghar-814112, Jharkhand 06432 - 231559/ 231685 06432 - 237659 zo [dot] deoghar [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
18 DIBRUGARH T.R. Phukan Road, Chiring Chapori,
Dibrugarh- 786001
0373 - 2310965   zo [dot] dibrugarh [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
19 GONDA Near Roadways Bus Station, Bahraich Road, Gonda, PO.& Dist. Gonda, U.P. Tel: 05262-2224023/222687 Fax: 05262-222505
zo [dot] gonda [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
20 GORAKHPUR Mohaddipur, Kashya Road,P.O. Kuraghat
Mohaddipur, Dist.-
Gorakhpur. Pin-273008
Uttar Pradesh
0551 - 2202564/ 2201724 0551 - 2200008 zo [dot] gorakhpur [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
21 GUWAHATI Opp. Bora Service Station, G.S.Road, Ulubari, Guwahati, Dist. Kamrup, ASSAM-7810017. 0361 – 2460716 2460719 0361 - 2460724 zo [dot] guwahati [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
22 HAMIRPUR 10/379 Remeni (Tarauns), Hamirpur - 210 301,
Uttar Pradesh
05282 - 223205/ 222096 05282 - 222282 zo [dot] hamirpur [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
23 HYDERABAD Dr. No.3-6-435 Main Road
1St & 2Nd Floor
Himayat Nagar.
040 – 27637738 27644585 040 - 27632391 zo [dot] hyderabad [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
24 JABALPUR Civil Lines
P.B. No.9
Residency Road,
Jabalpur 482001
4017346, 2629376
O761 - 2626676 zo [dot] jabalpur [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
25 JAIPUR Jeevan Nidhi"
Lic Building Bhawani Singh Road
Ambedkar Circle
Jaipur - 302 005
0141 -2741344 2743842 2740407 0141- 2740480 zo [dot] jaipur [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
26 KANPUR 113/58, First Floor
Swaroop Nagar
Uttar Pradesh
0512 - 2545434/ 2545430 0512 - 2545419 zo [dot] kanpur [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
27 KOLKATA URBAN Allahabad Bank Building 1St & 2Nd Floor Building 377/378 Gd Block Sector Iii, Salt Lake-700106, Kolkata, West Bengal 033-27062573   zo [dot] kolkataurban [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
28 KOLKATA METRO Allahabad Bank Building 4Th & 5Th Floor 377/378 G D Block Sector Iii, Salt Lake-700106, Kolkata, West Bengal 033-22340026 033-40000489 zo [dot] kolkata_metro [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
29 LAKHIMPUR KHERI Radhey Complex,
Lakhimpur Kheri
Kutchery Road,
Uttar Pradesh
05872 - 253009/ 257889 05872 - 253848 zo [dot] kheri [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
30 LUCKNOW New Building, 
2Nd Floor
Uttar Pradesh
0522-2288033 zo [dot] lucknow [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
31 LUDHIANA Iind Floor, Suryakiran Complex, 
Phase Ii, 92, The Mall, Rakhbagn Road, Ludhiana
0161-2440035, 2440039, 3265255, 6545355 0161-2440038 zo [dot] ludhiana [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
32 MEERUT 55, The Mall, Meerut Cantt. - 250 001, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh 012 - 2645847/ 2646007 012 - 2644431 zo [dot] meerut [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
33 MIDNAPORE Station Road, Bidhan Nagar,
(Near Mahua Cinema), Dist. Paschim Midnapur, West Bengal-721101
03222 - 267380/
03222 - 261920 zo [dot] midnapore [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
34 MIRZAPUR Juley Garden,
Jangi Road
05442 - 245209/ 245750 05442 - 245984 zo [dot] mirzapur [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
35 MORADABAD Arun Press Compound, Civil Lines, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh-244001 0591 - 2428552/
0591 - 2415538 zo [dot] moradabad [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
36 MUMBAI Manish Commercial Centre, 216A, Annie Besant Road, Worli
Mumbai - 400025
24921986, 32460235, 24973974,
022 24964644 zo [dot] mum [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
37 MUZAFFARPUR Om Shanti Complex, Opposite Zila
School, Po: Ramna,
Muzaffarpur: 842002, Bihar
0621- 2227476 2247500,
2247565/6/7, 9931762906
0621 - 2247564 zo [dot] muzaffarpur [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
38 NAGPUR Palm Road, Civil Lines, Nagpur, Maharashtra440001 0712 - 2520553/ 2530666 0712 - 2520552 zo [dot] nagpur [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
39 NEW DELHI 17, parliament street,â 
3rd floor
new delhi-110001
011 - 23341669/ 23367691/
011 - 23742223 zo [dot] newdelhi [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
40 PATNA budh marg, patna-gaya road,
0612 - 2224197/ 2234502 0612 - 2232636 zo [dot] patna [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
41 PUNE mosaik commercial complex, city survey no. 1216/1,
final plot no. 576/1,shivaji nagar deccan,
opposite fergusson college, pune, maharastra 411004
020-25575000 020-25575050 zo [dot] pune [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
42 RAIPUR 17/22 (u), opposite pandri mandi gate
vidhan sabha marg, pandri,â 
0771- 4059516/
0771 - 2428270 zo [dot] raipur [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
43 RANCHI Paras Campus, Lalpur Chowk, 2nd floor, Circular Road, Ranchi-834001, Jharkhand. 0651 - 2560357/ 2560364 0651 - 2562560 zo [dot] ranchi [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
44 SATNA allahabad bank buildijng. jaistambh chowk, 2nd floor, p.o. & dist. satna, pin-485001 m.p. 07672 - 406901/ 406902 07672 - 225907 zo [dot] satna [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
45 SILIGURI 2, church road, siliguri - 734 401,
darjeeling, west bengal
0353 - 2431148/ 2530403 0353 - 2431176 zo [dot] siliguri [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
46 SITAPUR 835, sehgal building,1st floo
uttar pradesh
05862 - 271438/ 270789 05862 - 270571 zo [dot] sitapur [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
47 VARANASI taksal theatre bldg.
uttar pradesh
0542 - 2507569/ 2507573 0542
zo [dot] varanasi [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
48 BHAGALPUR bhagalpur main branch premises, chandralok complex, ghantaghar, bhagalpur, dist-bhagalpur(bihar), pin- 812001 0641-2420223   zo [dot] bhagalpur [at] allahabadbank [dot] in
49 BERHAMPORE 'Gour Sundar Bhawan' Panchanantala, N.H-34, PO- Berhampore, Distt- Murshidabad, West Bengal, PIN-742101 03482-258320   zo.berhampore@allahab


Issue in internet banking

Its about allahabad bank sakchi branch(jamshedpur)...a month ago i went there to activate the internet banking for my senior citizen parents..i.was strange as staff dont know about net banking
.it took half an hour to let them understand this..they were forcing me to install mpesa insted of internet banking like anything..finally i got the form and i filled it and during submission also they dont know the process..till today my old parents are strugging there to activate it.

kcc ki limit badhaye jane ke sambandh me

Sir district banda ke branch nagnedhi me mera kcc account hai.mai kcc ki limit increase karwana chahta hu but branch manager mujhe keh dete hai ki 1month ke bad ana . Es tarah se mujhe 2 month se paresan kar rahe hai.

Rudely behaviour and making too many excuses

I am a customer of Allahabad Bank and I go for personal loan and educational loan . I visit Allahabad branch garh I am trying to contact branch manager for enquiry on personal loan and education loan but manager is not present in branch other official said

'' sir aj to nhi aayenge phir kahte hai ki 2 pm par aana ya kal aana''

Next day 20 -set -2018 again I visited Allahabad Bank branch and finally I meet branch manager and I asked him about personal loan and educational loan he giving me rudely answer in hindi '' loan nhi milega jao 15 October tk ana''he not give me proper reason .sir do something .... Please

Bank be janbuch Kar mera KCC maf nahi hone diya

Sir mera kcc a/c no.allhabad Bank bhgwanpur (belha) District. balrampur u.p. me hai me KCC mafi me patr that lekin bank manager ne janbuch Kar d.l.c.ko mera kcc Rin jero dekhaya aur ab Rin ke liye noteis bhija hai sahi jach Kara Kar samdhan karye

kisano se khule aam ho rahi dhoka dhari

KISAN CREDIT CARD me horahi dhoka dharI ALLAHABAD BANK branch barwar branch code 210838 me bank maneger kisano se khule aam frod krraha h kisan credit card ki jama rashi pr bhi intrest lga rha h or kisano ke khate se jama dhan gayab ho raha h please kisano ki madat karo

Rude behavior of chandkheda branch manager

I have my current account Chandkheda branch. Before 2 months around I given my net banking application still I don't have my net banking. But when I asked to Mr Manish parmar(Chandkheda branch manager) about my net banking that time he used abusive language and said me close ur account from our bank. I don't how to seat this guy on manager post.So already I closed my savings account and when I got satisfaction reply after that I want to close current account also
So plz give me satisfied reply.....

Risvat khori

Sir fatehpur ki Bindki branch me ki ja rahi khule aam risvat khori se paresan hai poori janta
Sir ASHOK KASYAP name ka dalal Jo bank me deli bes pe kam karta hai KCC karvane ke liye 10%12 khula le raha hai koi bhi lon lene ke liye usi se milna padega sir kyo ki maynesar ko bhi mil rahi moti rakam ki vajah se bina uske koi kam nahi hota ASHOK KASYAP ke dwara ki ja rahi risvat khori se paresan hai poori janta sabse yahi kaha jata hai ki upar tak dena padta hai sir kisi se nagad to kisi se transfer bauchar me pahle se hi sain karva liye jate hai agar aap ASHOK KASYAP va maynesar ke account check karva leejiye kafi kuch yahi mil jayega sir poore branch ki ho rahi badnami se janta ka rujhan doosri Bank ki taraf ho raha hai..

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