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All India Prepaid & Postpaid customer care numbers

All India Airtel Prepaid/Postpaid customer care numbers
SNo. Circle Toll free query no. from Airtel mobile Toll free service request no. from Airtel mobile SMS no. to send SERVICE START sms Post Paid Customer care no. from non Airtel phone Prepaid Paid Customer care no. from non Airtel phone Email id for customer care
1 Andhra Pradesh 121 198 121 9849012345 9849098490 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
2 Assam 121 198 121 9954012345 9954099540 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
3 Bihar & Jharkhand 121 198 121 9934012345 9934099340 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
4 Chennai 121 198 121 9840012345 9840198401 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
5 Delhi 121 198 121 9810012345 9810198101 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
6 Gujarat 121 198 121 9898012345 9898098980 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
7 Haryana 121 198 121 9896012345 9896098960 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
8 Himachal Pradesh 121 198 121 9816012345 9816098160 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
9 Karnataka 121 198 121 9845012345 9845098450 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
10 Kerala 121 198 121 9895012345 9895198951 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
11 Kolkata 121 198 121 9831012345 9831098310 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
12 MP & Chattisgarh 121 198 121 9893012345 9893098930 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
13 Maharashtra & Goa 121 198 121 9890012345 9890098900 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
14 Mumbai 121 198 121 9892012345 9892098920 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
15 North East 121 198 121 9862012345 9862098620 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
16 Orissa 121 198 121 9937012345 9937099370 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
17 Punjab 121 198 121 9815012345 9815098150 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
18 Rajasthan 121 198 121 9829012345 9950099500 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
19 Tamil Nadu 121 198 121 9894012345 9894198941 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
20 UP East 121 198 121 9935012345 9935199351 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
21 UP(West) & Uttarakhand 121 198 121 9897012345 9897098970 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
22 West Bengal 121 198 121 9933012345 9933099330 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com


Internet slow

I have recharged with 149 (unlimited data and call for 28 days ...) But from yesterday the internet is working slow but in network sign it is showing 3g and H+ but internet is working with less than 2g..

no network issue

Been facing network issues on my Airtel number 9741XXX804 from the last 2 months.

Stay Benson Town and there is absolutely no network to use internet

Complain no. 83898X97 has been raised for the same

Hoping to have this resolved because this is my 3rd time complaining on the same issue

SIM not activated even after twelve days

Kindly confirm whether I will get my new SIM (KA Prepaid xxxxxxx173) activated at all. I applied about 12 days back and still no one cares to give any feedback. No responsible executive to talk to. No email ID or phone number is available.
Kindly tell me why this delay.

Same problem new sim not working after porting

I have ported 81xxxx6272 from airtel chennai to airtel up west on 27feb18. Aadhar verification done at retailer shop after one week on 5mar18 old sim closed and received msg that new sim will work after two hours when the network goes but after 4 days that new sim received signal but now when calling on 59059 they say ur data is not updated on our system. From one week the customer care saying call after 24hrs. Pathetic service airtel. The retailer is not able to solve the issue and misbehaving.

Balance Deduction-Airtel

Whenever I recharge my prepaid SIM, the balance goes to ZERO within 24 hrs. without any call or SMS. Airtel is pain in neck. Refrain from Airtel services.

Airtel Cheating -Postpaid

Airtel Cheating with very pre-planned.
I have taken postpaid no. only first month i received correct bill as per plan. From next month onwards by seeing bill immediately i asked to change Postpaid to prepaid. But Airtel store person an call center confirmed they have internal issue H2 SIM not available so currently it not possible to change the postpaid to prepaid...they charge 2250/- from me without using single call /SMS....even not processed my request to change postpaid to prepaid. Airtel simply threatening pay another 590/- otherwise number will be blocked.. see how Airtel cheating the people / society. Is not only cheating its a big crime.

Internet net pack services

Airtel claims to have the fastest network services but in reality their internet is so slow that you can't even use it. Their customer care services are very poor and they don't reply to their email. They just know how to make false claims.

Net issue

Net is very dead slow Airtel my number

waste customer care airtel

waste customer care airtel compare to other how do I connect if I call any number of customer care will not connecting to airtel cc

Customer care number

Follow these steps to contact the customer care:

# Dial “198″

# Select “1” for Mobility

# The automated voice will repeat your mobile number and current balance. just wait till it starts giving you other options and the last option will be “*”.

# Select “*” and it will give you further options.

# Select “5” for Sim lost and you will get connected to Airtel Gold Executive.

This is the only way that works for now


I am unable to connect with Airtel CC for sim block as per given above steps. What should I do for contact with Airtel CC.???? Please help..!!!!!

Unable to use internet service

My 448plan i am able to use unlimited calling and sms service and i am unable to use internet and my pack is still of more two month


Dear sir..kindly inform that I received sms subject for Addhar already submitted addhar copy with finger one month before

Porting no

I am pankaj sharma i am use voda fone no.i port this no.


for complaint against Airtel

I am not satisfied with your service because I have recharged fo low call rate but company is not giving me as such service or and normal call value is taking to me or I have already called 2198 customer care but only I am listening IVR language or line cut
So please improve your system and help for customer

Fulltalk time not credited

Iam recharge my mobile with Rs.100/- on date 19.09.2014 to my phone no 9550104366.but amount credited only Rs.86.00.full talk time message also coming to my mobile.

I request you to please credited balance amount to y mobile phone.

I really appreciate this

I really appreciate this post. I have been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thank you again!

Recovery of amount unnecessarily

There was a message through SMS saying that "Thanks for down loading 7 famous valentines kisses from airtel " you have been charged Rs.7.0. which is totally wrong .I am not interested to down load any material from my mobile and I am not using internet at all . Kindly reconcile at your end and refund my money .confirm by SMS please.


Name Md. Azhar Ansari
Father-Name Md. Rajab Ali Ansari
Mother-Name Amna Khatoon
Date of Birth 11th Jan. 1990
Marital Status Unmarried
Nationality indian
Religion Islam
Category OBC
Language Hindi, English & Urdu
Permanent Address At:&,Post.: Chakla, P.S.: Ormanjhi, Dist.: Ranchi, Pin No.: 835219
EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION:- Matric,:- J A C Ranchi, Year 2006, Per.:- 48.00%, Div.:- 2nd Div
I.Com,:- J A C Ranchi, Year 2008, Per.:-51.04%, Div.:- 2nd Div
B.Com. Part 2,:- R.U.Ranchi, Year ;- Appearing
OTHER QUALIFICATION:- D.C.A.(Diplpma In Computer Application)and TALLY

Recharge Unsucessfull

I have recharged with Rs 249 from airtel website, It was debit card purchase money was debited from my account and i dint recived my recharge tried to call airtel but this customer care sucks they dissconnected the call, never expected this from airtel.
I am gona change from airtel and will suggest the same to my friend and family.

how to know my number by using sim number

pls let me knw asap

balance deduction

MY CELL NO. IS 8130578828. In first and second week of december they deduct my balance of Rs 56 approx and when i tried to call them they are not attend my call


i have to try some of more times in airtel customer car does not connect the call worst call center in airtel service

Out going call facility

My mobile number is 9866646445. I submitted my id proofs as required twice. But out going calls were cut. You are harassing the customers.

Bad C Care Service......

Dear sir/madam,
I m sending dis mail with context to ,my complain.
i am using airtel no 9996555942 i recharged with Rs 98 through online for internet pack ( 1 GB 2G pack) same time i got a confirmation message from airtel on same day 24th November 2012.
But i could not get that benefits’. Because My Sim Card not support this service after that I have called over the phone your customer care officers many time but they are not replying properly and I cannot able to use the internet service / facility.
After that I have tried to call CC but failed. Every time I call at 121 a disgusting recorded voice ask to press bla... bla... but not ready to connect CC executive.

By Vinod Kumar

Active my SIM card




sim registration fail

full time new sim regret

dont Contacting to Customer care

i have try to many times to contact to customer care all numbers which are 121,198, 9950099500 from last 2 months but till now there is not solved my problem.When i am apply for Porting than airtel officers call i am telling the reason for porting than they tell me for solving this problem but till now dont solve this problem

Airtel Rajasthan, I recharge & u deduct my blood money

i have rajasthan sim card no. 08769108166 of airtel now i am in baroda & they have started unauthorizly two services simultaneously causing Rs 2/day loss. it is the case from three month. i m calling customer care but they idiots r saying that i have to call airtel rajasthan to deactivate the service. on calling airtel rajasthan they saying to enter mobile no. than enter mobile password... just for looting money deducted twice 3-3 RS. still no reply.
now i want my money back otherwise i will sue airtel for such nuesance
i will definitely port my number with such irresponsible service.
i want refund of 2 RS/ day for three months

STD Issues

Am appalled, sick and tired of the service provided my Airtel and its representatives. I probably would have made dozens of call everyday for the last 1 week and yet my issues remains unresolved.

My STD services is still not active and all I get to hear from the customer service department is, in our records (server) the STD facility is active or we have raised a serviced request, someone will get back to you shortly.

Just to give you an example, today morning (12th October'2012) at 8:56 am I made a call to 121 and executive on the other end said it will resolved and as a measure they said they are deactivating the STD facility and then re activating it as I have been facing this issues for sometime.

Further, the same will start working in the next 4 hours. Hence after 5 hours I made a call, only to find that the same is not yet activated and I get the same response.

I again lodged a complain at 2:02 pm today to 121 only to be told an executive it is not activated and that it will take another 4 hours. Now this is something that has irked me no end. I expect a resolution not words.

I have received sms confirmation that my STD has been activated multiple times, but in reality the STD facility does not work. I have received more then 20 SMS since I have started complaining on 121.

Some of the Service Request (SR) numbers are:
Oct 3rd: 46261970
Oct 9th: 46389699
Oct 12th: 46445604

Interestingly all the SR were for the same related issues of STD activation. However,

I have received the following SMS which highlights the insensitivity and callousness towards the consumers:

Oct 4th: F1136230135
Oct 9th: F1136545842
Oct 12th: F1138221440

I had wanted a change of ownership from company account to Individual account and I have submitted both my proof of address and my identity proof, amusingly, the address has been changed but the ID Proof DOB has been captured as 1st Jan 1977 whereas the proof I submitted carries my DOB as 25th Jan 1975!! Surprising to see that they chose one document to update and forget the other. The worse is I am made to rattle the false DOB overtime I have to call them! How long can I remember a false DOB of someone else!!

Worse, my plan has an STD Plan and I am sure I will get the bill without any deductions. Plus, add up the expenses I have to bear in making the customer executive calls which are charged at 50P/min and I am made to wait for dozens of mins.

How could Airtel make money at the expense of hapless customers? Isn't TRAI bothered about this?

Expecting someone to hear and respond. What legal recourse do I have, can someone suggest me the same?

Reversel of 151 rs

Dear sir,
i am using airtel no 9894667118 i was recharge with Rs 151 through online for internet pack (500MB 3G+500MB 2G pack) same time i got confirmation massage from airtel on same day 7.10.12.
but i could not get that benefits’ after that I have called over the phone your c care officers many time but they are not reply properly. so please take seriously and convert the amount as a internet pack it will help for our future relationship.

reply must..


complain my number 8756111143

Dear sir/madam,

i m sending dis mail with context to ,my complain.

i recive a call (18001031111) frm your executive ( poonam) telling me on 04-08-2012 that if will port my number to airtel den she will

offer me 10paise airtel to airtel nd 25 paisa other local network on delevering her. i ported my number 8756111143 frm tatadocomo to

airtel nd now i m not reciving any acknowledgement from ur executive and i m not enjoying any services told by your executive. nd

your executive r block my all costmer care helpline number....plz solve my problem.....

hoping for a further rply

thanking u.

sanjeev kumar singh
s/o phool singh
address - h/3 thana kotwali
campus bada chauraha
dated - 08-10-2012 kanpur (up)
mbl- 8756111143 , 8081111143

A pathetic service provider in whole telecom industry

If u want to solve your complain through customer care, either 198/121/9925099250 not attained your call even a whole day. I try it from today morning but i am unable to connect with customer care executive. I only here the same sound again and again " Airtel me call karne ke liye apka dhanywad.
They start payable srvices without inform to you and when you going to stop them on 12116, they always told you that' system is going to updated show your service we cant solve. From last three days his system is not updated.
A very pathetic service provider I seen in my whole life.

Lalit Shrimali

Complaint Regarding Worst Service for AIRTEL.

I want to use a lot of abusive words to all bloody hell airtel family. Yesterday somebody called me from AIRTEL service provider and offered me HELLO TUNE service of my name. it sounds good that’s why I accept their service and told them that ok you activate hello tune which is toning my name in ENGLISH LANGUAGE while ringing my cell phone. I charged 210 INR for this. But bloody stupid engineer had activated this hello tone in HINDI LANGUAGE. Now from morning I am calling to customer care, they told me that you will have to change your hello tune and you will be charged15 INR again for next 3 months. It was not happening because of my fault but still I accept that and AIRTEL customer care executive gave me no 54345 and told me to call in this no for changing my hello tune. I called in this no 54345 and charged 30 INR for this but in this no AIRTEL executive told me that its your special hello tune. It can not be change from here and told to call me in 198 no. When I called here, again in 198 AIRTEL executive told me to call 543211 no in this time. I charged here for 40 INR around via calling many time but not getting connected to customer care. I have spent around 350 INR for this bloody hello tune service but still I am not getting any authentic result. All AIRTEL executive are playing game no body is having proper information. I am busy with this issue from today morning and have spent 350 INR around. still I do not have any response. I am not able to connect airtel customer care for this time. At least I will feel good after spending 350 INR nothing for AIRTEL. If I could reduce at least 15 customer than it would make me happy. Vinay Mishra M no-8600966415

provided wrong information by airtel

contect and help me 8104431811

regarding old voice records of calls made in June


I made some Important calls in June to one of my relatives number regarding one of my nephews marriage proposal, but now I am in trouble regarding that. I want that June months voice recording of the calls made I can get legal permission regarding this number. Please let me know the correct procedure for getting the voice recording or SMS made to that particular number.

mobil details

9842327843 mobile call detail please

prepaid bill detail july to august

Dear Sir /Madam,

I have a take a new number of Airtel 9910460918 i want to datails for incoming and outgoing call for july in 4 august
but customer care sent me message dated 12 august your query has been resolved, but till date no datail provide me. again 14 august i call customer care center again rec'd message your complaint has been registered, but resolved query till date.
So, i kindlly request to you. Please send datail for july throug mail id revagaur2007 [at] redifmail [dot] com

Thanks and Regards:

Complaint against One Paisa Per second plan

Dear Sir

My name is Mukesh Gupta

My number is 9971957186

I have got one paisa per second plan on 23.03.2012 for one year from 23.03.2012 to 22.03.2013 with recharge of Rs. 28/-. My complaint is company has deduct two paisa per second from my balance instead of one paisa per second. I did not understand the deduction. You are requested to look into the matter & clarify the plan detail.

With Regards


About service interuption

Dear sir , myself madhukar and my mobile no is 7387384198 and service from this number is stopped without any reason. So i request you to immediately take action and start my service. Now i am in hydrabad and my sim is registered in Maharashtra.I have submitted all and valid documents already.

with kind regards,
madhukar mane

About service interuption

Dear sir , myself madhukar and my mobile no is 7387384198 and service from this number is stopped without any reason. So i request you to immediately take action and start my service. Now i am in hydrabad and my sim is registered in Maharashtra.I have submitted all and valid documents already.

with kind regards,
madhukar mane


On Jun 25, 2012 12:40 PM, "abhishek srivastava" <abhishek [dot] 1471 [at] gmail [dot] com> wrote:
> Hi my self abhishek i m using airtell from last 2year 7 month ...same number.....always facing problem redarding charges....graphic desiner fed up with the services always charge without any information....if u send a link through airtell atleast describe about it....only one click start downloading.....and money deduct from balance......customer care services is very bad need to improve....
> Very goood way to earn money charging without any information.......

Without any notification Aritel service provider change my tarif

Without any notification airtel service provider start charging more for the call tariff when i took the connection the call rates where 1.2ps/s currently they where charging Rs 1/min. when they change the tariff they did not inform me or not even they send a sms also to me. these are cheating. even if we where not notice the call rates then they will charge something like this only once the balance is over then only will come to know regarding this.

airtel message

Hello sir/madam,
I'm using airtel network...
Urgently i need all the details about my complete transaction of my number ( that is message history, call history, their number with time) on 13.4.2012
because my important message was not sent... but i sent it.. now they are not believing me sir....
so i need message history sir.....
How could i get those....
could you please help me to find.....
please its very urgent

Hi, from past few weeks Rs 2

Hi, from past few weeks Rs 2 has been deducted from my balance everyday. I am clueless as to why it has been deducted and it does not makes any sense since I have not applied for any such things. Please let me know the reason as soon as possible. My no. is 8197405977.


Hi, from past few weeks Rs 2 has been deducted from my Airtel Balance everyday which I have no clue why it has been deducted it and makes no sense. Please give me a response ASAP. My no is 8197405977.

Harrasement by Airtel Employees

Dear Sir/ Madame,

I Nikhil Biswas customer of Airtel Mobile for almost a year would like to inform that my number 9987388886 is overdue and I am planning to pay the bill end of this month , i have another number 9892588887 and both the numbers are owned by me. I am humiliated and insulted as well as harassed by your employees who are calling 10 times a day . There is a particular lady who is calling from your end and the numbers she is calling from is 7738399572 and 7738017203 continuously , she is also insulting and humiliating me by using harsh words as well as calling up my relatives and friends on their mobile (i don’t know how did she get their numbers may be through my call logs), one of my relative is my mother in law who got call from this lady insulting her saying Nikhil Biswas didn’t pay the bill and he is a criminal, my mother in laws number is 9833449939 and the number she received the call from this lady is also saved with her, Please do let me know how am i suppose to take this harassment when I committed to pay end of this month when my salary comes. Please let me know how am I suppose to handle this employee of yours who is agitating me to talk in an abusive language.

Thank You

Yours Sincerely
Nikhil Biswas

Dear Customer care . I am

Dear Customer care .
I am using pre paid line , mobile no: 9503768555 since last 2 year. I used last time on 19 Nov 2011 at Mumbai . I am working in Kuwait , today I just checked status of my mobile line by calling from Kuwait and found it giving information about this number is not exist . So I put SIM in my mobile in Kuwait and found it was not camping any of three operators. It is rejecting. I had sufficient balance when I left Mumbai on 19 Nov 2011. So please check , why this happened ? because I am coming India on 27 Feb , I am leaving in Nagpur. I don’t want every time to take new SIM card with new Number. This number purchased from Nagpur.

Thanks & Regards

Ajay D. Bhange
BSS / RAN Support

Deduction of money

Sir / Madam,

I have been using airtel prepaid mobile no. 9558009808 since last one year. It happened to me earlier also that my account charged with few schemes and after having talk to customer care, charged amount refunded. Now, since last Monday, my account have been continuously charged with different type of schemes and after talking to CC, amount refunded. Saturday, i.e. on 04.02.2011, I have been charged with Rs. 5/-, then after on Sunday i.e. on 05.02.2011 charged with Rs. 5/-. I talked to customer care representative and he also told me that you will be refunded within 4 hours. Amount is yet to be refunded, but today i.e. on 06.02.2012, I have again been charged with Rs. 5/-. It is also bring to your kind notice that I am continuously trying to talk with your customer care representatives, but I am not able to talk. I am truly speaking that I have never subscribe for any scheme.

It is pertinent to bring to your kind notice that such type of money deductions, HARASSING MENTALLY me and my family members a lot which creates unwanted situation in my home, which may cause something different.

I request your goodself, kindly do the needful to refund me deducted amount at the earliest.

Thanking you,

Vinod A Parmar,
Mob No. 9427103039

Re-charge via delayed for 2 days

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have topped up 300inr to "+91 9797591430" via, on the 4th Feb 2012.

However, this amount has not been topped up to the respective number even till 6th Feb 2012. has issued an invoice Order 154162 pertaining to this transaction. Transaction is via Paypal to PhoneIndia.

Please kindly look into this matter seriously.

Yours faithfully,
Sapp Cheng


invalid sim

dear sir

my no. 9974031587 (gujarat ,ahmedabad) is showing invalid since last ten day i am in other state since four month therefor the no. is in roaming and they delete this no. without infortion and when i inquire to ahmedabad office they refuse to re issue this no .

please do need ful


we recharge they deduct

Respected sir.
I am one of your customer of prepaid since last 4years.
I am in roameing since last 20days. The problem is that
1. When ever i recharge my account its get deducted in the name of airtel moble tv,which is not subscribe be me. In last 10days 3time deduct 30rs,35rs and lart light 70rs.
2. Their is not use of mobile tv,and i have allready activate Dnd.
3.when i call 09898098980 to speack your customer care its say number u have dial is not a valid number.their 4 i cant log a complaint.
4. Pls cash back my money.

Did not recharge

I had paid money to recharge my mobile 2 times.the shopkeeper says he has sent the money but it has not come on my mobile.both the times I have paid Rs.100.I request the airtel company to please help me.My phone number is 9793205015.

Customer care

I have tried to call CC but failed. Everytime I call at 121 a disgusting recorded voice ask to press bla... bla... but not ready to connect CC executive. All of a sudden they activated "Gyan" service which has no importane to me and deducting Rs 1 per day.


Dear Sir,
Main Thak Gaya hoo, AIRTEL se aap logo ne pata nai kaise -2 log apne yaha par appoint kar liye hai, sare ke sare JOKER hai, kuch pata nai hai, Plan kya hai, Services Kounsi hai, uska charge kitna lagega, kab tak activate hogi, etc. aap ek bat dimag kyon nai dalte ki LOGO badalne se ya board change karne kuch nai hoga meri NETWORK ki complaint aaj 3 Years se koi nai dekh paa raha hai, ek joker aaya tha aur thik hai bol kar chala gaya main city me aap network nahi de paige to aap service chala kyou rahe hai

Deduction of my balance

every day 1 rs deduct from my airtel account When i call customer care they are not ready to give any response so that i am facing a lots of problems regarding this.

my no is 9997106325

location of mobile no 7895380280

I want to know the exact location of moblie no 07895380280.

plundering by airtel bussiness

hi i am saravanan my no 9677159151 airtel is doing more plundering activities i think behave of 2g scam only airtel bussiness men are not poor they are very rich so dont plunder from from peolpe by my making "cheating releated rules" like circket news so and so etc. i have cricket news service without my knowledge and one time i unsubscribed it but again it is activated without my knowledge. my no 9677159151" so unsubcribe it.please dont earn using people by making cheating rules

Worst airtel customer care

Worst airtel customer care services......very very worst service when compared other network.....i have lot to times try call to airtel customer care but they blocked to my customer care call. i gave query lot times but now itself didn't

airtel communication. very bad

i am using Airtel prepaid. in airtel automatically start value added services... the balance deducted automatically. 10r.s for each services . for 6or7 times. known recently launch trail regulation 200sms free/per day. but, Airtel did not launch 200sms free/day with MSG booster. only sent 100sms free after every message(25 paise) will deducted in main act.. other services launch 200sms free.. plz clear the pro. otherwise i am changing other services. with use of portability.. very bad services Airtel.. paka fradu.......................................


Dear Sir,
It is hereby intimated that I am using two numbers 9935944444 and 8853594444. The number 8853594444 is being used by my family at Bareilly location and the network where my family is staying is very weak at indoor. The complaint was lodged by me on 198 and the complaint number given to me was 40037353 and resolution date given was 20 Oct 11, but till date the complaint was not attended.
Today once again when I called up 198 and asked for the said complaint, it was very much astonishing that the reply given by your executive was that the complaint is attended. There is no change in the network and still the problems remained as it is. Once again the complaint number is given by your executive and the number is 40379626.
Please resolve the issue ASAP, else I am planning to switch over to other Service Provider (MNP)
My Address where problem exist is :
House No. C-297, Alok Nagar
Land Mark - Behind Prem Dham Ashram
Air Force Gate, Izzatnagar
Bareilly (U.P)

Thanks and Regards

Surender Prasad
Director Admin & HR
Hans Dairy Farms Export Import (P) Ltd.
(M) +91 9935944444

poor, wrost service of airtel last 6 months,

Poor, wrost service of airtel last 6 months, nobody can solve the customer complaint .

Manipulation of Funds and Delayed Bill Payment

Dear Sir,

I own 2 postpaid mobile numbers from airtel. I regularly deposit their respective bills on time. Last month i.e on 12th sept 2011 i deposited both mobile bills on one of your outlet in Udaipur (Rajasthan) and thought they are paid, after many days of notification of unpaid bill i called up customer care and asked them to look into the issue as i had already made the payment. They asked me for the receipt numbers. I provided them with one but i was not having the other receipt as i had already submitted it to my company for reimbursement but somehow i managed to get both the receipt numbers and provided it to them. The concerned person i talked to was Ms. Sarifan. She told me she will call up their outlet to confirm the situation as cash was paid for the bills and it should have got cleared within 24 hours of payment. After asking to do so by Ms. Sarifan i provided the mobile number for your outlet where i deposited the bills. Till evening after getting no solution and perceiving a condition where i would be entitled for a late fee as my account was not paid i went to the same outlet and made a query about my bill. This was on 27th sept 2011. The responsible person told me that it will be paid within 15 minutes. The bills were paid within an hour. I received no calls from airtel regarding this issue after that. The complaint number was 39788226.

This month again i deposited my bills on the same outlet as there is only one alternate option of a distant airtel outlet available.

Bill payment detail for 9928016442:
The date was 13-oct-2011.
Bill was paid in cash.
Outlet Name: Agarwal Telecom
Receipt number: 2685
Amount: 750/-
Mode: Cash

Bill payment detail for 9928016441:
The date was 13-oct-2011.
Bill was paid in cash.
Outlet Name: Agarwal Telecom
Receipt number: 2684
Amount: 200/-
Mode: Cash

I called up airtel customer care on 15-oct-2011 and gave all this detail to Ms. Sarifan and told her about the same problem arising again. I also asked her about my last complaint i.e 39788226 status. She told me that the complaint was closed and that a call was given to me for the same telling me that the reason for delay in payment was cheque delay. I asked her that if the mode of payment was cash and mode of updation of my account with airtel was cash how could there be a cheque delay and where is a cheque at all involved? She told me that she would look into the matter and asked me for a day's time to call up and talk to their outlet meanwhile i should talk to the nodal officer and provided me his number. The next day i called up again and asked for a resolution the reply Ms. Sarifan gave me was have you talked to the nodal officer? i said no she asked me to talk to him and said he would be able to resolve the issue. I asked her to launch my complain and asked her to provide me with the the complain number to which she said she cannot raise a new complaint if earlier one is not closed. I called up the nodal officer and told him the issue. He asked me for the contact number of the outlet.(i dont understand why hey dont have a contact number of their own outlet....) i was not having the receipt handy so i told him i will provide it to him in a minute. When i called up again nobody picked up for a long time. In the evening i got a call and the lady name Ms.Heena she asked me if the issue was resolved i replied no and asked her to call me when they have a resolution to my issue which was not only delayed payment but manipulation of my funds for a long time. She said we will resolve your issue very soon and give you a call in half an hour. No calls after that for the day.

Date: 18-oct-2011

Ms. Sarifan called me and asked if the issue was resolved i said no the issue is not resolved and asked her that neither nodal officer has replied on my complain. She asked me to note down my new complaint number and said issue will be resolved by 21st oct 2011. I was now loosing my patience and she added can i go to the outlet and request them to make my payment? Now i was not able to tolerate it anymore i asked is this a joke? I asked you to launch a complaint 2days ago and you are doing it now then you don't know the number of your own outlet, and you are asking me to make a request to the faulty person to make a payment which states i am a person who is idle for the whole day. If this was the resolution i could have done it earlier why so much of mental harassment??
Sir i suppose their is some big manipulation and that is the reason officers are not taking any serious action or they also share some benefit. Please look into the matter.

I have all the receipt copies and the proofs of the payment mode.
Concerned persons: Agarwal Telecom (Your Airtel Outlet)
Ms. Sarifan (Customer Care)
Mr.Raj (Customer Care)
Mr. Prakhar (Nodal Officer)
Ms. Heena

Please Look into the matter.


Postpaid Not Active

Dear Sir,

I got my postpaid card on 10th october but it is still not active. My mobile number is 9971762376.

pre paid no no services not active

my prepaid mob no 9960448880 of maharashtra is having some prob as its outgoing and incoming is barred, and i m in delhi, i tried the customer care no 9890098900, but i m not getting any response, can u help to get it activated..

Stupid AirTel

Stupid Airtel service, don't take its sim

Dissapointed from services

Hi, I have been trying to contact to the senior officers in customer service as i got my balance deducted after every recharge in lieu of any XYZ services which i never activated before. I complained for this many times and even i got activated with DND service after which my balance got deducted. I never expected this kind of service from AIRTEL , also one the CSE misbehaved and told me to change the operator. NAME of CSE - RAJ , upwest CS. I want the solution, reply ASAP. contact me on rstgarchit4u [at] gmail [dot] com

Regarding broadband connection for landline 020-400893​39

Dear Sirs,
I had a earlier plan of rs1200 rental plan unlimited activated on my landline. With fair usage policy been introduced my download limit was capped at 15 gb, post which download speed used to drop. Hence as I was not able to download thatmuch,I spoke to customer care team to downgrade my plan to basic plan of rs 649 where my download limit will be for 6 gb post which my download speed will drop.
Now i have received bill for rs 3000 and after speaking to customer care to verify the same, I was informed that post 6 gb my download speed will not drop but in fact I will be charged further.
Due to this the whole idea of reducing cost is lost and i am being charged double for the same services.
Secondly couple of days earlier I received a call from customer care offering me tv at rs 1 for 1st month and rs 100 from next month onwards. However that offer was never activated and i received a sms of renewing my tv on broadband for rs 100.
I have been writing numerous mails to customer care but in vain.


comments on service of airtel

At first i thought Airtel is best as compared to rest of the service provider, but now i am hopeless with Airtel, its services and of course the customer care services.. I never expected this from Airtel. Now i am planning to switch on to Vodafone or other services if Airtel continues with this type of services to the customer.

Network signal is not displaying

Dear Sir,
I am facing a problem in my A.P airtel prepaid number 9618556405 in which network signal is not working. I tried to contact airtel customer care executive in this regard but in vein. So, please give me the appropriate suggestion to me to solve this issue.
Prabhat Singh
Mobile: 961855405

activation - 9972243054

Dear Sirs

My name is Shankarappa

My number is 9972243054

My number is showing invalid sim from 20.08.2011, and then I have given my address proof & photo they have issued new sim on 22.08.2011

They informed it will take 3 days to activate, but till today it is showing invalid sim.

I hope you will do the needful

With Regards


Cug no being charged and no action taken on waiver or refund

I've been an Airtel customer for almost 8 years and per month bill used to be min 1500 to 2000 rs.. A particular Cug no was charged and i've been raising request for almost an year.. International roaming was activated for 3 months without my request. It was deactivated on intimation but no waiver passed.. No action taken on complaint. Fed up with service and response.. thinking over switching to other network and remove Airtel from my organization completely.
My no 9894623342 Vasanth

I am Shekhar Tyagi and mine

I am Shekhar Tyagi and mine mobile no. 9634487064.

Problem is that yesterday (22 August 2011) I recharged above no by Rs. 98 which provided the 2024 MB/ 2 GB.

But today (22 August 2011) I checked left remaining data by calling *123*10#, its show 910 MB left.

According to me (by almost 2 year experience) of using this pack I used only approx 100 MB only. I think there may be any error in your System.

Please checkout this problem and I hope do needful & revert back.

For mine past experience I never used more then 1.5 GB for entire month but at this situation only 15-16 hr. your server shows I used 1.25 this is a mater for consideration

Thanks with warm Regard’s

Shekhar Tyagi



Deduction of my balance

Dear sir,
My cell no. is 9897226837. yesterday evening my balance near about Rs. 76.25 but next day in the morning bal is Rs 0.75. The balance deducted automatically without any call or sms.
When i call customer care they are not ready to give any response so that i am facing a lots of problems regarding this. Please solve this problem and refund that amount which is deducted by the company approx 77 Rs.

balance deduction

balance deduct hone ke bad company koi responce nahi leti hai to consumer form me case dire karo free of charge. and aapke balance ke sath aapka jo kiraya laga hoga consumer courte jane me etc. wo sabhi company degi.

Bad representative and service

sir, i an having airtels friends card, for which i get 100 msgs free daily after deduction of 1 rs. today on 28th july.. 5 rs. were deducted for 4 msgs. when i made a call to customer care, the representative "ashish" was not talking nicely.. he told me that i hv sent an international mgs. i dont know after sending so many messages to same number how it suddenly became an international number. airtel is cheating by using bad servers.. and airtel should also train his representatives how to talk to customers.. i have not sent any ISD message..


please let me know how to stop a service like radio dhun on my Delhi airtel number 08800487347.

pls Activated my number

Dear Sir /Madam,

I have a take a new number of Airtel prepaid of Rajasthan. But, without any intimation my number is closed from your side. This number is already distributed to our business network. I’m making lose without this number.
So, i kindlly request to you. Pls Start my number 9636140240

Thanks and Regards:

deduction of my balance

Dear Sir,

My Cell no is morning my Balance is Rs. 259 but at
the evening balance is nill. the balance deducted automatically
without any call or SMS.
when i talk to Costomer care they are not ready to give any that I am facing a lots of Problem
regarding this.please solve this problem and refund that amount which
is deducted by the company approx 260 Rs.

the customer is very tired to talk every one.plz help me and refund my balance.

kaushal saxena



Could you please let me know how to escalte the numbers of telecallers who calls and disturb me even after registering DND.

I got a call from the number 9101145371400.He said he is calling on behalf of LICI when I told him regarding DND.He misbehaved with me and asked to escalate this to any one.I want to know the procedure to escalate this issue.
And moreover what is the use of registering to DND as I am even getting promotional calls from you (Airtel) from last few days.

When I checked today it confirmed that I am in DND.

With Regards
Kaustav Bhattacharjee

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