Airtel Fixedline Customer Care Numbers


Regarding sim activation

I am Dinesh recently I port my mobile number from Aircel to Airtel 20 days before still my sim is not activated.please take steps to activate my sim

broadband connection not done after payment no money retrun from

AIRTEL Broad band team called me from this no XXXXX9189 her name is PRIYA forced to me payment ,since feasibility already available in your arEA.

PRIYA Once payment done immediatly connection will be done .After paymet process technical team confirmed feasibilty not available .Priya said your payment will be return with process fee .Till now no money return. PRIYA totally make customer fool.Also spoling airtel brand name.

Airtel Harassing and Raising bill after cancellation

I had a airtel landline connection 01204355XXX, i had raised a transfer request for this number to my new residence whereas the airtel customer care told me i couldnt retain this number and the number would have to be changed to a new number.

I had this number for 12 years and after understanding that they cannot provide the same number, i decided to cancel the connection on 4th of november.

i raised the cancellation request on 4th November 2017 and got a confirmation mail that i will i will be receiving a final bill on 9th december for the full and final settlement. And my account will not be incurrin any bill after 4th november 2017.

Then i got constant calls from airtel retention team and they were persuading me to continue the connection but after 14 - 15 calls i got fed up and still continued my stand of cancelling the connection.

the problem i a facing is that we are sitting in february 2018 and airtel is still raising the bill saying because i didnt pay 583 amount in november hence they didnt close the connection.

my question is if for 15 days you are chasing me for retaining the number then you never cancelled it in the first place. and if my full and final bill was coming on 9th december then it is anyway more than 7 days .

So are you saying i can never cancel the connection with airtel.

Now in feb airtel is demanding 2400 rupees whereas the connection was never even installed at my residence.

Few days back on 2 consecutive days the airtel customer care employee told me that now the connection is closed and i will never receive a call from airtel.

They are cheats and i am going to be raising a police complaint against airtel if i am continuously getting these harassment calls for non payment of bills.

I Hope anyone who reads this message is well aware of what Airtel does and i belive it is the worst telecom company to go for.

i'm never going for an airtel connection ever. either mobile or landline.

i hope this message reaches the right person sitting at the worst telecom company office.

Complain for broadband

Bhai sahab connetion me problem h sudharne kya agle saal tk aoge kya itne garib kahe ho 2-4 worker mai bhejwa deta hu kam jaldi ho jayega apka

Landline no 07752-429611 not working since last one month

I am writing this mail to you after not getting proper solution from your Raipur/Bilaspur team.
The landline no 07752-429611 is not working since last 1 month ( on for 1-2 days in between).

May I request you to intervene and resolve the issue as it is possible for your Raipur/Bilaspur team to resolve the issue.

AIRTEL should get out of India for poor services

The landline 044-43599717 has not been working for past 4 days. None of them are bothered.

Trasfer Fixed Line


I am from Fortune Packaging , our fixed line number _ 044 42024187 and A/C no - 7005170918 have to transfer this connection from No : 758, 3rd foor, 3E Mount Chamber,Anna Salai,Chennai -2 to C-228,11th Street,Periyar Nagar, chennai.

So pls do the needfull as earliest , ask ur person do it immediately, can contact mr.Rejinald - 9840945909

Thanks & Regards,

not attending complaint and closing my request without doing

HI Team/ Priyanka

I want to explain some important fact to you that my phone is not functioning since the same day as I have logged complaint on 25th June 2012 ( whose complaint number is 17685694).
But you have closed my request without resolving the issue.
Since then I am making many follow-up (Via email) but beside resolving that, everytime you raise a new request by your end closing it by yourself, but my problem is still unresolved yet.
User is facing a lot of inconvenience.
It is my humble request Please do something positively besides raising and closing your tickets by your end.

Seniors: Please see how the user suffers by your process of working. Please get done this on high priority. This type of resolution will not survive in today’s competitive world.

Dharmesh Kumar Sharma

From: nodal [dot] upwest [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com [mailto:nodal [dot] upwest [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com]
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2012 12:58 PM
To: Dharmesh Sharma
Subject: Re: PHONE NUMBER 0121-4054932 IS MALFUNCTIONING , REGARDING COMPLAINT NUMBER 17685694 [|BAL|Qrc22606121206539771053|]

Namaste Mr. Sharma,

You wrote in on 26-June-2012 regarding the voice and broadband connection not working for your airtel account number 7005465425.

airtel regrets the inconvenience you have experienced.

As confirmed on phone, we would like to confirm that your concern pertaining to the broadband connection not working has been resolved as the connection is working fine.

Further, we have registered your request for voice connection not working. Your Reference number is 17809554. The issue will be addressed by 27-June-2012 till 06:06 PM.

Please bear with us!

airtel appreciates your business and always welcomes your suggestions/feedback.

Warm Regards,

Priyanka Sharma
Nodal Office
bharti airtel limited

---------Original Message----------
From: dharmesh [dot] sharma [at] hcl [dot] com
To: nodal [dot] upwest [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
Cc: nodal [dot] upwest [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com
Sent: 26/06/2012 11:55:57 AM
Subject: Phone number 0121-4054932 is malfunctioning , Regarding complaint number 17685694

Hi Team

My Airtel landline number is 0121-4054932 and it is not working since the day
before yesterday night.

We had already logged complaint on dated 25th June 2012, but no action has been
taken till yet.

I am sharing you the complaint number which is 17685694

Please look-into this matter and get it resolved ASAP.

Thanks in advance.


Dharmesh Kumar Sharma

landline is not working

my airtel landline no 0755-4094378 is not working. i dont know where i complaint from my mobile. when i used 198, and dial my landline number with std code, they said dialed wrong again & again ...
could you please help me out..


Airtel issues

This is with regard to our Corporate connection with Airtel from past 10 years. We are facing a lot of problems with the Airtel team who are interacting with us for new connection. Last week we requested for a new Post paid connection for which we have issued relevant documents to Airtel but they are insisting for a letter from our MD which is very surprising, we have never come across such kind of rule during our previous request for postpaid connection. The Airtel representative is literally tortures our team to issue the MD letter, he visits our office very often & never leaves. Kidly take some serious steps on this or we will have to take legal steps to solve this issue. Awaiting your reply at the earliest.

Refund of unlawful charges and to revive land line no.0761403182

Hon. Sunil Bharti
Managing Director, AIRTEL
Regretfully, it is inform to you that my land line phone no. 07614031820 has been wrongly disconnected. I am a regular customer of airtel since 10 years. I have requested on 05.09.2011 for disonnect the broadband connection and was assured me that within a week will be disconnected and there will no charges. Soonafter this assurance, I have stopped the use of broadband w.e.f. 12.9.2011. However, I have been charged the rent of broadband for the period 17.9.11 to 16.10.11. Lateron, my land line connection has been disconnected on 04.11.2011 without my knowledge and notice.
Further, I have continuously making request through e-mail and telephonic ally to Nodal Office/Appellate Authority, but only assurance is given by the company. I have also sent a complaint to you through speed post, but no action has been taken so far.
Kindly do needful at the earliest.
Yours sincerely
P.K. Gadekar
G-47,Krishi Nagar, Adhartal, Jabalpur.
Mob. No. 9179820258

complaint not solved

Dear Sir,

I have two telephone connection no.07672408373 & 07672408375. both are not working from the last four days despite a number of compliants made.

Pls get them rectified.



Less refund

I was having Airtel fixed line connection(0731-4003614) & requested for disconnect about 4 months back.It was very difficult experience with Airtel for disconnection . Finally I succeed. Initially I deposited Rs3000 as security deposit but to my surprise recently I got a refund cheque of Rs 317 only.I have deposited all bills recd then how a major amount is deducted is not clear to me neither any statement was enclosed .

land phone dead 08.08.2014 onwards

Take necessary steps to solve my landline phone 0422 4220323

Telephone not working from 3 weeks

Dear Sir,

I have Broadband and telephone connection ,Telephone no.040-40131119. are not working from last three weeks Please get it rectified as early as posssible.


srilatha varri

Landline not working

Dear Sir,

I have two telephone connection no.41450505 & 45081504. both are not working from the last three days despite a number of compliants made.

Pls get them rectified.


Rakesh Chauhan


My fixed phone line no.Is 4082393 in gurgaon.I have been making complaints for the last one month about disturbance in my phone line, but till date nothing has been done except assurance to fix the problem.I requ
est you to look into the matter and do the needful.

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